Get To Know Me Tag! (justanotherbeautygal)

Get To Know Me Tag! (justanotherbeautygal)


Hello my beauts! I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! I can not wait for the weekend, and it literally was just the weekend…how  sad is that!? I decided to switch up my blog post for this week, and do something a little more personal and fun for you guys! I feel like some of you don’t know me that well, and I would love to get to know you guys a bit better, especially my followers! I looked online and decided to do the “get to know me tag”! I hope you all enjoy, thanks for reading!

1. Are you named after anyone?- Yes I am named after Alyssa Milano! Why? I am not really too sure on that one, maybe my parents really liked her as an actress/singer?

2. When was the last time you cried? Oh man, this is a hard one! I think it has been a while since I had a good cry, but I am going to have to say probably when I drank a little much the last night out? Embarrassing!!

3. Do you have kids? No I do not have any kids at the moment, but I absolutely love kids with a passion hence my program for school! Would love to have two of my own one day later on down the road.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I think I would choose to be a friend of myself. I consider myself to be a really nice and caring person! I am extremely easy to get along with and usually have no issues making friends with new people!  I am usually a very down to earth person, so that helps!

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? No I hardly ever use sarcasm in my vocabulary! I am one of those girls that takes offence to people who use a lot of sarcasm towards me, I usually try to stay away from that kind of stuff.

6. Scary movie or happy endings? Scary movies all the way! I pretty much live for watching all those messed up and raunchy movies. I also love watching those twisted crime documentaries on Youtube, they are so interesting!

7. Will you ever bungee-jump?Ummmm… there is no way in hell you will ever see me bungee-jump! I even hate that drop in roller coasters, so I would absolutely pee myself if I ever did this.
8. What’s your favourite cereal? Hmmmmm.. I am going to have to say Honey Nut Cheerios with bananas in them! mmm!
9. What’s the first thing you notice about people? I usually notice their style and what they are wearing. I think that is pretty much the first thing that catches my eye!
10. What is your eye colour? Hazel!
11. Favourite smells? I think I am going to have to go with anything Pumpkin related ( absolutely love pumkin anything!), I also love Vera Wang Princess Perfume and Chocolate chip cookies!
12. Summer or winter? Summer, summer, summer. I absolutely can not stand the winter! I hate the cold so much and how pale I get! I love the warm weather, the beach and tanning!
13. Computer or television? I am going to have to say the computer! I always love going on Youtube and getting lost in Youtube world.
14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Umm I think I am going to have to say maybe Arizona? I absolutely loved it there, and would go back in a heartbeat!
15. Do you have any special talents? Oh jeeze, umm not any special ones that I can think of?!
16. Where were you born? I was born in Hamilton!
17. What are your hobbies? I love blogging every Wednesday for you beauts! I also love reading true crime books or anything twisted/scary. I also love shopping, because I am pretty much a shopaholic! …..not good. I love anything that has to do with makeup, so I enjoy doing makeup tutorials for daytime or night time looks.
18. Do you have any pets? No I do not have any pets as I am currently living at my student house!
19. Favourite movie? Well… that would be extremely hard to just pick one specific movie so I am going to have to name a view for you! I love the Parent Trap, Titanic, Keith, Ps. I love you, How to lose a guy in 10 days, The Hitcher, The Notebook, Bridesmaids, The other woman and the list literally goes on and on!
20. Do you have any siblings? Why yes I do! I have a younger sister and we are both twins. I also have two younger sisters who are twin girls as well, what are the odds!
21. What do you want to be when you grow up? I would love to be someone who makes a difference in children’s lives, specifically ones that need the extra help or support in their lives.
22. Do you have a nickname? Yes I actually have a couple nicknames! Some friends call me Louie, some relatives call me Lu-Lu Belle, and other friends call me Lyss or Lyssa.
23. What is your natural hair colour? Currently my hair is dyed blonde now, but my natural hair colour is a dirty blonde.
24.What do you think your best feature is? If I had to choose, I would say my smile. That is one thing I really do like about myself, and if you have a nice smile, why not show it off?
25. Did you ever get braces? No fortunately I was blessed with nice straight teeth so I never did have to get braces growing up!
26. Do you have any piercings? Yes I do have a couple of them! I have four holes in my right ear, and two in my left. I also have my nose pierced which I got done in highschool, and I also have my belly button pierced!
27. Do you have any tattoos? Yes I have one tattoo on my foot of a rose with the quote “Angels are watching over me“.
28. Who is your favourite artist/band? I am going to have to say Blink 182
29. What is your favourite colour? I am going to have to say any neutral colours. I know black and white are shades but my whole wardrobe is associated around those two! I also love the colour pink as well.
30. What is your favourite restaurant? If we are talking about fast food first I am going to have to say Wendy’s hands down. If we are talking about a more fancier place I am going to have to go with Kelsey’s.
31. What is your favourite store to shop at? I have a few stores where I like to shop at. I am going to have to say Forever 21, H&M and Victoria’s Secret.
32. What kinds of shoes do you usually wear? In winter you would most likely see me wearing my Hunter Boots, in summer you would most likely see me wearing my sandals/flip flops.
33. What is one thing you wish you were good at? I am probably going to have to go with singing. Why wasn’t I blessed like adele with a beautiful voice!?
34. Shoe Size? I don’t even want to talk about it.
35. How are you currently feeling? I am feeling really good these days! Just a bit stressed with school work, and really wish I was done already!
36. Are you single? No sir 🙂
37. What are you eating right this second? I am not really eating anything right now, just drinking my tea!
38. What are you wearing? I am currently wearing some grub/hobo clothes where I should not go out in public!
39. Do you believe in heaven and in hell? Yes I absolutely believe in both!
40. Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe this for sure happened for me with my current boyfriend, but I guess it depends on the person!
Thanks for reading my lovelies, I hope you have an awesome rest of your week. Be sure to take a second to follow my page for more blog posts every Wednesday! Comment down below and share your “get to know me tag!” with me .
Much love xo.

