St pattys day inspired makeup look 2017

Hey guys ! Welcome to my channel if you are new , I hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far . I am hoping today is way better than yesterday , just was not a pleasant day at work whatsoever and that bummed me out for the rest of the night …. welcome to my anxiety ! Anywho guess what is slowly approaching and when I mean slowly I mean like … tomorrow ! St pattys day ! This year I actually had the time to plan out my costume and was not really rushed when doing so . I thought I would share with you guys what I came up with last night in regards to the makeup I will be wearing tomorrow for st pattys day!

So obviously you have to wear green … it’s a must . That means you have to have some sort of green inspired makeup tutorial as well ! At first I started looking on Pinterest to see what I could find cause I literally did not own anything that was green let alone green makeup ! The thought of green makeup scares the shit out of me , mainly because it’s just out of my comfort zone … I never wear green whatsoever . When I went to shoppers to look for some makeup I came across some stunning green shades ! Even the lady at the front desk of cosmetics stated ,” this colour is going to look great with your eyes !” , I guess that’s the perk of having hazel eyes… green makes them pop ! So I am going to share with you beauts the look that I came up with , everything was relatively cheap as I kept it drugstore related for today ! I am quite pleased with the end result and I think you guys will like it too !

Wash your Face

1) You guys should know the drill already ! Make sure your face is washed thoroughly and apply some moisturizer ! I already jumped right in to applying my foundation, more specifically my ” urban decay all nighter foundation“‘which I use for all my nights out.  I then set my foundation with my usual ” mac studio fix powder “. As you guys can already tell I usually stick to a very similar face routine , mostly because I have found amazing products that work best for me ! It’s all about experimenting . I then jumped right away into my brows as well , don’t want to waste any time do we ?! I will show you guys pictures of the products I had used below .

Highlighting and Contouring

2) Next , I jumped right into my contouring and highlighting to finish up the face before moving onto the eyes. I decided to use my ” Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit palette” in the shade “143” and applied this to my cheekbones , bridge of my nose and sides of my forehead as well as my jawline ! I then went over top of that to emphasize everything more with my “Two Faced Chocolate Soleil Palette “‘. I found the two combined look absolutely flawless ! I then highlighted my face using the new “Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer ” in the shade “ light “‘and applied this to the middle of my forehead , bridge of my nose ,underneath my cheekbones as well as underneath my eyes for those dark circles ! I didn’t really find this concealer mind blowing at all but it was not terrible . I would prefer more of a thicker and matte concealer as I found this to be a bit runny .


3) Now , let’s get into those green eyes ! You want to make sure you have primed your eye lids first before applying any eyeshadow . I always use my favourite ,” Kat Von D High Voltage Primer “. After applying your primer you’re ready to jump right in ! I recently purchased a green eyeshadow that I will be using from Nyx Cosmetics , which was called , “Primatic Shadows ” in the shade “Jaded“.  Guys … GUYS… this shadow is amazing ! I didn’t know if I would like it because well… it is green ! But it brings out my eyes so much let alone I love the shimmer and hint of gold in it ! I highly recommend purchasing this shadow to try out . It’s amazing because it’s a very subtle shimmery green but I can use it again and not just keep it for st. pattys , you know?  So I highly highly recommend this ! I placed this shade all over my lid ensuring I get as close to the upper lash line as possible , and getting at close to the inner corners but know right in there.

4) I know what you guys are thinking and trust me , I was thinking the exact same thing ! I thought wow that’s a lot of green ! But now we are going to go in with the “Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills “‘and take the shade “Cyprus Umber”‘and apply this to our crease. I just took a random fluffy and began working away . You want to make sure with this colour you only take small bits at a time just because this colour is so pigmented !

Winged Liner

5) I then went in with my winged liner and applied a nice wing to the outer corners for a more dramatic effect .


6) After applying my winged eyeliner , I went in with the green shade we were using previously and applied this underneath my lower lash line making the eyes pop ! I also went in with an eyeliner that I purchased from shoppers as well under the Nyx Cosmetics line and it is the “Retracktable Eyeliner“‘in the shade “ Aqua Green“, and applied this along my waterline . I really liked the shade of this green and wanted something a little bit different. The hint of blue is extremely beautiful as well !


7) I then went in with my mascara and used my “Benefit They’re Real Mascara ” and applied this to the top and bottom lashes . I also did some finishing touches on my face and went in with my “Glow Kit” and applied the shade “Kitty Kat” underneath my cheekbones, middle of my forehead , bridge of my nose and the top of my upper lip.  I thought this shade looked absolutely flawless with this look and I am super impressed about this palette in general ! I also went in with my fake lashes in “flirty” from shoppers. Lastly , I took some sparkles that I purchased from Sephora a while back and it was the “Urban Decay Moondust Liquid Eyeshadow ” in the shade “Chem Trail” and applied just a tiny bit underneath my lower lashes right in the middle as well as on my lid in the middle . This product is very pigmented so I used the tiniest bit and blended it out .

Guys ! Look how flawless this look turned out ! And the best part is, it was really so simple and hardly took any time at all ! I also took a nude lipstick and applied this to my lips since my eyes were so dramatic !


I really hope you guys enjoyed this st. pattys day inspired makeup tutorial I really did love creating this look! Be sure to let me know what look you guys tried for tomorrow or if you recreated the same look 🙂 Be sure to follow my other social media accounts to stay updated!

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Happy St. Pattys Day!

Much love xo

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