How to get over/cope with a bad breakup

How  to get over/cope with a bad breakup


Hello my beauts, hope you are having a wonderful day! I was debating what to write about next for my blog post and decided to do a more life related post as opposed to makeup tutorials/advice. I have actually wanted to do this post for a while, so I thought well.. why not now?! Everyone goes through a bad breakup once in their life, whether it’s in their early years or now. Some people have not even gone through a really bad breakup yet, but I thought that I would provide tips and tricks on how to get your ex out of the picture for good. Going through a bad breakup can be so damaging , that you often do not want to even go out and see the world. Staying in your room, looking out the window and being a hermit is what appeals best to you at that time… am I right? I have been there where it literally feels like the end of the world, believe me. What I wish that I had known earlier was different tricks on how to overcome a damaging breakup, and get over that ex fast.  I have come up with different tips on how I personally overcame ex boyfriends.

1). Delete him off everything. Yes, you heard me. You need him gone, and off of absolutely everything you can think of. Being girls, we often like to stalk and lurk our ex to make sure he  hasn’t moved on yet. Yes, we all have done it, don’t deny it. By doing this, you are just hurting yourself! Why make yourself sick by doing this when in the long run, he is going to move on… it’s human nature. Just think, you are eventually going to move on as well when the time comes. By deleting him off all social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blocking his number in general, you don’t have to come across anything you do not want to see .You simply are one step closer to taking him out of your life for good and that’s what you want. Often unwanted pictures will come up on Instagram with girls flirting and all that, which you do not want to see. By seeing this, it completely ruins your day and makes you want to isolate yourself. Personally while going through breakups, I complete this step in the process and it has helped me so much. Not only do I not get to see what goes on in his life anymore, but you don’t have to worry about being bothered by unwanted information.

2). Write a list of pros and cons about that specific breakup. This is a very important step to do as it lets you see what exactly was healthy and unhealthy in that specific breakup. Often we are blinded and do not really see how much that individual has hurt you in your relationship and how overall.. it was never healthy. Our friends may tell us specifically a hundred times that you are involved in an unhealthy relationship but we never actually want to believe it. Writing things down for yourself and seeing first hand all the pros and cons will make you feel better about your decision overall. While completing this process, I have noticed first hand how many cons were actually in my relationships as opposed to pros. It really makes you think.

3). Talk to someone. It always is better when going through and coping with a breakup to let your feelings out. Having all your feelings bottled up through this process is an awful feeling to go through, so having someone there to talk to always helps out. Even if you talk to a friend, a family member, or just anyone willing to listen will help out a bunch. Tell them everything that is on your mind, or any feelings that you are currently feeling. They then can offer you really good advice and maybe express their views on the whole situation.

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4). Keep busy. Often when you are going through a breakup you do not want to do anything and you just want to isolate yourself from the world. Trust me… I have been there and done that. This often makes you feel even more crappy and depressed. You need to make sure you are keeping busy as much as you can! Whether it be drawing, going on walks, going to the gym, going out with friends or just watching movies. Doing things at all times helps you not become so depressed and isolated with the world. This gives you something to do and keeps your mind off of everything that has been going on which has been bringing you down.

5). Keep a journal. It always helps to write things out so that you can keep track of all your emotions that you are experiencing. I found that keeping a journal and writing down how my day went helped me cope better. Often if I am having a really good day I write that down and what I did for it to go so well. I then look back on my not so good days and think to myself “I do not want to feel like that again“.

6).Taking care of your mind and body. Often us girls tend to think “he broke up with me because I wasn’t skinny enough, or I don’t look good enough”. You can’t start thinking such negative thoughts about yourself if you want to move on and enjoy your life. Obviously it is his loss that he does not get to have you involved in his life anymore, and there is nothing that you did wrong appearance wise. Thinking positively and having a more positive outlook on yourself will help you get through this process, and you won’t feel so depressed. Do not go on any diets to improve how you look or change things about yourself. By doing this you are letting him win. Try to still hold your head high and think positive thoughts only. Reassure yourself that “you are better than that“, or “you can do better“. Saying these quotes in the mirror to yourself will help build your confidence and self-worth. Overall within the relationship you broke up because somebody was not happy and it wasn’t working.  Try saying different positive quotes each day to yourself.

7). Hang up inspirational/motivational sayings or quotes. This step ties into number 6 but I strongly believe using this technique. While going through one of my hard and rough breakups, I taped around my room different saying that were positive and upbeat. I simply looked on Pinterest different sayings and printed them out. Some of these sayings may include “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think,and loved more than you’ll ever know“, or “Start each day with a grateful heart“, and even “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day“. Sayings and quotes like these help brighten your room, and make it full of positive energy as opposed to negative. These have really helped me, and they help you wake up from your sleep in a better and more upbeat mood when you notice them around your room.

left_me_with_a_broken_heart_by_lababyrocking92-d31jd0f8). Do things in life that YOU love. Often in unhealthy relationships you forget who you are as an individual and person.You sometimes forget what you love doing, so why not do those things now? You are your own person, and there is only one of you in this world. Make a list of different things that you want to start doing or completing.  This in turn, will help you stay busy and will keep you determined to do things. Even trying new things in your life will make you feel more satisfied and accomplished. These feelings will help you over come all those negative emotions that are running through your head. Doing a bunch of things or activities that you love doing will make you feel proud of yourself.

