Collaboration with “theboxingmongoose!”

“Cute little things that pack a punch ” 

Hey my beauts , hope you all are doing well! As you may know, I recently started doing blog collaborations with individuals from literally all around the world! I absolutely love doing these and I am glad I started! Why I didn’t start doing this sooner I have no idea but I get so meet so many kind-hearted individuals who are absolutely amazing. One person, in particular, was Amy!  Amy learned how to knit when she was nine, but did not start making hats until her teen years.

Amy sent me these wonderful hats she made by hand which are absolutely breath taking and you can tell she put a lot of work into them that’s for sure ! Fall is coming and you know what that means? One word. Beanies . I absolutely live for beanies and when I saw that Amy made them I had to reach out to her! She made me these two amazing beanies, one in white the other in grey. First I am going to show you guys the grey hat, this one is called “The Maxine Wavy Rib Slouch Hat” and you can get it on Amy’s Etsy shop for $25.52, which is an amazing deal considering the hat you get and the quality!

I absolutely love this one and if I had to pick a favourite out of the two it would definitely be this one for sure! I would pair this hat with a plaid shirt and some rippedjeans!!

Ah September, you are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul “

The second hat that I am going to show you guys that the lovely Amy made for me is called “The Lejla Chunky Cable Slouch Hat” which retails for $25.52 in her store. Again another deal! Guys this hat is super cute and I find it looks cute with a more preppy outfit! I paired it with some ripped jeans a plain black shirt and some boots.

I absolutely love this hat with a classy scarf, it looks absolutely adorable and would for sure wear this in the fall along with the other hat! Be sure to check out Amy’s store located in the link within her bio on Instagram at ” theboxingmongoose”, and check out her wide selection of homemade hats! So beautiful.

I wanted to thank Amy again for the collaboration! What a kind soul, and she was so pleasurable to work with, always upbeat! Make sure you go share her some love on Instagram!

Be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my homepage for upcoming blog posts! Thanks again beauts and Amy!


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