My Collaboration with “PuppyPawPets”

Hello my beauts, my name is Alyssa and welcome to my blogging channel if you are new! I have recently been obsessed with the newest member of our family! Her name is Winnie, and she is a cockapoo who is 15 weeks now. She honestly stole my heart the first time I saw her, and we welcomed her into our family with open arms, she has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. Honestly, since mental illness runs in our family, she is like our therapy dog, and is so therapeutic.  Due to her extreme cuteness, I thought “hey…. why not include her in some of my blogs?“, which she has made an appearance in some, but why not be the star of some of the blogs?  So I decided to expand my blogging a bit and start writing puppy blogs and collaborating with different companies for Winnie! I reached out to one specific company which I was super excited about, and I loved their Instagram page.  The company had a lot of dog accessories, clothes and pet supplies to choose from which was amazing. This company is called, “PetPawPets”, and I decided to reach out and see if they were interested in a collaboration.  I was so happy when I found out that they were interested which was great!  Puppypawpets love dressing up their dogs in adorable yet affordable clothes. The company is very passionate about making the highest quality products for your pets, and they do this while keeping your pet warm and fashionable. One of the company’s biggest goals is to provide the greatest customer service also providing excellent quality to our customers.

Beauts, if one thing is for sure the people at Puppypawpets who I spoke to were absolutely fabulous and were super friendly to speak to. One thing that caught my attention right away on their page was this adorable “Minion Hoodie” which was in their store and I needed Winnie to have it, I knew that she would look the cutest in her hoodie that’s for sure! Beauts, also be sure to use my discount code, “Alys10” for 10% off your entire purchase! You guys need to check out their store, the apparel in there is so cute, I just wanted everything in their shop.

Ready to see Winnie rocking her Minion Hoodie?!

Three, Two, One

How adorable is she!? I can’t even deal with her Minion Hoodie! Thanks again Puppypawpets! Be sure to check out their Instagram page at “puppypawpets”, and use my discount code! Let me know if you guys do end up purchasing any items for their store as I would love to see your fur baby in them! Thank you very much Puppypawpets for allowing me to collaborate and work with your company, you guys are amazing and such wonderful people to work with. Winnie is loving her hoodie, and we can’t wait to show relatives and friends her stylish outfit! Be sure to spread some love on their page as well as subscribe to my blogging channel and follow my other social media accounts located on my homepage for blogs in the near future! Take care, xo.


My Collaboration with “Elemenopee Design”

Hello my beauts, and welcome to my channel, I am so happy you decided to peak in and say hi! I have been busy with my new job at the moment as a nanny, and I absolutely love it. I have been a nanny in the past for about a year and I loved it. I absolutely love kids and have a strong passion for them. I am nannying a baby and she is gorgeous. So I have been super busy with that and slowly putting together some more blogs for you beauts. I have been collaborating non-stop with so many beautiful companies and I can not wait to share this company with you beauts. This one company has been featured on HGTV, BuzzFeed, The Wedding Co, Canadian Living in Style at Home and more! I reached out to this company as I absolutely loved their page and beautiful designs. This company is called, “Elemenopee Design”, and they are from Burlington Ontario, which is so close to me. The company specializes in art prints and words of wisdom. The company loves creating rustic wall prints with a touch of humour here and there. The company states, “printables are a great way to have affordable art on your walls within the same day! We now offer printing services if you’d rather leave the printing up to us”. I absolutely love this.

If you guys have not checked out their Instagram page already you are missing out. The company is so talented and the pieces are just beautiful. Their Instagram page is “Elemenopee_design”.  Elemenopee Design was happy to collaborate with me on a blog post which was so awesome and I was too excited to receive my package. If any of you beauts truly know me, you know I have a collection of mugs. I absolutely love my mugs, and the more the merrier. I saw this mug in their online shop and knew right away that I had to get my hands on it, the design and quote was absolutely adorable. It was a coffee mug that says, “But first, coffee“. I always need my coffee or tea in the morning and knew that this would suit me so well.  This mug retails for $22.59 in store. I honestly fell in love with my mug as soon as I took it out of the package! It’s so cute and will be perfect for the early mornings before work. Get yours today!

