My Review on Lipsense 

Hello beauts ! Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday afternoon ! I woke up this morning and had to check the mail cause I knew in my gut something was in there and to my surprise a lovely pink package was there ! I opened it up and found this super cute lipstick bag with three lipsense bottle in there and this cute note ontop of the package ! I recently was talking to Anna Schweitzer on Facebook about collaborating with her and reviewing lipsense as she is a lipsense distributer. If you wish to get ahold of her here is all her information below !

Anna was amazing at letting me choose which shades I preferred and I let her know I like the more neutral shades such as nudes and pinks. She sent me this beautiful shade over which was called , ” Bella “. It’s an amazing long lasting lip colour that is kiss proof , smudge proof , water proof , gluten free , wax free , cruelty free and lead free ! How amazing is that ? So beauts I am all about my lipstick and was so stoked when I saw the colour I almost died ! It was a beautiful pink /nude shade combined ! So the instructions are simple:

1. Start with clean dry lips

2. Shake tube before application

3. Apply a sweeping motion across with lips parted

4.let it dry between coats ( 5 seconds)

5. Apply at least 3 layers of one or more colours to achieve long lasting results

6. Keep your lips parted until colour is fully dry ( about 10 seconds )

7. Top with your favourite lip gloss !

How easy is that ? So following the instructions I applied ” Bella ” to my lips and added my lip gloss that came with the bottles ontop of the colour and voila ! Also lipsense came with another bottle called “oops remover “, which helps remover the lip colour ! So no worries !

I am inlove with this shade you guys and will probably be purchasing more ! It glides so smoothly on your skin! Although it smells very strong on your lips when put on , the smell goes away and your lips look amazing . After applying the gloss my lips were so shiny ! Lipsense also tingles at first when you apply it which caught me off guard at first but there is a cosmetic glade alcohol in the product that kills any bacteria on your lips . It eventually goes away ! Lipsense also works as an exfoliator and breaks down wax build up and cleanse your lips . I thought I would let you beauts know about some facts with lipsense ! It is temperature sensitive so do not expose to extreme joy or cold . You can remove the lipstick with the oops remover!

This shade is perfect for nude and neutral looks and can be worn for day time and night time looks as well ! I am for sure going to wear this for day time looks !

I want to thank Anna again for being so kind and sending me my own package of lipsense ! If you wish to purchase your lipsense be sure to check out her Facebook page at “Small Town Big Beauty Makeup “, and send her a message ! Highly recommend trying this out for yourselves beauts ! If there’s one thing about my channel is I am completely honest , and after applying this lipstick I was blown away ! The colour and shade is to die for . I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and until next time ! Be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page for upcoming blog posts !

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