The Makeup Industry


Okay my beauty bloggers, do not panic, stress, or have anxiety while looking at this photo. Do you need to have, wear, and get up 2 hours earlier to do your makeup each day? Of course not! As you can see, I have been collecting makeup for over the years, and still continue to buy makeup on a daily basis. Yes makeup can be extremely expensive, and once you grab hold of your paycheck, it may be gone within a day. But makeup is a beautiful thing! Everyone has their different views, beliefs, and thoughts towards how much makeup a person should wear, and what is considered a “cake face”. Personally, I don’t believe in calling a person a “cake face”, as each person is entitled to how much makeup they want to wear on a daily basis. Not by any means am I trying to brag about how much makeup I have, but I do like to wear a lot of makeup and will not lie to you about that. I have been building on my makeup routine over the years, as I started to wear minimal makeup in grade 8. I now have resorted to finding a more mature, neutral, everyday makeup routine that I have stuck to for over a year now. Beauty is not all about wearing makeup and  your personal appearance, but I find that a person can feel more “put together”, if they result to wearing a bit of makeup.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

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