My everyday Skin Care routine


Having nice, clear, skin is every girls dream, and most are constantly looking for a good skin care routine that will work wonders on their face. Unfortunately a lot of people suffer from the “A” word, acne. This is nothing to be embarrassed about since a lot of people do tend to breakout throughout the different seasons. Sadly god did not bless me with a nice clear acne-free face, so I have struggled for a long time to try to find a decent skin care routine that is effective. I have tried numerous different brands of products ranging from different prices of highs and lows.  Some of these products I have used for a long time and others I have just tried recently. A few of my LUSH products that I have recently been using were recommended by a blogger which I follow called, “”-Christina Gooding. I would highly recommend following her and reading her blogs, as she offers a lot of amazing tips and advice.  I hope that a majority of these products help you, and enjoy!

  1. When I wake up in the morning,  I love to use my new face wash that I bought at LUSH not too long ago. This is called, “Angels on bare skin”, and it is a face and body cleanser. This cleanser includes lavender which helps to even out skin tones, as well as almonds which helps to distribute a nice healthy glow to your skin. Before using this cleanser I have used a lot of drug store ones which I found were not so effective for my skin. Since I have rather sensitive skin that likes to break out easily, I had to look for a gentle cleanser for my face type.  After researching more about this cleanser and reading up on it, I thought that I would give it a go! I would highly recommend this cleanser, as it has cleared up my face so much. Does it make it so not even one pimple will ever come back?  No. Would I rather have one pimple than a face full of them? Yes.  This cleanser kind of has a rather different smell to it, and it comes in a chunky substance.  You have to gather a little amount on your palm, add some water. then scrub all over your face. When I had first opened this cleanser I thought there was going to be more product than what was offered, but apparently it does last you a long time, because you do not need much. This cleanser is $13.95 and is 100g.



2) The second skin care product that I use on my face after it has been cleansed is a face scrub. Please please please be cautious when you use face scrubs as you do not need to do this step everyday, but rather every few days or so. Face scrubs are meant to be a bit more harsh on your skin, gathering and digging out all the dirt within your pores. This product was the first LUSH product I have ever bought, and it is called “Ocean Salt”. This product is a face and body scrub  that exfoliates your skin. This scrub is a sea salt scrub with a hint of lime to help brighten up your skin. I would highly recommend this product as it leaves your skin feeling soft, and dirt-free. The benefit of this product too is that if you accidentally get some in your mouth it doesn’t taste bad because it’s made with vodka! This product ranges from $21.95-$35.95 depending on if you would like to purchase the bigger one of the smaller one.



3) This is another skin scrub that you can use as well on your face that I have found to be effective too. I love Aveeno products, and would highly recommend anyone to try them out. This product is called, ” Skin Brightening Daily Scrub”, and can be purchased at any drug store for around $9.00.  This product gently exfoliates your skin and evens out your skin tone. I found this product highly effective in the colder seasons to help remove the dead skin cells from your face.. gross but good!


4) After applying a facial scrub on my face, I sometimes like to apply a face mask. This is the same rule that applies as the facial scrub in that you should not do this step every single day as part of your skin care routine. Masks should be used maybe once or twice a week depending on the intensity of it. Masks are made to provide a deep cleanse to the face, removing any access dirt. This is an amazing face mask that I started using not too long ago that was recommended from Christina (her link in first paragraph). This mask is called, “Mask of Magnaminty” otherwise known as “mask of mags”. This product smells amazing like a strong minty scent, and once you apply it all over your face, you can feel it working which I love. This product is filled with peppermint, kaolin, and scrubby aduki beans. You can purchase this product at any LUSH store ranging from $12.95-$24.95 depending on if you want the small of bigger size. Personally, I purchased the smaller size because you do not need to use this product all the time. You simply leave this on your face to dry for 5 minutes then rinse off with warm water. Voila, soft smooth skin!



5) Next, you need to apply a nice moisturizer to your face. This is a crucial step in your skin care routine because nobody likes a dry face! I have searched high and low for a fragrance-free sensitize moisturizer for my face and finally found one that works great. You can purchase this at any LUSH store and it is called, “Celestial”. When I first went to purchase this product I was a bit discouraged by the size of the container. I had thought that it was going to be a bit bigger, so I had asked one of the ladies who worked there if they had any bigger sizes. Unfortunately she said no, but stated that these containers last customers up to 6 months! I was unaware that you were only supposed to use a dime size amount on your face. I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I am loving how nice my face feels! This product is $24.95 and is worth every penny.


Cheers to a happy, healthy face! Much love.

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