How I started the process of collaborating with different companies!

Hey there beauts! It’s me Alyssa and I’m here today not actually discussing a company in which I am working with and collaborating with but rather how I started the whole process! I have been asked this question several times now whether it be, ” how do you get so many products?”, or ” how do you approach companies ?”. I started blogging several years ago, and focused mainly on beauty products as well as makeup tutorials. I saw a couple people that I knew on Instagram posting where they were collaborating and working with companies and that honestly sparked my interest. I wanted to work with companies and get my name out there for sure! I knew this would be a great opportunity for me, especially since I am just starting to get out there into the industry. I actually did a bit of research on collaborations and working with companies, understanding how to reach out to them and what not! I actually had no idea how to approach companies and wanted to do it the right way. I researched different advice that other bloggers were giving to their viewers and incorporating and using this for myself. I decided to finally give it a go one day and come up with a paragraph basically explaining who I was, what I blogged about and a little bit why I am reaching out to their company. I basically made a template which I was going to follow when reaching out to companies. The outline that I follow and say states,

“Hello! My names Alyssa I am a beauty /fashion/ lifestyle blogger/influenced and I am always looking to do reviews or model products. I am from Hamilton Ontario. I was wondering if you wanted to do a collaboration with me on some of your products and have them featured on my blog ❤️My link is located in my bio if you wish to check out my blogging channel! Much love xo💕”

It gets right to the point, states where I am from, what type of blogger I am, as well as why I am reaching out. I find this is a really respectable way to reach out to companies and is super friendly as well. Being a blogger and reaching out to people, you get two different kinds of people. You get people and companies who are all for it and would love the help and promoting, and you get the companies who want nothing to do with you. If companies do not want the help you simply thank them for reaching back out to you and go about your day. You can’t let things get to you, that’s one thing about being a blogger is you have to have thick skin. I am fortunate enough to not have experienced a lot of negativity on my blog yet, but that could change you never know! Just have to be prepared for it! You just focus on what you are promoting or giving advice on and that’s it, you simply do you. Not everyone is going to like your work and it’s that simple. That’s what I tell myself and I move on from there!

I specifically send this paragraph to companies that I know I am interested in promoting, looking for companies that send out great messages to their clients, and I know my viewers would love. I am always keeping all of these things in mind when I am blogging and looking for companies to work with. I then wait to hear back from companies and see if they need the extra promoting and help! I have met so many wonderful people through companies and and reaching out to businesses. There are so many beautiful people from all around the world and you get to build and make so many friendships! It’s honestly not about getting products but it’s about their reactions and the companies’ reactions when I am done and finished my blog. I love that rewarding feeling, there is nothing better than that I think anyways!

I absolutely love what I do! I wouldn’t change my hobby for the world, it is super rewarding and I get to make so many friendships and memories. I love every single product I have received and I am always completely honest for my reviews on my channel. I always put 110% into each and every one of my blogs, ensuring they are very detailed! One thing I am so proud of myself for doing is taking the step to reach out to companies and put myself out there, it’s not an easy thing to do. But you never know unless you don’t try! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I stayed quiet and shy. I love collaborating with companies, it has built up my confidence and allowed me to put myself out there , letting others know about my blog! I can say I am very proud of myself.

I hope this post has helped you beauts or anyone wanting to start collaborating with different companies. Remember to be confident in what you are doing and passionate about your hobby. It may get you somewhere one day !  Be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my homepage for upcoming blogs in the near future! Take care!


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