Why I chose to Start Blogging

Why I chose to Start Blogging


Hello my beauties, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I decided to write this blog post on why I chose to start blogging, and how to get started when creating a blog page. I have never really been the type of girl who enjoyed writing as a past time or a hobby, it never really interested me. Over the years, I have always been recommended by others to start a journal and keep track of what goes on throughout your day. For sure it was fun to pick out a cute journal from Chapters or Coles, and it was fun to write a couple of entries here and there, but I would later forget to write in it, or get bored super fast. So that whole journal thing blew over really fast. I remember always being asked ” what’s your hobby?” or “what do you enjoy doing?”. Let’s just say I absolutely HATED being asked these questions because I never really knew how to answer them! I literally felt like an absolute idiot because I personally felt like I did not have a hobby whatsoever. I was always puzzled when answering this question and was always so embarrassed as well! I would usually come up with things like “well… I like to tan, go shopping, go out with friends”, but I never really had my own personal hobby. This is whenI actually started researching different hobbies on the internet… yes I was THAT girl, but I could not really find anything that interested me. I kind of just pushed that whole hobby thing to the side, and went on my way with completing my school work and so forth.


I was enrolled in an elective that I had chosen called Intercultural Studies at Brock University, and constantly participated in online seminar discussions where my T.A would read over and mark my responses. I remember one of his responses towards my post which stated that I had a blogging voice, and that I should consider pursuing a career within the blogging industry. I was flattered by his remark, and really thought about what he had suggested. I never really thought of myself being the blogging type, but I slowly started to consider it and I wrote down a list of different topics that I could blog about. I began researching different tips and tricks on what to blog about and how to get started. I started to question “what interests me?”, “what do I like to read about?” and so on.



