How to know for sure when you’ve found “the one”

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Hello my beauts, sorry it has taken me a while to upload another blog, I have been super busy with papers among papers for university! I decided to write my next blog post on the topic of relationships, since my boyfriend and I recently got professional pictures done of the two of us! By the way, if you have not done this already with your significant other I highly recommend it! It’s a new experience and you can blow up super cute pictures of the two of you for your room or house!  The topic that I am going to rant about today is knowing you’ve found the right person. Sometimes it can be extremely hard to determine if you truly have found the love of your life or not. There are so many people in the world that you can meet, so often people feel overwhelmed and stressed about this topic within relationships.

There are basically two types of relationships that you can get yourself into. The first is the short term, in which both individuals are just in it for a good time, or the summer and so forth. Second,there’s the individuals that want a committed relationship in which they plan to spend a long portion of their lives together. Yes I have had my fair share of relationships in which I was determined and convinced I was in love and found my soul mate. Obviously that wasn’t the case and the relationships had ended on very bad notes. Although they were difficult going through, they have strengthened my ability to have my definition of the “perfect relationship” in which I finally found the man of my dreams. Yes we all know what some of you are thinking…  blah blah blah stop with the mushy gushy stuff. Personally I love the feeling of being in a relationship with someone who makes me smile unconditionally and brings out the best in me, so I am going to rant and brag about it…. I mean why not? If you are completely happy with someone and want to post a million pictures then go for it! If it makes you happy and feel good then who cares what others think, it’s your life. But enough of my rant, let’s get into the discussion for today’s blog post.

I came up with a few key red flags on how to know you have found the right guy for you, “the one”. I have found that these have helped me so much in determining if you are truly happy within your relationship.


  • Compliments. First no matter what you are wearing, whether you are dressed in your pj’s, a homeless outfit or even a going out outfit, he takes the time to compliment you. Little things such as “you look gorgeous”, “I can’t believe you are mine”, or even ” I am so lucky” all boost a girl’s confidence and makes them feel good about themselves.  I love it when my boyfriend compliments me, and it’s the cutest littlest things he says that makes my day better.
  • He brings out the best in you. The saying “opposites attract” is so accurate when it comes down to relationships. Even though this does not account for  everyone, I find that it really helps to level out relationships. In my personal relationship, I am the quiet and shy type who likes to keep to my self on most occasions. My boyfriend on the other hand is more outgoing, and not afraid to socialize with random people. I find that within our relationship we both level each other out and bring out the best in one another. When we are out with friends and we are with each other, he makes sure that I do not feel uncomfortable or awkward when I am around people I do not know. When I am with him, he creates a safe place for me that is comfortable and allows me to creep out of my shell once in a while.
  • He’s affectionate with you. Every girl wants to feel loved in her relationship and loves when guys are affectionate towards them. No I am not talking about making out in public, but rather holding hands or giving you a hug randomly. I am a sucker for forehead kisses, so I especially love when my boyfriend takes the time to do this. Talk to your boyfriend and let him know what you like and feel comfortable with. Some girls like PDA (public displays of affection) more than others, and that’s okay. Boys- let her know she’s yours.
  • Laughing. You and your boyfriend can laugh at anything together. Having someone who can make you laugh all the time makes you feel better about life. It makes stressful times become easier and life become easier as well. This is one of the key traits that I find in healthy relationships and it’s my favourite. Having someone who has a great sense of humor to share with you is the best medicine and can make a shitty day turn into a great one.
  • His family loves you. I find one of the most important things within a relationship is knowing the parents like you a lot. If your mom is a little iffy about a guy you bring home, or your family members seem on edge chances are he isn’t the right guy for you. You don’t want to have awkward family encounters or gatherings at Christmas or any other events. It will put you at ease knowing that his family members like you, and your family members like him. Family is the closest thing you got , and of course their opinions matter as they know you the best.
  • You think about them a lot. Chances are if you have your significant other on your mind all the time, he’s the right one for you. Personally, I think about my boyfriend all the time as I am always happy to look forward to seeing him. If you don’t think about your other half  a lot, or are dreading to see him/her, why are you still holding on?


