Dear Girl In An Abusive Relationship 

Dear Girl In An Abusive Relationship 

You fit in an 83% percentile category. I bet you wish that category was ones who have loving relationship and are respected as wives, mothers, and women. I wish I was lying dear girl in an abusive relationship, trust me. Sadly you were the vulnerable victim chosen to be tortured and your strength tested. Are you strong enough? This isn’t what I am asking YOU but I know you ask yourself this as soon as you wake up til when your puffy eyes close. Can you answer this? Better yet, I will help you answer that lingering question. I know you are. Remember the time when your grandpa passed on, and you were there every second for your family, or the time you started figuring out your life plan for yourself? That is called strength, and that is something you have and will always carry with you. But he makes you question your strength, and why is that? Because you’re a slut for talking to that other guy, or you’re a bitch just because? Do you honestly believe that? For one second , girl in an abusive relationship, picture me waving my magic wand over your life. Imagine him not there. Do you still think you’re that slut? I know you are probably thinking, “yes I am, I should not have even spoken to the guy”. You are your own person, you can speak to both guys and girls. You can be sociable instead of hiding in your room under those cold blankets. Wipe those tears away. I need you to find and help dig for that strength buried beneath you. I know you have it, you’re a beautiful girl nowhere near a slut, that I know. I miss you. I miss your smile and goofy laugh. Most importantly, I miss your free spirit, and outgoing personality. I remember always making each other laugh. Now I am the one trying to crack a smile from you, anything. I remember everything.

Dear girl in an abusive relationship,

Remember the time when you used to think so highly of yourself , that you didn’t need a man in your life. Remember now , how you sit there and think to yourself ,” why am I so stupid?”, or ” I don’t think I can do this on my own without him”. If you were stupid you would not have gotten to where you are today , you would not be that lovely girl hidden underneath those lies, and you have survived life without him before you met him. You can do things on your own. You went to appointments on your own, you went to school on your own, & you have your own friends. You are an independent person and you’re own person, he isn’t you. His name isn’t yours and he doesn’t have your strength, that’s the strength to not insult others, treat others with disrespect and betlittle people. You should be proud of who you are, I know I am. Even though she’s hidden, she will come out. In order for her to come out , you need to give yourself some credit. You’re not a failure for being that vulnerable victim. You’re not a failure for choosing the wrong one. And you’re not a failure for not changing your ways earlier. Today’s a new day. It’s time for YOU to shine. Today’s your day. Life is too short to stay stuck one other day in this life you did not wish upon. Life is too short to explain to your kids that daddy is not a nice man, and that you hope better for them. I know you want to show them everything in life, and to encourage their growth and development over time. You don’t need a man discouraging you, or even them for that matter. I know you would hurt inside seeing that. I know you don’t want them to go through what you did , so let’s change this. You and me together. Let’s get started on this journey one step at a time.  Those endless nights where you couldn’t sleep because you started to believe the names he would call you. Those days where you couldn’t spend time with family because he was jealous and wanted you for himself. Those days are gone. This is a new chapter and guess what? It’s not too late. It’s never too late. I want you to know I am proud that you have the courage to start this journey , even though you’re unsure. I don’t know where this path will take you but I promise you it will be better than the one you were on for years now. I promise. I know there are more cons in your relationship than pros, that you are certain. 

I just want to give you a few reminders before you start this journey . 

1) You are strong enough to take on any battle. You are getting your life on track, you have a job , you are here.

2) This journey may cause you numerous amounts of anxiety, anxiety which may doubt your decisions. Remember why you’re here , why you started this. Face your anxiety, this is about you not him.

3) Your body is your canvas and it’s yours. You do what you want with it , but don’t let someone claim it’s theirs. 

4) Your happiness is the only thing that matters. You need to put yourself before others and truly think about your needs and wants.

5) Noone in their right mind should belittle you , you’re an individual with a name not ” stupid” or ” faggot“. Remember that name on your birth certificate ? That’s you, not who he thinks you are you imagines you to be. 

6) Everyone is here to support you. Often we feel alone in these circumstances, that is never the case. You are never alone . There’s always a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand around the corner and ears to listen. 

7) It’s not too late to start a new life. Don’t live in the past , start fresh , you got this. When starting your new journey let go of your grudges and frustration, it’s time to let go.

8) You’re beautiful. Often we need to be reminded after someone destroys us mentally and physically that you’re beautiful on the inside and outside. For someone who offers so much to this world you deserve way more credit than that . That’s why I’m here. 

9) Think positively . You got this . I know your brain is full of negative thoughts at the moment, it’s probably overwhelming . Trying to have that positive mindset will help you along this journey , more than you know . 
10) F*** him. You’re better than him. You need to keep repeating this to yourself and this upbeat thoughts. You managed once without him, you can do it again.

Dear girl in an abusive relationship,

I am with you on this journey. I want you to understand that , and so are your friends and family. Make this change today , why wait another minute. Life is so short to let him waste YOUR minute . He’s not worth it . Let someone come into your life who treasures your dimples, the way you get nervous around big groups of people as he makes you feel comfortable, and the way you chuckle when you laugh. Let him take in all your flaws and treasure all your traits. Let him find you . He will trust me , he already told me he’s on his way , he will be there when you least expect it. Do you trust me? I know your trust issues are high , they have every right to be. But you can trust me when I say everything will be okay . You will be okay.

Dear Anxious Girl Afraid to Ask for Help

Dear Anxious Girl Afraid to Ask for Help

Hey my beauts , hope you all are having a wonderful week so far ! I keep forgetting it’s a four day week so pretty much have been confused all week as to what day it is , living on the edge a little bit. As you guys know , I have been doing more inspiring stories lately just because I see people each day who would use a little pick me up here and there. I really enjoy writing these types of blog posts , you can actually find more of the ones that I have completed early on, maybe last year on my blogging page ? I have recently gotten back into the swing of it and some of you have really enjoyed these types of posts. This one is for those who are anxious to admit that something needs to change, that “I” need help and are too afraid to ask for it. 

Dear anxious girl afraid to ask for help,

I’ve been there. In fact, some days I am still there. It’s probably one of the hardest things to admit to yourself , to literally sit down and say out loud ” I need help”. I have been in your shoes. I have been where you are all through university, struggling and trying to hide that I had a few dark secrets. It’s pretty easy to hide things that you don’t want to face , trust me , anxiety and I have been playing this game for years . But finally , I did it. Enough was enough. Sure I could’ve  taken that bottle of Tylenol that was spilled all over my bed, sure I could’ve locked my door so my roommate didn’t have to burst in, and sure I could’ve been silent on the phone with my mom. But what would this all have solved? Would this have made life easier, better ? No. In fact , that would have made me selfish and bitter towards life. There’s way too much to live for , I didn’t want anxiety taking that away from me . He wasn’t going to take that away from me . It’s okay to ask for help anxious girl. I was that anxious girl too . 