I have always been interested in the Youtube industry, and have wanted to start my own Youtube channel for the longest time. Being a University student who was on a budget, I did not have the proper financial support to go out and buy all the equipment such as high quality lights and cameras to get started on Youtube. I was kind of bummed out and pissed at first that I couldn’t start my own channel, but I had known for a fact that I loved watching other beauty gurus on Youtube. Most of my free time is directed towards watching beauty related videos. I would often watch how these individuals presented themselves, and how they presented their products within their videos. I started to analyze all sorts of things from their videos , and finally came up with a list of topics that I wanted to associated and gear my blogs around. These things included: makeup tutorials, beauty products, DIY’s and lastly life stories/advice. I could not primarily focus on one specific topic because I had knowledge and interests on all 4 of those categories. The idea of blogging started to really interest me when I looked more into it.

I knew for a fact that I loved taking pictures but not just any pictures. I wanted my pictures to stand out and all be planned out. I wanted the products that I was going to discuss within my blog to be set up nicely with props and everything. One thing you will notice about all my blogs is that I absolutely love incorporating pictures in them. I personally do not like reading a blog post that has hardly any photos within it. I tend to get bored very easily and the blog looks super extra long…. does it not!? It looks as though it would take forever to read and I am not down for that! My one piece of advice that I highly recommend to individuals who are planning on starting their own blog page, is to include a shit ton of pictures! Try to be creative with them too and personalize them! You will slowly start to gather more traffic on your site by doing this.


When I blog, I automatically go to my happy place and cherish my time doing it. I put my phone right away and block everything out as this is “my time”. My boyfriend knows right away that if I do not reply to his text messages for a couple of hours that I must be blogging! I find that I get less distracted when I put my phone away as well, and I can focus way better. There are some days where I have a hard time trying to find topics to blog about. I usually try to think back to the past few days to see if any events have been going on or if anything has sparked my interest. If you are still having a hard time coming up with a topic don’t sweat it, it will eventually come to you! I am hoping that my blogs will pick up, and I will have more followers later on in the future. I mainly write my blogs for pleasure! Having the opportunity to share my knowledge with other people is extremely rewarding, especially if I only help one or two people out. I appreciate the feedback that I receive from my blog posts as well, and couldn’t be happier that you guys are taking the time to read them! It really does mean a lot to me, so thank you very  much! I came up with a few tips and tricks for you beauts on how to get started when writing a blog page.


  1. Start on WordPress– I highly recommend starting your blog posts on this site! It is extremely easy to follow and there are many different other sites to look at to get ideas from and what not.
  2. Creating a list-Create a list of different topics that you would like your blogs to be based around. This will help you gather different ideas on what to discuss within these categories.
  3. Decide what day– Decide when you are going to upload and publish your blogs. This ensures and allows you to stay on task when  writing your blogs and planning your week/day.
  4. Reply to comments– Make sure to reply to your comments on your page. This ensures that your followers are top priority and you are focused on their thoughts/opinions.
  5. Create your signature– It took me a while to come up with my own signature but I finally came up with the saying “Much love xo.”, and I stuck with it. I find this to add a personalized touch and be super catchy as well!

These are just a few of my tips and tricks on how to get started when blogging! I hope this helped some of you beauts out! If you have any questions feel free to comment below. Be sure to follow my page as well and my other social media accounts

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How to throw an Engagement Party on a budget

How to throw an Engagement Party on a budget


Hello my beauts! My bestfriend and I recently threw a wonderful surprise engagement party for one of our best friends since we just found out not too long ago that she was getting married! How exciting! Of course this is not the bachelorette party, cause this was too classy for that kind of stuff! We both thought, “you know what? She goes above and beyond for us, so why not throw her an amazing party to congratulate her”. My best friend and I sat down and came up with a list of cute and cheap ideas/decorations. So I thought I would share with you beauts different decorations and ideas on how to through a special engagement party!


All of these decorations and ideas are super cheap for those of you that are under a budget! First things first, find out what the bride’s accent colour is. We shortly found out that she loves the colour teal and wanted the bridesmaid dresses to be teal as well. So why not have the colour teal distributedall throughout the living room? We also decided to include the colour white as well, so that the teal was not too overwhelming. This was the table display that was shown off within the living room! We simply set up a table and bought a whole bunch of cute decorations from the Dollar Store. We purchased this white table cloth from there and placed all our decorations scattered on top! I highly recommend checking out your local Dollar Store for any party decorations or ideas, you would be completely surprised what neat things you can find there!


