December/Cozy Christmas Decor 2016

Processed with MOLDIVHello my beauts, I hope you all are having a not so shabby Monday! As you all are probably as excited as I am, Christmas is coming soon! I think this is probably the first Christmas where I am really really excited and actually stoked to listen to Christmas music. I remember past Christmases always changing the radio station everytime an annoying Christmas song came on…. oh the good old days. Now when the Trans Siberian Orchestra comes on I crank that shit right up and belt it out.. I mean come on… who wouldn’t? I think I am actually really excited about this Christmas because I finally have my own place that I can decorate and “cozy” it all up as opposed to my parent’s house. That being said, I decked out my apartment building in tons of Christmas decorations even though it has not quite reached December yet! Hey that is okay!  I absolutely love this cold weather and coming home to a cute & cozy house that is all decorated and beautiful! Here are a few of my home decor for December that I decided to share with you beauts! I hope you all enjoy these cute decor!


Okay okay okay…. candles are life. Nothing else needs to be said. I literally love candles and find them so relaxing no matter what season it is. If you do not have any candles in that home of yours, I highly recommend stopping at your local Bath and Body Works and stocking up on some holiday candles. Bath and Body Works always has amazing deals at this time of year, especially on their holiday scented candles. Walking into this store is literally like heaven for me. I never ever know which candles to purchase, cause all the scents are to die for. I picked up two candles on my last visit at Bath and Body Works. The first was in the scent “Maple Cinnamon Pancakes“…… GUYS. This scent is literally heaven in a container. I am in love with this one and will be purchasing another soon! I also grabbed another candle in the scent “ Hot Coco and Cream“…mmmmmmmmm. If you are a chocolate lover then this candle is deff for you! It literally smells like your sitting in a giant chocolate bar and I love every second of it.


(How cute is the packaging on these candles though guys!!?)


nnnbnbn4 words. That is all that really needs to be said… Bath and Body Works. If you have not stopped by and glanced in this store this holiday season… boy… are you missing out. First of all, I am one to never in my life spend some of my paycheck buying hand soaps.. I would rather buy pounds of makeup than soap haha. I finally decided to change up my ways when I saw the Christmas collection out. I personally love the more foamier soaps that lather in your hands. All of these scents are to die for. I literally look forward to washing my hands every day as sad as that sounds! I think I bought 10 for $35.00 or something along those lines! I also decided to splurge and buy this cute hand soap decoration to place my soaps in. How cute is this reindeer decor? I absolutely love all the sparkles and thought this looked super cute in my bathroom to help spread the Christmas spirit.


(Literally only $10.00…. don’t mind if I do!)


Who doesn’t love those big, long comfy socks? Especially if you are lounging around all day or even if you are going out, they always look super cute with holiday outfits. I purchased my holiday socks at Boathouse. I believe it was 3 or $20.00 and you could choose from different pairs.  There are so many different stores that sell these super comfy socks, and I highly recommend purchasing some pairs for this holiday season! I always love showing mine off with my black tights or even my pj shorts on those lazy days.


Living Room Decor

First of all… let’s just start off by thanking god for a grandmother who loves to make Christmas crafts and decorations. Every year I always look forward to the numerous amounts of crafts that my grandma makes and creates, she is so talented! I always purchase something from her craft show ! This year my grandma surprised me with this beautiful center piece that she had made, and I placed it on display within my living room on my coffee table. I have it turned on right now as I am typing away and honestly it is so relaxing and beautiful! I love putting things on display on my coffee table, as everyone sees it as soon as they walk in. Holiday center pieces really are so gorgeous when it comes to decorating your house and getting into the Christmas spirit. If you are not lucky enough to know someone who makes them, you can always shop at Michaels (more on the pricier side) or any other craft store for beautiful holiday pieces. This is also a gorgeous decoration when guests are coming over for coffee or tea.


dhbdhfhdThe dollar store is also going to be your best friend when it comes to dolling up your house with holiday decorations… the best part is…. nobody has to know it came from the dollar store! I purchased beautiful sets of fake poinsettias from there, as real ones are poisonous to pets. I grabbed a few different colours such as the traditional red ones, gold and even white ones and placed them all around my house in vases. You literally can not go wrong with fake flowers… I mean… you don’t have to take care of them or water them… you are golden. I also find that fake flowers look so classy when they are all set up on display as well.