I know what you’re thinking, ” what will others think of me?“. Your true friends, the ones who hold your hair back when your puking after too much vodka, the ones who let you cry on their shoulder and the ones who encourage you to smile will understand. But what about the rest of the world you may ask? What about them. I bet you they have their own problems going on , maybe even worse than yours. My therapist once told me , ” don’t let anxiety take over your life, it’s okay to admit that changes need to take place“. That is exactly why I participated in a group that took place every Wednesday evening. That is why I would tense up before 6 o’clock hit. And that is why I would be exhausted coming home around 8 o’clock that day. Mentally exhausted because I pushed myself. I admitted to the internet, friends and family , but most importantly to myself that I needed help. And I am okay. Sure I may get anxious here and there, I may have to miss work once a month to see a therapist, I may have to take 3 mandatory pills a day for my anxiety , but I am okay.

Dear anxious girl afraid to ask for help, 

I know you will be okay too . If you need me I am here to talk to. I know you’re scared and I was too. In fact anxious girl, I strongly encourage you to get that help you need today. Don’t let your problems or underlying issues drag behind you all your life. That is no place to live. That’s not living, that is simply getting by. I don’t want you to just get by, I want you to laugh uncontrollably until you pee your pants, I want you to be cheering on your sisters at their talent show , I want you to love life.  At one point I didn’t love life, but admitting I need that help was one of the biggest accomplishments I have ever made. Now that I have asked for help, I am more comfortable asking for help when it comes to other things. When it comes to my eating habits I am getting the help , and guess what. I am okay. I know you can do this , it takes two seconds out of your day to finally listen to yourself. Friends have always told you you’re a good listener right? I heard you’re very good at it, so show me. Show me you can do this and show yourself you can do this . 

My names Alyssa Hotrum, I am 23 years old . I have underlying eating disorders and am diagnosed with general anxiety as well as social anxiety . I admitted this to myself, can you ?

Dear Girl on the Verge of Quitting

Dear Girl on the Verge of Quitting

Hey my beauts, hope you all had a wonderful weekend spent with friends and family! These are the times and moments you have to treasure and remember. I recently have been inspired to do more of my “inspiring blog posts” lately, such as my dear letters. Sometimes these type of blog posts come to me and sometimes I will be sitting in front of the computer for hours trying to get something to come to me, it’s really a hit or a miss. I have been inspired to do a letter geared around the theme of quitting.  I know for me, if I do not want to do something or I am not motivated, I will just say f*** it, I am tired, or I will do this tomorrow. This letter is meant for those on the verge of quitting, on the verge of saying “I will just do this tomorrow“, this is for you.

Dear girl on the verge of quitting,

“You’re fine, you’re good, you can just pick up the pieces tomorrow and start fresh that day”. Do these sound familiar? Your brain can be an absolute beautiful pleasure to have, filled with wonderful thoughts and encouraging statement pieces. On the other hand, it can be your fuel girl on the verge of quitting. Don’t let these thoughts fuel your fire. You’re better than that. I know life would be so much easier if one could just start a new process the next day, leaving today a day to relive your normal unsatisfying routine that you wanted to change. Girl on the verge of quitting, do you remember why you started? I remember. You only told me a thousand times why would want to change up your routine, and better yourself. It was only those numerous nights where you kept reminding yourself in the morning you are going to start. So start. Go and be that morning person you always wanted to be. Don’t think that you can’t do this, I have seen what you can do. I think that you are blind to the amount of amazing things you can do. Were you fast asleep when you won your university 45-minute debate in front of your seminar? Remember that sleepless night before hand? Did you show up to your seminar stating, “I am going to do this tomorrow“? No. You did it. You won. You knew deep down you had this even though I know you are not 100% sure of yourself. Don’t worry girl on the verge of quitting, that is something we can work on another time, but let’s focus on the aspect of quitting, and how you did not quit in that moment. How good did that feel? I know you were completely out of your comfort zone, I think that is life right? Life is about doing things you would not normally do, and you did just that. I think you surprised yourself, don’t you think?

Dear girl on the verge of quitting,

Can you remind yourself why you started this journey? If you need some help, why don’t you grab that pen and paper over there and write out your reasons, I think you could name 10. But that’s just me. Your reasons are not dumb, do you need to be reminded of that? I know you thought of these reasons for a purpose, so let’s continue to strive for that short or long term goal. If you need me to help push you, I think you should hang your reasons above your bed, that is what I usually do. I know it’s hard girl on the verge of quitting, but can you just do me one thing? I don’t ask for a lot. Can you please stick through this one thing and push yourself as soon as you wake up and get out of bed? I know this is a really big commitment, and you’re probably scared to take on the challenge. May I remind you of the time you went completely out of your comfort zone and joined a treatment program? No, it’s not something to be ashamed about, so get that thought out of your mind. Where would you be right now if you said, “ I am going to do this another time, not today”? Would you be reaching out to lots of people in regards to blog collaborations, let me just add in there that you have never even met half of these beautiful individuals, but you did it. I am proud. I know you want to say you are secretly proud of yourself as well. It’s okay to take that credit once in a while you know. In those moments, you did not quit. You were not a quitter. You are not a quitter.

Dear girl on the verge of quitting,

You can do this. I know you got this. I know you regret some things in life, but don’t let this be one of them. Don’t let this opportunity slip and run away from you. You are already in the moment, you’re here, so let’s stay here and hold onto that promise. You need to let go of things that you quit in the past, you’re not that same person anymore remember. That isn’t you. Let’s show you what you’re capable of.  So girl on the verge of quitting, I hope I got through to you a little bit. I know it may take a few reminders here and there to not let this opportunity slide, this is why I am here. You may read me anytime you wish, okay?  I just think that some days I may know you a little better than you may know yourself. I know for a fact you’re a strong girl with many ambitions and goals in life. Keep this goal on your list, don’t scratch it out until it’s completed.

Remember all those nights where you questioned yourself in university and stated, “I don’t know if I can do this”. Remember when your palms were super sweaty before presentations and you had to borrow your friend’s water bottle in order to add some moisture to your throat because it was so dry before that one presentation. Remember when you scored a 90 on that presentation and you hate public speaking? I remember. In fact, I will always remember. If you need a pick me up, I want you to take a second and glance at that diploma hanging on the wall. Did you quit that? No. You did that, you got that education. That was all you. Do you see how much stuff you’re capable of? Don’t let yourself down, because I know you’re better than that.

Daer girl on the verge of quitting, you’re not a quitter.


