Tips for waking up in a positive mood & having a good morning!

Tips for waking up in a positive mood & having a good morning!

dfdfdfdHello my beauts, I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! I have been feeling in the mood to blog lately hence the random amounts of posts coming at yous this week! I decided to write today’s post geared around the topic of ” staying positive“. Since the time change obviously the nights have gotten darker faster… which can be a downside and spiral into those depressive moods.  One thing that I have been constantly working on for a while now is learning how to wake up in a positive and good mood…. sounds easy right? Wrong. This is actually a lot harder than what it seems. First of all, who the hell is a morning person anyways? Honestly, when that alarm goes off I dread every second. I hate mornings. However, since my new job I have had to get up earlier than what I would normally do and this has trained my body to become a morning person. Do I enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn on a regular basis? No, never. On those days that I need to get up early, I have developed tips and tricks to gear myself into a waking up with a positive attitude. I hope you guys enjoy some of these awesome techniques that I swear work for me!

Positivity Mugs

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Every morning, I personally need my cuppa joe. I never used to be a coffee person, but now I literally need one every morning to function, especially having some early mornings. I used to open my cupboard, take out my boring black coffee mug and start making my coffee, let alone being half asleep. I went browsing in Indigo one day (never have been to this store in my entire life), and came across these amazing mugs in the home decor section. These mugs that I came across all had such beautiful and inspiring quotes all over them. Of course, there was no way in hell I would purchase a mug for $20.00, so I kept my eyes open for the sales! I came across 2 mugs that were both $5.00 each, so I had to buy them! They are literally so cute I can’t even deal! I also went browsing in Dollerama and came across some other positivity mugs (what I like to call them), for literally a dollar each…. I mean come on. Now I open my cupboard in the wee hours of the morning, and I am greeted by a whole bunch of positivity quotes to help brighten my day. This is such a simple idea yet it literally makes me so happy in the morning. I highly recommend changing up your boring plain coffee mugs for some happy and cheery ones!

Making your place cozy and homey!

I literally think this is so crucial when it comes to waking up in a positive and upbeat mood. I remember waking up in my new home in the past and thinking “wow… this place looks so dull in here“. Now that Christmas is around the corner, my place looks so cozy and homey. When I wake up, I am greeted by my beautiful Christmas tree! I also rearranged my bedroom to make it look more “cozy looking” as opposed to just a place where you go to sleep. I added some cute decorations and candles on my dresser as well. I also dolled up my makeup room a bit with classy home decor and stuff that I would enjoy looking at each day, especially in the morning where I spend most of my time.  Basically, you want home decor that will make you look forward to coming home and being all cozy. Having a house that feels homey and warm always puts me in a great mood.


Having a clean atmosphere

Nobody likes to clean… I mean realistically if I could leave everything a mess I would because I am lazy AF. Being on top of cleaning takes a lot of practice. While living in my parent’s home, I hated cleaning and I remember my mom always nagging at me to get on it. Now that I actually have a place to call “my own“, I developed some cleaning skills over the past few months while living here. There is nothing better than waking up to a clean home. Waking up to a tidy kitchen with clean dishes always puts me in a fantastic mood…. wow I feel old. Before you go to bed, ensure that everything is nice and tidy for the next day such as the dishes are done, the blankets are folded on the couch and the dirty clothes are picked up off the bathroom floor. This will for sure take some stress off your back when  you wake up and help give you a fresh clean morning vibe. Getting into the routine of this does take time however, so do not get discouraged if you just are not feeling it one night.

Getting a good night sleep

There is literally nothing worse than waking up in the morning and you are just plain exhausted. Feeling exhausted puts you straight away into  a terrible and blah mood so it is important to get a good night sleep the night before so that way you are well rested for the next day ahead of you. Personally, I always a hard time falling asleep because my brain never wants to shut off or I am constantly thinking about things that happened earlier that day. This is both annoying and exhausting, especially if you have an early morning ahead of you. I recently just started taking Melatonin before I go to bed to  help my body become relaxed and tired. I take the sublingual tablet in the flavour chocolate  and boy… they are so good and taste so refreshing. After about 20 minutes have passed once I had taken the pill, I can then notice a different in the way my mind starts thinking and how my body slowly starts relaxing. Some people however, have stated that they felt drowsy when it comes to morning time, however, this is not the case for everyone. I do not feel this side effect at all, and really do rely on Melatonin to help relax my body for sleep. When I wake up in the morning, I always feel refreshed and know for sure I got a good rest the night before, which automatically helps set me up for a good day ahead.