While roaming around in the Dollar Store, we had a really difficult time finding decorations that were the colour teal! So we had to really put our creative side to the test and paint a few decorations. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, there are many different decorations that are super romantic that you can use! We found this really cute “Mr & Mrs” gift bag and decided to frame it. How cute does that look?  We also found this really cute Tumblr cup that had the word “Mrs” on it, which was perfect for the occassion as well! Again you can purchase all of these decorations from your local Dollar Store.


We found this super cute photo frame from the Dollar Store… yes the Dollar Store! And decided to put one of our favourite pictures of the bride and the groom. Making the photo appear in black and white helps add more classiness to the overall display, and compliments the words on the frame perfectly.


While looking around, we came across this cute little bouquet in the store, and decided to place it in this fancy jar! Everything again came from the Dollar Store, and looks super classy and elegant. I absolutely love the crochet effect that is placed on the jar. Even if you just grab a normal jar and decorate it yourself, this would still look super cute!


I don’t know what it is about candles, but I think they make any event look extremely classy, elegant and fancy altogether. While looking around in the Dollar Store, we came across some cute tea light candles, and thought they would look perfect within these cute gardening pots. The pots were the natural gross tan colour, but with some teal paint, you can make anything look super cute! We grabbed around 6 of these pots, and placed them all over the table. They looked fantastic with the layout!


What’s an engagement party without these cute sayings and signs? Am I right?!  You can find these funny and cute sayings at Spencers! A bunch came within the package, and there were found wthin the bridal section at the back of the store. I highly recommend picking some up! They are great for those of you who are a little Instagram obsessed like myself….



The next decoration that I have for you guys are these cute rose pedals that we purchased again from the Dollar Store. When we purchased these, they were only the colour white, so we decided to paint a few of them teal! Simply grab a paint brush and don’t worry about being percise when slapping this on the pedals. When the paint is messy, it gives it a more natural and classy effect!


You can even add paint to some of your fake flowers that you can purchase at the Dollar Store as well. We were really pleased with the end result of these! Again do not worry about being percise with the paint process, the messier the better! We simply hung the strand in front of the table.


Next, we of course needed balloons for the occassion! There are great balloons in all different shapes and sizes at Party City. There is a whole bunch of engagement decorations as well, and we also found that there were a lot of different colours to choose from when looking for plates, napkins, utensils, and so forth (even teal!). I highly recommend checking out this wonderul store when looking for different decorations for an event or a party. We purchased these cute engagement balloons, and loved the bundle they came with! There were 5 balloons that were included within this balloon set, even a cute “I do” ring!



As you can see, we also bought a bunch of streamers from the Dollar Store and Paty City as well, and placed them across one of our walls, and even dangling down from the ceiling.


We found this super cute sash from Spencers, and they also had buttons and pins to choose from as well! Highly recommend checking this store out for engagment ideas!


We again tried to keep the colour theme presentable throughout all the decorations including napkins, forks, plates and straws! All of these were purchased at Party City.


Tieing it all off with a cute card to read really made the night special for our bride to be! Writing a heart felt letter or note inside is a really cute idea! We also had baked a “special cake” for the bride as well, and it was a lovely penis cake….. I mean come on, we had to. We purchased the pan from Spencers and it turned out great! We also wrote the words “to have and to hold”, as well as added a few sprinkles for some extra details… if you know what I mean. It was super yummy and highly amusing!


These are some of the really cute signs that were inluded within the bundle from Spencers!


Overall, I think my friend had a wonderful engagement party, and everything turned out to be a success! We also made a whole bunch of jello-shots as well, and those were super yummy! The party decorations looked fantastic and we stayed on a fairly cheap budget as well! I highly recommend checking out Spencers, the Dollar Store and Party City for different engagment decorations!

