My Collaboration with “You Make the Logo”

Hey my beauts, I hope you all are having a great week so far! I am having a way better week than I  was last week, so that’s a bonus!  I have been so busy with midterms lately which sucks the big one but what can you do! At least they are done now, so I am pretty happy about that. So everyone on my channel here knows my slogan, or if you are new to my channel, welcome! My slogan has been around for a while, and I randomly just thought of it one day when I was coming up with my blog. Much love, I thought to myself, it was catchy, and I literally loved saying it. I remember the day when I thought of the look for my saying, and was experimenting around with the design I love cursive writing, and think it looks so elegant on things, so I knew it had to be in cursive. I then knew that I loved hearts especially fun looking ones, so I had to incorporate hearts somehow. I then experimented around a bit and came up with a design that I absolutely loved.


So I was lurking Instagram one fine day, and thought, “wow, wouldn’t it be really cute to have my logo on a t-shirt or something?. I then thought about a collaboration with a company who could design a t-shirt for me with my personal saying. I began to search on Instagram and came across a lovely company who I  decided to reach out to. GUYS….. guys….this company, let me tell you, is amazing. I knew from their page they were extremely talented in what they did, so I was super thrilled when they reached back out to me and decided to go ahead with the collaboration. This company is called “You Make the Logo” and you can find them on Instagram at @youmakethelogo.  They are a young growing company looking to expand. They make a ton of different custom clothes and also make the logos. A lot of the order that the company gets are shirts but they believe soon they will see a lot more hoodies, sweatpants, and sweatshirt orders.  You Make the Logo is also looking to make custom plates, mugs, and window designs as well.  Their main goal is to keep customers happy and smiling through their amazing work while they create the clothes and hoping to one day have a successful store and website.

Beauts, I can not express how helpful and generous this company was when it came to my request for a shirt. I had it completely in mind what exactly I wanted and they exceeded my expectations. Throughout the order and designing process, they kept in touch the whole time, offering help wherever they could and suggestions. Originally I wanted the hearts beside the “Much love”, but they gave me the option of having it slightly underneath, which is something I never thought of before. This option looked absolutely beautiful, and they truly wanted to help in any way they could. After the company had finished designing the shirt, they gave me a preview of what the shirt would look like ensuring that it was exactly what I wanted, making sure I speak up if I wanted something changed and they would accommodate that.  When it came to sizing, You Make the Logo, ensured I had the proper size, offering to change the shirt to a womn’s size which would be smaller but I wanted it a little bigger to style it the way I wanted to. Lastly, when it came to the hearts, the hearts were originally grey, so they had asked me if I wanted to keep the grey coloring or change it. They also suggested a black sparkle ontop of the lettering. Beauts, how did they read my mind and know that I absolutely love sparkles?! Of course I had to say yes to the sparkles! They showed me a preview of what the sparkle letters looked like which was completely gorgeous.

You Make the Logo offered to send me a picture when the shirt was done so I could take a sneak peek, and let’s just say I completely fell in love. They were nothing but helpful and wanted to ensure I was super happy and excited about my shirt overall. I was absolutely blown away at their superior service and how fast they designed the shirt. They kept in touch with me the whole entire time, and let me know when the order should be in which was extremely helpful. You Make the Logo also informed me that they also want to start charity shirts where a company can buy or sell their shirts for profit to raise money for their choosing. How incredible is that? I love people like this and companies who are such kind souls.


If any of you beauts are looking to purchase any custom clothing I highly recommend checking out this company, they are super helpful and wanted nothing but the best for me. I will for sure be purchasing more attire for my blog, as I am so absolutely hapy with how my shirt turned out.

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