Reminding yourself  you are going to have a good day

Waking up with the attitude that you are going to have a terrible day is just setting yourself up for failure. If you think you are going to have a crappy day chances are, you are probably going to have a shit day. Waking up with the mindset that you are going to have a good and positive day will set you in the right direction. Reminding yourself that “today is a new day” and “today is going to be a good day“, will help create that positive energy needed to get through the day. Next time you wake up, try going in with this positive mindset, you will be surprised how effective it is.


Get out of bed right away, don’t hit snooze!

Okay okay okay, before you scroll down and skip this tip just read the first few lines! Your body will honestly thank you for this tip. I literally am a sucker for hitting that snooze button every time my alarm goes off in the morning, I hate getting out of my nice warm bed… who doesn’t? After reading articles on this topic I finally decided to give it a shot and get straight out of bed once my alarm goes off. Let me just say this guys, I actually was not as tired as opposed to the times before when I caught those extra 15 minutes of sleep. This tip literally forces your body to wake up and start the day. This will also help put you in a good mood since you won’t feel so exhausted when waking up.

Leave time to get yourself ready in the morning and avoid the rush!

I literally hate rushing, it is probably the worst ever and always puts me into a flustered mood. I always ensure that I wake up early enough so that I have loads or even more than enough time to get ready in the morning. Taking your time to doll yourself up and put yourself together in the morning will automatically create a positive atmosphere for yourself. That way you have enough time to grab that hot cup of tea and place it beside you to sip on as you get ready in the morning.


Deep Breathing

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, something is bound to start bothering you. Whether it be that test you have later on that day, a job interview coming up soon or maybe a stressful day of work ahead of you. Sometimes it is hard to wake up in that positive mood to start your day off right… trust me I know. Sometimes when I wake up, I do have to do some deep breathing on those stressful days. Whether I do this on my bed, or walk into a quiet area in my house and sit down, this tip always helps me out. Being a person who lives with anxiety on a daily basis, this step comes in handy more than you know.It literally takes 5 minutes out of your day that’s it. There are many different techniques and forms when it comes to deep breathing exercises. I personally love to do the “box breathing” which basically means you inhale slowly through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, and exhale slowly for four seconds. This deep breathing exercise is so effective and literally calms you right down.

Wel,l that concludes my tips and tricks to help you beauts create a positive vibe once you wake up! Let me know what works best for you guys or any other tips and tricks you use. Be sure to follow my page for more posts to come as well as my other social media accounts:

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December/Cozy Christmas Decor 2016

December/Cozy Christmas Decor 2016

Processed with MOLDIVHello my beauts, I hope you all are having a not so shabby Monday! As you all are probably as excited as I am, Christmas is coming soon! I think this is probably the first Christmas where I am really really excited and actually stoked to listen to Christmas music. I remember past Christmases always changing the radio station everytime an annoying Christmas song came on…. oh the good old days. Now when the Trans Siberian Orchestra comes on I crank that shit right up and belt it out.. I mean come on… who wouldn’t? I think I am actually really excited about this Christmas because I finally have my own place that I can decorate and “cozy” it all up as opposed to my parent’s house. That being said, I decked out my apartment building in tons of Christmas decorations even though it has not quite reached December yet! Hey that is okay!  I absolutely love this cold weather and coming home to a cute & cozy house that is all decorated and beautiful! Here are a few of my home decor for December that I decided to share with you beauts! I hope you all enjoy these cute decor!


Okay okay okay…. candles are life. Nothing else needs to be said. I literally love candles and find them so relaxing no matter what season it is. If you do not have any candles in that home of yours, I highly recommend stopping at your local Bath and Body Works and stocking up on some holiday candles. Bath and Body Works always has amazing deals at this time of year, especially on their holiday scented candles. Walking into this store is literally like heaven for me. I never ever know which candles to purchase, cause all the scents are to die for. I picked up two candles on my last visit at Bath and Body Works. The first was in the scent “Maple Cinnamon Pancakes“…… GUYS. This scent is literally heaven in a container. I am in love with this one and will be purchasing another soon! I also grabbed another candle in the scent “ Hot Coco and Cream“…mmmmmmmmm. If you are a chocolate lover then this candle is deff for you! It literally smells like your sitting in a giant chocolate bar and I love every second of it.