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  • He loves your family. There is nothing that is sexier than a guy who loves your family and takes time out of their day to socialize with them when he comes to visit. I always found this to be a deal breaker if the guy doesn’t take that time or hardly talks to them. Hello they are my family for christ sakes! They won’t bite your head off! If he takes the time to ask how they are or engages in different conversations with them, then he’s golden.
  • He supports you. Having your boyfriend there for you as your number one supporter is extremely important within relationships. We are talking about someone who is extremely close to you and wants to get to know you more, why would he not be there to support you? Everyone goes through their hard times,whether it be with school, jobs, friends, family and so worth. Support is needed through our tough times and it is extremely refreshing knowing you can count on your significant other to be there for you through those times.
  • You make time for each other. This is so important when it comes down to relationships as you want to a least see your boyfriend when you can. Even though some of us may have super busy schedules, it still is important to make time and set time aside for your other half.

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  • They accept your flaws. Everyone has their own flaws, and nobody is perfect. Having your significant other be there to accept your flaws and love you with them is super important.One of my major flaws that I see in myself is my shyness. I feel at times I can be super awkward if I do not feel comfortable in certain situations. My boyfriend sticks by my side within these situations and offers to help if he can.  Even though I may not like this certain aspects about myself, he does not let that get in the way of our relationship.
  • You motivate each other to do better. Sometimes we all need that little push in order to get through certain things in life. Having your other half being there to push you and motivate you is the best feeling, because sometimes you need that extra strength. Something that I struggle with may be continuing to finish school work after a long night. My boyfriend always sends me texts of encouragement emphasizing the importance of my schooling, and that it will all pay off in the end.
  • He puts up with your moody ass. This point makes me laugh but it is so true! Everyone has their off days where they just want to say “fuck it” and walk away from something.  It’s normal, especially when us girls are PMSing…. am I right?! A good boyfriend will talk with you through those days, and still love you no matter what.
  • He doesn’t encourage poor or bad habits/behaviours. There is nothing worse than a boyfriend not giving two shits if you are doing drugs or failing classes. Having him there to give you shit and that extra push helps motivate you to change your bad ways.  Someone who is not lazy and going far in life will most likely be there to make sure you never hit rock bottom.
  • You are comfortable in your own skin around him. You feel extremely comfortable around him, comfortable enough to take your makeup off … yes I said it, zero makeup. It’s hard for some girls to really be themselves around guys, even ones they may be dating. You shouldn’t feel judged or ashamed of yourself when you are around them. You should feel comfortable in your own skin and proud of who you are as an individual.


  • He knows your bitchy side and you know his asshole side. Nobody is perfect. You are both going to have your off days where he really thinks you are a bitch and you think he’s coming off as an asshole. The key here to to not let that get in the way of your relationship. Usually people know what sets their significant other off, so avoid doing so! If an argument breaks out try to solve it in a mature manner as opposed to yelling at each other. Express and let out all your feelings rather than keeping them all bottled up and hidden.
  • He goes above and beyond for you. If your boyfriend is the type to randomly surprise you with things such as a dinner date, night out to the movies, picking up your favourite candy, or even buying you a small gift then he’s a keeper. What kind of girl doesn’t like to get surprises? Surprise your girl every now and then to keep things spicy and flowing. Chances are you will get brownie points!
  • You have good things to say about each other. Chances are, if you constantly are ranting to your friends on how much your boyfriend pisses you off all the time, then why are you still with him? Let him go. There’s no point in wasting your breath on all the ways he annoys you. Knowing you are with the right person is knowing that you can say a bunch of great things about them non stop. Of course you may have your bad thing here and there but they are mostly nice things.



Thanks for reading my blog you beauts! It really means a lot knowing that you take time out of your day to read some of my posts! If you have any suggestions on what blog posts you would like to read then please comment and let me know! I hope some of these tips have helped some of realize if you’re in a healthy relationship and he’s “the one”. Please feel free to follow my blog or other social media sites:


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Much love xo.

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