A powerful Transformation and Life Journey with Fitness Model Sara Stone 

A powerful Transformation and Life Journey with Fitness Model Sara Stone 

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

Hi my beauts and welcome to my channel if you are new here! I hope you guys are having a wonderful Easter long weekend so far ! So I have been super excited and have shared the news on Facebook and with friends and family already! Recently, I reached out to one of my idols and role models when it comes to fitness. I have been following this girl since she first started her journey and was completely blown away at her transformation pictures! I mean come on, just look at them, its mind blowing!

Through hard work and dedication, this beautiful soul managed to tone up and build up muscle to achieve her dream body. I remember my sister , Stefanie, telling me to check out this girl’s Instagram account because her story and journey is incredible. Right away I followed her and kept on following throughout her whole journey. I knew I wanted to do a collaboration with her for sure , but was completely hesitant to reach out to her considering she is so well known and has 15,000 subscribers , so who the hell am I ! Haha ! I literally thought,” what is the harm in asking?”. I was so thrown off and overwhelmed with excitement when I received a DM on my Instagram account! It was none other one of my absolute favourite fitness models but Sara Stone. I had given her the link to my blog to check it out and to let me know if she was interested in collaborating  with me . She responded that she really liked the content of my blog and would be more than happy to ! I couldn’t believe it ! Honestly, for you guys that do follow her on Instagram she is known for her rock hard abs and amazing body . But aside from her looks, I do not know Sara on a personal level but I can tell she’s such a sweetheart already. The way she awknowledges her fans , and her messages she was sending me , you can tell she is a very sincere and genuine person. So here we are today! I hope you guys really enjoy this collaboration as much as I did putting it together , shall we get into it or what ?!( I can’t wait any longer).

Photographer- Peter Levins (@Peterlevins)

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

I had so many questions that have built up over the years that I wanted to ask her ! Sara is a 25-year- old girl from Central NY who lives with her husband. Sara states, “my husband is my biggest fan. He may not be in the ‘fitness world’ and to be honest, i have grown to like it that way. He has such an outside perspective and at the end of the day, keeps me grounded. My brother is my best friend and the person who helped me learn to workout and continues to support and teach me things daily. My friends! I would be lost without the unconditional love of my friends. Some get it, some dont but all of them show up and at the end of the day, those are the people you want on your side”.  You honestly need to have a great support system in order to accomplish some of your goals and dreams , exactly what Sara is doing. I think it’s wonderful that her husband strongly supports her through her fitness journey even though he may not even be involved within the fitness world! What do they say again? Opposites do attract.  I absolutely love this.

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

I went in to ask Sara right away when she actually started getting into fitness, I thought this was a good place to start! Sara shares, “I got into fitness around the age of 20!. I have always been active, I played basketball for seven years, golf for four years, as well as tennis for two. But my passion for fitness came after college”. 

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

Do you do your workouts only at the gym, or do you do home workouts as well? “I prefer to work out at a gym, I find it to be more motivating, and I have full access to all of the equipment needed to complete my workouts”. I could not agree more Sara! Even though I have my mat at home and my weights, I still somedays can not find that motivation to workout at home. If I am at home I would rather stuff myself with a bag of chips to be quite honest while watching the notebook as I bawl my eyes out, literally. 

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

Staying on the topic of motivation, I asked Sara how she personally stays motivated. I know this is a big issue for a lot of individuals, and I personally need all the help I can get! Sara explains, “Motivation is tricky because sometimes it doesnt exist. My solution most of the time is to show up anyway. Sometimes if I don’t feel like doing something, I remind myself that if I do the thing that I reallyyy dont want to do at that moment, then the next time I’m presented with something I may not want to do, it will be easier to do it”. I think that’s wonderful words of motivation , to just show up! Often if I do not have the motivation to workout I just don’t go to the gym, but I am going to try this method to just show up . I think by just showing up ,  I will eventually just workout and do it! I will let you know how this goes Sara!

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

I was super super curious to find out if Sara had a personal trainer at all ! I know for a fact I could not get the body she has on my own! I thought for sure and was almost certain that Sara had a personal trainer. Sara states,”no personal trainer for me, and I typically train 5/6 days a week”. Good for you Sara that is unreal I am super proud of all your accomplishments and where you have gotten yourself today ! Working out close to everyday is not an easy thing, but leave it up to Sara! (You go glen coco).

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

Do you ever have any cheat days or believe in cheat meals? ” I am currently in competition prep so my diet is a direct reflection of the goals associated with stepping on stage. Outside of this, I do not track macros or diet. I am much more relaxed, eat intuively and dont consider any meals “cheat meals”.  I love this . You can see how dedicated Sara is to her fitness yet she still makes sure she lives a little at the same time. That is extremely important. Often when we look at well known individuals, we often think they do not have a life outside of their hobby or passion or career. Hearing this is always refreshing. It helps us keep in mind that these are normal human beings.

“I’m no stranger to the feelings that comes following a competition and sometimes we need to check ourselves. Sometimes we are the toxic person. We bring on the negativity. Sometimes the problem is our selves. And that doesn’t make us unworthy. Keep on growing. Keep on checking. Do better. You’re only human”- Sara Stone

Have you competed in any competitions? ” Yes! I will be competing in my fourth competition in 2 days actually.  I hire a coach for competition prep, this past time i prepped for 20 weeks in order to get ready for 2 shows back to back!”. Good for you! Wow 4 completions already that is insane. Sara puts so much time and dedication into her fitness it is honestly so inspiring (hence my reaching out to her). Wow ! 20 weeks! That is a long time , you for sure have to have the proper mindset to take on this journey! I could not be more proud of this beautiful soul.

Who else is dying to know how Sara gets those rock hard abs and amazing bod? I am ! I had to ask Sara just how she does it ! Sara explains, “ I dont think anyone is going to like my answer but abs come when i clean my diet up. I have trained abs for many years so i have build some muscle maturity but it’s not until i diet down and lose total body fat, that they come out to play”. I can totally see that how abs are literally made from the kitchen! It really is all about eating clean in order for those abs to come out just like Sara said! Even though we don’t want to hear it someone has to say it! Lets all take into consideration that Sara Stone is saying this, she’s not just a pretty face!

What do you usually eat each day as I am assuming you meal prep? ” My meals vary based on my macros! A few of my daily staples during prep are shredded chicken breast (crock pot!), ground turkey, basmati rice, brussel sprouts (fave veggie) & kettle corn rice cakes with PB!” It’s nice to know that I am on the right track with my meals as I eat a lot of these things too! How unreal is the peanut butter on rice cakes though?! I add some honey and it makes such a great snack with a glass of milk! Mmmmmmm!

