10 simple ways to help you feel good about yourself


 Do you ever wakeup in the morning and just feel so crappy, out of it and gross? Or ever lurk instagram and just wish you had that girls wardrobe, hair, face, or looks? I think this is something every girl can relate to and I personally feel this way sometimes myself. Trying to stay upbeat about yourself and create positive vibes can sometimes be challenging and difficult especially if you are not an optimistic person to begin with. Having a positive day begins with how you feel about yourself, and what it takes to feel good about yourself. I came up with a few strategies and techniques to help you find ways to feel happy and optimistic.

1) The first piece of advice that I would like to provide to you is to take time to pamper yourself. Do this at least 2-3 times per week, and set aside a chunk of time dedicated towards YOU. Having YOU time helps to reduce your stress/anxiety/any negative thoughts that may be running around in your mind. Whether it be going to get your nails done, reading some of your favourite book for an hour, applying a facial mask, going for a stroll, listening to some music, or going for  a massage. All of these are great examples of YOU time. Even the simplest things such as getting your nails done can help make you feel good about yourself. Even setting aside one hour each day dedicated for yourself will slowly help to eliminate your negative mood. One method that I love to do is draw a nice warm bath and soak in it while I watch youtube beauty videos. This helps relax me and takes me to my happy place. Try out new ideas and see what works best for you!

2) Doll yourself up. Studies have shown that even applying the smallest amount of makeup to your face, can help brighten your mood. If you are feeling too lazy to apply a full-face of makeup, simply apply only your favourite makeup product. When I am feeling down in the dumps and am feeling very blah, I simply apply some makeup to my face. This helps to wake me up and uplifts my mood as well. By no means am I stating that I rely on makeup to feel good about myself, but it really puts me in a great mood.  If you want to go and do a photoshoot of yourself after, why not?! Go right ahead!


3) Set aside a certain time each day to exercise . Often the thoughts that go through our head each day is “I am too tired, I just had a long day at work, or I am too lazy to do a workout “.  These are often thoughts that go through my head each day when I am feeling too lazy to even consider doing a workout. I recently had set aside an hour of my day each day towards a workout session. Working out helps to release endorphines which helps you feel good about yourself. And who does not want that? There are some really helpful and detailed workouts on Pinterest that you can lookup depending on what target area you would like to focus on. There are many different workouts for thighs, arms, abs, back and so forth. The best thing about Pinterest is that there are even 7, 10 or 20 minute workouts. This means you can not even have an excuse for not being able to fit in a 7 minute workout. This is only 7 minutes out of your day! I know from experience that once I have finished a 30 minute workout I feel amazing… like a brand new person and I feel good about myself. I usually look on Pinterest for Fitspo images that I gear towards my goal image. This helps create fitsporation and inspiration towards my future goals.

4) Create a “to do” list. When you wake up in the morning and you are laying there in bed , think of different things you want to accomplish today. Having a plan and a schedule of your day helps make you feel motivated rather than being lazy each day and feeling like a slug. Make a plan for yourself or your “to do” list. Some examples and ideas to put on your list could be: do a 30 minute workout, make a healthy meal, write a blog for today, read or start a new book, meet up with an old friend, write a journal entry and so forth. Having a well thought out plan will help you develop more motivation and make you feel less sluggish. Often when you lay around all day and do not accomplish anything, you feel tired, lonely, frusterated, lazy or negative.

5) Find your “hobby”. I have heard this piece of advice so often now that I had to share it with you. Finding your talents or your special hobby is not as easy as it looks. When I was first asked the question ” what is your hobby ?”, I did not know how to respond, as I had no clue what my hobby was. I literally had to think what I was good at, and eventually became discouraged and down on myself… as I could not come up with an answer. This was when I sat down and made a list of new things that I wanted to experience. One of the hobbies on my list was “blogging”. I was told throughout university by one of the professors that my writing and the way that I wrote would be beneficial towards writing blogs. The next question that popped into my head was “what would I blog about.”. I have always been fascinated with beauty, beauty videos, and beauty youtubbers. A majority of my spare time is watching and reading up on different beauty hacks/techniques/advice. So why not create a blogging site distributing all the knowledge and information I have learned over the years on beauty? You do not know you will enjoy something or develop a hobby unless you try new things. Do not get discouraged right away if you are trying to find a hobby, it takes time.


6) Buy cute workout clothes. Who does not like to look hot, sexy and great when they workout? I know this is a silly idea but trust me, it works. When you have cute workout attire, you will automatically feel good when you are workout out. Treat yourself by buying new workout shorts, vibrant stretchy pants, a cute sports bra, or even new Nikes. This will even help to motivate you to workout everyday and squeeze that little bit of time in each day. So what are you waiting for? Go splurge on some hot new workout attire!

7) Make a list of why you do not feel good about yourself or what makes you unhappy. Having a clear view and perspective on what brings you down can help create places for improvement. If you are upset because you gained an extra 10 pounds over the summer, create a healthy diet plan to start up. You can even print out a workout plan or schedule to help you shed those extra pounds. Find out what is truely making you unhappy, and write them down. Once you know exactly what is bringing you down, you can slowly work on ways for improvement.

8) Family and friend outlooks.  This is a very helpful technique and I have even tried this out for myself. My therapist recommended me to try this strategy at home, when I was feeling down in the dumps. This method focuses on “self-worth”  and how you feel towards yourself as well as how others see you. Grab a blank piece of paper and write down 5 things you like about yourself character/personality traits wise. Do not write down anything about your physical appearance. Once you have written down 5 things about yourself, write down 5 family and friends names. Let them write down 5 character/personality traits they like about you. Once you have all their answers compare yours to theirs. You may just be surprised at the special traits they saw about you, that you did not see in yourself. Some people are way too hard on themselves, and do not see how they impact others’ lives in a positive way. Once you see how the closest people to you feel towards you and what they love, this could help you have a more open mind. While participating in this exercise, I saw common personality traits people had written down about myself that I did not see.


  9)Eat right. I can not emphasize this piece of advice enough in order to feel good and happy about yourself. If you are one of those people that eats a bag of chips a day, a can of pop for lunch and dinner, or are always eating at fastfood restaurants, you are not going to feel good about yourself. Chances are you have a hardcore craving for this food,  but once you eat it, you are going to feel like a bag of garbage. It is not worth it. Instead of going for that bag of chips for a late night snack, try grabbing a handful of nuts that are packed with fibre and protein. After eating a handful of these, you are going to have more energy and feel a whole lot better. Soon enough your body willl start showing results due to your healthy eating!

10) Approach each day thinking you are going to have a good day. Waking up in the morning with a positve mind set will help to ensure you have a good day. If you wake up in the morning thinking “today is going to suck” , chances are it is going to suck. I know that this is an easy piece of information and advice, but it is extremely effective when used properly. I just recently started to use this technique, and it has helped create  more positive vibes. Entering each day thinking  ” today is going to be a good day”  will help create a more optimistic you.

much love xo.

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