Tips on how to spice up your dorm room! Decoration techniques.


When decorating your dorm room, you can be extremely creative and show your artistic side. It is sometimes hard to come up with different decorative techniques and styles. First of all, your room is your special place and you want to ensure that it’s very personal and helps show off your personality. I have looked on Pinterest (god’s gift) over the past years while trying to come up with ideas towards decorating my room at my student house.  While trying to think of a layout, I wanted to go towards a more “classy” look rather than my pink and green bedroom I had at home. I mean, I am in university now, the last thing I want is a childish looking room when I brought friends over. You first need to come up with different types of designs and colours you like. I knew that my room was beige, so it was easier to come up with a “classy” look, since a lot can match with that colour. This is a colour I would strongly recommend when deciding what colour to paint your room in the beginning.  I do get a lot of compliments when friends come into my room, but I have spent a lot of time decorating it as well. A lot of my decoration techniques and tips are very inexpensive, but look as though they are expensive. Get it? That was the look I was trying to pull off. So without further or do, let’s get into some tips and techniques when designing your college or university dorm room!

I know that a lot of my beauty readers are females so you must have some makeup kicking around. Makeup can be extremely messy, and we often leave it lying around on our desk after we use it to get ready in the morning. Am I right? Why not try to organize it on your desk or makeup table, that way it looks more presentable and even pretty to look at ! The first product that I decided to make was makeup brush holders. This is a very easy DIY to do, and you can even gather all your materials at your local dollarstore, very cheap! First, you need to pick out your containers, in my case I found two glass holders. Do not worry if they do not look the most appealing.. you are going to decorate them later anyways. Then you need to make sure you have paint brushes and pick out which paint you would like to use. I went for a gold colour, because I find this looks very elegant and classy. Then you need to pick out ribbon that you would like to tie around your container once it is painted.  Now that you have all the materials needed to make your own makeup brush holder, you can paint your container and leave it to dry. Once it is dry, simply take a piece of your ribbon and tie it in a bow around your container. Voila, you have a beautiful elegant makeup brush holder that looks expensive and cute seen in the picture above! Approximately under $5.00 to do this project!

I don’t know about you, but I love designer labels, and showing them off throughout my student bedroom. This is a very cheap DIY and takes under 10 minutes to make! This is my lotion holder, or you can simply put any kind of product in the heel that you want to show off on display in your room. You can purchase the heel at your local dollarstore as it was originally a tape dispenser/ holder. I simply took out the tape and placed a lotion in there instead! I love MAC makeup and do not hesitate one bit to show off that label throughout my room. If you do not have a MAC bag kicking around, you can simply print out the label online and cut around the letters. This is what I did after purchasing products at the MAC cosmetics store, and cutting up the bag. After cutting around the label, I took a piece of tape and placed the label where I wanted it on the heel. To add a more classier look, I took one fake flower that I had lying around, and placed it inside the heel as well. Now you have a cute MAC heel holder that looks very cute and classy on display on your dresser or desk!


The next decorative technique that I have in my bedroom is geared towards my makeup desk. I wanted to make this piece my focal point within my room as I spend a majority of my time at my makeup table in the morning before school. If you do not have a makeup table in your room I would strongly recommend getting one, then you can place different cute things on top of it for display as well. I did not go full out to buy a professional makeup table, I just happened to use my old student desk and transform it. You can find many different decoration techniques for your makeup table on Pinterest, and this look just happened to work for me.  You need to ensure that your makeup is organized on your table. You can purchase little organizers at the dollarstore and use these bins for your different makeup products. I bought a few and have used them for different products such as my concealers, mascaras, eye products and even powders. I have a pull out drawer originally used as a keyboard tray for your laptop, and placed all my bins on here instead to hide them. This helped to make my desk appear less cluttered and more organized. In the morning, I find it way easier to do your makeup in a tidy atmosphere.


Now that your makeup products are now all organized in your bins, you can start to decorate the surface of your makeup desk or table. This part is very entertaining and fun,as you can put your creativity and artistic skills to use. One decorative technique that I have used around my room is the look of fake flowers. This helps to add character and classiness to your room, and you can purchase everything from the dollarstore as well!  I love the look of white flowers, and stuck with this theme throughout my whole room. You need to make sure that you don’t buy a whole bunch of random flowers and place them throughout your room. This may give off a cheap and cluttered look instead of that classy look you were originally going for. I also decided to buy cute vases as well from the dollarstore, and went for a bold colour.


I also decided to decorate my jewelry box too to add more character to it. Before, the box was just plain white and I wanted to add a more fun design to it. I found a Lasenza bag kicking around in my room , and decided to cut it up, placing the “Lasenza” letters on the side of the box. I simply pasted them on with a piece of tape and Voila…. a cute new box! If you don’t like the brand Lasenza, feel free to use any other brand that you love! This is very cheap and literally only takes less than five minutes to do! So why not spice up your room?