(How cute is the packaging on these candles though guys!!?)


nnnbnbn4 words. That is all that really needs to be said… Bath and Body Works. If you have not stopped by and glanced in this store this holiday season… boy… are you missing out. First of all, I am one to never in my life spend some of my paycheck buying hand soaps.. I would rather buy pounds of makeup than soap haha. I finally decided to change up my ways when I saw the Christmas collection out. I personally love the more foamier soaps that lather in your hands. All of these scents are to die for. I literally look forward to washing my hands every day as sad as that sounds! I think I bought 10 for $35.00 or something along those lines! I also decided to splurge and buy this cute hand soap decoration to place my soaps in. How cute is this reindeer decor? I absolutely love all the sparkles and thought this looked super cute in my bathroom to help spread the Christmas spirit.


(Literally only $10.00…. don’t mind if I do!)


Who doesn’t love those big, long comfy socks? Especially if you are lounging around all day or even if you are going out, they always look super cute with holiday outfits. I purchased my holiday socks at Boathouse. I believe it was 3 or $20.00 and you could choose from different pairs.  There are so many different stores that sell these super comfy socks, and I highly recommend purchasing some pairs for this holiday season! I always love showing mine off with my black tights or even my pj shorts on those lazy days.


Living Room Decor

First of all… let’s just start off by thanking god for a grandmother who loves to make Christmas crafts and decorations. Every year I always look forward to the numerous amounts of crafts that my grandma makes and creates, she is so talented! I always purchase something from her craft show ! This year my grandma surprised me with this beautiful center piece that she had made, and I placed it on display within my living room on my coffee table. I have it turned on right now as I am typing away and honestly it is so relaxing and beautiful! I love putting things on display on my coffee table, as everyone sees it as soon as they walk in. Holiday center pieces really are so gorgeous when it comes to decorating your house and getting into the Christmas spirit. If you are not lucky enough to know someone who makes them, you can always shop at Michaels (more on the pricier side) or any other craft store for beautiful holiday pieces. This is also a gorgeous decoration when guests are coming over for coffee or tea.


dhbdhfhdThe dollar store is also going to be your best friend when it comes to dolling up your house with holiday decorations… the best part is…. nobody has to know it came from the dollar store! I purchased beautiful sets of fake poinsettias from there, as real ones are poisonous to pets. I grabbed a few different colours such as the traditional red ones, gold and even white ones and placed them all around my house in vases. You literally can not go wrong with fake flowers… I mean… you don’t have to take care of them or water them… you are golden. I also find that fake flowers look so classy when they are all set up on display as well.


Also while browsing around at the dollar store, I came across these gorgeous sparkly decor balls and knew exactly what I could use them for. I have seen on Pinterest these decor techniques but always found these balls to be so expensive! Finally I got my hands on some at the dollar store and they look so stunning in my display! I found an old wicker basket at the thrift store a while back and decided to place these balls as well as a few pine cones within the basket. I now have this on display within my bedroom and I must say… these look so so stunning and cozy!


Another thing that I love about having my own front door is that I can hang my own wreath up! I am so corny I know, but you guys do not know how excited I am about this! I am so blessed that I got to purchase this hand made wreath from my grandma! I literally think it is so gorgeous, and it gets me so excited after a long day at work to come home and open the door to my cozy house. I fell in love with the cute Gingerman within the wreath and knew I had to get my hands on it right away. Again you can find wreaths at your nearest craft store, but they are honestly a must for home owners! They help pull the house altogether for the season.


Now… you can not forget about that beautiful Christmas tree! Being in an apartment building, we are not allowed to purchase a real Christmas tree for our current home so we had to go with the fake tree this year which is completely fine! We purchased ours from Canadian Tire for around $100 I believe. There was no way in hell we were spending hundreds on a tree.. just no way.  We also bought our ornaments at Canadian Tire as well and decided to go with the gold and silver theme. I absolutely love the package of balls that we had purchased, there was a mixture of matte coloured balls, shimmery ones, big and also little ones. I love the whole mixture of them put together, I feel as though this brought the tree together perfectly. We also placed several ornaments my grandmother had made for us on there too, which are so cute! Just to give you guys a sneak peak at some of her decorations take a look at this little guy…. how cute is he?!


