Hello Summer 2017! Featuring Shannon Wilkerson xo

Summer is fast approaching and if you’re like a lot of women, the moment you saw a sign that the weather was changing from winter to spring you immediately started to work on your “summer body“. You started eating burgers without the bun and having just one cookie instead of 6 ( or is that just me?). You may have even tried a body wrap, The Green Smoothie Cleanse, which is amazing or some other quick remedy to get your body “snatched” for summer. Some of us got gym memberships. Oh how I dislike the gym, but I suffer through it to look great on the beach. 

There’s nothing wrong with being the best possible you, but who determines what that looks like and who’s to say you’re not already your best you? Why do we torture ourselves with the worlds standard of beauty instead of loving who we are exactly how we are? Maybe you don’t need to drop 30 pounds. Maybe you’re perfectly healthy the way that you are now and isn’t that what’s important? I know Skinny Minnies who can’t walk up a flight of stairs without becoming out of breath. Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with self improving. Do what makes you feel good, but do it for the right reasons. It should always be about you, how you feel and your health, not what the world or even your family feels you should do or be. 
Regardless of season I’m always very conscious of what looks good on my body. This is even more important during the summer because we naturally dress less. It’s hot! You may just need to find clothes that flatter your body so that you feel more confident about your look when you present yourself to the world. You may have the perfect legs for mini skirts and hot pants as my mom calls them, but maybe you don’t. Maybe you would feel more comfortable in a long flowing skirt that covers your legs. Or maybe you’re comfortable with what others may call your imperfections and put the hot pants on anyway. As long as you look and feel good, continue to create your own slay. Just make sure you’re summer looks are what really looks great on you! 

Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to fit someone else’s mold just because summer is approaching. Be the best you yeah, but do it for you! If you like makeup, put some on! Try out new hairstyles and buy a cute summer time outfit. Heck try one of those monthly subscription companies that send you clothes and shoes like Stitch Fix, Gwynnie Bee, Justfab ect. Step out with your confidence on full display. Head out to the cook out, pool party, day party ect and enjoy a freeing no pressure summer! 

Shannon Wilkerson, Founder

The Shanni Wilke Company 

& We Shine 




Thanks again Shannon for being apart of my opening summer blogs! Be sure to follow Shannon up above and support her journey through blogging 🙂 Be sure to follow my other social media accounts to stay updated with the latest blogs ! Xo

3 thoughts on “Hello Summer 2017! Featuring Shannon Wilkerson xo

  1. I used to stress myself BIG time about my summer body, how I’d look in a bathing suit, finding the right summer clothes to cover up the areas I was most embarrassed about, etc…. This year was the first year I just picked a suit I liked and rocking it made me feel SO great inside and out!

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

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