Autumn things to do!


As I am sitting here typing up this blog post for you beauts there’s one thing that is constantly running through my mind. How good my fall candles smell. I mean come on, Bath and Body Works candles you guys. How good do they smell!? They smell absolutely unreal, which puts me even in a better mood while writing this blog. Autumn has to be my all-time favourite season as it just makes me incredibly happy and puts me in a wonderful mood. Fall weather just screams cozy, hot chocolates and late night movie sessions.  Especially the month of October (this chick’s birthday).  There are so many wonderful things to do in the fall, and I am going to share with you a few of my favourite activities!

Bath and Body Works Candles

   This has to be one of my favourte things to do during the fall weather. If you have not shopped at this store before literally make a trip to go now, or even tomorrow! You will not be disappointed. Since we are now in fall, Bath and Body Works has brought out all of their fall collection of candles! Of course I went the other day to smell away, and found two lovely smelling candles. The deal that was going on within the store was buy two for $34.00, which isn’t too bad considering one candle alone is $22.00. The two types of candles that I bought were called, “Pumpkin Carving”, and “Cranberry Pumpkin”. If you do not know me personally I absolutely love anything that has to do with pumpkins. These two smells are so cozy and make you in such a good mood once you light them. I would deff purchase these two and smell them for yourself at the store! if you are not into the fall collection of candles they have a whole bunch of other scents available to you which all smell amazing. Anytime I think of fall, I think of candles and being all cozy in bed.

Photographs of the leaves changing

    I am personally into anything that has to do with photography, selfies and all that jazz. When you go outside you can instantly notice the trees changing and the leaves changing colour which is absolutely beautiful! Why not go and grab your phone or camera and snap a few pictures of the leaves that are changing! There are so many different colours that can be seen when you are walking or outside your window. Grab a friend or boyfriend and go for a nice fall walk while enjoying the nice scenery that is around you.  Going for a nice fall walk can help relieve built up stress and tension that you may have occurring within you. There is really nothing better than nice fall air to breathe in when you are feeling down in the dumps. Even taking the time to take a nice 10 minute walk by yourself in the morning is enough to set your day right and make it positive.


Go Apple Picking or Pumpkin Picking

        I don’t care how old you are, you are never too old to go apple picking or even pumpkin picking! I personally havn’t gone apple picking this year but it is something the boyfriend and I plan to do. I constantly see on Instagram cute couple dates to the apple field and I am thinking “how cute is that?!”. I HAVE to go and do that one of these days. I love apple picking and have gone with family over the past few years, trying out different apples throughout the day. This is defff a fun day out if you are trying to plan something to do in the fall weather. Grab a friend, ,go with family members, or even the boyfriend and dedicate your day to picking some yummy apples! The best thing that I find about apple picking is trying out all the different apples on your journey through the field.  Sometimes if your lucky you can even get an apple dumpling from the apple place you are picking at which are so good! It’s also getting super close to Halloween so why not go out and find the “Great Big Pumpkin?”. Going to the pumpkin patch is always such a fun thing to do, and even if your lucky there may be a maze there too! Afterwards go home and Pinterest different crazy pumpkin carving designs to carve in your pumpkin! Don’t forget to gather your pumpkin seeds within your pumpkin when you are getting all the guts out to roast later! So yummy!

IMG_0992    Go to your local farmers market

      Taking a trip to go and visit your local farmers market is always a fun and fally thing to do! Usually at the farmer’s market you have a variety of different foods and goodies to choose from and try out. My absolute favourite thing to buy at the market are apple pies and pumpkin pies. A few of my friends recently came out and told me that they have never tried a pumpkin pie before! Are you for real!? If you have not tried one of these pies yet go and buy one right NOW. Yeah it may look kind of nasty and weird but it is unreal. Believe me.  If you are not keen on going to the market why not dedicate a day to making different baked goods? You can easily bake a pumpkin pie at home, just simple google the recipe or Pinterest it.