( I can not deal with this load of cuteness….)

sdhsghdghsThis is our first Christmas tree that my boyfriend and I purchased together and it’s honestly a proud moment for us! When I get home from work right away I plug in my tree and get into some cozy clothes. Our tree makes our home so cozy! They are so fun to decorate too. You can even Pinterest different tree decorating ideas as there are literally a shit ton to choose from. I personally have always loved the gold theme and thought the silver would tie in beautifully with it as well. I love the variety of sparkly decorations to matte. I think this adds so much character and definition to the tree!  We were lucky enough that our lights actually came attached to our tree, and we didn’t have to unwind any! This was honestly a boat load of stress off our backs and was so easy to work with which was fantastic! Also the assembling of the tree was super easy to work with as well. The tree came in 3 different parts, that is it! No 100 pieces which was awesome. I also decided to place one of my other Christmas trees in my makeup room. This one I also received from my grandma a couple years ago. I absolutely love this wooden tree, I think it looks so cozy and classy. I would highly recommend decorating rooms you most likely spend most of your time in. When doing my makeup in the morning for work, I get amped just looking at my tree and right away get into the Christmas spirit.


One last home Christmas decor that I have for you guys actually was not supposed to be a Christmas decoration but when looking at it, it literally reminds me of Christmas. I got this made for me, but you can find this same craft on Pinterest (god bless)! It is extremely easy to make if you have the patience! This is also a super cute holiday gift idea for those of you who are still looking to buy that special someone something! The date on mine represents my boyfriend and my anniversary but you can write any date of importance to you. I also love the finishing touches of the birds as well as the word “love“. I think this decor is super cute and is also appropriate for showing off on your holiday Christmas display!



As you can see, there are so many different ideas and decorations that you can use to help spread the Christmas spirit throughout your home. There is nothing better than sitting down after a long day at work, jumping in your jammies, making yourself a nice hot cup of tea and lighting your candles as you are sitting beside your Christmas tree. Embrace the holidays and Christmas spirit!  Be kind to one another and really be thankful for your family and friends this holiday season. Christmas is a time for giving and truly appreciating one another. I hope you beauts enjoyed this December decor/ cozy Chrismas decor blog for today. Be sure to leave comments below on what decorations are your favourite this holiday season! Also be sure to follow my other social media pages for more blogs in the near future!

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Instagram “Baddie” Makeup Tutorial

Instagram “Baddie” Makeup Tutorial


Hey there my loves, hope you all are having a good week so far! How are you guys liking the time change ? I am loving the waking up an hour later thing, but not really digging the whole darkness at like 5 thing… that really blows! At least in reality I can get up at 7 now instead of 6….. yay for adulting probs! Anywho, so I decided to write this blog post today on an “Instagram baddie makeup look“. Some of you, including myself at the beginning, are probably thinking, “what the hell is that?”. I literally thought the exact same thing when I first heard of the term. I actually had to google what the heck this even meant because it became so popular recently over Youtube and throughout blog posts. An “Instagram Baddie” literally means an individual who has their eyebrows on fleek, the dark lips, the rebellious and on point clothing, as well as the matte eyeshadow.  So! I decided to try out this neat look for myself, and went to Shoppers to grab some black intense lipstick. This look is deff intense and not my usual “go to” that is for sure, but I mean why not move out of your comfort zone once in a while?  Alright, shall we get into this badass post or what?


djfdjkSo, to start off this “baddie” look, I decided to just wip my hair up out of my face… get that shit out of the way first, then went on to applying all of my face makeup. For my eyeshadow, I decided to use my lovely “Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette”. I stayed away from any shimmery eyeshadows because this whole “baddie” thing is not about that life haha. I literally love every single one of these beautiful shades and thought this would be super appropriate for this intense look that I was going for. I focused more on the last few shade located towards the right end of the palette such as the maroon and orange colours. I decided to not gear towards the black eyeshadows for this look, as I wanted to stay away from the “dark” and “gothic”  look, focusing more on the “dramatic” and “intense” look instead.


I purchased this gorgeous palette at Sephora for $55.00 but honestly guys, it is literally worth it. The pigmentation is unreal, however, that being said, you need to make sure that you are properly taking the time to blend the eyeshadows all together nicely. You do not want to be left with any harsh or dark lines whatsoever.You want to ensure that your lids are all primed up before applying any of these shades.

First , you are going to take this gorgeous and subtle cream colour, and apply this on the entire lid. This is a very gentle colour and suits well for a base shade.