I am one of those girls that love love Love vintage or accent pieces of furniture. I think they help to create a classy and fun piece of artwork to a room, and get a lot of compliments as well! These type of pieces can be extremely expensive , that is why I rely on my good friend Kijiji to help me out. Simply type in “accent chairs”, “accent benches” or “vintage chairs”, and you will get a variety of different beautiful pieces for a relatively good price. The beautiful chair that I found on Kijiji was $40.00 and I was not complaining! It goes extremely well with the look that I was trying to go for throughout my room and I am extremely happy with the presentation. When I purchased this chair, the seat was a bright purple colour…. not the look I wanted in my room. So I simply used a piece of old fabric I had laying around that was a see-thru black, and stapled it to the bottom of my seat. This created a classy see-thru black colour with a hint of purple underneath.  I also decided to place a vine that I purchased at the dollarstore in and out around the bars of the chair. I found this helped create character and really gave off a sharp appearance!  Purchasing this vintage chair, and using it for my makeup desk was one of the best ideas I have come up with. You should try it !

IMG_3880When choosing what makeup mirror to place on your desk, make sure you can see all of your face. You do not want to purchase a really small mirror and have a hard time trying to do your makeup. One of the mirrors that I made in the past was used as my makeup mirror,and I made it all from the sticks I collected in my backyard. First, you need to purchase some sort of mirror that you wish to use either from Walmart or any other furniture store. Once you purchased your mirror you need to gather a bunch of sticks. The sticks that were located in my backyard were small and skinny, which was the look I was going for, but you can use any size sticks that you would like, You also need to make sure you have a glue gun near by and some sort of tool to cut your sticks with.  I also bought a vine at my dollar store to place on top of the sticks once they are glued. Lay out your mirror and distribute all the sticks around it,playing around with different lengths until you are happy with your look. Next start gluing the sticks onto the edges around your mirror, and place the vine intertwining in and out of the sticks once they are dry.  Now you have a vintage looking mirror that you made yourself!


The next decoration piece that I absolutely love and has to be my favourite is the bag pictures. All you need for this DIY is a few of your favourite brand bags kicking around from purchases you made earlier and a few picture frames that you can use. At first when I heard of this project I thought “Ya right, this is not going to look that good…I am framing bags?!“, but boy was I wrong! I have a few of these DIY’s displayed throughout my room in various sizes. Some I have framed on the wall and others are ontop of my dresser. Simply measure how big you want the bag to be within the frame and cut away! It is extremely easy and you can be as creative as you want to be! Some of thee different bags that I used are from MAC, Kate Spade, PINK and Victoria’s Secret. It’s extremely fun if you bags are colourful and have neat designs that you can display!




I also decided to hang a few of my favourite pictures throughout my room and on my walls. I absolutely love Marilyn Monroe and Audrey so I had to distribute a few of my girls! You can purchase good pictures at Walmart or even the dollar store if you are lucky! When you are choosing what pictures to hang up, make sure they do not take up a huge portion of your wall, since you don’t want it to look cluttered. Place the pictures evenly and even plan them out before nailing them in.


Another decoration that I have in my room involves alcoholic bottles, yes bottles. This is a really good way of using your empty containers and showing them off in your room. I love this DIY because I am sure everyone has a bottle laying around somewhere I mean come on… you are in university/college. I absolutely love the way that Jack Daniels bottles look, and they work with the theme that I am going for in my room. Simply wash out the container and place it on your desk or dresser. You can even use the bottle as a vase for your real or fake flowers, which I have done in the past.  Jack Daniels bottles just look very classy and give off a vintage appeal. See what bottles you have kicking around!


A lot of my different decoration techniques and products I have purchased from the dollar store, specifically Dollarama. I find this place has absolutely everything in it, and you can find a whole bunch of neat things in here as well! I found these cute lettering in there, and decided to display it on top of my dresser. You can even sometimes find individual letters if you wanted to get more creative! Simply place your letter, grab a candle or even your fav CD (my girl T-swift), and voila! This little display is very cute, and helps to liven up the corner of my room.


I don’t know about you but I have a ton and I mean a TON of perfumes that always seem to be kicking around in my room. When I wake up in the morning and start to get ready for school, I am always searching for a perfume bottle even though I know I have a million lying around. Who has time to constantly search for a spritz of your fav perfume? Not US. That is why I came up with this neat idea to display all my perfumes but it does not look cluttered. You can purchase this stand at Walmart or any furniture store. Simply find a place on your wall in your room and nail away. You can then place all your favourite perfumes on this display and it’s quick and easy to find your products! This has been a life saver when I am in a hurry out the door and need a quick spritz! This is even located almost beside my door, so it’s out of the way but still accessible.


You can even search for cute little items at Value Village if you wanted to. While looking in the furniture section I have came across some items that could be cut decorations for my dresser. No one even knows that these items were purchased there…. well now you do haha! But STILL. Why not go take a peak? The best part is these items are extremely cheap and even look fashionable!  This is where I had purchased this clock, then simply displayed my favourite sunglasses.


Even having your favourite pets and animals come for a visit will help too!


Well I hope you enjoyed the different decoration techniques I have provided to help you spice up your dorm room! If you have any questions feel free to message me! Thanks for reading my beauty bloggers!

Much love xo.


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