“Behind the Camera” with Jy Quinn Sage 

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Hello, my beauts and happy Thursday! I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far this early morning !(kind of hard to tell when it’s so early but come on guys lets be positive here!).  Okay okay so hands up if you want to get into modelling? “Me me oh pick me” ( donkey from shrek), no literally though I honestly wanted to get into modelling for so long now! I have always loved being in front of the camera and just posing & doing my thing. I have the absolute pleasure of knowing a Vogue Model… yup you heard me! I am super excited to let you guys know that I will be collaborating with the beautiful model Jy Quinn Sage from Six Nations. I am super stoked that Jy agreed to collab with me on this post based on her modelling experience, shall we begin?

I have had the pleasure of going to school with Jy for grade 12 I believe but we never actually spoke to one another, more or less because I was a hermit… but that’s another story! I have always admired Jy’s modelling photographs on her Instagram page and ever since I started my collaborations, I wanted to eventually reach out to her. Jy is 23 years old from her hometown of Six Nations. Modelling to Jy is a hobby of hers and how she actually got into it is rather interesting! Jy states, “When I first started to model I was 16. I won a contest that my Auntie and Grandma submitted me for. I had won free classes and a year contract with the local agency on six nations. After my year contract was up I took some time off and just volunteered my time with local fashion shows. I modelled for a designer, who has changed my modelling career for the best! she started using me for more fashion show and print work. Just two and a half years ago I got scouted out by vogue at the super crawl fashion show downtown hamilton. the owner asked me to come in and meet with them and go over a few things if I was interested”.  Wow, Jy! I am so proud of you, that’s honestly amazing! I am so happy they submitted your photograph. You literally never know what can happen it is about taking that risk and taking chances, look where it got Jy!  She is on a roll!

I then jumped right into the collaboration asking Jy about what type of modelling she is involved with and what agency she models for. Jy shares, ”  the agency I model with currently is Vogue Models & Talent (Hamilton & Toronto) The type of modelling I’m involved with is runway, print work, video and promo”.

How much time does modelling consume out of your life? “Modelling is like a part time job. You can pick and choose what jobs you’re available for, however, the more I book the more time I have to take off my everyday life to do the jobs. So worth it though!” I would think it’s worth it too Jy that’s for sure! Let’s switch hobbies for a day, you can blog and I’ll model sound good?! I love how modelling is somewhat flexible for you Jy, that is so convenient.

I was so curious about this next question! I always wondered if models can keep their clothing after the shoot that they do. Jy explains, “no you don’t keep the clothes, sometimes the clothes that you are modelling are worth thousands. I find when I do a promotional job where there is a dress requirement you can get reimbursed any money you had to spend” I find that so interesting! That is insane how much some of the clothes are worth! Oh my goodness, that is crazy!. I would be so hesitant not to rip anything or break something I am wearing. That is good that you get reimbursed though!

Do you enjoy modelling? What are the pros and cons of it? “I love modelling!!! the best part about modelling is the experiences. Each job is different and you get to meet a lot of new people 🙂 One of the cons about the job is all the waiting you do for a fashion show. Hair and makeup only take a couple of hours but because there is so many other girls getting theirs done too it takes up to 5-8 hours”. I would absolutely adore modelling, I think the experience would be unreal and amazing like Jy said! I never even thought about the waiting aspect of modelling, to be honest, but that is something that has to be taken into consideration. I guess you must be a very patient person in order to succeed in this industry. I would not mind getting my hair and makeup done, however, that would be the life!

I then went on the ask Jy what her favourite shoot was so far! Jy states, “my most favourite shoot I’ve done so far was done for Angela DeMontingty. It was a last minute shoot and the photos turned out amazing!!”.  I absolutely love these photographs. They are breathtakingly gorgeous and Jy makes it look so easy and simple, I love it. You can say she is very natural at it that is for sure!

Do you have a restrictive diet? ” No, I don’t have a restrictive diet. I try to workout three times a week and eat kinda healthy”.

I know we are all dying to know how one gets involved and started in modelling right? Well have no fear, Jy is here to give us all the crucial information needed! Jy explains, “. to get started in modelling, you should try and find a local agency near you. Contact them and have them look at you to see if you have the look that they need. Sometimes you get turned down but that’s ok, keep calling and researching places”. Like Jy said, in order to be a a model you have to have that positive and upbeat attitude, a thick skin to say the least. I don’t know how I would initially be if I got turned down. I do not have thick skin to begin with, so not taking it personally would be hard at the beginning for me. On the other hand, you never know! Th ageny may want to look into you a bit more which would be amazing! Thanks for the advice Jy!

I also wanted to ask Jy a more personal question in regards to modelling. I was curious to find out if models make a fair amount of money for their shoots. Jy states, “yes you can make good money modelling. It all depends on how long the job is, what you’re doing and how well known they are. For example, if you get asked by a company just starting out they may just ask for volunteers, always volunteer!!Extremely important when it comes to modelling, this is how you put your foot in the door and meet new people who will potentially wanna book you for future jobs”. Great tip and advice Jy! That is so important, to get yourself out there and get yourself known as well. A lot of people love volunteers and I can see why agencies would jump on this!

“Patience is a huge key in modelling, it takes time.”

Are there certain requirements to become a model? Ex. Height, size etc…“Some agencies do have certain requirements.  The agency I’m with likes a variety of heights and sizes. Yes, this does affect your chances for some jobs but there is always something to be submitted for”.

Have you met any celebrities at any of your events?“I have not met any celebrities yet! However, I’m going to be modelling on Dragon Den this April 20th :)” No way Jy! That is honestly incredible, I will for sure be scouting you guys on and looking out for you! I am sure all my viewers and beauts will be looking out for you too and cheering you guys on! Goodluck!

I was curious to know what other activities Jy did aside from modelling as her hobby. Jy explains, “Besides modelling, I enjoy doing art. I like to draw and paint on my down time to relax :)”. I remember having art class with Jy back in high school and I have to say she is quite talented in that department as well! Jeeze Jy, can you share some of that talent with me too?

Lastly, I asked Jy if she had any words of advice in regards to modelling in general. Jy shares, “one piece advice I would give about modelling is to not take things personally!! Sometimes the customer is just looking for a particular look”.  I would for sure be that random person that starts crying after constructive criticism, who is with me on that one? Haha! Good or you Jy, I am so proud of where you have gotten yourself, that’s incredible. I want to give a huge thank you to Jy Quinn Sage for agreeing to collaborate with me on this blog post based on her modelling experiences. I really enjoyed getting to know her on a more personal note, as well as being more informed about modelling and the industry. Be sure to check out her Instagram page for more pictures and images of her modelling!

Instagram Page- Jy Quinn Sage


Thank you beauts for taking the time to read this post and checking out my channel. Be sure to let me know what you guys thought of this post! Also be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page to stay updated!


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