Also while browsing around at the dollar store, I came across these gorgeous sparkly decor balls and knew exactly what I could use them for. I have seen on Pinterest these decor techniques but always found these balls to be so expensive! Finally I got my hands on some at the dollar store and they look so stunning in my display! I found an old wicker basket at the thrift store a while back and decided to place these balls as well as a few pine cones within the basket. I now have this on display within my bedroom and I must say… these look so so stunning and cozy!


Another thing that I love about having my own front door is that I can hang my own wreath up! I am so corny I know, but you guys do not know how excited I am about this! I am so blessed that I got to purchase this hand made wreath from my grandma! I literally think it is so gorgeous, and it gets me so excited after a long day at work to come home and open the door to my cozy house. I fell in love with the cute Gingerman within the wreath and knew I had to get my hands on it right away. Again you can find wreaths at your nearest craft store, but they are honestly a must for home owners! They help pull the house altogether for the season.


Now… you can not forget about that beautiful Christmas tree! Being in an apartment building, we are not allowed to purchase a real Christmas tree for our current home so we had to go with the fake tree this year which is completely fine! We purchased ours from Canadian Tire for around $100 I believe. There was no way in hell we were spending hundreds on a tree.. just no way.  We also bought our ornaments at Canadian Tire as well and decided to go with the gold and silver theme. I absolutely love the package of balls that we had purchased, there was a mixture of matte coloured balls, shimmery ones, big and also little ones. I love the whole mixture of them put together, I feel as though this brought the tree together perfectly. We also placed several ornaments my grandmother had made for us on there too, which are so cute! Just to give you guys a sneak peak at some of her decorations take a look at this little guy…. how cute is he?!


( I can not deal with this load of cuteness….)

sdhsghdghsThis is our first Christmas tree that my boyfriend and I purchased together and it’s honestly a proud moment for us! When I get home from work right away I plug in my tree and get into some cozy clothes. Our tree makes our home so cozy! They are so fun to decorate too. You can even Pinterest different tree decorating ideas as there are literally a shit ton to choose from. I personally have always loved the gold theme and thought the silver would tie in beautifully with it as well. I love the variety of sparkly decorations to matte. I think this adds so much character and definition to the tree!  We were lucky enough that our lights actually came attached to our tree, and we didn’t have to unwind any! This was honestly a boat load of stress off our backs and was so easy to work with which was fantastic! Also the assembling of the tree was super easy to work with as well. The tree came in 3 different parts, that is it! No 100 pieces which was awesome. I also decided to place one of my other Christmas trees in my makeup room. This one I also received from my grandma a couple years ago. I absolutely love this wooden tree, I think it looks so cozy and classy. I would highly recommend decorating rooms you most likely spend most of your time in. When doing my makeup in the morning for work, I get amped just looking at my tree and right away get into the Christmas spirit.


One last home Christmas decor that I have for you guys actually was not supposed to be a Christmas decoration but when looking at it, it literally reminds me of Christmas. I got this made for me, but you can find this same craft on Pinterest (god bless)! It is extremely easy to make if you have the patience! This is also a super cute holiday gift idea for those of you who are still looking to buy that special someone something! The date on mine represents my boyfriend and my anniversary but you can write any date of importance to you. I also love the finishing touches of the birds as well as the word “love“. I think this decor is super cute and is also appropriate for showing off on your holiday Christmas display!



As you can see, there are so many different ideas and decorations that you can use to help spread the Christmas spirit throughout your home. There is nothing better than sitting down after a long day at work, jumping in your jammies, making yourself a nice hot cup of tea and lighting your candles as you are sitting beside your Christmas tree. Embrace the holidays and Christmas spirit!  Be kind to one another and really be thankful for your family and friends this holiday season. Christmas is a time for giving and truly appreciating one another. I hope you beauts enjoyed this December decor/ cozy Chrismas decor blog for today. Be sure to leave comments below on what decorations are your favourite this holiday season! Also be sure to follow my other social media pages for more blogs in the near future!

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