My top 5 all-time favourite concealers


“Maybelline “Instant age rewind Eraser”

Concealers are a big part of everyone’s makeup routine in the morning. Usually when we wake up from a goodnight sleep, we are welcomed by the lovely appearance of dark baggy circles under our eyes and even the unwanted blemishes. Let’s face it girls… they absolutely suck and can be extremely hard to conceal. Don’t worry, I have come up with a few of my favourite concealers both high end and low end to help achieve a flawless complexion. There are 5 concealers that work amazing and I would highly recommend trying them out for yourself if you have not already!

  1. This concealer I use for under my eyes to help conceal my dark circles. I absolutely love the appearance of really light coloured skin for underneath my eyes. If you are looking for an under eye concealer, I would strongly recommend shopping for one that is a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone. This concealer is called “Instant age rewind eraser” by Maybelline Cosmetics. I have previously mentioned this concealer in one of my earlier blog posts. You can purchase this product at any local drugstore, and is approximately around $11.00, which is much cheaper than any high end concealer. This product is a bit on the thicker side but I find that it does not crease. The shade that I purchase this product in is “light”, and it is the perfect shade to help brighten my skin. After applying this product with the sponge applicator built into it, I simply blend it out with my beauty blender.


2. The second concealer that I absolutely love and have been using over the years is the “Coverstick corrector concealer” by Maybelline Cosmetics. This is a great concealer to use for under your eyes or to even highlight other sections of your face. I usually use this product for under my eyes, highlighting the bridge of my nose, forehead and so forth. This product has a yellow under tone to it, which helps eliminate the appearance of dark circles underneath your eyes.  This product really helps brighten up your face and is even under $10.00! What a steal! I would highly recommend trying out this product if you have not done so already.


3. The third concealer that I have for you beauts is called, “Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous” concealer. This line of cosmetics is by the beautiful Katy Perry and it works wonderfully. I have used this product for concealing my blemishes on my face, as a highlighter and even an under eye concealer. I sadly removed the label stating which shade I use, but it is in the lightest shade available. Again, I try to go more towards very light concealers which help to “wake up” my face. You can buy this concealer at your local drugstore for under $10.00.



4. The fourth concealer is a more high end product that I purchased from Sephora. There was an extremely big hype about this product all over Youtube so I had to try out this product for myself. This concealer is called, “Nars Radiant Creamy concealer” and it can be purchased for $29.00. Personally, I did not find that big of a hype about this product as others,especially how much I was paying for it. I found that other low-end concealers did a nicer job than this one or the same job. I do however use this product to highlight my eye brow bones and to make my eyebrows appear more sharper and cleaner.If you do plan on trying out this concealer, make sure you ask for assistance when matching the colour to your skin tone. The colour that I was matched up to with was in the shade “medium-custard”. I do wish that I went with a lighter shade, but it still works well towards highlighting my brows.



5. The fifth concealer, otherwise known as my favourite under eye concealer is by MAC Cosmetics. I can not emphasize in this blog post how much I adore this concealer. Even though it is on the pricier side, $25.00, it is worth every penny. This concealer lasts up to 15 hours of wear and is water proof. After I apply this product with a foundation brush and blend it with a beauty blender underneath my eyes, the coverage is flawless. The shade that I purchase is NW20, and it’s a very light shade which is perfect for eliminating those dark circles. If you have not tried out this amazing concealer, stop what you are doing and go buy it. What are you waiting for?



I hope you enjoyed reading about my different concealers that I use on a daily basis! If you have any questions please feel free to message or comment below

Much love xo.


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