“A Pop of Colour”- Spring Time Look

Happy Saturday beauts! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, spring time is here and I literally could not be in a better mood. I absolutely love spring time and already created one spring time makeup look for you beauts. I literally think the more looks the better when it comes to spring, there are so many different looks you can create, I literally get way too stoked for life when it comes to eyeshadow. I came up with this look yesterday, and thought “hey I really like this look, I think I’ll make a blog on it”. So here we are! I absolutely love how subtle this look came out. It is super classy with a pop of coral colour for the lips, so stunning. I don’t know what it is about coral colours, but I absolutely adore them, the colour is flawless. So again, I did not include a full face tutorial, as mentioned before, I particularly use the same products a lot of the time, so did not want to be repeating myself for the 100th time. Shall we get into it?

First, I went in using my Morphe 350 Shimmer Palette, of course, obsessed right now, and applied this beautiful gold shimmer to my entire lid. Yes, I like to mix up the order sometimes when it comes to my crease and lid. Somedays I like to apply my crease last or first, depends on my mood that day and what I think would be easier for me.

I then went in with this light pinky shade and applied this to my crease with a fluffy brush.

(very subtle look right now, and looks so gentle which I adore)

I then am going to go in with this darker pink/orange shade, and apply a small amount underneath my lower lash line to add a pop of colour to my eyes. I then made sure this was blended thoroughly and even smudged it.

I then went in with this light cream shade, and applied this to the inner corners of my eyes to make them appear brighter.

After the shadow, I applied some liquid eyeliner on top of my upper lashes, and also applied my favourite mascara! I did not create a winged effect for this look because I did not want it to be too dramatic, but feel free to add one! After my mascara had dried, I applied some false lashes that I purchased from Shoppers, believe these were called “flirty”.

Lastly, I applied some of my favourite coral lipstick by Katy Perry Covergirl in the shade, “Coral Cat”. This shade is absolutely stunning and I love it because it was so cheap, I am pretty sure under $10.00 which was a steal for how pigmented it is.

And Voila! A super subtle spring makeup look with a gorgeous pop of colour!

“Too glam to give a damn”

I hope you beauts enjoyed this makeup look tutorial! I absolutely loved how this turned out and how beautiful is it! Be sure to subscribe and check out my other social media sites to stay updated, I post weekly!


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