Picket Fence Brand Babe for the Month of October

Hello my beauts, Alyssa here! So if there is one thing you beauts should know about me is I absolutely love fashion and when I started my blogging channel, I did not really think I would be modelling and reviewing fashion products whatsoever. It’s not that I think I have a bad fashion sense, I  don’t . I look at other people and think, “wow I wish I had a fashion sense like they do”. One day I randomly just thought to expand my blogging channel and thought what the heck, I’ll just try modelling and see if I like it because I always wanted to model clothing. Sure I am not a size 0 whatsoever, I don’t think I have ever been a size zero in my life but hey that’s quite alright. I was absolutely hooked on my first session and literally got my 14-year-old sisters to take pictures of me. Sometimes if I am lucky, I will book a photography session like I have had in the past, but we don’t always have the time for that!  My goal is to eventually save up for a legit pro camera so I can take my own photographs. So anywho, enough about my background with photography and how I got into modelling clothes, just wanted to share a bit of insight with you beauts! So I recently came across a beautiful boutique page a while back called, “PicketFenceBoutique”, and was really hooked on her content on her page, it was beautiful pieces of clothing that I would personally wear and model for sure. I love off the shoulder tops, tops with cutouts, tops that are distressed, and so forth. I had seen that Stacey, the owner of Picket Fence Boutique from Windsor Ontario, was hosting a contest for her company. She was hosting her first ever brand babe search for the month of October. Basically, the qualifications were as followed:

  1. You must have a love for fun trendy clothes and an eye for styling trendy pieces together.
  2. You must be active on social media ( you post several times a week or more) and have a public account.
  3. You take great photos with good lighting – natural/ clean backgrounds or scenic outdoor shots. You don’t have to be a professional photographer but the more eye-catching your photos are the better.
  4. You’re willing to work with us for a one month period, promoting our clothes and our shop by tagging us on your social media account 1-2x  a week in exchange for clothes we provide. You will also receive a 30% brand rep discount for any purchases you wish to make with us.

How to enter:

  1. Follow and like this post
  2. Repost/share this post
  3. Tag us in at least 3 photos that show YOU and your fun style, using the hashtag “picketfencebrandbabe”

So… I did just that! I went searching for my Instagram pictures, found 3 that stood out to me and hastagged away! Then the waiting game began. I started getting more anxious when other individuals were entering and joining the contest as well!  When September 29th, 2017 came my heart was beating so fast! I knew at some point today the winner would be chosen so I was patiently waiting!

As soon as I saw my name beauts my heart sank, I literally could not believe it! I am literally one of those people who always  enters contests but never win ever… like literally ever! So this one time someone was looking down on me! Right away I had messaged Stacey over email saying how excited I was to be working with her wonderful company.  I then was waiting patiently for my package to arrive in the mail with what I thought would be one shirt which I was so excited for! So I open the mailbox and it’s this huge package! I got even more excited. I opened up the package and was greeted by a beautiful sweet letter congratulating me! How adorable, I am for sure keeping the letter as a keepsake!

So me being me, I was honestly super stoked about the letter, love personalized letters, I just sat there admiring it! I then was greeted to a beautifully put together package. Beauts, this has got to be the most gorgeous packaged package I ever received in my life, I was blown away. It was wrapped in pink tissue and held together but cute little “Oh Happy Day” stickers, I was in awe.  I didn’t want to ruin the packaging but was so anxious to see what was inside the package! I was so overwhelmed I almost cried beauts. There was not one gorgeous shirt but 4….4!!! Like how generous can you be, thank you so so so much Stacey! It’s like Stacey even knew that one of my all-time favourite fall colours was olive green, which goes so well with my hazel eyes and makes them pop!

About the Company

The Picket Fence Boutique carries apparel and accessories that are modern and trendy for today’s stylish woman. The Picket Fence Brand has been in existence since 2012 as it originated with homemade wood signs under The Shabby Picket Fence name and has now grown to include boutique items including apparel and accessories.

Three, two , one …. let’s do this ! 

I absolutely love this shirt beauts! It’s honestly my absolute favourite out of the four tops I received. This top looks wonderful for the fall time , it’s so colourful and is absolutely gorgeous! This beautiful shirt is called ” the floral cold shoulder criss cross tied neck bell sleeve blouse”, which retails for $38.99. I honestly love the way this shirt looks on, it’s so flawless and a must have in your fall wardrobe! This shirt is flowy and lightweight, and is 100% polyester. I love the cutous on the shoulders, Stacey knew exactly my style and I love her for that! I simply paired this look with a pair of blue tight jeans, some nude heels, and a cute flowy hat.

This next top that was in my package is absolutely gorgeous. I love the distressed look, I feel like you can work this look however you wish making it classy or streetwear. I paired this look with a beanie, ripped jeans and my Hunter Boots. I think this look came together quite nicely. I received this shirt in a beautiful olive green colour which is such a statement for the fall time. This shirt comes in the colours olive green, white and heather grey.  This shirt retails for $32.99 but is on sale in the shop right now for $19.99, this is a huge steal for sure! This “distressed terry tunic sweater” is absolutely flawless and it’s one of my top favourites that’s for sure, I love anything distressed, thanks Stacey!

This next shirt in my package is super comfortable, soft and not to mention stylish. I absolutely adore it. It is in the shade olive green and is a hoodie with cutouts on the shoulders… how cool is that!? I absolutely love shoulder cutouts, and I think they make a huge statement and are great fall pieces to have in your wardrobe. This “long sleeve open shoulder tunic hoodie” retails for $41.99, but is on sale right now for $31.99.  I again love the olive green colour and think it really does look flattering on absolutely everyone. Literally best way to describe this fashion piece is sexy meets comfort. I simply paired this look with blue tight jeans, a white blanket scarf and a pair of grey converse to keep is classy get simple.

I absolutely love the fourth and final top that I received in my package. This is a gorgeous black blouse with a sexy chain back detail. One of the reasons why I love this top so much is the detail on the back. I absolutely love showing my back tattoo off any opportunity I get, and this just really compliments it so much! This top retails for $32.00 but is on sale in the sop for $19.99 which is quite the steal! I absolutely love classy tops that I can wear for dates, going out, or even evening plans later on in the day. I simply paired this look with black heels, some pink ripped jeans and a flowy black hat. I think you can create so many beautiful looks with this top which is what I adore about it. I am for sure showing this off on my next date! Hands down!

I want to take the time to personally thank Stacey and the Picket Fence Boutique for choosing me to represent and be their brand babe for the month of October. It has been an absolute privilege working with Stacey, she is an absolute wonderful woman who is so generous and lovely to work with. I highly highly recommend checking out her online boutique which is located in her link in her bio on Instagram at “picketfencefashion”. I absolutely love her boutique, everything in her store I would wear in a heartbeat and it’s right up my alley. Be sure to let me know if you guys do purchase some clothing from her, I am curious as to what you guys got! Have fun styling these clothes as well. It literally is all about experimenting and finding outfits that compliment you! Be sure to follow my other social media sites located on my homepage to stay tuned for the latest blog posts in the near future! Take care, much love xo.


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