For the LOVE of tattoos, are they the new sexy?!



“You better hope that comes off”, or “why are you marking up your body?”, are some of the most common remarks that elderly people and even grandparents think towards the topic of tattoos. Back in the day, tattoos were not really popular, and views towards them were often portrayed as negative. This is one of the main reasons why the elderly are so against even the idea of a tattoo on our bodies. Has this stopped our generation today from going out to get a tattoo? Absolutely not. In fact, tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable in today’s society.  While  walking to work in downtown Hamilton,  I have noticed that almost every other person I walk by has some sort of tattoo on their body.  Whether it be sleeves, on their neck, a cute heart on their ankle, you name it…..someone has it.


Before entering the tattoo world, I didn’t really see the point and purpose of one. Why mark a part of your body permanently forever? What will it look like when you are older and so forth? What if I change my mind and don’t like my tattoo later on once it’s on my body? There were so many pondering questions that were dancing around in my mind, that I didn’t even know what to do! Tattoos became quite frequent in my family ever since my twin  became a ink fanatic … and I mean a fanatic.  When she had told me that she wanted all these big tattoos all over her body, I was in shock…and probably convinced her numerous times to rethink he decisions. Of course she went through with it but here’s the thing, THEY LOOKED GOOD ON HER. I couldn’t believe it! A girl who never had one single tattoo on her took her ink virginity and now has over 10 tattoos. Whether it was on her neck, leg, ankle, back, ribs, shoulder, arms…it suited her. The fact that every single tattoo on her body had a significant meaning to her was inspiring. This was when I started to change my perspective on the idea of a tattoo, but sadly I can’t speak for everyone.


What blows my mind is how tattoos can affect your chances of working in certain jobs fields. Why should a tattoo have anything to do with your job skills, your personality traits, your ability to complete a specific task? They don’t, and shouldn’t. They are a simple piece of artwork on the human body that can be extremely criticized and judged. Were you not encouraged within elementary school, high school and even university to be creative?Since some people choose to show their creativity on their body, why is this causing so much of a dilemma and issue if the topic of creativity is being promoted within school boards, households, and life in general? The human body is our own personal canvas and how we choose to share and distribute it is our own personal choice, not societies’, not employers, not authoritative figures…but ours. If only this is how society works, but unfortunately we will always be critiqued.

After my grandpa passed, I started thinking long and hard about tattoos. Seeing and experiencing all the pain that the passing had caused, I wanted a tattoo that would remind me of my grandpa. When you are thinking about getting a tattoo for the first time, make sure there is a lot of meaning behind it. The quote, ” Angels are watching over me” stuck out to me the most because through all of my hard times that I have gone through, I know someone up there was watching over me. Now that my grandpa was welcomed at the gates up there, I know he is watching and looking out for me as well. Looking at my foot tattoo in memory of my grandpa gives me comfort, reassurance, and strength knowing that I am looked after. This tattoo gives me the strength to continue each day with my head held high, and makes me appreciate everyone I have in my life. Don’t take people for granted, because you do not know if they will be there tomorrow.


much love.

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