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Hello my beauts, I hope you are all doing great and are having a terrific Friday so far! I decided to write a blog post this week dedicated to one of my storytime experiences. I absolutely love storytime youtube videos and laying back/relaxing and watching them. Whether it is embarrassing storytime experiences, funny ones, or just plain dumb ones I love them all. Let me know what you guys think about this storytime blog post, and if you guys would like me to come up with more !

Okay, so this storytime I absolutely had to share. I was looking up random youtube videos the other day and came across an “I was a crazy girlfriend” video. I thought to myself, hey…. I literally went through that psychotic phase once in my life and can truthfully say I was THAT girl. No,I am not saying that I am naturally a psychotic bitch, but what I can honestly say is that I was in numerous unhealthy relationships that made me grow into a psychotic bitch… and a big one at that. Looking back at these stories you literally stop and think to yourself, “what the hell was I thinking?”. First of all, if someone is making you turn into this ugly monster then why are you even with them? Only you know exactly who you are as an individual, and if some other person makes you turn into somebody you are not, you should know right away that that is a huge red flag. Unfortunately, being in my teens and immature at the time, I did not have smart mature Alyssa to say “Hello, wake the hell up!”. I experienced all this first hand and I can say I have been through hell and back when it came to guys and being in relationships. But hey… you learn from them.

The first storytime experience that I have to share with you guys is of course about one of my ex’s and past relationships. No, I am not going to bash this person, but at the time we both had young minds and were not that mature. I remember the relationship started off strong and amazing, but then we started butting heads. We could never see eye to eye on stuff, and he eventually grew into the party phase where I wasn’t at the time allowed to go to parties. He would always go out here and there to different parties and get hammered out of his face, whereas I would be at home wondering where he was, what he was doing, and who he was partying with. I used to absolutely hate him going to parties, and whenever he would let me know he was going to one, I would automatically freak out and explode on him. Eventually, he decided to hide the parties from me and make up excuses and lies that he was somewhere else. One night, I had a hint that he was going to go to a party so I had brought up the question to him if he was going or not. Of course, he denied it and said he was just hanging at his friend’s house. I had an idea of who he was going to the party with so what did I decide to do? I went onto his Facebook (knew his password) and pretended I was him. I messaged his friend asking if the party was still on for tonight. His friend I think knew that it was me for some reason, meanwhile, I thought I was the sneakiest bitch alive. My boyfriend at the time ended up messaging me flipping out that I was pretending to be him, which eventually caused an even bigger fight. First of all looking back on this, I do not think it is appropriate for your significant other to have all of your passwords to your private accounts that is just my opinion. Not necessarily that you are hiding things, just that is your own private space, and people such as my old psychotic self, are going to lurk the shit out of you… literally the shit out of you.

So needless to say, the relationship got even worse, and we literally went back and forth at each other for months.  Another incident that had happened was when we were at wonderland the one day. At the end of the night, he had left his phone in my mom’s car by accident when we dropped him off at home. What did I decide to do? Creep the shit out of it of course. This is another no-no. Do not lurk your boyfriend’s phone… ever. (Well I mean obviously sometimes, cause that is our job), but chances are you are going to take something the wrong way or see something you do not like. So as I am hardcore creeping, I come across a few messages between him and another girl. I keep on creeping and am overwhelmed at the amount of hate they are having that is geared toward ME. I am literally the hot topic of the conversation… my own boyfriend was bashing me. He kept going off how I was such a lurker and so forth and he was sick of it.  Yes, in all honesty, I should not have lurked that much, I obviously did not give him that trust.  After a while, that relationship ended.


In my next storytime, I can honestly say this guy drove me insane… near the end of course. In my previous storytime I brought some of the problems upon myself, but this …. this guy made me the psychotic bitch I was. So in the beginning of the relationship things were all fine and dandy and the first few months were great! A couple months in however, we were at a community centre dance, he was hammered out of his face and I noticed he was texting a girl. I snuck a peak in and realized it was his ex-girlfriend. Did that sit well with me? OH hell no. I exploded. I mean come on, if you’re still into your ex then why are you with a new person… explain that to me. I was furious. I think that was the start to our rollercoaster of a relationship. There were numerous times where I was iffy about what he was doing and who he was chatting with. When it came to his first year of university, I was still in high school… well grade 13 as some may call it. Of course, I had the jitters about what girls he would be talking to and who he would be around with at university.  So I give him the benefit of the doubt and try as much as I can to trust him.  A week goes by and I stumble across a photo he was tagged in on Facebook (literally social media kills relationships), of him and his friend  having their arms around two blonde bombshells. I LOST it. First because… who they hell were these people. Second, it literally looked like one blonde babe for each guy, including my boyfriend.  What also did not help was he was literally one of the only guys in his program he had taken at University. Just my luck.  So obviously I was a little on edge about who he was talking to or texting.

