How to achieve long, beautiful, healthy hair.


A girl’s hair can tell someone a lot about themselves. There are many different hairstyles out there such as: straight hair, tight curls, wavy hair or even unfortunately frizzy hair. Hair can also come in numerous  colours such as: brunette, blonde, dark brown, red, ombre, or even bright colours. Even though everyone has their own unique hair design, the most common thing that everyone would love is “healthy hair”. I have been a hair fanatic and have had hair OCD all of my life. In highschool, I died my hair numerous colours over 4 years, ranging from browns to blacks….and boy.. did I learn my lesson. By no means is there anything wrong with dying your hair, but you just need to make sure you are properly taking care of it. Now being 21, I have taken the time to look after my hair and it now looks and feels more healthier than it did in my highschool years.  I have come up with a few products/vitamins/techniques to help leave you with long healthy hair.

The first topic that I would like to go into depth about is vitamins. Vitamins are an extremely important step when trying to achieve long healthy hair. I have done numerous research over the past few years, trying to determine what vitamins are the best ones to take. The first vitamin that I would recommend purchasing at your pharmacy is Organic Flaxseed oil.  There are 1000 mg and 90 softgel capsules that are inside this bottle. This vitamin helps with the promotion of hair growth as well as making your hair shiny and strong. I would recommend buying all your vitamins at once so then you can start taking them all at the same time. Be prepared that this is a bigger pill, so be sure to drink lots of water to ensure it goes down. Simply take one of these each day with food.


The second vitamin that I take each day in the morning is Folic Acid. I have heard a lot of raves about this vitamin and it’s relation to hair growth so I tried this out myself in my first year of university. I have been using this product since then, and I have noticed a difference in my hair growth from using this.  There are 100 tablets, and this is a pre-natal nutrient supplement. I know what you are thinking, why am I taking this when I am not pregnant!? I have been asked, “Is the only reason you are taking this for hair growth?”,  yes, yes it is. I can not emphasize how beneficial this is towards your hair.


The third vitamin that I take towards achieving healthy long hair is Cod liver oil. I know that the name sounds extremely disgusting, but trust me… this has helped my hair a ton. This vitamin helps your hair become super shiny and it is a smaller pill, so it’s easy to take. I do not notice a fishy taste when I take this pill either which is nice. I would highly recommend this pill over the liquid as you may be able to taste a bit of fishiness.  There are 100 softgels that are located inside this bottle, and I make sure to take it with some sort of food. If you do not want “dull” hair, I would really try out this vitamin!


The next vitamin that I take is Biotin. I am sure all you beauty lovers out there have already heard of the benefits of taking this vitamin and let me ensure you that this vitamin does wonders. Not only does this vitamin help with the promotion of hair growth, but it also helps with nail growth as well. I have noticed a different from using this product, and I have been using it for a few years now.  There are 1000 mcg and 200 tablets that are included in this bottle. Depending on the mcg’s that are included, you can take a few biotin tablets but I would recommend double checking with your pharmacist first.


The last vitamin that I take in the morning at breakfast time is a multivitamin. Multivitamins are an extremely important supplement to take as they help to ensure you are staying healthy. Multivitamins have a lot of the other vitamins that I listed above included in them, but I like to still buy separate bottles. I would recommend buying the “gummy vitamins”, as they are extremely tasty, and much easier than trying to swallow a pill.


Overall, I like to ensure that I am taking all of these different vitamins each day to help with the promotion of hair growth. My hair has become a lot healthier after taking these vitamins, and I feel a lot healthier as well. Be prepared at the checkout to pay a bit for these items all together. Vitamins are not extremely expensive but when buying them all at once, they do add up. Also ensure with your pharmacist if you are taking alternative medication, that you can take these vitamins with them before buying them. Now we are going to move onto the next topic besides vitamins which is, “shampoo and conditioner”.  Since your hair is full of natural hair oils, it is crucial to not strip your hair entirely of these oils. You should wash your hair no more than 1-2 times a week, as you can still hop in the shower each day and wash your body.  When you first start this process, you may be thinking “ew… only once a week?”, yes I know. This is extremely good for your hair and eventually your hair will become used to this process. I would highly recommend buying a dry shampoo to rub in your hair on the days that you are not washing your  hair. I have mentioned this in my other blog but I used the LUSH “no drought” dry shampoo, which I purchased at the LUSH store for around $14.00. This helps out with making your hair appear less oily and even smells like lemons…. YUM!