I want to take the time to personally thank “Elemenopee Design” for allowing me to collaborate with them on this blog post and feature one of their mugs for you beauts. I am sitting here typing this with my beautiful mug and enjoying my coffee! Keep up the great work Elemenopee Design, you guys are doing fantastic and were a pleasure to work with! Thank you again! Be sure to come spread some love on their page and follow their social media sites at :


And lastly Instagram at “Elemenopee_Design”

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My Collaboration with “Red Fox Candle”

Good morning my beauts! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love, family time, happiness and maybe a bit of partying in there?  I had a wonderful weekend, as I got to go to my hometown where my parents live and spend time with them which was wonderful. We had an early Christmas dinner at my dad’s house which was lovely, and it is always nice seeing my cousin, aunt, uncle, sisters, and grandparents.  I love family time, as I am a very family-orientated person. I think family is one of the closest people that you have to you, and it is so important to make time for them in your busy lives, even if it’s only for a short period of time.  I find that spending time with the family reduces my anxiety a ton, it’s relaxing and a calming atmosphere as well. You want to know what else calms my anxiety? Candles. I am a candleholic if I do say so myself. I absolutely love candles, and I find they are huge stress-relievers that’s for sure. I am always on the hunt for candle companies on Instagram and love meeting new people. I came across a cute candle company that makes 100% soy wax candles which are hand poured in Surrey. This candle company is called “Red Fox Candle”, and I contacted Silvia, the owner. She was honestly such a sweetheart and was more than happy to collaborate with me and let me review some of her candles.

Silvia states, “The reason why I’ve called my brand “Red Fox” is because I love foxes. I think they’re beautiful animals( I wish I could look like one!). I also feel very connected to nature and this is why my candles are 100% natural and vegan-friendly.” Silvia goes on to take care of every aspect of the candle making process, from melting the wax at the right temperature to hand pour and decorating the jars. That is great Silvia, you are doing such a wonderful and beautiful job! The candles look unreal and would make absolute great presents.

I had the wonderful opportunity to review one of her Christmas candles which are called, “Merry Morning”. This candle retails for $10.95 and is hand blended with a fusion of citrus, orange and warm cinnamon, clove and ginger. It smells absolutely unreal and beautiful. Really does capture the scent of Christmas and puts you right into the Christmas spirit.

The next candle that I received in my package from Red Fox Candle was the scent “English Lavender” which retails for $10.95 in store, and it includes the lovely scent of fresh Lavender. If one thing is for sure, it’s that I absolutely love the smell of fresh Lavender, it is so calming, refreshing and is amazing when you’re slowly starting to wind down for bed. It is cozy and is perfect smelling right by the Christmas tree. I absolutely love these two scents, they are unreal and I highly recommend trying these out for yourself!

I also love the concept and design of the fox on the label, it’s a lovely and personal touch which is fantastic. I highly recommend checking out Red Fox Candle and Silvia’s Instagram page at “theredfoxcandle“, and click on the link within her bio to check out her Etsy shop. I want to take the time to personally thank Silvia for allowing me to work with her company and review some of her gorgeous candles, I absolutely love them and have one lit right now while typing this blog post up and looking out at the snow falling from the sky, which is so cozy and homey.  Come spread and show some love on her page! Also use my coupon code “ALY15” for 15% off your purchase ! This is valid until January 7th!

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My Collaboration with “Radiant Rhinos”

Good morning my beauts, and I am so happy you decided to pop by visit my blogging channel.I always love to have new guests come and stop by, so thank you for your time and happy reading! I have been busy lately visiting the family these days! So I have not been blogging lately, but don’t think I have forgotten about you beauts. I have some really neat and interesting collaborations that I am looking forward to in the near future, just waiting for some things to come in the mail. I can not wait to show you guys! Should be really good! I recently have been collaborating with a wonderful company called “Radiant Rhinos” who have been supporting a beyond wonderful foundation. This is the first company I have worked with in relation to animals and a foundation towards raising money to help these animals out more specifically, rhinos.  So this is a rather special collaboration as 10% of ALL net profits are donated to the International Rhino Foundation, which is absolutely amazing. Radiant Rhinos launched on July 23, 2017, and with every purchase, you help support the survival of the world’s rhinos through conservation and research.


