My “night out” smokey eye tutorial

My “night out” smokey eye tutorial


Ever since I can remember I have been absolutely obsessed with makeup. Although I wasn’t allowed to wear hardly any in elementary school, I began experimenting with makeup in highschool, progressing into university. For the longest time I never did anything too complex with my makeup because I was never really taught by anyone how to apply it. That’s when I started to watch makeup tutorials online on a daily basis (because I wanted to and enjoyed it), and self-taught myself on how  to achieve different makeup looks and techniques. One look that I absolutely love doing when I am going out to a bar/club later is my brown smokey eye look. I absolutely love any eye shadows that have brown pigment to them. I find that this colour compliments well with my eyes and skin tone. For smokey eye looks, feel free to incorporate any colour you wish that best compliments yourself whether it be pink , brown, blue or black. I have seen a lot of different makeup tutorials on these certain colours, and they all look absolutely stunning! For this makeup look I am just going to stick with different shades of brown! Let’s get started!

First, I already applied my primer, foundation and powder to my face before working on my eyes. This is just a preference , so feel free to do whatever makeup step you wish to do first. When focusing on the eyes, I always prime my eyes with an eye shadow primer before my eye shadow. This step helps to ensure that your eye shadow stays on throughout the day/night , and helps your eye shadow “pop”. I am using my favourite primer “Kat Von D- High Voltage” which I purchased from Sephora, and putting this all over my eye lids.


Now that I have applied this product all over my eyes, before applying the eye shadow on top,  I grab some tape that I have lying around , and place a piece on the outside corner of my eyes.  Place it on an angle right where your lashes end and drag it towards the end of your eyebrow. This technique always helps me out when I am about to do a smokey eye look. It helps create a more defined application for your eye shadow, and helps the process stay “clean”. I also find that the tape helps me later on when I am applying a winged eye liner.  Once you have placed the tape in it’s location, you can start applying your eye shadow. I love to always apply my Stila eye shadow palette called “Artful eye collector’s edition”,  that I purchased at Sephora (I believe it was limited edition),and use the shade “Starlight” first. After applying this shade all over my lids, I then apply the shade “Oasis” over top of the previous shade, creating a nice shimmery beige colour.  I apply this eye shadow with my “Still” makeup brush that I have purchased from Walmart (nothing fancy).




After applying these two shades over my eyes, I then move onto my lovely Naked 2 palette. Let me just start of by saying how much I adore this Palette, as the colours are so pigmented and beautiful! I would highly recommend purchasing this palette from Sephora if you love the more neutral brown colours.


I first take the shade “Tease”, and place this all throughout my crease. This helps create depth, and helps prepare for the more darker brown we are going to use on the outer corners of your eyes. This is more a “transition” colour.



After applying this colour in the crease of my eye lids, I am now going to use the brush that came with my Naked 2 Palette (again nothing special), and applying  a darker shade of brown to the outer corners of my eyes. This is going to slowly create the “smokey” effect.

IMG_0715     I simply take the more dense side of the brush (not the fluffy side), and dab in small amounts the shade “Busted” to the outside of my eyes. Again the tape is going to help ensure that you are not getting the eye shadow in places you don’t want it to get.  Once you have applied this darker shade to the outside corners of your eyes , use the other side of the brush for blending.  You want to make sure that the darker shade is blended in nicely with the first two beige shades we applied earlier. It is going to look something similar to this:



After applying  this darker shade on the outside corners of your eyes and blending it in, you are now going to take the shade “Bootycall” and place it on the inner corners and  front section of your eyelids. This helps to differentiate between the light and the dark colours , creating the transitioning effect.


Once this has been applied to the inner corners and section of your eye lids , you are going to grab the shade “Suspect” and place this in the middle section of your eye. I absolutely love this shade , and just think it goes really well when incorporated into this smokey eye look.