Well I hope this blog has helped you party planners out! Feel free to comment below what decorations you liked, and be sure to follow my page/social media accounts as well!

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December Haul 2015

December Haul 2015


Hey there my lovelies! I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday! I decided to upload two blogs today because well.. why the hell not!? It usually depends what I have going on that specific Wednesday but I will either upload between 1-2 posts. Can I first start off by saying where did December go? I mean I was looking forward to Christmas for forever, then now it’s gone and done…crazy! Over the month of December, I purchased several new items ranging from makeup products, to skin care products, and even fragrance products.  I have a whole bunch of things to share with you guys that I really feel you will enjoy reading about! Some of the products I received as Christmas gifts, but the others I bought for myself. Let’s get started!

The first item that I want to share with you guys is this amazing Makeup Eraser that I purchased from Sephora. I purchased this for $24.00 and I actually am really pleased with the results! Okay, I know what you’re thinking… how the heck is this little cloth going to take all my makeup off with just water? Am I right? I thought the exact same thing, and was super skeptical about buying this product. After reading reviews and convincing myself to get it, I finally tried this product out for myself. Basically, it’s this super soft pink cloth that you put under water and rub on your face. The one side of the cloth (the more soft side) is specifically used for taking off all your face makeup including; foundation, powder, brows, eyes and lips. Once you have finished taking off all your makeup, you flip the cloth over (the other side) and this works as an exfoliator for your face. I was extremely impressed with this cloth, as it did take all of my makeup off! I had to go over my eyes a couple of times, but did not need to use any makeup remover or wipes. When I was finished, not going to lie, I was grossed out at the giant black cloth full of mascara and nasty crap. On the package it says to wash it in the washing machine after using it, but ain’t no one got time for that! I basically just put a bit of my hand soap in my bathroom that I use, scrub both sides together for a second, then rinse it off under water. I could not believe that all the makeup was gone within seconds off the cloth, and it looked brand new all over again! I then just hung up the cloth until it was dried, then it was ready for my next use. When purchasing this cloth, you want to make sure that you do wash it prior to your first use…why I am not too sure but I was just following the instructions! And voila, a nice clean face ready for bed!


The next item that I am going to share with you guys is this cute recycle, reusable and re-enjoyable… phew that was a lot, Starbucks cup! I recently got a couple Starbucks gift cards for Christmas and came across this cute cheap cup when ordering my coffee. This cup was under $5.00 and is super accessible for when you want to lay in bed in the morning and lounge. I love putting my teas and coffees in here! I also wanted to share my recent purchase of knee high socks. I have always wanted a pair of these because I think they look super comfy and cute with pj shorts or you can even wear them with a going out outfit. I purchased mine at H&M for around $13.00, which I thought was kind of pricey. Some socks came with two in a pack and others were just one. There was a variety of textures and colours to choose from! I bought grey and black plain knee highs, and some woolly ones as well that were super cute!


The next item that I want to share with you guys are these two combs! The first one I purchased from Sephora, and it was $10.00. I only use combs in my hair after I get out of the shower or in the morning, especially wide tooth combs. I came across this super cute pink Sephora comb and had to purchase it!


The next comb I was searching for forever, and it was the teasing comb. I never really tease my hair, and always wanted to when going out on special occasions. I wanted a comb that was a little more gentle on my hair and the lady in Trade Secrets recommended this little brown brush. I paid around $8.00 for this and can honestly say it has worked wonders for my hair. I feel that it is not too harsh and works great for teasing my hair, even without any hairspray applied. I have thin hair, and thought this product was a must to buy, I highly recommend it.


Next, I am going to share with you a few makeup brushes that I recently just picked up from Sephora. I am a beginner when it comes to eye makeup brushes, and only own like 2 so I thought “might as well purchase two more!”. I was looking around in Sephora and came across these two wonderful eye brushes. The first is called a “Pro Small Shadow Brush #15” which was $23.00. I thought this was a little bit pricey, but all makeup brushes are pricey usually. I use this brush on a daily basis to apply my eyeshadow on my lids.


