How to throw an Engagement Party on a budget


Hello my beauts! My bestfriend and I recently threw a wonderful surprise engagement party for one of our best friends since we just found out not too long ago that she was getting married! How exciting! Of course this is not the bachelorette party, cause this was too classy for that kind of stuff! We both thought, “you know what? She goes above and beyond for us, so why not throw her an amazing party to congratulate her”. My best friend and I sat down and came up with a list of cute and cheap ideas/decorations. So I thought I would share with you beauts different decorations and ideas on how to through a special engagement party!


All of these decorations and ideas are super cheap for those of you that are under a budget! First things first, find out what the bride’s accent colour is. We shortly found out that she loves the colour teal and wanted the bridesmaid dresses to be teal as well. So why not have the colour teal distributedall throughout the living room? We also decided to include the colour white as well, so that the teal was not too overwhelming. This was the table display that was shown off within the living room! We simply set up a table and bought a whole bunch of cute decorations from the Dollar Store. We purchased this white table cloth from there and placed all our decorations scattered on top! I highly recommend checking out your local Dollar Store for any party decorations or ideas, you would be completely surprised what neat things you can find there!


While roaming around in the Dollar Store, we had a really difficult time finding decorations that were the colour teal! So we had to really put our creative side to the test and paint a few decorations. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, there are many different decorations that are super romantic that you can use! We found this really cute “Mr & Mrs” gift bag and decided to frame it. How cute does that look?  We also found this really cute Tumblr cup that had the word “Mrs” on it, which was perfect for the occassion as well! Again you can purchase all of these decorations from your local Dollar Store.


We found this super cute photo frame from the Dollar Store… yes the Dollar Store! And decided to put one of our favourite pictures of the bride and the groom. Making the photo appear in black and white helps add more classiness to the overall display, and compliments the words on the frame perfectly.


While looking around, we came across this cute little bouquet in the store, and decided to place it in this fancy jar! Everything again came from the Dollar Store, and looks super classy and elegant. I absolutely love the crochet effect that is placed on the jar. Even if you just grab a normal jar and decorate it yourself, this would still look super cute!


I don’t know what it is about candles, but I think they make any event look extremely classy, elegant and fancy altogether. While looking around in the Dollar Store, we came across some cute tea light candles, and thought they would look perfect within these cute gardening pots. The pots were the natural gross tan colour, but with some teal paint, you can make anything look super cute! We grabbed around 6 of these pots, and placed them all over the table. They looked fantastic with the layout!


What’s an engagement party without these cute sayings and signs? Am I right?!  You can find these funny and cute sayings at Spencers! A bunch came within the package, and there were found wthin the bridal section at the back of the store. I highly recommend picking some up! They are great for those of you who are a little Instagram obsessed like myself….



The next decoration that I have for you guys are these cute rose pedals that we purchased again from the Dollar Store. When we purchased these, they were only the colour white, so we decided to paint a few of them teal! Simply grab a paint brush and don’t worry about being percise when slapping this on the pedals. When the paint is messy, it gives it a more natural and classy effect!


You can even add paint to some of your fake flowers that you can purchase at the Dollar Store as well. We were really pleased with the end result of these! Again do not worry about being percise with the paint process, the messier the better! We simply hung the strand in front of the table.


Next, we of course needed balloons for the occassion! There are great balloons in all different shapes and sizes at Party City. There is a whole bunch of engagement decorations as well, and we also found that there were a lot of different colours to choose from when looking for plates, napkins, utensils, and so forth (even teal!). I highly recommend checking out this wonderul store when looking for different decorations for an event or a party. We purchased these cute engagement balloons, and loved the bundle they came with! There were 5 balloons that were included within this balloon set, even a cute “I do” ring!



As you can see, we also bought a bunch of streamers from the Dollar Store and Paty City as well, and placed them across one of our walls, and even dangling down from the ceiling.


We found this super cute sash from Spencers, and they also had buttons and pins to choose from as well! Highly recommend checking this store out for engagment ideas!


We again tried to keep the colour theme presentable throughout all the decorations including napkins, forks, plates and straws! All of these were purchased at Party City.


Tieing it all off with a cute card to read really made the night special for our bride to be! Writing a heart felt letter or note inside is a really cute idea! We also had baked a “special cake” for the bride as well, and it was a lovely penis cake….. I mean come on, we had to. We purchased the pan from Spencers and it turned out great! We also wrote the words “to have and to hold”, as well as added a few sprinkles for some extra details… if you know what I mean. It was super yummy and highly amusing!


These are some of the really cute signs that were inluded within the bundle from Spencers!


Overall, I think my friend had a wonderful engagement party, and everything turned out to be a success! We also made a whole bunch of jello-shots as well, and those were super yummy! The party decorations looked fantastic and we stayed on a fairly cheap budget as well! I highly recommend checking out Spencers, the Dollar Store and Party City for different engagment decorations!

Well I hope this blog has helped you party planners out! Feel free to comment below what decorations you liked, and be sure to follow my page/social media accounts as well!

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Much Love xo.


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