After applying all of these different shades of brown to your eye lids, you can now move onto the winged eyeliner. This I find is always a struggle for me since I have not completely mastered this technique. Do not worry if your winged look is not perfect, usually one eye always looks better than the other! Keep in mind that you can use the tape as a guideline when finishing the wing. This always helps me when trying to finish this technique. I always use my L’oreal Paris Carbon Black liquid liner to apply my wing. Once you are done applying the eyeliner feel free to remove the tape from each side!




As you can see my liner is not absolutely perfect and that’s okay because your fake lashes are going to hide it a bit! I then move onto putting on my mascara and grabbing my fake lashes which I purchased from the dollar store (secret- the dollar store has Elf eye lashes there, which are a super good quality of fake lashes!). I recently purchased eyelash adhesive from Sephora because I always found that the adhesive that comes with the lashes never keeps my eyelashes on. I am so far loving this adhesive which is in the dark tone shade. I prefer this over the normal “white tone” that it usually comes in as it blends way more nicely, and you do not have to worry about it drying white. This product can be purchased at Sephora for under $15.00.


When applying fake lashes, I simply apply a fine line of the adhesive and use a pair of tweezers to help hold the lash in place. I hate using my fingers at first, as they always tend to get in the way. After I have placed my lashes in the location where I want them, I then use my fingers to help hold it in place as I wait for them to dry. You have to be patient with this step as it does take a bit for the lashes to fully dry and stay in place. Once they have dried, you are going to look something like this:


I then went ahead and started finishing the rest of my makeup routine such as: contouring and highlighting, adding a baked highlighting powder to highlight my face,extending my liquid eye liner so that it meets the corner of my eye, and adding some blush.I also added a nude lip colour to keep the main focus on my eyes. I find that extending your liquid liner helps create a more dramatic effect! You do not have to do this step if you wish not to.



And Voila! You are all ready for your night out! I absolutely love this look and think it’s perfect for going out to a bar or a club later on at night! You can create a lot of different looks with the Naked 2 Palette, which I highly recommend purchasing. It is around $60.00 (yes I know …..yikes!?) but I found that it was completely worth it!



Thank you for reading my beauts! Have a wonderful week and please feel free to follow! If you have any questions relating to this tutorial or other looks you would like to see please comment below!

Much love xo.


The 10 easy steps of contouring and highlighting

The 10 easy steps of contouring and highlighting


Do you ever just sit there in your makeup chair at your cute makeup table and think to yourself “I wish I had nicer cheekbones”, or ” I want that glowly look that celebs have”? I used to think about this kind of stuff all the time when I started to care more about my appearance. I used to always wonder how celebs got their face makeup to look so flawless on their face. Why can’t my face look like that? First, you need to realize what the power of makeup can do to your face. You don’t need to go get plastic surgery to make your cheekbones stand out, or your nose look better. All you simply need is your favourite bronzer of your choice, and your favourite highlighter. I am going to teach you the ten simple steps I take in order to properly highlight and contour my face. I am not at all saying this is the only technique on how to highlight and contour, but this is what I do on a daily basis and it has worked best for me. Let’s get started!

First, make sure that your face is washed and clean. Then apply a moisturizer that works well with your skin type.  I had already applied my primer, foundation and powder to my face before contouring and highlighting , so feel free to do so before you start this process. Now that your face is ready to start highlighting and contouring, pick out your favourite highlighter and bronzer and place them to the side. I usually always contour my face first, as this is just the routine that I am used to. It does not really matter what process you wish to complete first.


  1. I always like to start off my contouring process with my cheekbones first. Contouring your face simply means you want certain parts of your face to stand out. Having your cheekbones “pop” or stand out gives off the appearance that you have great bone structure within your face.  Starting off, I take my favourite bronzer that I use on a daily basis called, “Two Faced- Chocolate Soleil/ medium deep matte brozer”and one of my Sedona makeup brushes, and simply draw a straight line on either side of my cheeks. You want to ensure that the line is right where your cheekbones are and trace it to the top of your ear.




2.   You do not need to worry about your lines being perfect or too dark, as you are later going to blend them out. The next step of the contouring process is to now contour your forehead. Simply outline the top of your forehead with your bronzer to the top of your hairline. This helps to bring out the shape of your face as you are later going to highlight the middle of your forehead.