Are you always conscious about what you eat? Do you count your calories? “During competition prep, i track my macros and outside of that, I eat intuitively. I try to live by 80/20!”. 

Now moving onto the gym and workout topics! I was so interested to hear about Sara at the gym and using the equipment . I had asked Sara how long she works out for at the gym. Sara states, “My workouts range usually 1-2 hours, depending. My favorite muscle group to train would probably be back”.  When I workout I usually workout for around 1 and a half hours or so. I think 1 to 2 hours is the perfect amount of time at the gym to still get other things accomplished afterwards.

“Do not lose sight of who you are on this journey”- Sara Stone

Photographer-Emily Olin (@darling.em)

Best advice someone has given you when it comes to fitness? “That’s a tough one but something that I was told that has always stuck with me was to not loose sight of who you are on this journey. It’s something that can be interpreted in many ways but i think the root of the message is to stay true to who you are. (Which can apply to all aspects of life, really!)”. I absolutely love this quote and statement. I honestly think that is going to stick with me too! I think that’s a great reminder in the back of your head going through life and basically going through any path or journey. Be you. Don’t be someone else and don’t lose touch of who you are as an individual.

“… take it slow, there is no finish line”

Photographer- Emily Olin (@darling.em)

I really wanted to know Sara’s advice and thoughts for someone who was just starting out in the fitness world and literally had no idea where to start off. Sara shares, “The best advice i can give to someone just starting out would be to take it slow! There is no finish line and making drastic changes in a short time is not sustainable for anyone. To follow up on taking it slow, my next peice of advice would be to be persistent & consistent! :-)”. Thanks for the awesome advice Sara! I think hearing this will be so beneficial to someone who is new with the type of lifestyle and wanted to start. It can be extremely overwhelming that is for sure when it comes to trying something new. Hearing others advice is something I absolutely love hearing.

Photographer- Emily Olin (@darling.em)

What do you like to do in your spare time? “I spend a lot of my spare time with my husband, friends and family. I enjoy going out to dinner (ahem dessert), being outdoors, going on adventures, traveling. I also love relaxing at home. I am a very busy person so sometimes i really appreciate just being a home body”.  That’s interesting to hear Sara! There is nothing better than spending quality time with friends and family members. I also enjoy doing  those things as well , even being the home body is always nice some days too ! I think that everyone needs that for sure!! I am glad that you have other hobbies as well !

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

Finishing up this collaboration I wanted to find out what Sara Stone’s goals were in general. Sara explains, “my goals change quite frequently. Right now, my short term goal is to finish this 20 week prep to the best of my abilities. 2 more days! Longer term goals would be to find and maintain balance in my life again. I’m truly looking forward to living a flexibly, healthy, happy life.”. I absolutely love this and think these are amazing short term and long term goals! I wish you nothing but the best Sara with your 20 week prep and your future competitions! You have done absolutely amazing so far pushing your self each and every day! You have so much determination and motivation you should be so proud of where you have gotten yourself! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to do a collaboration with little old me ! You truly are an inspiration and deserve nothing but the best in life ! I still can’t believe you reached back out to me, I literally have not gotten a good sleep in days because I was way too damn excited for life. You are such a beautiful human being and inspire so many people all across the world to just “go for it”, keep up the great work Sara !

Photographer-Emily Olin (@darling.em)

I hope you beauts enjoyed this blog post and learned so much from the talented and beautiful Sara Stone! I am sure we can all take home lots of important messages from reading this blog and seeing her output on certain things. Be sure to follow my other social media sites located on my home page to stay up to date with the latest blogs!

(Going to try to get a good sleep tonight, probably won’t but wish me luck, still too stoked for life).

(uhmmmmm….. I think this is the highlight to my blog, she looks better than me saying it, you’re hired Sara Stone!)

“Behind the Camera” with Jy Quinn Sage 

“Behind the Camera” with Jy Quinn Sage 

Processed with MOLDIV
Hello, my beauts and happy Thursday! I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far this early morning !(kind of hard to tell when it’s so early but come on guys lets be positive here!).  Okay okay so hands up if you want to get into modelling? “Me me oh pick me” ( donkey from shrek), no literally though I honestly wanted to get into modelling for so long now! I have always loved being in front of the camera and just posing & doing my thing. I have the absolute pleasure of knowing a Vogue Model… yup you heard me! I am super excited to let you guys know that I will be collaborating with the beautiful model Jy Quinn Sage from Six Nations. I am super stoked that Jy agreed to collab with me on this post based on her modelling experience, shall we begin?

I have had the pleasure of going to school with Jy for grade 12 I believe but we never actually spoke to one another, more or less because I was a hermit… but that’s another story! I have always admired Jy’s modelling photographs on her Instagram page and ever since I started my collaborations, I wanted to eventually reach out to her. Jy is 23 years old from her hometown of Six Nations. Modelling to Jy is a hobby of hers and how she actually got into it is rather interesting! Jy states, “When I first started to model I was 16. I won a contest that my Auntie and Grandma submitted me for. I had won free classes and a year contract with the local agency on six nations. After my year contract was up I took some time off and just volunteered my time with local fashion shows. I modelled for a designer, who has changed my modelling career for the best! she started using me for more fashion show and print work. Just two and a half years ago I got scouted out by vogue at the super crawl fashion show downtown hamilton. the owner asked me to come in and meet with them and go over a few things if I was interested”.  Wow, Jy! I am so proud of you, that’s honestly amazing! I am so happy they submitted your photograph. You literally never know what can happen it is about taking that risk and taking chances, look where it got Jy!  She is on a roll!

I then jumped right into the collaboration asking Jy about what type of modelling she is involved with and what agency she models for. Jy shares, ”  the agency I model with currently is Vogue Models & Talent (Hamilton & Toronto) The type of modelling I’m involved with is runway, print work, video and promo”.

How much time does modelling consume out of your life? “Modelling is like a part time job. You can pick and choose what jobs you’re available for, however, the more I book the more time I have to take off my everyday life to do the jobs. So worth it though!” I would think it’s worth it too Jy that’s for sure! Let’s switch hobbies for a day, you can blog and I’ll model sound good?! I love how modelling is somewhat flexible for you Jy, that is so convenient.

I was so curious about this next question! I always wondered if models can keep their clothing after the shoot that they do. Jy explains, “no you don’t keep the clothes, sometimes the clothes that you are modelling are worth thousands. I find when I do a promotional job where there is a dress requirement you can get reimbursed any money you had to spend” I find that so interesting! That is insane how much some of the clothes are worth! Oh my goodness, that is crazy!. I would be so hesitant not to rip anything or break something I am wearing. That is good that you get reimbursed though!

