Beauty “Must-Haves”


Are you tired of trying to find certain “beauty necessities?”, then fear no more, because do I have a few beauty “must-haves” for you! These are some of my holy grail products that I have used over the years, and I would die without them. no actually though, if I was stuck on a deserted island I would need every single one of these products by far.  These products range from highend products, to products that you can purchase at a local drugstore. The first product that I would emphasize purchasing is from Sephora, and its called, “Purity Made Simple-by Philosophy”, which retails at $52.00 for the 24 oz bottle. I know what you’re probably thinking, why on earth would I pay that much for a facewash when I could just buy a cheap facewash at the drugstore? Trust me, I was thinking the same thing, but I was getting sick and tired breakouts appearing on my face and not disappearing. This facewash has lasted me a long time, and has prevented breakouts from appearing on my face. Don’t get me wrong, I still get the odd breakout here and there but nothing that would compare to the breakouts prior to using this facewash! It even removes stubborn makeup, and any other makeup that is on your face as well. This is a 3 in 1 cleanser that helps deep cleanse your pores, acts as a makeup remover and even a toner.

Another one of my must-have beauty products would have to be my “Biosilk” serum that I use pretty much everyday in dry hair. This serum helps to make my hair super super shiny and nice and silky! You can purchase this product at Shoppers or even Walmart for the price of around $20-$40 dollars depending on the specific size you are looking for. This product is on the expensive side, but it will certainly change the appearance of your hair in a good way! A must try!


The next beauty product must-have that I would highly recommend would have to be some of my LUSH products that I just recently purchased. The first I had just purchased the other day but I am absolutely loving, and it is called “No Drought” dry shampoo, which is by far my favourite dry shampoo I have every bought. This shampoo is in the form of a powder substance which I find unique, as I am so used to using spray dry shampoos from Walmart. What is unique about this shampoo is that since it is in the formation of a powder substance, it helps to really collect and diminish the appearance of oily hair just like that without leaving any white residu behind. This powder even smells extremely yummy with a lemony smell to it ! It retails at LUSH for $13.95 for the bigger bottle. The next LUSH product that is a must-have is the LUSH ” Lip Scrub”. I don’t know about you beauty bloggers but my lips are always constantly dry, and I have been struggling to find an exfoiliator to help take away all the dead skin before my lipstick application process. This is by far one of my best lip products that I have ever used, and it does take away all the dead skin for a flawless lip application. This retails at LUSH for $9.95. and you even have many different flavours to choose from such as: popccorn, bubblegum, mint-julips and more!


One of my next go to beauty products would have to be “JOICO K-Pak Color Therapy Conditioner Conditioner”, which you can find at Walmart, Shoppers, or even Winners for around $20.00.  I absolutely swear on this conditioner as it has always left my hair super soft, no tangles, and shiny after every usage. I always have had a hard time finding a good conditioner that works really well in my long brown hair.  I am for sure going to have to repurchase this conditioner.


Also, another one of my beauty products that settles for a nice soft finish would have to be my “Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion”, which you can purchase at any Walmart for around $10.00. I am one of those people who like to stress, worry and have anxiety about everything. This is a very nice, relaxing moisturizer that I use all over my body once I am out of the shower and it leaves me smelling refreshed and clean.


I am one of those people who absolutely love hairspray and find that it’s a necessity in my everyday hair routine. I can not stress enough how much I hate sticky, gross, tangly hair sprays, and I have gone through a crap load of different hair sprays. I can across this specific hairspray that I constantly use on a daily basis, and apparently different celebrities use this type as well! This hairspray is called, “L’oreal Paris Elnett Satin- extra strong hairspray”, and you can purchase this at Shoppers or Walmart for around $15.00. Yes I know what you are thinking, that this is expensive for a hairspray bottle but you do get a lot in it, and it does not feel gross or sticky in your hair! I often always use this hairspray when I am doing sleek pony tails, or curls.


Lastly I can not stress enough how much this product has made an impact in my life. I know this is not “beauty-related”, but it is for sure a must-have. Unfortunately I suffer from anxiety, as I am sure that a lot of people do! I am one of those people that gets nervous about everything whether it be work related, school related, peer related, family related, you name it. I was so scared in university to do projects and presentations infront of people, fearing that they will judge me or I will choke up on my words. At the point of a breakdown before I had to present a 45 minute presentation by myself, my mom recommended from a friend that I try using, “Bach’s rescue remedy spray” for anxiety. This simple spray is extremely effective when calming down your nerves 30 minutes prior to the nervous and hectic situation.  When I first heard about this spray I was like “ya friggen right”, a spray is going to cure me for a little bit ? But after spraying this 30 minutes prior to my presentation , I was hardly even nervous. Of course the nerves are going to be there a bit, if they weren’t there would be something wrong! But I was completely fine, and scored a 90 on a presentation speaking infront of people which is my weakness. I continue to use this spray before going to work, or another other situation I am nervous about going into. This is an all natural suppliment , and you can purchase it at any grocery store or health store for around $20.00.  You simply spray two sprays into the back of your mouth, but be aware…. it does taste like brandy! yucky! But I do swear on this product, and I would highly highly recommend buying this if you are struggling.


If you end up trying this product and are not keen on the taste of the spray, you can try “Bach’s Rescue Pastilles”. This product is around $10.00 at any grocery and health store, and it’s little gummie candies that you chew on to help cope with a stressful situation. I usually take two of these chewies and chew on them during my stressful time, which I found has been very helpful as well! This product does not taste like brandy.. which is a bonus, and they taste like berries. You get 35 chewies in a container. Give it a try!


I just purchased this product literally the other day and my legs have never felt so smooth!  Ladies, ladies, ladies… throw away your women’s razors right this second… I am serious. I have moved on to the men’s section, yes the men’s. This is called the , “Gillette Proglide razor”, and it also comes with a trimmer as well! This feels so nice on my legs and glides so smoothly, as it only retails for $21.00 (on sale) originally around $30.00 at any drug store. I would for sure splurge on this one my beauties!


Are you that kind of person that always spends a fortune on makeup wipes? I always found that I go through a ton of makeup wipes, since I do wear a full face of makeup, and I never have been extremely satisfied with the amount of wipes you are given. I’m sorry, but 20-30 makeup wipes in a package just doesn’t cut it for me! That’s why I don’t even go anywhere near makeup wipes to remove my makeup anymore, I simply use “baby wipes”. Yes you heard me, baby wipes. These are completely inexpensive to purchase, and are roughly under $5.00 at any grocery, or drug store. I usually look for “sensitive fragrance free” baby wipes, that are gentle on my face. If you are one of those people that use and rely on makeup wipes to remove your makeup and clean your face that I would not recommend these for you. I use baby wipes simply to remove my stubborn eye makeup, but I do not rely on these to help clean my face. After using a wipe for my eye makeup, I then follow up with a facial cleanser to ensure all the makeup residue is gone off of my face. The bonus of using baby wipes is that you get 60-70 in a pack, what a STEAL!


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