Buy a new fashion wardrobe

   Since it is fall, there is a necessity for boots and scarves. I personally love the fall weather for the purpose of bringing out my Hunter Boots and different kinds of scarves that I can wear each day. It always helps too, to go out shopping one day to buy a whole new fall wardrobe.  Who doesn’t like having new fall clothes to wear or scarves? There are a bunch of beautiful scarves that you can buy at Winners for around $15.00-$25.00 and Garage which is where I get a majority of the scarves i wear from. If you are a girl that is into floppy hats why not go and purchase one of those from Garage? They are super cute and look extremely flattering in the fall weather. Not only are they comfy but you look extremely fashionable as well.


Do a fall photoshoot

  I know I mentioned photography up above earlier but instead of focusing on the leaves changing dedicate this shoot to yourself! Why not grab a best friend or family member to take a few shots with you while the nice weather is here. If you take a hike on a nature trail that is near you, you may just surprise yourself with the amount of amazing scenery setups that are around you. Go out and explore a meadow near you, or some old rusty rail road tracks. Places like these make for amazing pictures! Even if you want to get a professional photographer to take a few snaps of you and your significant other. You can later on develop these images or even get some blown up if you prefer to!


Try a whole bunch of Pumpkin products

   If you are not a die hard fan of pumpkin stuff then maybe you should skip this step unless you are a pumpkin fanatic like myself! I love love love going out and getting anything pumpkin related when it comes time to the fall weather. There are a few pumpkin related drinks that you should deff try out if you have not done so already! I personally love the Pumpkin Icecap that Timmies makes! It has a nice pumpkin flavour to it, topped with whip cream and cookie crumbs I believe. It is on the pricier side but it is to die for ! Why not splurge on this tasty drink while the fall weather is still here! Another must have that someone recommended for me to try from Timmies is their white hot chocolate with a pumpkin shot in it. And lastly, I have to drink my drinks with at least a pumpkin spice donut to go with it. These are by far one of my favourite donuts in the world, and they are so tasty!

Buy some dark lipsticks

  This is one of the times of the year where dark lipsticks are completely acceptable to wear on a daily basis, not just a night out! You can purchase really nice dark lipsticks from MAC, which is my favourite cosmetic place to purchase lipsticks from. There are a few different shades that you can try such as Cyber , Media, Diva, and Sin. These lipsticks range from a dark red to a dark purple/plum colour. I personally do not wear a lot of dark shades but I do enjoy wearing a nice red lip on rare occasions when going out to a bar or nightclub. I just purchased a dark lip stain from Two-Faced Cosmetics in the shade “fig”. This was around $26.00 from Sephora and is a very pretty dark purple colour, which is unusual for me to wear but is very pretty.  If you are hesitant to purchase and try out a dark lipstick at least you won’t look silly because I promise you other people on the street are wearing dark colours as well. Go bold and be courageous!


Wearing Two-Faced Cosmetics Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

Have a nice cozy movie or date night

  There is nothing wrong whatsoever with having a nice cozy and relaxing movie night. You do not always have to constantly be on the go or go to the bars to enjoy yourself. Fall weather just screams being cozy in a nice warm blanket or sweater and watching a whole bunch of movies or having a movie marathon. Invite a few friends over or the boyfriend and play your favourite  movies or even scary movies since it is so close to Halloween! I personally love playing a whole bunch of the classic horror movies from way back when. Some of these include: Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and so on! If you are not really big on the whole scary movie thing you can always watch any other of your favourite movies as well, as long as you are enjoying yourself! Don’t forget to throw on that onesie of yours and make a nice warm tea or hot chocolate! My personal favourite is making a hot chocolate, then adding a peppermint teabag to my cup. This gives it a nice minty chocolate taste which is super yummy! I love ordering this from Timmies as well! There is nothing better than snuggling with your significant other while being all cozy and warm, it instantly puts you in the best mood.


 I Hope you have enjoyed some of my favourite fall activities that I have shared with you!  Go out and enjoy this wonderful fall weather while it lasts! Thank you for reading my beauts!

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much love xo.

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