3. Once you have contoured your cheekbones and your forehead, you are now going to move onto contouring your chin. This is the same idea as your forehead in that you are outlining the shape of your face. This helps make your jawline stand out and add depth to the structure of your face.


4. Now that you have finished contouring your cheekbones, forehead and chin, you can start to blend out the harsh lines. I grabbed a more fluffy brush from my Sedona brushes and started gently blending the bronzer to create a more subtle and natural appearance. After blending my cheekbones out, I move onto the other parts of my face that need to be blended ensuring that all the harsh lines look more natural.




5. Now that you have blended together all the harsh dark contour lines, I usually move onto contouring my nose to finish off this process before moving onto highlighting.  I grab one of my smaller Sedona makeup brushes to help outline the bridge of my nose. This helps to make your nose appear thinner and give off the appearance that you got a nose job!



6. After outlining the bridge of your nose with your bronzer, you are going to take your finger and gently blend the lines out. I prefer to use my finger instead of a brush because I can be more precise with how much I would like blended in until my desired look.



7. Now that you are officially done the process of contouring, you can now move onto the highlighting. I usually like to start by applying my MAC pro long wear concealer in the shade NW20, all underneath my eyes. I simply just use my finger to apply this product and swipe down instead of dotting it,



8. Now  you are going to take your beauty blender (make sure that it is wet), and gently dab the product until it is all blended in nicely. Make sure to take your time when doing this step as underneath you eyes are extremely sensitive and you do not want to create any wrinkles.


9. Once your concealer is all blended underneath your eyes, you can now start to highlight the rest of your face such as the bridge of your nose, forehead and underneath your cheekbones. When highlighting these parts I like to use my other concealer called, “Coverstick concealer” by Maybelline in the shade Ivory, and draw a line down the center of my nose. I then like to draw little lines going up from my forehead which can be seen in the picture below. Afterwards I apply a line on each side of my cheek underneath my cheekbones. You are going to look pretty funny as of right now, but don’t worry! You are then going to grab your beauty blender and blend in the concealer.


10.  Voila! You now know my process of how I personally contour and highlight my face each day! I first started doing this when I was in my second year of University because I literally thought there was no point to this process. I now can not go a day without completing these two processes and I notice quite the difference in my face once it is contoured and highlighted.


Thank you for reading my beauts! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! I hope this has helped some of you out.

Much Love xo.


Fall Haul- all my new essentials for Autumn

Fall Haul- all my new essentials for Autumn


Fall is here, and you know what that means? A fall haul of course! Some may call me a secret shopaholic… who am I kidding it’s not a secret, but I love buying new things every couple of months. Over the months of September and October, I decided to go on a shopping spree and pick up a few new products to try out .  I never really thought of showing the new products that I bought but then it hit me… why not make a haul blog? I always see cute youtube videos and blogs on Pinterest sharing all new products that someone has bought. So here’s my first haul that I thought I would share with you guys! Let me know what you think!

The first product that I purchased a couple days ago was the “Clean and Clear- advantage acne control moisturizer”. I purchased this at Walmart for literally under $10.00 and thought I would try this out. This isn’t necessarily a new product out on the market but I am always a little hesitant when trying out new products for my skin care routine. Girls, do you ever have it where you skin is flawless and beautiful the night before, then you wake up the next morning and you look like a troll? I literally do not understand this concept, but my face hates me some days! I thought , “why not try out this product since it’s actually for acne prone skin”?. I have noticed results the next day after applying this before I went to sleep the previous night. The lotion does not smell bad whatsoever, but there’s a scent to it which includes the salicylic acid acne medication within it.  I even use this lotion after washing my face in the morning before I am about to apply my makeup.


