Ocean Blue Makeup Tutorial

Hey beauts, hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, or should I say, had a wonderful weekend! It has been an extremely stressful week for me, so I have not been really on the ball with blogging lately, I do apologize for that and will try to pick it up again so just bare with me here! Thanks guys! I decided to throw in a makeup tutorial for today, as I have not done one in forever and wanted to change things up a bit. My sister recently gave me this beautiful Sephora blue single eyeshadow and the first thing I thought of was, “what the hell am I supposed to do with that..?”. I never really use colours as you guys know, I mostly stick to my neutrals and away we go! I came up with this beautiful look today using this ocean blue shade, I hope you guys like it ! Again, If you guys are interested in what products I use on my face, just skip back to my previous makeup tutorial posts where I go step by step on which products I use. To same time and to not repeat myself, I decided to just show you beauts my eye makeup. Shall we get started?!

  1. First, I primed my eyes with my absolute favourite eye lid primer called the “Kat Von D High Voltage Primer”, from Sephora. I am going to have to repurchase this product as I am now running super low!

2. I am now going in with the beautiful colourful glitter blue eyeshadow I think called “Curacao Punch”, and applied this with a small eyeshadow brush all over my entire lid.

3. I am then going in with my “Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette”, and using the black for the smokey eye effect. I am applying the black to the outer V, and blending this out, slowly building up the pigmentation.

4. I then am using the same palette and taking a lighter cream shade to apply this to my inner corners of my eyes, highlighting them and making them stand out more. I am then adding some finishing touches onto my eyes such as some mascara, a winged liner, and also adding a bit of the black eyeshadow underneath my eyes.

“Home is where your makeup stash is”

I also took a nude lipstick and applied this to my lips. I thought nude would be the best shade to ensure this look is not overly dramatic and that the lips do not overpower the eyes.

“Don’t let today be a waste of makeup”

I hope you guys enjoyed this extremely short and easy makeup tutorial. This is so beautiful for a night out or if you are feeling spontaneous, you can wear this during the day as well! Be sure to follow my other social media sites located on my home page for more updates on my latest blog posts! Have a great week guys!


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