Next, you are going to apply this orange shade into the crease of your eyelid. I literally am inlove with this colour. It is so intense but once blended looks beautiful on your lid. I make sure to use my blending brush to blend this shade well into the crease, acting as a transition shade.




Afterward, you are going to take this intense maroon shade and apply this in the crease as well, making sure you only keep it within the crease and not exceed this. The orange and maroon look absolutely beautiful blended together and create just the right amount of intensity for this “baddie” look. I also applied this maroon shade to the outer corner triangle of my lids as well, creating a bit of a smoky look.


After applying these beautiful shades altogether in your crease, you are going to take the exact same maroon colour and line the bottom of your lashes. This helps to add more depth and definition to your eyes without them looking too intense. I then went in with my “L’oreal Voluminous Liner Noir Liquid Eyeliner”, and applied this to the top of my lids, ensuring that I focus a lot on my “winged look”.  I  really wanted to create an intense winged look for this specific makeup look and I absolutely love how easily it is to apply this liner. I purchased mine at Shoppers for I believe around $10.00.


I then also went in with my lovely “L’oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black” and applied this to my top and bottom lashes. Once my lashes were dry I applied a second coat to the tops of my lashes, helping to create more volume and length.


Now, this is the fun part. I literally had so much fun applying this lipstick it was insane. If any of you beauts know me well enough, you know I love sticking to my nude lipsticks or pinky shades….. never black…ever. I went hunting at Shoppers for a black lipstick and surprisingly it was more difficult than I thought it would be! After searching for a solid 10 minutes I finally came across an intense shade that I absolutely fell inlove with. This shade is called “Stone Fox“and is by NYX Cosmetics within then Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Collection. I paid around $11.00 for this guy, but it is literally gorgeous. It is super easy to apply considering it is an extremely dark lip shade, and feels amazing on your lips! I also bought a lip liner as well… well actually…. I realized it was an eyeliner once I bought it but I mean come on… it’s waterproof you can’t go wrong. I bought the “NYX Retractable Eye Liner” in the shade “Gray” and lined my lips before applying my lipstick. Guys……..GUYS. Like I literally look like a bad a** b*tch. I could not even get over the finished look of this! I do not know if I will ever have the balls to actually wear this in public, but it turned out SO well. I then threw on some ripped jeans, cut a slit just under my bum for that rebellious look, and put on a black bodysuit. I also found a choker as well and threw this on cause…. well why not!?





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Voila, you are not ready to hit the streets as an Instagram “baddie” . I really hope you guys enjoyed this look as much as I did creating it. What would also top off this look would be applying some false lashes just to create more of a dramatic effect. Be sure to follow all my social media sites located beside for updates on blog posts in the near future! Thanks for reading & Happy Monday!

much love xo.


Eyeshadow Tutorial Perfect for Hazel Eyes

Eyeshadow Tutorial Perfect for Hazel Eyes

Processed with MOLDIVHappy Sunday my beauts ! I hope you guys are having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday as I know for sure I am. I absolutely love Sundays because they are literally dedicated to doing nothing whatsoever…. well in my case blogging but you know what I mean! I am feeling motivated again today which is honestly such a nice feeling to encounter so I am for sure taking advantage of it 100%! I decided to dedicate this blog post today towards a makeup tutorial strictly on a beautiful look for individuals with hazel eyes like myself !  In reality guys, anyone including individuals who do not have hazel eyes can wear this specific look, but I found that this eyeshadow look really made my eyes pop and stand out. I literally always pinterest or look up different looks that other bloggers have uploaded dedicated to those who have hazel eyes. You can find numerous different looks for both day-time and night-time which is honestly super helpful. I decided to only use my new Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay for this specific look that I am going to show you beauts today. I have always known for a fact that hazel eyes are complimented well by greens more specifically olive greens and gold shades. When trying to come up with a nice eyeshadow tutorial that would compliment my eyes, I was happy to have noticed a lot of gold tones within the Naked 2 palette as well as a beautiful green shade located in there. Honestly guys, it all comes down to experimenting with the different shades in your palette to create a look you are happy and content with. I literally just sat down at my makeup table and just started trying out different shades and seeing which ones look good with each other. I only basically used some light brown shades, green shades and gold tones for this eyeshadow look. So I came up with a gorgeous look that is honestly appropriate for both day-time and night-time. If you are more of a natural/neutral type of person, you may find this look more suitable for those evening events, as there is a tad bit smokinessyness to it. So shall we get started?

