The World’s Best Makeup Palette 2016


Hello my beauts, I hope you are all doing wonderful and fantastic! I literally have been MIA I know I know, I am surprised I have not lost any followers but that makes me super happy you guys are sticking around and being patient with me! So guess what? This gal finally got her hands on some spending money for once in her life, that’s right. So I decided to be spontaneous and get my hands on the new Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Eye Palette. I purchased this at Sephora for I believe around $55.00.


The packaging is really cute and I love the way the palette looks once you open it. To be honest, I had no idea that there were already designated looks planned out for you within the palette, by this I mean you receive a paper within the package that tells you what colours are for the “bases” what ones are the “highlighters” and so forth which I found extremely helpful.  I also liked how many looks that you can create with this palette as well using both the recommended eye looks and ones you can create on your own. I am going to show you guys today the different looks you can create with the palette that were recommended already and one I came up with on my own.  Hands down after using this palette only once, I absolutely fell in love. Not only is each colour extremely pigmented, but all the looks are super beautiful for both day time and evening looks.

The Everyday Neutral Makeup Look

Processed with MOLDIV

( Just to let you beauts know in advance I did not edit these photos to show you exactly how each colour looks within the palette as well as on my eye lids).

So as you can see, you are going to use the first section of the palette to create a more natural/neutral everyday look. I like to wear this look a lot when I am heading to work or just doing simple things. I find that this makeup look is completely appropriate for those types of events, and it is extremely easy to create as well. You are first going to make sure that your eye lids are primed with a primer before applying any of the eyeshadow. I love love love to always use my Kat Von D High Voltage Primer. I have mentioned this so many times within my blogs but I can not emphasize enough how beautiful this makes your eye shadow appear once applied. Then you are going to take the base colour located up above and apply this all over the top of your lids. Once you have applied the base, you are now going to grab your crease colour and apply this with a crease brush of course, all in your crease line. I absolutely love these two colours together, they are very simple yet you can still see the eyeshadow on the lids very well. After applying and blending the crease colour with the base, you are going to take your highlighter and place some of this shadow within the corner of your eyes to help “wake” you up. I know everyone is super tired in the morning when they have to get up early for work, so applying this within your corners is super helpful and gives off the effect that you got loads of sleep!

Processed with MOLDIV

This part is optional if you choose, but you can take the darker colour which is the definition shade, and apply this underneath your eyes along your bottom lash line, you can also apply this on top of your upper lash line as well. In my case, I applied this on the lower lash line to help make my bottom lashes “pop” but did not apply it to the top as I used a liquid eye liner instead. How easy was that? I of course, add some coats of mascara, and my liquid eye liner to create a “winged” look, as well as added some false lashes. There you go! All ready to go to work or go run some errands!


Processed with MOLDIV


Evening or Day Time Look

The next look that I am about to show you guys follows the same steps as discussed in the order up above with the first look. The colours that you are going to use for this specific look however are located at the very end section of the palette and are more of a reddish/warm quad. I really do love these colours as well, and think they can look really nice for an evening or even a day time look as well, depending on how dramatic you make each of the colours.

Processed with MOLDIV


Processed with MOLDIV


Night Time or Evening Look

Basically for this specific look you are going to use the exact same quad of colours you used in the last look but you are going to add a bit of the black shadow that is located in the middle to the outer crease of your eyes. This will help add a more dramatic look to your makeup, as well as create more definition within your crease. This little touch goes such a long way and looks absolutely stunning on nights out!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV



The Last Evening Look

For this last evening look, you are going to use the middle section, or the “cool quad” when creating this look. Personally I think that this look is better suited for a night out or an evening look as opposed to a day time look just basically it is a bit on the darker side as opposed to a more subtle look. I really love the colours that are located in this section and love the “taupe” look.

Processed with MOLDIV



Well my beauts, that ends the blog for this week! I hope you guys enjoyed this little mini makeup tutorial showing you different looks that I personally love to wear whether it be for nights out or going off to work! I highly highly recommend spending the money for this palette, I personally feel that it is worth every single penny, and the pigmentation is absolutely amazing! Thank you for reading and please feel free to follow my page for more blog posts to come! Be sure to take a look at my other social media accounts as well:

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Much Love xo.




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