Do you enjoy modelling? What are the pros and cons of it? “I love modelling!!! the best part about modelling is the experiences. Each job is different and you get to meet a lot of new people 🙂 One of the cons about the job is all the waiting you do for a fashion show. Hair and makeup only take a couple of hours but because there is so many other girls getting theirs done too it takes up to 5-8 hours”. I would absolutely adore modelling, I think the experience would be unreal and amazing like Jy said! I never even thought about the waiting aspect of modelling, to be honest, but that is something that has to be taken into consideration. I guess you must be a very patient person in order to succeed in this industry. I would not mind getting my hair and makeup done, however, that would be the life!

I then went on the ask Jy what her favourite shoot was so far! Jy states, “my most favourite shoot I’ve done so far was done for Angela DeMontingty. It was a last minute shoot and the photos turned out amazing!!”.  I absolutely love these photographs. They are breathtakingly gorgeous and Jy makes it look so easy and simple, I love it. You can say she is very natural at it that is for sure!

Do you have a restrictive diet? ” No, I don’t have a restrictive diet. I try to workout three times a week and eat kinda healthy”.

I know we are all dying to know how one gets involved and started in modelling right? Well have no fear, Jy is here to give us all the crucial information needed! Jy explains, “. to get started in modelling, you should try and find a local agency near you. Contact them and have them look at you to see if you have the look that they need. Sometimes you get turned down but that’s ok, keep calling and researching places”. Like Jy said, in order to be a a model you have to have that positive and upbeat attitude, a thick skin to say the least. I don’t know how I would initially be if I got turned down. I do not have thick skin to begin with, so not taking it personally would be hard at the beginning for me. On the other hand, you never know! Th ageny may want to look into you a bit more which would be amazing! Thanks for the advice Jy!

I also wanted to ask Jy a more personal question in regards to modelling. I was curious to find out if models make a fair amount of money for their shoots. Jy states, “yes you can make good money modelling. It all depends on how long the job is, what you’re doing and how well known they are. For example, if you get asked by a company just starting out they may just ask for volunteers, always volunteer!!Extremely important when it comes to modelling, this is how you put your foot in the door and meet new people who will potentially wanna book you for future jobs”. Great tip and advice Jy! That is so important, to get yourself out there and get yourself known as well. A lot of people love volunteers and I can see why agencies would jump on this!

“Patience is a huge key in modelling, it takes time.”

Are there certain requirements to become a model? Ex. Height, size etc…“Some agencies do have certain requirements.  The agency I’m with likes a variety of heights and sizes. Yes, this does affect your chances for some jobs but there is always something to be submitted for”.

Have you met any celebrities at any of your events?“I have not met any celebrities yet! However, I’m going to be modelling on Dragon Den this April 20th :)” No way Jy! That is honestly incredible, I will for sure be scouting you guys on and looking out for you! I am sure all my viewers and beauts will be looking out for you too and cheering you guys on! Goodluck!

I was curious to know what other activities Jy did aside from modelling as her hobby. Jy explains, “Besides modelling, I enjoy doing art. I like to draw and paint on my down time to relax :)”. I remember having art class with Jy back in high school and I have to say she is quite talented in that department as well! Jeeze Jy, can you share some of that talent with me too?

Lastly, I asked Jy if she had any words of advice in regards to modelling in general. Jy shares, “one piece advice I would give about modelling is to not take things personally!! Sometimes the customer is just looking for a particular look”.  I would for sure be that random person that starts crying after constructive criticism, who is with me on that one? Haha! Good or you Jy, I am so proud of where you have gotten yourself, that’s incredible. I want to give a huge thank you to Jy Quinn Sage for agreeing to collaborate with me on this blog post based on her modelling experiences. I really enjoyed getting to know her on a more personal note, as well as being more informed about modelling and the industry. Be sure to check out her Instagram page for more pictures and images of her modelling!

Instagram Page- Jy Quinn Sage


Thank you beauts for taking the time to read this post and checking out my channel. Be sure to let me know what you guys thought of this post! Also be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page to stay updated!


Dear Struggling Girl, 

Dear Struggling Girl, 

Dear struggling girl,

You may know me on a personal level or I may be a complete stranger to you, let’s just pretend for this moment in time, I am one of your best friends. I don’t know exactly what you are going through all at once, but I may know a few things. In this world full that is full of hatred and terrible things, there are a few good things, shall I remind you? I know work is exhausting. I know you get up super early each morning dreading work, dreading your coworkers, wondering who is going to yell at you today, but do you see the glass half full or half empty? Can you see the good in this situation? I see a girl who has a job while others are struggling to find one, I also see a girl who is showing independence that they can work and are capable of doing things on your own. Remember when mom used to always say, “you can do this on your own“,when you needed her help? She was preparing you for this moment in time. But should we talk about mom? I know you come home from an exhausting day at work and just want to crash in your room with the door locked, you would rather not hear what she has to say. One day, you won’t be able to hear what she has to say. You won’t be able to see her every day and get mad at her for not stepping up in the mom department. You won’t be able to not just talk to her for that day, one day she will be gone. Dear struggling girl. I am not trying to depress you, I want you to diminish that thought of the glass being half empty.  I want you to hug your mom in one of your screaming matches and take in her flaws, take in every single one of them. Appreciate them. There’s only one of her in this world. I know you hold a lot of hatred struggling girl, and it’s okay to be mad at things that happened in the past. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way, you can’t just live in the past anymore. I know you’re hurting, I wish I could take that old pain and new pain away but I can’t.  I don’t know your whole story.  I know there is a lot that goes on behind closed doors as to what the present eye witnesses. I am not a fairy godmother, I can’t make things better when they seem terrible. However, I do have a wish for you struggling girl. I wish for you to see the positive in every negative situation.  You’re alive. You’re healthy. You are here. Let’s make today about today, not yesterday.

Dear Struggling girl, let’s talk about boys for a quick minute. Not all boys are terrible, not all boys are great either. Remember when mom used to say, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea“, and you used to always think, “where are they“. That’s because, in reality, fish are afraid. You can’t go near them without swimming away. You have to wait til they come to you. That is the same with boys. The right one will come and find you when you least expect it. When you’re a hot mess from working out at the gym and locked yourself out of your car, it’ll be that guy down the street laughing at you silently. When you had a bad day at work and are swearing to yourself down the street, it will be that guy yelling swear words back to you as he smiles under his breath. I know you’re searching for that guy, being alone is lonely that’s for sure, but remember when you told mom and dad you were going to live with them forever and never get married? I want you to have a similar mindset. I want you to be that independent girl you always were, in these situations, she hides. I want her to come out. I want her to treasure every “single” moment in life, being single or with someone. I want you to not search but then again I can’t tie you on a leash. Remember, the fish will swim away, and that is not just with you, that is for everyone.

