Soft Brown/Pink Smokey Eyes; Morphe 350 Shimmer Palette Tutorial



Good evening beauts! Here with another makeup tutorial on the stunning Morphe 350 Shimmer Palette. I am going to keep this one short and sweet for you beauts, so shall we get right into it?

First, I already applied my full face such as foundation, brows, powder, highlighting and contouring. I always love applying my face makeup first before doing my eyes. I don’t know why, is anyone else with me on that one?! I then am grabbing my Morphe Palette, and am going in with this beautiful light light pink shade. I am using a fluffy brush and applying this in the crease as well as slightly above it. I also am using some tape for the eyes. I want to have a very clean line after applying my shades so I simply applied tape to the outer corners of my eyes.

Next, I went in with the darker pink shade that was beside the previous shade and applied this within the crease only while using my fluffy brush. I made sure I kept it only in this area, and blended it out quite nicely.

Next, I went in with this beautiful browny-pink shade and applied this to the entire lid. After applying this shade, I made sure it was blended quite nicely and a nice transition was made from the lid to the crease. Since this is a darker shade, you want to make sure there are no harsh lines.

After applying that shade, I am taking this dark brown and applying it to the outer V of my eyes. This is going to create depth and definition to the eyes. I also removed the tape after this step. Voila, nice and clean and hardly any fallout whatsoever.

After applying the shadow, I then went in with my trusty and fantastic new mascara by L’Oreal and applied this to the top and bottom lashes. I also added a winged liner and applied the dark brown shade that we used for the outer V, underneath my lower lashes.  I then did some last minute touches such as applying some lipstick and highlighter. I decided to give this new highlighter a go and it is the Clinique Chubby Stick from Sephora. I did like this highlighter a lot, and it was very easy to use which was great! For my lips, I used the Maybelline Colour Jolt Intense Lip Paint in the shade “Stripped Down”. I absolutely love these lip paints, they are so moisturizing and my lips feel phenom.

I also went in with this light cream shimmer in the Morphe Palette and applied this to the inner corners of my eyes just to brighten them up!

I hope you guys enjoyed this makeup tutorial on another look for the Morphe 350 Palette! I have honestly too much fun experimenting with colours and shades! You guys know the drill, be sure to check out my other social media accounts to stay updated!


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