The second brush that I purchased from Sephora and absolutely love is the “Pro Gel Liner Brush #26” which was $21.00. I use this on a daily basis to apply my gel liner on top of my eye lids.  I find this brush gives me the right amount of control to apply my liner, and is the perfect width as well.


This moves onto my next item that I purchased from my local drug store and it is the “Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in blackest black”. I purchased this for $10.00 at Walmart and I find this is the best gel liner I have used so far! This little product goes such a long way and you only need a little bit of it each day.


The next product that I am going to show you guys are the two eye shadows that I use on a daily basis. I love the beige look and love to go towards a more neutral appearance. I recently purchased this eye shadow from Walmart called “Colour Tattoo Metal” in the shade 70 Barely Branded. I absolutely love the colour of this product and I love the fact that it is a cream as well! After I apply my eye shadow primer, I go right ahead in applying this cream all over my lids before moving onto my next shadow.


After applying this cream eyeshadow I move onto applying this shimmery beige eyeshadow. I purchased this product from Sephora in the Urban Decay section. This is my first time purchasing Urban Decay’s singular eye shadows and let me just say how beautiful it is! I love the pigmentation that the shadow gives off, as well as this beautiful colour!  If you are not into the shimmery and glittery eye shadows then I would highly recommend staying away from this specific colour. This colour is in the shade “Midnight Cowgirl” and is just gorgeous! I purchased this item for $22.00 and would for sure grab another when I am through with this one!



The next item that I have for you guys is from LUSH. I received a few bath bombs which I absolutely loved. This was my first time ever using a bath bomb and I can gladly say that I am going to purchase more when I run out of these ones!  I had used two already which were the “Pink Bath Bomb” with the flowers in the middle, and the “Avobath bomb”. I thought the scents of these were absolutely amazing and would purchase these two again! The one that I am going to share with you guys is the luxury bath melt called “You’ve been Mangoed”.  You can purchase this in the LUSH store for $6.45 and let me just say, you will not be disappointed! This product does not fizz up like a bath bomb, but rather dissolves at a slower pace, leaving your skin smelling like fresh mangos. Aside from the bath bombs, I cut this product in half and only used bits at a time when in the bath tub. I would highly recommend trying these products out for yourself!


The next item that I have for you guys is from LUSH again, and they are called the “Herbalism” face and body cleanser and the “Eau Roma Water”. I absolutely love this face wash as I found it clears up my face so well. I do however hate the smell, as it makes my face smell like it has a salad on it…. but that’s okay because it works wonders! I purchased this at LUSH for $13.95 for the smaller container. I decided to purchase a toner as well, and came across the Eau Roma Water toner. I absolutely love the smell of this product and spray it on a cotton pad after washing my face. I purchased this product for $22.95 and would highly recommend trying it out for yourself! The scent of this toner is a gentle rose and lavender tonic, which is super relaxing and smells amazing.


The next products that I have for you guys are a couple of mascaras. I purchased this first one at Walmart for under $10.00 and it’s called “L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes”. I  love the look of this product and found that it did look really nice on my lashes. However, personally I do not like to use this product by itself but rather as a second applicator to my lashes. I love products by L’Oreal Paris, but am still in love with my Telescopic mascara by them.


The next mascara that I have to share with you guys is the “Lash Factory 3D Fiber Lashes” which was given to me as a Christmas gift. I have only used this once so far! I am pretty sure you can purchase this on Amazon for around $20.00. There is a two-step process when applying this mascara, and I found that it made my lashes look extremely long! Just be sure to follow the directions inside the packaging when applying this product and you will be good to go!



