New room decor for 2016!


Hello my beauts! I hope each and every single one of yous had an amazing time off on your holidays, or made some extra cash working. I apologize that I have been MIA recently, I have been extremely busy going to family events or visiting friends over the holidays, so I have not had any time to blog! Don’t worry though, that does not mean I have not been busy thinking of different blog ideas and topics to write about! I would just like to take the time to thank you to those of you who follow my page, it really does mean a lot and I hope it progresses! For this blog post, I was inspired to write about some new room decor designs and things that I have purchased to display. It can be hard at times to decorate your room, especially if you live in a student house. Personally, I find it extremely difficult to only bring a few things from home to my student house, I just take my whole god damn room. All my friends know this, and I know this… but hey, that’s okay! The only downfall is that it is hard for me to make my room presentable with all my stuff and not look so cluttered.

I recently have become super bored with the attire and decorations that were in my room in my previous blog posts from earlier on, and thought… why not change it up? I mean sure I can rearrange my room a million times, but I personally want to buy new decorations. I have been looking on Pinterest over the past few months, gathering new ideas on different organization techniques and DIYS that I can make. I came across some really cute room decor that I made and purchased, so I thought I would share them with you! My first point that I would like to address is that I am on a tight budget, I am a student so I would rather spend as less as possible to make my room pretty. So, on that note, I found numerous decor that was super extremely cheap and easy to make! One of my all-time favourite decor stores is Home Sense. Even though I have only been in that store probably twice, I still consider it absolutely amazing. If you have not visited this store, I highly recommend it. When you go into the store, it’s literally like walking into paradise. There are so much cute furniture and decorations to look at, it’s insane. I purchased a few things from Home Sense that were all under $20.00.


Organizers/Holders–  The first item that I purchased at Home Sense was one of the most expensive out of this blog. It was priced at $17.00 but I feel that it is completely worth every penny! I don’t know what it is about me lately but I have been absolutely loving the vintage and gold look. I think it looks super classy and elegant. Once I saw this in the store I knew that it would look so beautiful on my desk! I love the gold and antique finish to it, as well as the amount of storage that it can hold up to. In my jar, I have placed all my morning necessities that I need but did not want to display at my makeup desk.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Can we all just take a second to look at how cute and beautiful that crystal is for the lid? Look how much storage this little bin can fit!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Okay enough of me rambling on about this item but you get the picture. It is so elegant and classy!

The next item that I have for you guys is an item that I made myself and it is a very easy DIY to do. I purchased all my items from Value vVllage and all you basically need are three things; a plate/platform, a candlestick holder and some glue. So I was wandering around value village thinking I was going to find nothing because let’s face it…. I hardly ever purchase anything from there! I was looking in the furniture section and came across this wonderful idea. I saw this gold metal plate that was only $2.99 and a candlestick holder that was around $4.00. I wanted to create a platform to hold some of my beauty supplies on my desk and came across this idea on Pinterest. Once you purchased your two items, you can grab a heavy duty glue at your local dollar store and voila!  Simply glue the two items together! Now you have your own personal display stand that looks elegant and expensive but was only under $10.00!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

I loved the idea of the cute bow tied around the bottom as it came along with the candlestick. Feel free to add any personal touches to your display stand! I decided to use mine to display some of my favourite perfume that I recently purchased from Victoria’s Secret. I added some plastic jewels that I purchased from my local dollar store around the perfume just to add a glamorous touch!


 Fancy Alternative Decorations– These two items that I would like to show you guys I had purchased from two different stores. I have always wanted an “A” letter , because… who doesn’t want their own first letter of their name obviously in case anyone forgets it. I finally found one that looked super classy at Home Sense, and it was only $6.00 which is completely affordable! I also found this super cute box at Walmart which was $20.00 but was worth it to go with my “A”. There were choices of different colours for the box, but I thought white looked best for my room.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

As you can see I store all my extra packages of eyelashes in the box! If you have not done so already, I highly recommend purchasing Elf Eyelashes, and you can grab them at your local dollar store, how crazy is that!? Why go to Sephora and spend $30.00 on a pair of eyelashes when you can get just as good ones at the dollar store?!

Processed with MOLDIV

I placed my two makeup brush holders on top of the box and beside it to add some more glam to the look. How cute is that?!

Makeup brush holder– I recently just purchased this big gold cup at Home Sense for only $6.00 and it holds a majority of my brushes. I love the colour and how it matches my gold theme, as well as how big it is.

Processed with MOLDIV

As you can see, everything blends nicely together as long as you keep a solid “go to”  colour throughout your entire look.


 Jewellery Holder– I saw this idea on Pinterest and have been literally searching everywhere for a “cake or cupcake stand”. These work wonders to display any jewelry that you may own and want to keep in a safe place. I found this beautiful one at Value Village believe it or not, the last place I look, and it was only $3.00! Be sure to be open minded when searching for decor for your room, you never know where you may find beautiful things.

Processed with MOLDIV

I simply keep this ontop of my desk, and place all my jewelry in and around the two circles!

Pillows–  I have been searching everywhere for nice decorative pillows to place on my bed. Everywhere that I look they are super expensive and not worth the $40.00 for a dinky small pillow. Again, I was browsing in Value Village and came across these two adorable pillows that looked amazing together. I absolutely love the design and colour of them both. And guess what?! I didn’t even have to pay forty, instead they were under $5.00 each. Someone else’s’ trash could be someone’s treasure!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Well guys, I hope that these new room decor ideas have helped yous out! I personally love the way how everything turned out, and did not have to spend so much money in the process! If you have any questions or suggestions on what you would like to read about then don’t hesitate to comment below! In the mean time, be sure to follow my social media accounts:

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Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay tuned for more blog posts every Wednesday!

Much love xo.



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