My Collaboration with Fab-Tox-Beauty

Hello there beauts, and welcome to my channel if you are new! My name’s Alyssa and I am a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger from Hamilton Ontario. I have recently collaborated with the Company “Fab-Tox-Beauty”, as they are known for their affordable, popular name brand products! On their website, they have amazing products for really cheap prices and I was fortunate enough to receive some products to try out and review for you beauts! You guys know me and my neutral looks, so I decided to do a more natural look for you guys today using some of my products from Fab-Tox-Beauty. I am first going to go in with the L.A Girl Beauty Brick Nude Eyeshadow Palette, which retails for $8.00…. guys…. $8.00 like what!? I was completely shocked at this because the pigmentation is fantastic, and the colours are stunning. I am going to go in with the  7th shade from the left-hand side of the palette, this is a more gold shimmer shade and apply this all over my lid.

Next, I am taking the 4th shade from the left-hand side of the palette. which is a pinky-brown shade, and applying this in the crease of my lids, ensuring that I blend everything nicely together.

I am then going in with the 10th shade from the left-hand side which is a dark brown shimmer, and applying this to the outer corners of my lids. This adds more depth to the look and really makes your eyes “pop”. I then am using this shade and applying it below my lower lashes as well.

Next, I am applying some black liquid eyeliner to the top of my lids, and applying some of my favourite mascara. You can choose if you wish to put on fake lashes or not, I personally did not want to for this look, as I was aiming more towards a “daytime look”.  I then wanted a pop of colour and applied the “L.A Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick” in the shade “Hush”, and applied this all over my lips. Beauts…. this colour is to die for, and it is so creamy and moisturizing on my lips, I am in love. It is the perfect amount of colour for this look. This lipstick was only $5.00 which is unreal, and there is added shea butter to the product which makes it so smooth.


” Be yourself today, you look beautiful like that”

I also wanted to mention that for this look I also used some of Fab-Tox-Beauty’s makeup brushes to apply my face makeup. I used the “L.A Girl 3pc Contour Brush Set” which retails for $13.00 in store. This is such a deal you guys, the brushes are such good quality and they are super soft. I absolutely love them and have to say these are my favourite brushes so far. How gorgeous is this finished look you guys! I am in love and want to thank Fab-Tox-Beauty for agreeing to collab with me on this Makeup blog post! Be sure to go spread some love on their Instagram page at “fabtoxbeauty”, and check out their amazing selection of products !  Also be sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and follow my other social media accounts as well ! Take care! 


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