9). Take a day to dwell. When you are going through a breakup it is okay to take a day and cry it out. Sometimes when we are trying to overcome a serious breakup we try to act tough, which in turn could just be hurting yourself even more. It’s okay to set aside an hour on a specific day to let out how you are feeling. Tell yourself “after that hour has passed, I am going to be okay”.  Often by picking a specific time during that day to dwell and let it all out, will help you become motivated to be more positive when that time is up.Nobody is perfect, and it is okay to cry.

10). Try the dating scene again. Of course do not rush into this step if you are not ready. After a rough breakup often girls feel like they are “alone” or “no one else will want to be with them”. This is never the case. There is always someone out there for each person, it’s just the matter of being patient and finding them. If one relationship does not work out, try out another one. Write a list of what did not appeal to you about your last relationship and that specific person. When you are ready to jump into the dating world again, go for somebody different.  Do not feel like you can never date again!


Thank you for reading my blog beauties! If you have any comments or questions feel free to comment down below! Comment below what tips and tricks work best for you when going through those hard times! Please feel free to like and follow my blog!

Much love xo.


My favourite High end and Drug store lipsticks!

My favourite High end and Drug store lipsticks!

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Hello my wonderful beauties! So I thought that I would write this blog on different shades of lipstick, since I recently just started to become more involved within this makeup application process. When I was in high school, I never really wore lipstick to be honest, I just wasn’t into it and thought it was pointless. I just started to get into the makeup application process just last year and continuing on into this year, experimenting with different shades. Going through the lipstick process can be tricky, especially if you are new to wearing this type of cosmetic. It can be extremely overwhelming trying to find the perfect shade for your skin tone and lips as well! Trust me, you need to be patient with this process, and do not become frustrated if you are having a difficult time trying to find the perfect shade.. it takes time. Do not be afraid when going to different cosmetic stores such as MAC or Sephora ,to ask for some help or advice when shopping. Their job is to help you, so use their expertise and knowledge! I came up with a few of my favourite lipsticks and decided to try them all on for you, to help you see the colour strictly on a pair of lips! I do not have a lot of lipsticks as my collection is still growing, but I hope some of these shades help you beauties out!

This is one of the first lipsticks that I have purchased from MAC,and it is one of my favourites. This has a more pink shade to it, but I found that it’s still wearable to wear in the day time as opposed to strictly at night time. You can purchase this at any MAC cosmetics store for $20.00. I find that this lipstick quality is amazing, and it lasts a long time as well. This lipstick is in the shade “Pink Plaid”.





The next lipstick that I would highly recommend purchasing is called ‘Velvet Teddy” by MAC as well. This has a nice brown/neutral shade to it, that is perfect for the fall/winter weather. I absolutely am in love with this shade, and I find that it goes perfectly well with any outfit that I am wearing.You can purchase this at any MAC cosmetics store for $20.00.





The next lipstick that I absolutely love for “night-outs” is called Snob by MAC cosmetics. I can not emphasize how much I love this lipstick. It has a really pretty “Barbie” pink to it, that just screams attention…but I love it. Although this is a really bright lipstick, I do find it acceptable with the right outfit to wear this during the day. However, I usually try to stick with this lip shade for when I go to the bar/club. You can purchase this lip stick for $20.00 at any MAC cosmetics store.





The next lipstick that I have been using is called “Tokyo” by NYX. This soft matte lip cream is perfect for “night-outs” or even every day wear. What I love about NYX cosmetics is that this brand is extremely inexpensive compared to high name brands at Sephora or MAC. The quality of their products is really good as well, so I would highly recommend looking into NYX cosmetics. You can usually find NYX at any Walmart, Shoppers or even Target. This product is only $6.00, so why not give it a try!





This next lipstick is also one of my favourites because of how nourishing it feels on your lips.  This lipstick is in the shade “Rouge Pur Couture” by YSL. This is a glossy stain that tints your lips and stays on them for a long period of time, which is amazing. The only downfall I would have to say about this specific product is the price… it is expensive. You can purchase this at Sephora for $36.00. Yes I know… you’re probably thinking why the hell am I going to pay that much for a lip product?! Well I will let you know that it does last a long time, and it really does feel amazing on your lips. There are many different shades to choose from, I just find that Coral tones look best on my lips. This product is good for everyday wear, and I would highly recommend trying it out for yourself!




The next product that I have on my list is by Two Faced Cosmetics and it is the Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in the shade “Fig”. I have mentioned this product in previous blogs that I have written but I really do love the shade of this product. I am not a really big fan of dark lipsticks and I find they look really harsh on my lips. When I came across this shade I had to try it, and I found that it really doesn’t look too dark on me! You can purchase this at Sephora for $25.00  and it comes in a whole bunch  of different shades! It really does stay on your lips for pretty much most of the day which is amazing.