The next product that I have purchased a couple weeks ago is called, “High Voltage eye primer- by Kat Von D”. Beauts, let me just say…. this is by far my favourite eye shadow primer of life. They were not kidding when they said on the cute packaging that it was high voltage .  The consistency of the product is very thick, and it has a light yellow shade to it. I feel that this primer hides any flaws on your eyelids, and you can even use it as a concealer as well if you wish. What I love about this primer is that you do not need a lot of it whatsoever, because a little goes a long way! My eye shadow looks absolutely flawless and pigmented after being applied on top of the primer. I purchased this product at Sephora for around $20.00. I think it is a huge steal and I highly highly highly recommend you trying this out for yourself!


Of course when you shop at Sephora, you can’t just purchase one product then bail. I decided to try out another shimmer highlighter to apply to my cheekbones, forehead and the bridge of my nose. I had purchased my previous highlighter powder from Sephora as well but wasn’t completely happy with it. The product that I decided to try out for myself was the “Laura Mercier- matte radiance baked powder” in the shade Highlight 01. Guys let me just emphasize how beautiful the powder is when applied to your face. Oh my gosh. Even after running my finger through the powder the shade was just gorgeous!!  I am absolutely in love with this highlighter and you can purchase it for $48.00 but it is worth every single penny. I use this for my daily makeup routine each day, and notice a huge difference in the appearance of my face afterwards. Go and try this out for yourself, you will NOT be disappointed!



The next product that I of course had to purchase more of was my lovely Bath and Body Works candles. In one of my previous blogs I had mentioned that I purchased two of their fall candles not too long ago. I recently purchased two more because personally, you can never have enough candles EVER. The deal still was buy two of the 3 wick candles for $34.00 altogether. The two new scents that I had to try are called ” Pumpkin Cupcake” and “Radiant Red Maple”. The pumpkin cupcake candle smells absolutely amazing you just want to eat it. It makes my whole room smell so fally and cozy! The Radiant Red Maple also smells unreal with a fall scent to it.


The next product that I purchased were lovely fall scarves. I think I mentioned them in a previous blog post earlier but I can not emphasize enough how much I love scarves in the fall time. I think they look so cute and stylish ! I purchased a lot of my scarves from Winners or Garage. They are relatively cheap around $15.00 to $25.00 but are obviously going to be put to good use of course! If you have not purchased your fall scarves yet take a trip and go do so! I like having a variety of colours but it was hard for me to not go for my usual favourite “black”.


Of course you are probably thinking, where the hell am I going to put all my scarves?! After buying the scarves I decided to visit the dollar store to just randomly browse and look around. I came across this cute scarf holder that comes in blue, pink and black. Of course knowing me, black it was. Look how cute this is!? Only a dollar, and does the trick just nicely. You can fit a lot of different scarves within this holder, and I place mine on a hook at the back of my door. Having mine on the back of my door ensures that it’s out of the way and it’ s also easily accessible. I would deff go and purchase one of these for your room!


The next product that I have purchased over the months of September and October were just plain t shirts. I absolutely love the look of plain t shirts because you can pair them with anything and you’ll still look cute! I purchased pretty much all my shirts from H&M and they were around 2 for $12.00 if I remember correctly? This store is always good for deals when it comes to just plain t shirts, so I would deff shop here if you are looking for some. You can place one of your nice cute scarves on top and Voila! So easy and simple yet so stylish at the same time. You can never go wrong with a few white, black, blue and purple t shirts ever.


Next, you can’t ever go wrong with buying new jeans in life. I recently purchased both these jeans from H&M which is new for me since I usually buy mine from American Eagle. I absolutely love the look of ripped jeans and think they look so cute when your outfit is put together. I also am in love with high waisted jeans as well. I think the style of these types of jeans are so classy and cute. I usually pair it with just a plain top and tuck it in the front. The ripped pair of jeans were around $40.00 and the high waisted was around I believe $20.00. Both are extremely comfy and even make your bum look great!


The next product that I purchased from Walmart and decided to try out for myself was the “L’oreal Infallible makeup extender setting spray”. I believe this was around $15.00 but so far I love it. I have never used a makeup setting spray before so this is all new to me. I remember always going to Sephora and looking at the beautiful setting sprays that are there. Of course, they are obviously on the more expensive side , so when I found this at Walmart, I jumped right on it. After applying all my makeup for the day, I simply spray a few squirts onto my face and wait for it to dry!