There are many different shampoos and conditioners out there depending on what your hair is like. Since my hair is full of blonde highlights, I like to use a tone correcting shampoo and conditioner to help neutralize the brassiness of the blonde. Nobody likes that yellow blonde colour, and while using this product, I have noticed a different in my hair.  The blonde is nowhere near the colour yellow, and it even smells amazing too. This product is purple so do not be alarmed when you squeeze it  out in your hand. I only use these products 2 times a week, as it can be harsh on your hair. I may even sometimes choose to use this product once a week as well. This product is by John Frieda and it is called  Sheer Blonde Colour renew tone correcting shampoo.   You can buy these products in walmart for around $6.00 each.


When I am not using these products on my hair, I love to use the Joico colour endure conditioner. This conditioner is absolutely amazing, and your hair feels so soft after application. This product is a bit on the pricey side as you can purchase it at Walmart for $19.00. The benefit of this product is that it is sulfate-free, so it is very healthy and good for your hair. The bottle is big as well, so it will last you a long time too, which is nice! This is a must have.


It is extremely important to make sure that you have a hair mask in your bathroom as well. Hair masks are very beneficial towards your hair, especially if some of it is damaged. Hair masks help to repair the damage that is seen throughout the hair and leaves the hair feeling moisturized.  In my hair I use Ice cream dry-t hair mask, which smells like bananas and make you want to eat it! I apply this product in the shower after shampooing my hair, and leave it in for 5 minutes, focusing on the ends. After rinsing this out I then apply my JOICO conditioner. My hair feels absolutely amazing after using all of these products. This is around 10 dollars at walmart, and I would highly recommend it. I would also recommend buying a good brush that helps minimizing damage. When brushing your wet hair after having a shower, it becomes extremely brittle and it is important to brush through it gently. I have always used a comb when brushing my hair but I recently found this amazing product located at Walmart for $11.00. I call this my “water brush”, as it has a special material located in the bristles to help capture excess water that is in your hair. One of my biggest pet peeves after taking a shower is waiting forever for my hair to dry since I never use a hair dryer. After using this brush when I get out of the shower I do not have to wait long for my hair to dry, it’s amazing!  I love how this brush is super gentle on my hair, and it’s very easy to get all my tangles out without damaging my hair.


When you are planning on going out and styling your hair, be sure to use a heat protection spray. The product that I have been using over the years when I am going to straighten or curl my hair is Tresemme thermal creations spray.  This helps to ensure that I am not damaging my hair when I want to style it, and it is also inexpensive to buy. You can purchase this at Walmart for around $7.00, and it works perfectly. Simply spray a bit on your hair and continue to style like you normally would do.


It is very important to put in some sort of serum in your hair after having a shower to help with the frizziness. I have always applied an anti-frizz serum to my hair over the years, and I find that they work extremely well. I apply the Garnier Fruit Anti-Frizz to my hair when it is damp. I only use one pump to ensure that I am not  putting in too much product throughout my hair, making it appear oily. This product is also under $10.00 and it lasts me a long time as well. The fact that this product smells amazing too is a bonus!


The last product that I use in my hair when it is damp is Got 2b smooth operator smoothing lustre lotion. I have just recently purchased this product at Walmart for under $10.00, and I have no complaints so far! I simply like to apply this product to the ends of my hair and it helps leave my hair silky smooth. Be sure to not apply a lot of this product to your hair, as it can make your hair appear oily, this is why I only apply it to the ends. I would highly recommend buying and trying out this product.


This pretty much sums up my current hair care routine! If you have any questions regarding the products I use feel free to message me and I will get back to you shortly! I  hope this helps you achieve the long healthy hair you have been longing for, thanks for reading!


much love xo.

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