Dear struggling girl, did you say 3 positive things to yourself in the mirror today? I know that sometimes we get so down on ourselves that we start to think if no one wants us, then I don’t want me either. Picture this. 5, 10, 15 years from now, would you want your daughter, your little mini me thinking the exact same way you thought at that age. Life is too short struggling girl, and I know you would want the world for her. I want you to stare in that mirror and think about all your accomplishments over the years. Are you proud? You should be. You completed school, you mastered your exams, finished your papers, and got the motivation to get up each morning for class. That means a lot to me. I know deep down that means a lot to you too. Is your diploma framed on your wall? Go to Wallmart buy the most expensive frame because you deserve it, and hang it in your room. A simple reminder is something everyone needs each day. A reminder that you got yourself here. You have done so much over the years and I want you to know I am proud. I am proud you thought twice about ending your life that one day. I am glad you thought things through struggling girl. People would be miserable without you.

Dear struggling girl, life is not on a time limit. It’s okay to change your mind a billion times about school, it’s okay to change your program, you are not a failure. Sometimes, our minds do not know what they want, and that is part of life. I want you to sit down and think about what you want to be in life. If you want to be an astronaut I will go to the moon beside you, if you want to be a painter I’ll be your still life, anything you want to be I will be here for you, I will be beside you. I want you to know that it is okay.  I want you to know that nobody is perfect, and we are all going to have our bad days. It is however, taking a negative situation and turning it into a positive that I want you to try out. Trust me, it’s not easy. I myself and struggling to do this very same thing.  Life is soo short struggling girl, and I know first hand how short it can be. I know deep down you can do this. I know that your emotions are getting the best of you, but I want you to learn to love life. I can not love life if you’re not enjoying it. That would not be fair. I want you to live for the moment, the present moment. I want you to love your life because I love you.

Is your glass half full yet?

Blacker than Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

Blacker than Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

Good evening beauts  ,hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday night! I was looking at apartments all day long today, thinking we found the right one so fingers crossed! I was playing some old Avril Lavigne today ( the second album come on guys…unreal), and I was inspired by her to create a very...I mean very dramatic look. I absolutely love black smokey eyes, I think they are drop dead gorgeous and someone who can pull it off...props to you! I have not shown an intense black smokey eye on my channel before so I thought I would today for you guys, thanks, Avril!  I highly recommend wearing this look for night outs, as daytime looks, you might get glared at haha! I will be using my ‘Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette” for this look. Shall we rock into this?

First things first, I applied all of my face makeup already and added some tape to the corner of my eyes just to ensure I have a clean line afterwards. I am going to only use the black within the palette of course for this tutorial. This may seem like a very easy tutorial to do since I only used black, however, this was one of the more time-consuming tutorials I have ever done. This is simply because black is such a dark colour, that the fallout will be there, and the blending will be your cardio for the day….literally (bye gym). I am taking a small eyeshadow brush and applying black to the entire lid, placing a bit in the crease but not too much. I am ensuring that every piece of skin is covered on my lid. I had to build up the pigmentation a bit, so be patient! You are literally probably looking at the picture up thinking, “wow why would you post that, that looks ridiculous”. I wanted to show you guys the reality of this look. when you first start, you are not going to be red carpet ready straight away. Your lines are going to appear super harsh and that will eventually be blended nicely.

You are then going to start blending into the crease, and literally blend your life away. I am really focusing on the crease as I want this to look as subtle and flawless as opposed to harsh lines. I even am dragging the black slightly above my crease as well with my fluffy brush. I want a really dramatic smokey eye effect for this look. I then removed the tape and voila, you are literally left with clean straight lines which can outline your winged liner for you….nifty!

As you can see, I even put some of the black underneath my bottom lashes to appear more dramatic and intensify the look. I also went in with some black eyeliner and applied this to my waterline.

I then went in with some mascara and applied this to my bottom and top lashes. I also applied some black liquid liner for the winged look, and placed some false lashes on as well, obviously.

That’s it! I added a bit of some nude lipstick to stay away from overpowering the eyes, and you are left with an absolute badass sexy look for a night out!

“When I die, press my ashes into a smokey eyeshadow palette”

“Savage as F***”

I went a little camera crazy here guys I apologize, I just had to show you how badass this look turned out to be!

I hope you guys enjoyed this short and sweet intense black smokey eye tutorial! Be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page to stay updated with the latest blogs! Have a great evening!

“Topaz Twinkle” Inspired Makeup Tutorial

“Topaz Twinkle”  Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey my beauts, hope you all are having a better weekend than I am! I am sick with this damn head cold that is driving me insane, but hey…. what can you do? Just been taking a shit ton of medication and hoping for the best! Again, I was reminiscing back to my nights out and was trying to think of a makeup tutorial to do for today’s post for you guys! I believe I have mentioned one of the main products for today’s blog in one of my previous blog posts but have never done a makeup tutorial on this product to show you guys how amazing it is. So I am going to be using my favourite “Revlon Photoready EyeArt” that I purchased at Shoppers for the main look within this blog. Long story short, I was never planning on buying this product, but I am so glad that I did. I purchased this product for a New Years Look that I was going to create, as I was looking for some product with a shit ton of sparkles in it. I originally was planning on purchasing some sparkles and glue at Sephora but of course, they were completely sold out (I guess everyone wanted to do the sparkle look for New Years). So I thought, “great…now what”?! I thought might as well check what Shoppers have to offer, and to my amazement, I found this gem.  So shall we get started with this shimmery look? Oh.. and by the way… if you guys have not guessed it yet I absolutely love shimmery looks, they have always appealed to me. Okay, okay… let’s do this.

 Clean & Fresh Face

Again, using the same face products that I always use I make sure my face is fully clean and washed before applying my face makeup such as my foundation, powder, contouring and highlighting.

The Eyes

After finishing my face makeup, I then ensure my eyelids are fully primed before applying any eyeshadow. I am going in with the beautiful “Revlon Photoready Eye Art” in the shade “Topaz Twinkle (hint hint wink wink my title), and I am using the matte shimmery side as opposed to the sparkles, and I am going to apply this all over my entire lid. I do love the brush it comes with, but I also take a small eyeshadow brush and make sure it is all applied nicely, especially when it comes near the crease.

After this shade has been applied to the lids, I am going in with my Naked Palette and taking the shade “Sin” which is an absolute flawless pink highlighting shimmer and I am applying this on top of the topaz twinkle. I think this helps make the shades pop more, and really adds a lot of shimmer to it.

Next, I am still using my Naked Palette and going in with the shade “Toasted”, and applying this to the crease acting as the transition shade. I love this shade because it is the perfect pink to transition into the topaz.