I remember one time while we were hanging out at his friend’s house the one night (his friend by the way was a good looking muscle bodybuilder jacked type ok), his friend blurted out “Did Sarah (fake name) text you at all?”, he replied, “no why?”, the friend went on to say “Oh cause she really wanted your number to see what you were doing tonight”. By the way, this conversation all happened when I was chilling right there on the couch with them. You can probably guess what was going through my mind at that current second. First, this Sarah chick better not be one of those blonde bombshells in that picture he was tagged in. Second, why does she want to hang out with you at the bar tonight? I am sorry but that all seems a little bit sketched for my liking.  That was when I developed a little bit of a red flag towards this broad. She was always brought up in conversations about us when we were arguing with one another. She always seemed to cause one of our fights which was super annoying and frustrating. I remember the one time I was creeping her..that is what we do… and came across a picture of him and her at one of the university’s sports events. He was shirtless and she was painting him in the school colours…. that did not fly too well with me either. By this point, I was super unhappy, I was losing complete trust in this guy which made me all in all become literally a psychotic bitch.

I remember the final straw was when he had gotten into a car accident one day early in the morning. He had to drive each day bright and early for morning placements quite a distance aways. He had called me after he had gotten into the accident saying he refuses to drive to placement for a while because he was all shaken up which was understandable. I basically asked him where he was going to stay then and he mentioned that he was going to ask Sarah to stay at her place for the week up where the placement was located. Oh my god I literally lost my shit. I basically said you have got to be joking right? Like you’re kidding? He knew for a fact that I could not stand this girl whatsoever and for good reasons. She obviously had a thing for him and I was not about to let her come between our relationship. I offered other suggestions like renting a place, or even staying at a motel but he refused.   So we chatted more about it, and of course, I was not about to let that happen…. at least while I was with him. Like what girlfriend in their right mind would even agree to something like that? Like “Yeah sure hunny, go have fun, be safe, and make sure you keep your dick in your pants okay?”…. like no just no.


So later on we got talking and he mentioned that I could come with him. I thought about it for a while, really not wanting to stay at this broad’s house but if it meant to help save our relationship I would do it. So what did my ass start do? I started packing for the week. I knew he had made up his mind to leave later that day so I started packing away!  I remember later on I had sent him a message asking if I needed to bring extra pillows or anything and he replied being so confused. I called him up and asked what the problem was, and he stated that I could not come live with them for a bit at her house.  I told him that he stated I could come with, but he had meant for the car ride with his mom to drop him off……… are you KIDDING me. I lost it and I mean lost it on the phone. I do not think I have ever seemed so crazy in my life, I was literally the definition of a nut job and for good reasons. I left him the option that if he goes we are absolutely done. I can not live day by day with my nerves built up like that… especially for my own god damn sanity that is for sure. So he chose to leave and I right then and there dumped his ass…BYE FELICIA. Of course being idiots that we were we continued to hate text each other the rest of the day and he decided to inform me that Sarah was wondering why I didn’t go with his mom to drop him off. Apparently, she had stated, “I would want my girlfriend to come, just so you can Show that he is your property“. First of all, what the hell does that even mean? Second, Sarah you made me that psychotic bitch. Third, at least she opened my eyes to someone who I do not want to spend the rest of my life with that is for sure! Oh my goodness still when I talk about that incident I get heated and wonder how a boyfriend can be so dumb… someone please inform me.

I have one more crazy girlfriend story for you beauts, this one actually still has to do with the previous ex I had talked about up above.. no surprise there! I remember the one day I was lurking his Facebook because well… the motherf***er left it on I actually did not know his password surprisingly! How shocking!!! So anyways , my boyfriend and I at the time actually were planning on going vacation with his family to a tropical destination in a month or so (just keep that in mind). So I am lurking his messages between him and his friend and come across my boyfriend saying how he wishes Brittany (fake name) could come to the destination with us because she is so hot. Why I did not tell this guy to take a large hike and a half a while ago is still beyond me. But that did not fly well with me whatsoever considering his own god damn girlfriend was the one coming to the place with him not Brittany. When you look back at all these incidents you literally just laugh. Like why would anybody in their right mind want to be with someone who treats you like that and is THAT disrespectful to their own girlfriend? So basically the message to take away from these storytimes is that is he makes you a crazy ass bitch, pce out from that relationship it isn’t worth it. The feel or need to lurk is ridiculous and nobody should have to go to that extreme with their significant partner. There is obviously a lack of trust in the relationship or even a lack of communication.

I hope you guys enjoyed these storytime experiences I have had with crappy relationships in the past! I often find storytimes are so entertaining to read! Be sure to follow me on my other social media accounts:

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Much Love xo.


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