The next product I received from Sephora as my “birthday gift”. This is one of my favourite things that I love about Sephora is the birthday gifts that you get as they differ each year. This year, I received the two Nars Velvet Matte lip Pencils in the shades , “Cruella” and “Rikugien”. One is a very red lip colour which is nice when you are going out at night, while the other is a more subtle colour which is appropriate for an all day wear.


Thanks for reading my new blog loves, and I hope this has helped some of you beauts out when deciding what to purchase and try out next! If you have any questions on any of these products please feel free to message me!

Much love xo.


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22; how to keep your birthday on a budget

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22; how to keep  your birthday on a budget


So recently, I just had one of the best birthdays of my life, my 22nd! Of course I had to go full-out and wanted to throw a fantastic party that my friends would enjoy. I’m a student, and I was trying to keep my birthday on a budget since money is a hassle right now. I was brainstorming different party ideas and decorations that I could put together to make this birthday one to remember. Here are a couple of party decoration ideas that you can put together yourself that’s completely inexpensive and fun to make! Enjoy!


The first decoration that is a must are these beautiful number balloons. For my 22nd birthday, I wanted to go with a gold and pink theme and my friend picked these up for me at Party City. You can purchase these in different colours such as gold, black  and silver for around $25.00 for two numbers. These are a cute backdrop for pictures to be taken near and are fun decorations to have at your party! These deff are a must-have!


These DIY is so cute and inexpensive to do. You can purchase everything you need at your local dollar store and it’s literally under 5 dollars!  The materials you need to gather are glasses that you wish to paint; preferably plastic, gold paint or any colour paint you wish to paint your glasses, jewels or any other decorations you want to put on your glass,paint brushes,  ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

  1. Pour your paint into a plastic plate that is easily accessible to get to and cover your glasses with one layer of the paint of your choice.  Let this sit for a good 10 minutes before you add your next coat of paint.
  2. Apply a second coat of paint to your glasses so that they don’t appear “streaky” anymore. Leave this to dry for 10-15 minutes before decorating your glass.
  3. If you need to apply one last coat of paint to your glass you can go right ahead, if not you are ready to decorate. For my glasses, I chose to do different designs with the jewels on each glass as you can see within the picture. Even though the  jewels were stickers, I still applied a small dab of glue with my glue gun to make sure they stuck in place. Feel free to create any design as you wish! As you can see I love jewels and placed them all over each glass.
  4. After you are done with the jewels you can place ribbon around them as you wish, just like I did with the one glass. I ran out of ribbon, or I would’ve made more bows on my glasses. I just find that bows make everything look classier , even cheap plastic glasses.
  5. Voila! You now have cute decorative glasses to place on a table or near your food table to show off to your guests! The best thing about these glasses is that I can use them later on as decorations in my student room.


Another decoration that I placed throughout my house were these cute sparkly bows that I found at the dollar store. They were located within the Christmas aisle but can be used for cute party decorations that you can put around lamps or hang off of chairs. You can get two small bows in a pack and there were also big bows that you can buy on their own as well. These looked extremely classy and cute around my living room, and I now use these as decorations in my student room.



This cute DIY is so fun and looks extremely classy when finished! I love decorating and when I come across really cheap things to do on Pinterest, I go for it. I think candles are a must when it comes to birthday parties, and I purchased these three small candles at the dollar store as well, along with the supplies needed to decorate them and the tray. The materials that you need include: a candle or candles of your choice, ribbon, jewels, glitter tape,and a glue gun.