I then am going to go in with the shade “Hustle” which is a brown shimmer with a slight hint of pink, and applying this to the outer V creating a slight smokey effect. I am also bringing this shade into the crease with a fluffy brush as well. I then am grabbing a small portion of black which is called “creep” in the palette and applying this to the outer V as well. You can add as much black as you wish to your desired look.

I then am going to take the shade “Hustle” again, and line underneath my bottom lashline to make my eyes “pop”. I am then going to grab the other end of my Revlon stick nd apply the sparkles to the middle of my lid very slightly and also the front of my lash line. After my eyeshadow is complete, I am going to do my finishing touches!  I am going to apply my mascara, and also go in with a black liquid eyeliner to create a winged effect. Something about wings and going out looks that you just have to do. Of course, a “going out look” is never complete without those fake lashes. I absolutely loved these.

Now that the eyes are complete, I am going to move onto the lips. Since the look consists of brown and pink shades, I am going to use my “NYX Cosmetics Lingerie” in the shade “Embellishment” and apply this all over my lips (absolutely love this shade if you have not noticed , thanks, Rachelle Howatson).

The Lips

Lastly, I, of course, need to highlight my bridge of my nose, cheekbones, chin and forehead. I am going in with the beautiful “Nicole Guerriero Palette” in the shade “Forever Lit”, and applying this to all those areas.


“When in doubt, Wing it out”

I hope you guys enjoyed this lovely “Topaz Twinkle” Look that I created for a night time look! Let me know I you guys try out this look of the “Revlon stick”, I am curious! Be sure to follow my other social media accounts on my page to stay updated! They are located on my main page!

My blogging Journey; All about my Blogging Channel 

My blogging Journey; All about my Blogging Channel 


Hey  gorgeous beauts ! How has your day been so far ? It is so rainy and muggy I hate it but that is what you get when it comes to April ! “‘April showers bring May flowers!”. If this weather is going to look prettier in May I am down for it , even though that means suffering while I am inside . But what can you do ! Today I waned to share with you guys all about my blogging lifestyle , how I write my blogs , the 411, how I get my photographs and all that fun stuff ! If there was a blog that shared all this information with me when I was first starting out I would have been on cloud 9!  I literally would of had it made ! Instead, I mostly figured everything out on my own with trial and error ! That’s how ya learn right ? I made a post a couple years ago on my blogging journey and why I chose to start blogging . If you guys want to check that out it’s a little ways back in my previous blogs. This post is going to be a more up to date one and I am excited to share with you guys all my secrets! So shall we get down to business or what?! 


I never really knew much about blogs when I first started out as I was never really much of a writer personally. I hated writing essays and just hated making time for them. The idea of writing about something that interests me such as beauty, makeup and life related topics really got me wanting to blog. I personally don’t know if there are any other good blogging sites but I decided to give WordPress a try ever since seeing ” Christina Gooding’s”‘blogging channel. I decided to give it a quick peak and was blown away at how much amazing content she had on there . I loved the idea of being able to freely express yourself , and literally designing your own page . So if it wasn’t for her , I probably never would have gotten started on blogging. I pulled up WordPress and I was so overwhelmed with everything . I didn’t even know where to start!  I had no idea what to call my site and literally sat there for hours pondering. I thought to myself , ” what interests me ?”, and that’s when it came to me , “‘the little things “. I decided to name my site “it’s the little things in life that matter”, simply because that is what I always believed in. I don’t think life is about giant surprises and expecting things. It’s that quick kiss before your boyfriend goes to work , that tight hug when you say goodbye to your little sisters or mom’s amazing homemade pizza . Having a site labelled that could mean endless opportunities to different topics that I could share. So now that I had that down pat, it was all about creating the format and layout for my blog. I knew right away that I wanted to discuss beauty related topics 100% but changed my initial thought of ” beauty blogger” to ” beauty related topics and life advice“. Being a generally quiet person, I have never really gotten the chance to speak my mind and share my views on things. Now having a blogging site allows me to share my thoughts and opinions about life related topics. I was generally pleased with the content I was going to be focusing on within this blog. I also wanted to keep my blog very open when discussing topics. It’s pretty much what inspires me that certain week whether it be a makeup look or a life event, and I will start writing away.  With my layout I wanted to keep it very simple , I did not want anything complicated or hard to follow. I then started writing my first blog once I had a layout down pat .  I uploaded my first blog post ever on August 8, 2015 I believe , quite a ways back! Obviously I was very new with blogging and had a more younger mindset I believe too.

( also had some dark hair happening!) 

I was very interested in beauty products at the time and was not really into the whole lifestyle topics at first. When I first wrote my first “life advice “ blog post , it was on ” 5 things I wish I would’ve known earlier”, and I literally thought , “hey, I really enjoyed writing that and sharing my life views on this”. That was when I knew I had the right content on my blog.

I kind of left blogging for a little bit at one period of my life just because I was not really inspired at the time and did not know exactly what to blog about. One thing about being a blogger is you have to be inspired and want to actually write a blog. If you are simply forcing yourself , you won’t enjoy it , it will seem more like a chore as opposed to a hobby or career. I eventually came back into blogging not too long ago , probably about two months ago maybe , and just was inspired all at once to continue to blog about more things.  Once I started back up again , I received comments from family members stating that ” I had talent and this was my calling“. That really surprised me. Usually I do not think too highly of myself so having someone say something so nice like that gave me the boost of confidence that I needed to hear.  I then thought, ” wow okay I can do this and I actually enjoy doing this… maybe I can get somewhere”. That was when friends of mine would reach out stating that they enjoy reading my blogs or even friends of friends who I had no idea read them … I was flattered! And now here we are today! As I started to take blogging more serious these days , I started being more consistent with my blogs as well. Back then I would post once a week then once a month. Now I keep it weekly and try to write whenever I am inspired to do so. The other day I recently changed the layout of my blog and purchased it for $66.00, which is not bad at all ! I wanted something that was going to be different and look more professional. I then chose and made a cute logo for my channel. My signature phrase is ” much love xo “, this has just always stuck with me ever since I can remember.  I think it’s catchy and it’s personalized as well. Same goes for the word ” beauts” who I refer to you beautiful people by . I have always loved this word for some reason and it just stuck as well.  So I decided to create my logo instead of always writing out ” much love xo”, it is now changed to :

Which I think looks super cute and suites my personality well. I made this logo with the app called , “LogoMaker” and it was literally super easy to make . I am also happy that I have incorporated the social media icons on my homepage now so I do not have to take the time to keep writing it out , kind of gets tiring not going to lie ! So now you beauts can find my other social media accounts located there.


