Holiday Glam Makeup Look 2015

Holiday Glam Makeup Look 2015

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Hello my beauts! Hopefully you are having a wonderful day! I decided to write a blog post today on how to do a beautiful holiday glam makeup look for yous, since the holidays are fast approaching! I just came up with this look today and thought it would look great for festivities going on throughout December! So without further or do let’s get started!



You want to make sure you start off with a nice clean face before applying your makeup. I always wash my face in the morning with Clean and Clear face wash. I usually always like to mix up my face washes every now and then, but I have been loving the feeling of my current face wash, and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.


Next, I like to moisturize my face with my Clean and Clean Advantage Acne control moisturizer.  I recently just started using this not too long ago, and I have been loving how much my Acne has decreased as well as how smooth my skin feels afterwards.


Next, after you have applied your moisturizer, you are going to prime up your face. I personally love priming my face as I have mentioned in previous blog posts before. I found that there is a major improvement on how flawless your foundation looks after you have applied a primer first. I always use my Benefit the Porefessional before I take the time to apply my foundation. I am actually going to apply my foundation and powder on  last, in case I have any fall-out with my eye shadow application.


Next, I am going to use my Naked 3 Palette, and use the shade “Trick” as I apply this all over my lid (this is more of a coppery and orangy shade).  I did not mention this earlier but be sure to prime your eyelids before you start applying your eyeshadow to your lids. This helps to ensure that your eyeshadow “pops” and is extremely pigmented.


After applying this shade all over my eye lids, I am going to take my other palette, the NYX Be Fierce eyeshadow palette, and grab this pinky/purply shade. Sorry I am not too sure what it is called but I found it to look super flattering blended in with the coppery colour that we used previously. You are going to blend this shade into the crease of your lids, working it from the outer corner and meeting only halfway into the middle of your eye lid. Then you are going to take a blending brush and blend the two colours together.



(As you can see, it greats a beautiful coppery/purply colour)

Next, you are going to take your liquid liner, mine is the Rimmel London WaterProof Gel Liner, and apply this on top of your eyelids. You can choose how thick you would like your eye liner and wing to be. I personally always go with the same thickness, which is a medium thickness and a medium sized wing. I love the application of the gel liner, as it glides on easily, and you can have more control over it.


        After this is applied you can move in with your mascara. Obviously I always use the same kind the L’oreal Telescopic in Carbon Black, and apply two coats with it. I let the first coat dry for a few minutes before I apply the second coat. Applying two coats just looks better in my opinion, because I love clumpy and thick lashes.


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I then move onto my foundation and powder routine since I know I am now finished with my eye makeup. I take my Rimmel London Foundation, and apply this all over my face with my beauty blender.


After you have applied your foundation, you can now put on your powder. I always use my Studio Fix Mac Powder, which I absolutely love and apply this all over my face. I find this powder provides just the right coverage and looks flawless every time.


I then like to contour and highlight my face. I always use my Two-faced Deep matte bronzer to contour and apply my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer underneath my eyes, on the top of my forehead and on the bridge of my nose to complete my highlighting process.



You want to make sure that you blend in all the strong intense contour lines before you are all finished!



(Voila!, now you are ready for those big red lips!)

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You can use any kind of red lipstick that you please to. I am currently using NARS velvet matte lipstick in Cruella.

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Voila, you are now ready for the holidays! I simply paired my makeup look with some ripped black jeans that I purchased from H&M, a plain black long sleeve shirt from Blue Notes, a poncho/scarf from Winners and just plain black boots from Payless. I wanted to make sure that my outfit was rather plain to make my lips and makeup “pop”.

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Thanks for reading my blog beauties! I hope this look helped some of you out! Please feel free to follow my page and other social media sites such as

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Much love xo.