  1. First,grab your glitter tape and wrap it once around your candle to outline where you are going to tie your ribbon. Not only does that tape show through your ribbon, but it looks really cute as well.
  2. You then need to tie your ribbon around your candle(s), and create a fancy bow. Take your time doing this step, as you want your bow to look nice and fancy.  Glue your bow in place with a dab of glue so that it does not slide down your candle.
  3. Once your bow is glued on your candle(s), you can place a jewel in the center of the bow. Personally I love the look of this , but you can decorate it how you choose to with the jewels.
  4. Voila! Now you have cute candles to show off or place on your food table. I loved the different shades of candles that I had purchased and they looked really classy and fancy once they were lit.
  5. IMG_0442

The next DIY is making a candle holder for your candles to be placed on. I bought a random plate at the dollar store that was originally white, and put gold paint top. The materials that you need are all located at your local dollar store and they include: paint brush, platter or plate, and gold paint or the colour paint of your choice. Simply apply a few coats to your platter, and within each coat wait a little while for it to dry. Waiting for the plate to dry takes more time than the glasses because of the specific material so be patient! Once you are finished, you will have a nice cute, classy tray to place your candles on! Completely inexpensive to make, under five dollars, but looks expensive!


Are you trying to figure out what decorations to hang on your walls? I came up with this fun and creative idea to use doilies as decorations! You can purchase all these materials at your local dollar store, so what are you waiting for ?! The materials that you are going to need are: paint brushes, doilies, three different kinds of paint, and a glue gun. Since I was turning 22 years old, I of course had to use the saying “feelin 22”, but you can use any saying or favourite phrase that you like!

  1. First, you need to paint all of your dollies one specific colour, in my case I stuck with gold. Use as many doilies as you wish, but leave them to dry once you are finished painting them.
  2. Now that they are all dry, lay them out in a certain pattern that you please to, in my case I placed them out horizontally. Glue each side of the doilies together to prepare for the saying that you are going to paint across them.
  3. Now that your doilies are all stuck together, grab your two other paint colours and begin to write your saying or phrase that you would like. Pinterest has a number of cute sayings that you can use if you can’t think of a saying off the top of your head. Like I had said earlier, I decided to go with the saying “feelin 22”, and colour coordinated the different letters and numbers. With the left over doilies that I didn’t need for my saying, I chose to write the number “22” all over them to hang around the wall.
  4. Voila! You have a cute inexpensive wall banner that looks super cute and you can personalize it as opposed to the traditional “happy birthday banner”.
  5. IMG_0445

Now you are ready to move on to the food table and preparing for that. I chose to stick to easy and accessible foods that were fun to eat, and easy to make. Some of the foods that I made included: cupcakes, vodka gummie bears, a punch and I laid out some chips as well. Decorating the cupcakes is always a fun thing to do, especially if you make them a little bit silly as well (if you know what I mean).  My friend picked up a few decorations from Bulk Barn to decorate the cupcakes with such as silver balls, icing flowers, crowns,  stars and different coloured sprinkles.Having a variety of different decorative cupcakes draws more attention and is a great hit at parties!  As you can also see I bought a bunch of white rose pedals from my local dollar store to place around the table for decoration. This made the display look really classy and elegant!



Lastly, my roommate made a fun and silly “Party Rules” sign that we taped on our wall for guests to read when they came over. You can look on Pinterest for silly and entertaining rules for people to follow, or even make up your own! This is such a fun DIY to make and you can get all your supplies at your local dollar store such as markers and a bristol board.


I also decided to make a punch for guests to grab whenever they were thirsty. This is really simple, easy to make and tastes great!  All the materials that you are going to need you can purchase at your local grocery store. The ingredients that you will  need is : a bottle of lemonade, a bottle of cranberry juice,sugar,  a bottle of lemon-lime soda, a jug of orange juice, an orange, a lemon, and a lime if you chose to.  Simply pour all the ingredients into a punch bowl and slice up the fruit on top. Voila! Yummy punch! ( if you even want to spike it you can!)

1 cup of lemonade

1 cup of orange juice

2 cups of cranberry juice

3 cups of water

1/4 cup of sugar

1 liter of lemon-lime soda

Fruits all cut up and placed ontop



I hope that these decoration tips and ideas helped you beauts! This was one of the best parties I have thrown at my house, and I hope these come in handy for you to do! If you have any questions please feel free to message me!

