Rustic Decor- Welcome to my home!

Hey there beauts ! I hope you all are having a wonderful first day back at school or work! I had only a short half day ... not even a half day .. which was great! I thought for this blog I would show you guys parts of my home now that the decorating is slowly being done! I absolutely love the rustic feeling and love that look in general. I am always on the hunt for new things to add to my home, but I will show you beauts what I have so far and you can let me know what you guys think! Let’s begin!

I absolutely loved these tree lights that I purchased at Walmart a little while ago. I think it gives the home a real rustic feeling and looks great next to my salt lamp! I absolutely love how they look in my home!

My grandma gave me this adorable buggy! How cute is it ?! I am completely obsessed and am probably going to place a plant in there or something ! I keep this on the ground by my fireplace.

I purchased this table from Leon’s a little while ago, love the barn look to it, it really completes the living room! I then added a beautiful center piece that I made up with things I found from different stores.

You can really place whatever you want within the center pieces!

A lot of these pieces I found from Urban Barn.

When it comes to decorating the walls I have my grandma to thank! She put together these beautiful rustic looking pieces for me , with some horse shoes she had lying around ! How amazing do these look?!

I absolutely love using these boxes for holding things such as pictures and candles. I think they look so great lying around, again, you can place whatever you want in them.

I featured this sign in one of my previous blog posts before , and again can thank my grandma for being so talented and artistic! This sign means a great deal to me , and states me and my boyfriends anniversary date on it .  We hung this above the door entry and it looks so cute !

I absolutely love this picture, it screams rustic! We purchased this piece online from society 6 and it looks fantastic in our dining room. It was a little pricier, but I think it’s completely worth it . There’s so much to look at on that site! Highly recommend checking it out!

I got these next two beautiful pictures from the Winona peach festival in one of the craft tents. As soon as I saw it, my heart dropped. I thought the saying was absolutely adorable, it states:

Sit Long , Talk Much

“Sit with me, talk with me 

Share your sorrows and your joys and all your hopes and dreams  and I will share mine with you and we will grow our friendship “

This is by far my favorite sign that I bought at the peach festival. It’s made out of wood and has the saying ” we decided on forever “. This hang above my couch and I love just glancing over at it, makes me happy!

We got this beer opener from Urban Barn , I think it looks super cute in our kitchen! Great rustic touch! 

You guys have probably seen this amazing piece before that we purchased and got custom made on Kijiji ! It looks super cute when you first walk in , and really sets the mood and feel when you walk in our home.

I hope you beauts enjoyed seeing a sneak peak of my home and the rustic feel /vibe I have going on in it ! Let me know what you guys think , be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page for upcoming blogs to come in the near future!


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