My top 10 favourite beauty gurus!


Good evening my beauts, well morning I guess it is now! I hope you guys are having a wonderful week! I recently just started getting a lot more followers and views on my blog page so thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to do so! It really does mean a lot. I thought I would try something new with my blog posts and change it up a bit. Of course half of my “free time” has resorted to watching different youtube videos, mainly on beauty related posts. I thought I would take the time to share with you some of my all-time favourite beauty gurus on youtube!

  1. Cari Bybel – Carli is one of the first beauty gurus that I started following on youtube. Her videos are simply amazing and are so helpful when it comes down to different makeup tips and tricks. I pretty much have watched all of her videos (creep), just to educate myself more on the makeup industry and how it works. Her boyfriend is also a personal trainer who has his own youtube channel as well with different tips on how to lose weight. I would highly recommend checking her out, as you will not be disappointed!

Youtube username= Carli Bybel


2. Liz Meghan– I absolutely love Liz and her youtube videos. She is always down to earth when she takes the time to talk about her makeup tutorials or her “chat with me”videos. She is a very bubbly and upbeat girl who literally just takes life as it is and cherishes it. She is very educated when it comes to beauty, and loves her smokey eye tutorials. I am in love with how she does her different makeup tutorials as she uses different blends of colours. She recently just dyed her hair platinum blonde and it looks unreal! Be sure to check her out!

Youtube username= iheartmakeup92


3. Lauren Curtis– Can I just start to say that I love Australian accents, I mean who doesn’t?  I think that it makes the videos that much more enjoyable to be honest! Lauren is a flawless blonde who has extremely informative tutorials on how to achieve the perfect look. She has done videos for numerous occasions such as: date nights, prom night, first impressions, New Years Eve and so on. Highly recommend checking her out!

Youtube username= Lauren Curtis


4. Nicole Guerriero– Nicole is one of my absolute favourite beauty gurus out here…  ugh I can not emphasize this enough. She knows exactly what she is talking about when it comes down to makeup and the application process. She is super funny and amusing as well, so it makes watching the videos extremely enjoyable! She is super down to earth and has a great relationship with her followers.  Would kill to meet her one day!!

Youtube username= Nicole Guerriero


5. Samantha- I absolutely love following her channel! She is extremely unique and stands out from the rest of the beauty gurus out there on youtube. She is extremely talented when it comes to makeup and loves to play with all sorts of different shades and colours. She is very funky and not afraid to be herself. She loves to change up her hair a lot, and can literally pull off any colour! So beautiful!

Youtube username= Batalash beauty


6.  Danielle Mansutti– Oh my gosh, where do I even begin with Dani. She is such a cute and gorgeous girl who is super talented when it comes to makeup. I have watched pretty much all of her videos, and each one I adore. I have her on snapchat as well, and she is just the cutest thing ever. I love how real and down to earth she is, as she talks to her follows as if they were her actual family. Highly recommend checking out this beauty!

Youtube username= Danielle Mansutti


8. Shan– I absolutely love her accent and the way she presents herself in all of her videos. Shan was one of the first beauty gurus that I have followed and she is very educational when it comes down to makeup. I find a lot of her looks are very natural and more “daytime” tutorials (which is always helpful). She is super cute, and shows off a lot of good makeup products that are worth the splurge and trying out!

Youtube username=shaaanxo

2143f6f023c099fd3ae0856667b28de49. Bethany Mota– Bethany was also one of my very first beauty gurus that I started to follow. She is super adorable and has great DIY videos for all you crafty fellas out there! (I even tried some out for myself!).  I started watching her when she was just starting to become famous and now she’s known worldwide with her successful clothing line located in Aeropostale.  Her videos are always enjoyable as she takes a large amount of time to edit and make them entertaining. Her makeup tutorials are very natural as well, for those of you who do not like a lot of makeup.

Youtube username= Bethany Mota


10. Niki and Gabi– I just started following Niki and Gabi not too long ago, and have fallen in love with their videos. Of course,  it’s a bonus that they are twins, as I am a twin myself! I love their different videos on makeup tutorials, DIY’s or just random things. They are both extremely different from one another, which I find is really neat, as one is more of the girly-girl and the other not so much. They are both extremely talented and work great together!

Youtube username= Niki and Gabi


Well I hope that this blog post helped some of you beautys out there! I would highly recommend following each one of these talented beauty gurus as they have taught me so much about the makeup industry and I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for them! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Be sure to follow my page and comment down below if you follow these beauties for yourself. Also be sure to check out my other social media sites listed below:

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instagram- alyssahotrum_xo

Much love xo.




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