bbbbbRight away guys, you want to get your hands on this bad boy. Like I mentioned in my previous blog, I purchased this palette with the two other Naked palettes within the 3ome Naked Vault package. I absolutely love this palette. If I had to pick which palette I loved the most I would hands down say the Naked 2 Palette as of right now. I love all of the brown shades, and I often find that I am always resulting towards using these shades on a daily basis.  Literally just go to your local Sephora and pick one up, you will not be disappointed whatsover that is for sure!

dddSo first you are going to ensure that your eye lids are all primed up before applying any of the eyeshadows. As you may all know I have been using the same primer for almost a year now, and it is the Kat Von D High Voltage eye primer. This primer is unreal, hands down. when your lids have all been primed, you are going to first go in with the shade “booty call“, and apply this all over your entire lid. This colour is super subtle and will act as your base for this makeup look. Don’t worry whatsoever if you notice that this colour really is not standing out that much, for this look you are going to focus more on your crease and outer corners as your main focal point.

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vvvNext, you are going to go in with the shade “tease“, and apply this right within the crease of your lids. This shade is absolutely beautiful and I literally use it in a lot of my makeup looks. This shade is going to act as the transition colour. You are then going to grab one of your fluffy blending brushes and blend away! You want to ensure that the shade is properly blended within your crease and that there are no harsh lines whatsoever.

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cvvcvcvcOnce this is properly blended you are going to go in with the shade, “pistol“, which is that lovely olive green shade and apply this within the crease and in the outer triangle of your lid. Feel free to add as much shadow as you wish depending on how dramatic you want this look to be. Please be aware though that these eyeshadows tend to cause a lot of fallout unfortunately, but it is nothing a little under eye concealer can’t fix when you are finished to clean up the look! You are slowly going to start to notice how your eyes are starting to “pop” with all of these different shades put together. This colour is obviously darker than the other shades we have been using, so be sure to take the time to blend “tease” and “pistol” together.

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fgfgfgfgYou are then going to take the shade “half-baked“, and lightly push this shade into the middle of your lid. This is a very shimmery colour, so by pushing the shadow into your lids instead of how you usually apply eyeshadow, you are ensuring that you get all of the product on your lid.  Guys, this shade is honestly so beautiful and looks absolutely gorgeous with the brown and green shades we have already incorporated into this look. You can then go in with the shade “foxy” and apply this colour into the inner corners of your lids just to make your eyes appear brighter.


I always love to go in with the lightest eyeshadow shade and apply this into the inner lid. I literally find this step super important when trying to create a flawless eyeshadow look. You can also use this shade to highlight your brow bones as well, as it acts as a great highlighter. I then went in with a soft brown liquid eyeliner to line the tops of my lids. I usually always go in with my black liquid eyeliner, but to achieve more of the “golden-brown” look, I thought this was more appropriate and would compliment my hazel eyes better. I love using my Tarte Clay Paint Liner as  well as the applicator brush that comes with it when I am creating a soft and gentle look. After creating a soft wing as well, I went in with my  L’oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black and applied this to my lashes. I always ensure that my lashes are dried before applying a second coat to the top of my lashes. I always find this step helps to add more depth and volume to my lashes. I forgot to mention that I then went in with the shade “pistol” again, and applied this underneath the bottom lashes. This really helps pull the look together.















“to be beautiful means to be yourself”


Processed with MOLDIVVoila! You have created a beautiful makeup look for those hazel eyes! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, please ensure you are following my page for more blog posts to come in the near future! Also check out my other social media accounts for more updates!  Comment below if you enjoyed this specific look or if you have any suggestions on what you would like to read next! Thanks again


much love xo.


Beauty Must-Haves for October & November

Beauty Must-Haves for October & November

ssssHey my beauts, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far! I have been counting down the days til it was the weekend, what a week…. I have been struggling to try to find the motivation to pick up my blogging again as I do have a few ideas in mind for blog posts in the near future. I finally picked up the motivation today to write a blog post for you guys…. have patience with me as I am trying dearly to get out of this strange funk I have been going through.  I decided to write this blog post today on different products I have been loving recently and strongly recommend for you beauts to try out! I decided to label this blog post for the month of October & November, even though October has come to an end, I have tried out these products through those months. I am well aware that some of you may be thinking, ” wow lyss, some of these products are super old and I don’t know why you are not sharing newer products with us?“. Yes I know some of these products are older ones, but some of my subscribers and viewers may have never even tried these products before, both old and new. I know for a fact that I absolutely love reading reviews and what YouTubers or bloggers recommend when it comes to any kind of product especially beauty related.   Feel free to pass by some of the older products if you wish to do so, but I do highly recommend all of these. I am so happy I finally tried out some of these products, especially the older ones, as I completely fell in love with every single one. Okay, okay…. let’s get into this post shall we?