Much love xo.


Autumn things to do!

Autumn things to do!


As I am sitting here typing up this blog post for you beauts there’s one thing that is constantly running through my mind. How good my fall candles smell. I mean come on, Bath and Body Works candles you guys. How good do they smell!? They smell absolutely unreal, which puts me even in a better mood while writing this blog. Autumn has to be my all-time favourite season as it just makes me incredibly happy and puts me in a wonderful mood. Fall weather just screams cozy, hot chocolates and late night movie sessions.  Especially the month of October (this chick’s birthday).  There are so many wonderful things to do in the fall, and I am going to share with you a few of my favourite activities!

Bath and Body Works Candles

   This has to be one of my favourte things to do during the fall weather. If you have not shopped at this store before literally make a trip to go now, or even tomorrow! You will not be disappointed. Since we are now in fall, Bath and Body Works has brought out all of their fall collection of candles! Of course I went the other day to smell away, and found two lovely smelling candles. The deal that was going on within the store was buy two for $34.00, which isn’t too bad considering one candle alone is $22.00. The two types of candles that I bought were called, “Pumpkin Carving”, and “Cranberry Pumpkin”. If you do not know me personally I absolutely love anything that has to do with pumpkins. These two smells are so cozy and make you in such a good mood once you light them. I would deff purchase these two and smell them for yourself at the store! if you are not into the fall collection of candles they have a whole bunch of other scents available to you which all smell amazing. Anytime I think of fall, I think of candles and being all cozy in bed.

Photographs of the leaves changing

    I am personally into anything that has to do with photography, selfies and all that jazz. When you go outside you can instantly notice the trees changing and the leaves changing colour which is absolutely beautiful! Why not go and grab your phone or camera and snap a few pictures of the leaves that are changing! There are so many different colours that can be seen when you are walking or outside your window. Grab a friend or boyfriend and go for a nice fall walk while enjoying the nice scenery that is around you.  Going for a nice fall walk can help relieve built up stress and tension that you may have occurring within you. There is really nothing better than nice fall air to breathe in when you are feeling down in the dumps. Even taking the time to take a nice 10 minute walk by yourself in the morning is enough to set your day right and make it positive.


Go Apple Picking or Pumpkin Picking

        I don’t care how old you are, you are never too old to go apple picking or even pumpkin picking! I personally havn’t gone apple picking this year but it is something the boyfriend and I plan to do. I constantly see on Instagram cute couple dates to the apple field and I am thinking “how cute is that?!”. I HAVE to go and do that one of these days. I love apple picking and have gone with family over the past few years, trying out different apples throughout the day. This is defff a fun day out if you are trying to plan something to do in the fall weather. Grab a friend, ,go with family members, or even the boyfriend and dedicate your day to picking some yummy apples! The best thing that I find about apple picking is trying out all the different apples on your journey through the field.  Sometimes if your lucky you can even get an apple dumpling from the apple place you are picking at which are so good! It’s also getting super close to Halloween so why not go out and find the “Great Big Pumpkin?”. Going to the pumpkin patch is always such a fun thing to do, and even if your lucky there may be a maze there too! Afterwards go home and Pinterest different crazy pumpkin carving designs to carve in your pumpkin! Don’t forget to gather your pumpkin seeds within your pumpkin when you are getting all the guts out to roast later! So yummy!

IMG_0992    Go to your local farmers market

      Taking a trip to go and visit your local farmers market is always a fun and fally thing to do! Usually at the farmer’s market you have a variety of different foods and goodies to choose from and try out. My absolute favourite thing to buy at the market are apple pies and pumpkin pies. A few of my friends recently came out and told me that they have never tried a pumpkin pie before! Are you for real!? If you have not tried one of these pies yet go and buy one right NOW. Yeah it may look kind of nasty and weird but it is unreal. Believe me.  If you are not keen on going to the market why not dedicate a day to making different baked goods? You can easily bake a pumpkin pie at home, just simple google the recipe or Pinterest it.