(As you can see this shade looks absolutely flawless! You have to try it out for yourself)

   The next product that I am going to talk about is called Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in the shade “101”. I have nothing against drug store products whatsoever, some of my makeup products I only purchase from the drugstore such as my foundation and mascara. I love love LOVE the Kate lipsticks that you can purchase at any Walmart. They retail for under $10.00 and are located in the Rimmel London section. I love this lipstick because you can wear it for every day use, and it is extremely cheap to purchase. This shade is a more pinky colour because I love how pinks look on my lips, but it is not too bold.





    The next lipstick is again by Kate Moss lipsticks and is in the shade “113”. This is a beautiful nude colour that looks so subtle yet classy on your lips. Every girl needs a nude lipstick so why not go for a good quality one that is cheap? You can purchase this product at any Walmart for under $10.00 in the Riimmel London section. I would for sure try out some Kate Moss Lipsticks if you have not done so already, you will not be disappointed!





     This lip product is called Lip Smacking Fun Colours by NYX cosmetics and it is in the shade “509”. I absolutely love NYX products because there makeup quality is unreal and it always is extremely cheap. Something about this colour called to me, so I just had to try it out! I really love the bright pink shade to it, and it’s perfect for going out to a bar/club later on in the night. I would not recommend wearing this for a day time look, but if you do want to look extremely bold then go for it! You can purchase this product at Shoppers, Target, or Walmart for around $8.00!





       The next product that I am going to show you beauts is by Kate Moss  in the shade “110”. Off course every girl needs one red lipstick in their makeup collection. I purchased this lipstick last year (yes I still have it, so it does last a long time!), and I always use it for going out at night. I absolutely love the colour as their is a hint of orange to it, so it’s really unique and fun to wear! You can purchase this at Walmart in the Rimmel London section for under $10.00 and there are many shades to choose from. This is by far my all time favourite going out lipstick that is red. I find it so flawless and it stays on for the whole night too! You have to try this out for yourself!





       The next lipstick that I am going to vent about is called Rouge Dior Lipstick in the shade “Nude” If you are a girl that likes to purchase more high end makeup then I would highly recommend trying out this product. I love nude lipsticks, and found that this one looks very subtle on your lips and goes great with any outfit. I also found that it feels very creamy and nourishing on your lips . You can purchase this product at Sephora for $42.00, and there are also many other different shades to choose from!





     The next product that I have on my list are the two Nars Lipsticks. I recently got this from Sephora for free as part of my birthday gift from them. The first colour is called the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade “Cruella”. I really do love this pencil, it glides on so easily and also the colour is very pigmented. I would for sure wear this for a night out, and it makes you look extremely classy and elegant as well! The next colour is in the shade “Rikugien” and is a more neutral shade that is an every day wear. I love how nourishing these pencils feel while applying the lipstick, and they really do stay on your lips for a long period of time. The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil retails at Sephora for $32.00, as well as the Satin Lip Pencil .





       The next product that I am going to talk about looks similar to one that was already mentioned up above, but it is slightly different. This is another NYX cosmetics product and it is called NYX Extreme Lip Cream in the shade “Nude Peach Fuzz”. You can purchase this at any Walmart, Target or Shoppers for only $6.00 and there are many other different shades to choose from! I love this specific shade, and it provides extreme pigmentation with a glossy finish. It is extremely cheap to purchase so why not try it out for yourself!?





   The last lip product that I have is called Colour Burst Lip Butter by Revlon in the shade “Creamsicle”. This is the first time I have tried out this specific product and over all I found it to be wonderful on my lips. I really do love this shade as it is extremely unique but you can wear it for every day use. I found this at Walmart in the Revlon section for under $10.00. It is extremely nourishing on your lips, and makes them extremely glossy, I also find the packaging to be really cute as well! There are many different shades and colours to choose from.


IMG_1054       I always found that actually seeing lipstick on somebody’s lips always helped me to determine which lipstick I was going to purchase. Some lipsticks look better just in the package than actually on your lips! This is why I chose to put each one on and display the product for you, so you have a better grip on how each one looks.  I also provided swatches of each individual lipstick so that you can get a better view for yourself of each shade beside one another,.


    One product that I am going to mention which I use before i apply any lipstick products is the LUSH lip scrub which I found helps so much. You know when your lips get all dry and make your lipstick look absolutely awful? Purchase this product and scrub it on your lips before your lipstick. This helps take away all the dead skin cells, and makes your lipstick look flawless on your lips. I purchased the flavour “popcorn” which I do love, but you can purchase many other flavours for only $10.00 and they do last you a long time!


  Thank you for taking the time to read this lipstick blog! I hope this has helped some of you when you go to purchase your next lipstick haul. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions, or let me know which lipsticks you purchased for yourself!