So the first product that I am going to share with you guys is this lovely line of “Lip Lingerie” within the Nyx Cosmetics. Guys….. GUYS. Can we just take two seconds to take into account how beautiful these are. I actually had one of my friends recommend trying this beauty product out for myself, and was raging about the amazing shades! I finally stopped by at Shoppers to grab two of these shades to try out for myself. These liquid lipsticks are a bit on the pricey side for a drugstore product. They are around $10.00 each, but they are well worth it considering lipsticks at Sephora are like $40.00 each. If you are willing to splurge on this drugstore product you will not be disappointed one bit, trust me. I purchased two shades. The first was in the shade , “Embellishment”, and it is simply a more purply shade which looks absolutely beautiful lined with the retractable  lip liner by Nyx Cosmetic in the shade “Jewel“.  Honestly guys, this shade looks so sophisticated and beautiful on let alone just chilling in the bottle. This shade reminds me something Kylie Jenner would wear for sure no doubt.



(Guys, I can’t even deal with this shade! Literally, go out and buy it right this second). Also, I just wanted to mention that this liquid lipstick leaves your lips feeling like satin and is a long-wear lip stain. I literally only have to apply this lip stick again to touch it up if I am drinking alcohol or something. The other shade that I decided to purchase was in the shade “Satin Ribbon“. I decided to line this lip stick with the retractable lip liner by Nyx Cosmetics in the shade “Vanilla Sky”, which compliments the shade quite nicely. I really like this shade as well for a more natural and neutral/nude look. I really think both shades however, are appropriate for night-time and day-time looks or events. The only downfall that I am going to mention about these shades and the entire collection in general is the fact that all the shades are extremely similar in colour. I am probably going to purchase more of the shades and include a try on/demonstrate blog to show you beauts all the shades!


pallThe next product that I am going to rave to you beauts about is this amazing deal I found while looking online on the Sephora website. I am honestly not too sure if they still have this deal going on right now or what but I highly recommend looking into it if you have not seen this before. Apparently, this deal was going on last year as well, but I really wasn’t into the whole online shopping thing whatsoever. Now I found myself constantly looking at products online and what to purchase next with my spending money! This product is absolutely beautiful and the packaging is unreal. It is called the “Urban Decay, the perfect 3some vault”. This package includes all three urban decay makeup eyeshadow palettes. When I saw this online for a limited time online and that you could purchase all three palettes together for only like $150.00, I could not believe it. Each palette individually is around $66.00, so technically if you bought all three of these palettes individually, you would be paying around $200.00 + tax.  I have only really tried the Naked 2 palette before, and sadly left this at a friend’s house who lives far away! I knew I needed to get my hands on one again because I absolutely love the brown tones and shades. I also wanted to try the original Naked Palette as well as the beautiful Naked 3. I have always been skeptical about purchasing the Naked 3 Palette because of the pinkier shades, as I am always used to applying brown shades to my lids. I am so happy I found the courage to try this flawless palette as the shades are absolutely gorgeous and they honestly look so gentle on your eyelids. You can obviously play around with all the colours located within these 3 palettes for more dramatic or subtle looks. I know these palettes are more on the older side, but you literally can not go wrong with any Urban Decay shadows. They are always so pigmented and you can create endless looks for both day-time and night-time. I think you can only purchase this package online, so go look for it now!