Buy a new fashion wardrobe

   Since it is fall, there is a necessity for boots and scarves. I personally love the fall weather for the purpose of bringing out my Hunter Boots and different kinds of scarves that I can wear each day. It always helps too, to go out shopping one day to buy a whole new fall wardrobe.  Who doesn’t like having new fall clothes to wear or scarves? There are a bunch of beautiful scarves that you can buy at Winners for around $15.00-$25.00 and Garage which is where I get a majority of the scarves i wear from. If you are a girl that is into floppy hats why not go and purchase one of those from Garage? They are super cute and look extremely flattering in the fall weather. Not only are they comfy but you look extremely fashionable as well.


Do a fall photoshoot

  I know I mentioned photography up above earlier but instead of focusing on the leaves changing dedicate this shoot to yourself! Why not grab a best friend or family member to take a few shots with you while the nice weather is here. If you take a hike on a nature trail that is near you, you may just surprise yourself with the amount of amazing scenery setups that are around you. Go out and explore a meadow near you, or some old rusty rail road tracks. Places like these make for amazing pictures! Even if you want to get a professional photographer to take a few snaps of you and your significant other. You can later on develop these images or even get some blown up if you prefer to!


Try a whole bunch of Pumpkin products

   If you are not a die hard fan of pumpkin stuff then maybe you should skip this step unless you are a pumpkin fanatic like myself! I love love love going out and getting anything pumpkin related when it comes time to the fall weather. There are a few pumpkin related drinks that you should deff try out if you have not done so already! I personally love the Pumpkin Icecap that Timmies makes! It has a nice pumpkin flavour to it, topped with whip cream and cookie crumbs I believe. It is on the pricier side but it is to die for ! Why not splurge on this tasty drink while the fall weather is still here! Another must have that someone recommended for me to try from Timmies is their white hot chocolate with a pumpkin shot in it. And lastly, I have to drink my drinks with at least a pumpkin spice donut to go with it. These are by far one of my favourite donuts in the world, and they are so tasty!

Buy some dark lipsticks

  This is one of the times of the year where dark lipsticks are completely acceptable to wear on a daily basis, not just a night out! You can purchase really nice dark lipsticks from MAC, which is my favourite cosmetic place to purchase lipsticks from. There are a few different shades that you can try such as Cyber , Media, Diva, and Sin. These lipsticks range from a dark red to a dark purple/plum colour. I personally do not wear a lot of dark shades but I do enjoy wearing a nice red lip on rare occasions when going out to a bar or nightclub. I just purchased a dark lip stain from Two-Faced Cosmetics in the shade “fig”. This was around $26.00 from Sephora and is a very pretty dark purple colour, which is unusual for me to wear but is very pretty.  If you are hesitant to purchase and try out a dark lipstick at least you won’t look silly because I promise you other people on the street are wearing dark colours as well. Go bold and be courageous!


Wearing Two-Faced Cosmetics Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

Have a nice cozy movie or date night

  There is nothing wrong whatsoever with having a nice cozy and relaxing movie night. You do not always have to constantly be on the go or go to the bars to enjoy yourself. Fall weather just screams being cozy in a nice warm blanket or sweater and watching a whole bunch of movies or having a movie marathon. Invite a few friends over or the boyfriend and play your favourite  movies or even scary movies since it is so close to Halloween! I personally love playing a whole bunch of the classic horror movies from way back when. Some of these include: Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and so on! If you are not really big on the whole scary movie thing you can always watch any other of your favourite movies as well, as long as you are enjoying yourself! Don’t forget to throw on that onesie of yours and make a nice warm tea or hot chocolate! My personal favourite is making a hot chocolate, then adding a peppermint teabag to my cup. This gives it a nice minty chocolate taste which is super yummy! I love ordering this from Timmies as well! There is nothing better than snuggling with your significant other while being all cozy and warm, it instantly puts you in the best mood.


 I Hope you have enjoyed some of my favourite fall activities that I have shared with you!  Go out and enjoy this wonderful fall weather while it lasts! Thank you for reading my beauts!

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much love xo.