The next two products are some of my favourite! I absolutely love taking baths and find them to be extremely relaxing when you are having a stressful and hard day! When I have baths, I do not like to wash my hair every time as this strips your hair’s natural oils, so I always found it hard to keep my hair dry when I was soaking! I recently came across this cute shower cap that I purchased at the dollar store, and it keeps my hair dry when bathing. There were many different colours to choose from, but obviously I had to go with the pink sparkly one! I also got this amazing EOS as a Stocking stuffer and love the scent! I am pretty sure you can purchase this basically anywhere and it has a wonderful coconut scent to it…. mmmmmmmmmm!


The next product has to do with relaxation as well, and it is the “Sleep Aromatherapy in Lavender Vanilla” pillow mist. I purchased this at Bath and Body Works for $10.00 and absolutely love it. I have always had a difficult time getting to sleep, but found once I sprayed a few spritz on my pillow, I was good to go! This scent is super relaxing and extremely affordable. If you are having trouble getting to sleep at night, try out this pillow mist!


The next product that I have for you guys is the “Ultra Gentle daily cleanser by Neutrogena”. I recently got this as a Christmas gift, and I love applying this to my face before I go to sleep. I find this extremely gentle on my skin and I really do love this product. I am pretty sure you can purchase this at Walmart or any drug store.


The next item that I am going to share with you guys is this amazing eye lash curler that I purchased from Sephora. I bought this for $21.00 and it’s called “the Sephora Collection Show Curl Lash Curler”.  I really do like the look of this product, and thinks it looks super classy. I like to use this product before I apply my mascara and actually after I applied my mascara as well.


I recently just tried this new primer from Sephora that I have heard so much rave about. I really do love this primer called “Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer” that I purchased for $40.00.  This coconut scent primer is great for keeping your makeup on all day, and leaves your skin feeling really refreshed and smooth.  I would highly recommend trying out this product for yourself !


The last product that I have to share with you guys is this beautiful smelling perfume that I just recently purchased at Victoria’s Secret for $78.00. This perfume is called Scandalous and looks super pretty on my makeup desk! I couldn’t resist the classy appearance of it, and always wanted a perfume with a pump! This fragrance has a black peony, raspberry liqueur and praline scent to it! Highly recommend purchasing  this item for yourself!


Well that sums up my December Haul for 2015! I hope this was enjoyable to read and that you learned some new products to try out! Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or suggestions on what you would like to read about! Stay tuned for blog posts every Wednesday! Please feel free to follow my page and my other social media sites:


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Much love xo.



New room decor for 2016!

New room decor for 2016!


Hello my beauts! I hope each and every single one of yous had an amazing time off on your holidays, or made some extra cash working. I apologize that I have been MIA recently, I have been extremely busy going to family events or visiting friends over the holidays, so I have not had any time to blog! Don’t worry though, that does not mean I have not been busy thinking of different blog ideas and topics to write about! I would just like to take the time to thank you to those of you who follow my page, it really does mean a lot and I hope it progresses! For this blog post, I was inspired to write about some new room decor designs and things that I have purchased to display. It can be hard at times to decorate your room, especially if you live in a student house. Personally, I find it extremely difficult to only bring a few things from home to my student house, I just take my whole god damn room. All my friends know this, and I know this… but hey, that’s okay! The only downfall is that it is hard for me to make my room presentable with all my stuff and not look so cluttered.

I recently have become super bored with the attire and decorations that were in my room in my previous blog posts from earlier on, and thought… why not change it up? I mean sure I can rearrange my room a million times, but I personally want to buy new decorations. I have been looking on Pinterest over the past few months, gathering new ideas on different organization techniques and DIYS that I can make. I came across some really cute room decor that I made and purchased, so I thought I would share them with you! My first point that I would like to address is that I am on a tight budget, I am a student so I would rather spend as less as possible to make my room pretty. So, on that note, I found numerous decor that was super extremely cheap and easy to make! One of my all-time favourite decor stores is Home Sense. Even though I have only been in that store probably twice, I still consider it absolutely amazing. If you have not visited this store, I highly recommend it. When you go into the store, it’s literally like walking into paradise. There are so much cute furniture and decorations to look at, it’s insane. I purchased a few things from Home Sense that were all under $20.00.