(Naked 3 Palette)


(Naked 2 Palette)


(Naked Palette)

The next product that I am going to be discussing with you beauts is this unreal foundation that I have finally gotten my hands on. If any of you know me well, you know that I do not really ever purchase high-end foundation from Sephora, I literally love sticking to my drug store ones. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely love my drug store ones that I have tried in the past and still purchase my foundation from Shoppers. However, I have always been interested in finding a really good foundation for my nights out or my “bar nights”. I have heard so many reviews on this high-end foundation and finally decided to splurge on it. This foundation is called the “Allnighter Liquid Foundation” by Urban Decay. I think I pretty much only watched one review video on this foundation and was sold. I could not believe how full coverage it was and how long it lasted throughout the night, which was exactly what I was looking for. I went to Sephora and asked one of the ladies to match my skin with the correct shade (strongly recommend this step, especially if you are going to pay that much money, you want to be wearing the proper shade for sure). I bought the foundation for $50.00 in the shade 2.0. Obviously, this is extremely pricey so I deff only use this on special occasions and not for everyday wear.

nnnI can proudly say that this foundation provides me with the proper coverage that I need since my skin is often a red pigmentation. I am going to show you guys a picture, unedited, of the difference between my skin with no foundation (right side) and with the allnighter foundation (left side). As you can see I have a lot of red pigmentation on my cheeks…. why I will never know, that is just how they have always been! I am also wearing this foundation with all the photos that I will be posting within this blog post, just so you guys can literally see how bomb this really is.





“You are beautiful in your own way”



The next product that I have to share with you guys my sister recently gave to me and I really do love it! It is from Lush and it is called “Feeling Younger” which retails for around $20.00. This is a skin tint that gives you that gorgeous glow when applied to your face before applying your makeup. When I use this, I still go in with my moisturizer and then apply this to my face. I honestly have noticed a difference when applying this before my makeup as it gives off a beautiful glow and highlights my cheek bones. I honestly recommend trying out this product for yourselves and let me know what you guys think!


okThe next beauty product I have for you beauts is an oldie but a goodie. I honestly have only really tried one setting spray and that one I purchased at my local drugstore. I have always been skeptical about purchasing a high-end setting spray because I really do not know if they actually “work” or I am just thinking they do haha! I finally decided well what the heck, ill try out the small version of this beautiful setting spray by Urban Decay labeled, the “Allnighter” setting spray (might as well go big or go home). There are different types of setting sprays but realistically I will probably want one for an evening out and so forth. I have to say I really was surprised at how well this worked. This spray literally kept my makeup on all night long for my 23rd birthday. I usually just apply a few squirts to my face then voila… you are golden! I even tested this out on my liquid lipsticks by NYX and noticed right away the texture my lips felt after applying this spray… it was amazing. I purchased this at Sephora for $18.00 as it was the little version of it, just to see if I really did like it. Honestly guys, if you have not been to Sephora before and you finally go in to purchase something… waiting in line they literally have shelves of travel size products that will get you…. it is so unfair but it literally gets me every time.

The next product I have for you guys I received from one of my “100 rewards” from Sephora. It is this cute travel & sample size of Benefit’s “Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel“. I have to say the packaging for this product was super cute and got me right away! I honestly have always loved the packaging for Benefit Cosmetics, they are always so adorable and literally grab your attention like that!  I am pretty sure the lady gave me the “medium-golden blonde” shade or “3”. I am pretty sure this is the right shade for me, I mean… she looked like she knew what she was doing ! If you are unsure, be sure to just ask! The applicator is super easy to use and I have always been a fan of having great brows!


dThe next beauty product is again an oldie but a goodie. I know I know guys, I should have been ontop of this product when it first came out, but it really did not appeal to me at that specific time. I have always been a fan of contouring and highlighting your face, I think these steps are so important when trying to create that “flawless” complexion. I honestly have just always stuck to one bronzer for contouring and a cream highlighter for highlighting my face. I finally was walking through Sephora the other day…. no surprise.. and decided hey… why not finally try this product out? I think I was kind of scared and nervous to try out this product, just because there are so many shades within the palette that you can use on your face. I actually pinterested what shades go where on your face cause I literally had no friggen clue! I can honestly say that I am in love with the “Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit“, in the shade Light to Medium. I purchased this for $52.00 but it is so worth every single penny. The finished look that is achieved from this kit is absolutely flawless, and it is crazy to think it is literally from 6 different shades. It is also extremely easy and simple to work with as well, so do not be scared like I was!

Well my beauts, that pretty much sums up my beauty must-haves for the months of October and November. If I do purchase more products soon I will be sure to post another beauty blog about these products and my reviews on them. I really hope you guys benefitted from this post and enjoyed reading it. Be sure to follow my channel/page for more posts to come in the near future! Also check out my other social media accounts as well


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Thank you beauts, enjoy the rest of your weekend & Much love xo.

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