One of my most favourite parts about completing a blog is my photography and pictures located within in . I am so fortunate to have a best friend who is an amazing photographer , her name is Katherine Steele “ksteelephotography” and you can find her on Instagram at “Katherine Steele”. A lot of my more professional pictures come from Katherine which I adore.  What a gem. 

She literally tells me what to do and sets me all up I love it. Usually I bring a change of clothes for the sessions just to spice things up a bit . For the session above , I wanted a more ” chill” atmosphere but as for the one below , I wanted more sophisticated ( both of these were shot one after the other).

Recently , probably three months ago a beautiful soul posted an item on Kijiji that changed my life forever… not even exaggerating! I bought mutself a ” diva ring light “,  which helps brighten up my pictures and helps them look more professional. For every single one of my pictures that I take by myself I will always use my ring light. I find that I can not go back without one now that I have tried this method. My pictures always look so professional and flattering that I am in love over my own pictures… conceited bitch much ? Just kidding! 


When it comes to editing I literally take it very seriously . Even my boyfriend will say to me “you take hours editing“, I know ! That’s because I need my pictures to look perfect and presentable on my blog. Does that mean I edit the shit out them taking away my wrinkles and freckles ? Absolutely not. I do not alter how I look in my photos , I simply add a filter or words into my pictures . Some of the wonderful apps that I use on a daily basis include:

  • Photo editor
  • BeFunky
  • InstaSize
  • Font candy
  • Boomerang

Those are probably my ” go to ” apps that I love using for my picture when it comes to editing them . I usually use the photo editor for some of the stickers in my photos , and the MOLDIV for the texts within my pictures . I have been really loving bomerang lately as well so I have been starting to get the hang of that lately!  When it comes to filters , I usually use the ones the Instagram provides. I absolutely love ” slumber ” and “crema“, I think the colours look absolutely gorgeous on my photographs.


What usually inspires me to write my content can be a number of things . When it comes to my life advice , usually something happened that triggers my thoughts and gears towards a blog. Some examples from the top of my head include : my letter to my bully , I was bullied in high school quite badly and my younger sisters were being bullied at the time . This influenced me to write a post geared towards bullying and what I have to say to my bully. Another one was ” dear 16 year old self “, my sisters were having a tough time in school mind you they were only in elementary school but I wanted them to know the ins and outs what my 16 year old self did and what I want them to know about in high school. I love the life related articles because I am so influenced strongly by things around me . When it comes to makeup tutorials it could be a night out where I was playing around with a palette that inspired me to do a post . Or even Pinterest is excellent for different ideas for tutorials. I have to be in the mood for makeup which I usually am 99% of the time! I then play around with my palettes and see which looks I can create! I am usually inspired by things around me and that’s where a majority of my blogs come from. I like to be down to earth in my blog posts and extremely honest. With my social anxiety mini blog series I was 110% real with you guys and was actually hesitant to write them in the first place. I was not sure what kind of feedback I would get , but I thought to myself “I wish someone would have posted these treatment session groups at the time when I was considering therapy”.  I want my advice to help someone , even if it’s just one person. My aim in my blogs is to inspire people to be themselves and to try new things.

Blogging vs YouTube ? 

I have been told several times now to consider starting a YouTube channel. I have thought about this a million times trust me I just don’t have the proper equipment for it at the moment. I know some people are going to say just use your phone or you’re fine ! I am a perfectionist when it comes to my channel and I know I will get down on myself if I personally think my videos are not that great of quality. Also I do no know how I would be in front of the camera. I know for a fact I would not feel comfortable vlogging…. hey guys give me a break it’s been 1 week out of group therapy.  I would always wonder who’s watching or what other people are thinking which sucks but that is just how I am ! Maybe one day I will try YouTube but for now , I am Sticking to WordPress and blogging. I like to be behind the computer and have my personal space.

I would highly recommend that those who are slightly interested in blogging to try it out for yourselves ! That is exactly what I did and look at where I am today ! I also want to take the time to thank my followers for reading my blogs you guys have no idea how much that means to me ! Thank you so much ! I have wrote over 70 blog posts and still continue to keep on writing! I hope you guys enjoyed this post , be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page !

Have a great rest of your week! 

Classic Red Lip with Smokey Eye Tutorial

Classic Red Lip with Smokey Eye Tutorial


Happy Monday beauts! I hope you all are having a great week so far even though it’s Monday and everyone dreads it ! Mondays always seem so long to me , I hate it . But then when I get home it’s so wonderful and relaxing I love it . I also love getting inspired throughout the day for blog posts . No I have not sat down and actually thought ” lyss …. what days are going to be your blog days ?“. As opposed to literally whenever I feel like it ha ha ! Don’t worry beauts , I will establish a schedule sooner or later and make that commitment. As for right now it’s whenever I get inspired. I thought of this blog post today and literally thought to myself ” I have never posted my red lip and smokey eye look!“. I wear this look sometimes when I go out and I absolutely love it , I think this look is super easy to recreate the only challenging part is playing around with the black, as it is extremely messy and sometimes hard to blend . You can also wear this look for daytime and night time as well ! I would maybe for daytime use a little less black and maybe take out the fake lashes. So, shall we do this or what ?!

First , I am going to put tape along the outer corners of my eyes since we are working with black today . I am then going to go in with my Naked Palette and apply “Virgin“, all over my entire lid. I chose to do a very gentle and subtle colour to compliment the black nicely . I then also went in with my Naked 3 Palette and applied “Strange” overtop of Virgin just to stand out more and make my eyes pop .

Next , I am going to go in with the fun part, the black! I am going to take the Naked Palete and go in with “Creep“, which is a shimmery black and apply this to the outer V of my lids. I am going to slowly build up the colour to my desired look. I decided to build it up quite a bit to create a more dramatic look. I made sure to keep blending out the black thoroughly to avoid any harsh pigmentation.  It was hard for me to blend out the black considering I hardly wear this colour as a smokey look , but I managed !

I then went in and applied creep underneath my lower lash line to add more depth to my eyes. I also went in with my black liquid liner and applied this to my lid creating a winged effect. I then applied my mascara to my top and bottom lashes.

Now time for the finishing touches! I took my favourite red lipstick by Kate in the shade “110” I believe and applied this to my lips. I love this shade because it has a hint of orange in it so it’s absolutely beautiful. You can pretty much use your favourite red lipstick for this! I also went in with some false lashes of course, and some black eyeliner to line my water line.

“…life is short, your lashes shouldn’t be”

I hope you beauts enjoyed this super classy red lip with a smokey eye look! I really loved how this turned out and I personally think this looks so elegant and sexy! Let me know what you guys think! Be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page for the latest updates !