Organizers/Holders–  The first item that I purchased at Home Sense was one of the most expensive out of this blog. It was priced at $17.00 but I feel that it is completely worth every penny! I don’t know what it is about me lately but I have been absolutely loving the vintage and gold look. I think it looks super classy and elegant. Once I saw this in the store I knew that it would look so beautiful on my desk! I love the gold and antique finish to it, as well as the amount of storage that it can hold up to. In my jar, I have placed all my morning necessities that I need but did not want to display at my makeup desk.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Can we all just take a second to look at how cute and beautiful that crystal is for the lid? Look how much storage this little bin can fit!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Okay enough of me rambling on about this item but you get the picture. It is so elegant and classy!

The next item that I have for you guys is an item that I made myself and it is a very easy DIY to do. I purchased all my items from Value vVllage and all you basically need are three things; a plate/platform, a candlestick holder and some glue. So I was wandering around value village thinking I was going to find nothing because let’s face it…. I hardly ever purchase anything from there! I was looking in the furniture section and came across this wonderful idea. I saw this gold metal plate that was only $2.99 and a candlestick holder that was around $4.00. I wanted to create a platform to hold some of my beauty supplies on my desk and came across this idea on Pinterest. Once you purchased your two items, you can grab a heavy duty glue at your local dollar store and voila!  Simply glue the two items together! Now you have your own personal display stand that looks elegant and expensive but was only under $10.00!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

I loved the idea of the cute bow tied around the bottom as it came along with the candlestick. Feel free to add any personal touches to your display stand! I decided to use mine to display some of my favourite perfume that I recently purchased from Victoria’s Secret. I added some plastic jewels that I purchased from my local dollar store around the perfume just to add a glamorous touch!


 Fancy Alternative Decorations– These two items that I would like to show you guys I had purchased from two different stores. I have always wanted an “A” letter , because… who doesn’t want their own first letter of their name obviously in case anyone forgets it. I finally found one that looked super classy at Home Sense, and it was only $6.00 which is completely affordable! I also found this super cute box at Walmart which was $20.00 but was worth it to go with my “A”. There were choices of different colours for the box, but I thought white looked best for my room.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

As you can see I store all my extra packages of eyelashes in the box! If you have not done so already, I highly recommend purchasing Elf Eyelashes, and you can grab them at your local dollar store, how crazy is that!? Why go to Sephora and spend $30.00 on a pair of eyelashes when you can get just as good ones at the dollar store?!

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I placed my two makeup brush holders on top of the box and beside it to add some more glam to the look. How cute is that?!

Makeup brush holder– I recently just purchased this big gold cup at Home Sense for only $6.00 and it holds a majority of my brushes. I love the colour and how it matches my gold theme, as well as how big it is.

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As you can see, everything blends nicely together as long as you keep a solid “go to”  colour throughout your entire look.


 Jewellery Holder– I saw this idea on Pinterest and have been literally searching everywhere for a “cake or cupcake stand”. These work wonders to display any jewelry that you may own and want to keep in a safe place. I found this beautiful one at Value Village believe it or not, the last place I look, and it was only $3.00! Be sure to be open minded when searching for decor for your room, you never know where you may find beautiful things.

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I simply keep this ontop of my desk, and place all my jewelry in and around the two circles!

Pillows–  I have been searching everywhere for nice decorative pillows to place on my bed. Everywhere that I look they are super expensive and not worth the $40.00 for a dinky small pillow. Again, I was browsing in Value Village and came across these two adorable pillows that looked amazing together. I absolutely love the design and colour of them both. And guess what?! I didn’t even have to pay forty, instead they were under $5.00 each. Someone else’s’ trash could be someone’s treasure!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Well guys, I hope that these new room decor ideas have helped yous out! I personally love the way how everything turned out, and did not have to spend so much money in the process! If you have any questions or suggestions on what you would like to read about then don’t hesitate to comment below! In the mean time, be sure to follow my social media accounts:

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Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay tuned for more blog posts every Wednesday!

Much love xo.