Brown Ombre Effect Makeup Look

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Happy Tuesday Beauts, hopefully, today flies by! I am actually hoping this week flies by as well, that would be absolutely wonderful! I decided to do another blog post today on another makeup tutorial. I feel a lot of my viewers enjoy these blog posts and I am more than happy to do them!I have been obviously experimenting with the “Modern Renaissance Palette” and have created multiple looks based off this palette. This one today I wanted to call the “Brown Ombre Effect Makeup look” simply because there are different shades of brown that create a fading effect.  I would classify this look as more under the night time looks category simply because it is more dramatic and a bit on the darker side for a day time look. Again, I did not include my full face tutorial because it has been the same routine for a while now. It is however like I mentioned before, in previous blog posts. Shall we get started?

  1. First I started right away with my brows. Sometimes I like to switch it up a bit and do my brows first and then work away at my face makeup application.

2. I then jumped right away into my face makeup, such as my foundation, highligher and contour. Look at them cheek bones honey! (The power of contouring).

3. I then went in with the first shade from the palette and applied, “Burnt Orange”, just above my crease . This is going to act as a subtle transition shade.

image1 (46)

4. Next, I applied the shade, “Realgar”, and applied this overtop of that transition shade, just to create a more darker effect.

4. I then went in with the shade, “Cyprus Umber”, and applied this into the crease with a fluffy brush. I was very disappointed how hard this was to blend out. It took forever for it to not look so harsh, next time I will not grab so much and just work with small bits at a time.

5. I then went in with the shade, “Red Oche”( beautiful), and applied this with a small eyeshadow brush all across my lid. 

6. Lastly, I went in with the shade, “Primavera” and applied this to the inner corner of my lid, making my eyes “pop”. I went back in with the shade “Cyprus Umber”, and applied this underneath my lower lashes.  I then applied some mascara and added in some false lashes. Also to top off the look, added on some nude lipstick just so the lips would not over power the eyes!

I hope you beauts enjoyed this night out look! Thanks for taking the time to read! Be sure to subscribe to my channel to see the latest blog posts! Also be sure to follow my other social media accounts:

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(going to have to hire someone to type that out every single time haha!)

Much love xo.

image1 (47)

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