“There are five different rhino species which consist of the greater one-horned rhino, the black rhino, the white rhino, the Javan rhino, and the Sumatran rhino.  While the population of the white rhinos is stable, each of the four other species is threatened. Every day rhinos are brutally killed for their horns.  It is believed by some that a rhino’s horn is as valuable as diamonds or gold or that it can even cure cancer.  A rhino’s horn is actually made out of keratin, which is what our hair and nails are made of, and has no proven medical benefits.  The status of each species is different but they all have one thing in common, they need our help. Conservation efforts are being made and there has been progress in the rehabilitation of the rhinos, but poaching still continues. During the early 20th century 500,000 rhinos lived in the wild.  Today only 29,000 survive in the wild as a result of poaching.  Just in South Africa, three or more rhinos are murdered every day for their horns.  There has been a 9,000% increase in poaching since 2007 and around the world middle-class individuals are becoming able to afford rhino horns which means the demand for them is constantly rising.  We need to protect these beautiful animals now more than ever.  And for the rhinos who are surviving in the wild, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to reproduce due to human barriers which are preventing the wild population from growing.  If we allow poaching to continue it is possible that rhinos could become extinct within the next 10 years!  Radiant Rhinos donates 10% of all net profits to the International Rhino Foundation to help protect the rhinos and keep them from becoming extinct.  Every purchase makes a difference and together we can save the rhinos! Visit the IRF’s website to learn more about rhinos, how you can help, and the International Rhino Foundation!”

This information can be found on the Radiant Rhinos website, and it is so fascinating and informative to read. Let’s start saving these rhinos one shirt at a time! One thing I absolutely love about this company aside from the great cause is how cute and adorable the shirts are. The colours completely grabbed my attention 100%, they have more of a washed out kind of look which is absolutely stunning and beautiful. There are both long sleeved shirts and short sleeved as well which is fantastic. Since the cold winter weather is slowly approaching, I decided to go with the long sleeved shirt which retails for $26.00 and went with the “Radiant Berry Long Sleeve Pocket Tee”. I absolutely love this colour it’s so gorgeous and caught my attention right away. When I received my package in the mail it was all packaged nicely, and there was a cute ribbon holding it together. It really does help when the product looks so presentable and nice given to you.  I honestly love my shirt, it is so comfortable and looks so stylish and adorable on. It is so warm too which helps with the cold weather. The T-shirts retail for $20.00 each which is fantastic as well. There are so many different beautiful colours to chose from as well which is wonderful.

I want to take the time to personally thank “Radiant Rhinos” for allowing me to collaborate with them on this blog post and allowing me to work with their company to support such a great cause. I absolutely love this, and they were a wonderful company to meet and get to know. I highly recommend checking out their Instagram page and their online shop which is located in the link in my bio at “radiantrhinos” . Be sure to tag #radiantrhinos for a chance to be featured on their Instagram page. Let me know if you beauts purchase anything from this cute store. Also be sure to follow my other social media sites located on my homepage for more blogs in the near future! Take care.

My Collaboration with “Magni” clothing!

Hey there beauts , thank you for stopping by and having a peek at my blogging channel! I have been busy nonstop working with so many companies ranging from coffee companies, clothing companies and beauty products! I recently reached out to a clothing company called “Magni” clothing, and absolutely loved their page on Instagram. You beauts know me, I love simple yet beautiful designs that you can pair with a bunch of different outfits! I loved the bird on the apparel and was so happy when they reached back out to me and agreed to do a collaboration with me!

I love reaching out to companies that I have not heard of before! It’s amazing to find out more about the company from their website and get to know the creators a bit more while chatting! I came into contact with Jamie Stokes, a twin brother with a passion for travelling, adventure and a love for the outdoors. He was super nice to talk to and really down to earth which was great! I read into their company a bit more and found out such interesting information! The products are currently made on three continents, each individually picked because of their beautiful textiles, speciality materials and local artisan techniques! What I found exceptionally neat about the clothing brand ” Magni” is that Magni is the Norse god of strength, which is truly fascinating! Also, the chosen god of adventures and individuals wishing to attempt great feats of adversity. I love this. I love brands that have such beautiful and powerful meanings behind them that’s for sure!

When I received my package in the mail I was greeted by two beautiful products! One was the “Women’s slim fit tee” in the colour which retails for $19.99. Beauts, can I just say the material on this is to die for! I absolutely love it so much, it’s super comfortable and it really does look so appealing on, hugging your body. The next product that I received was a beautiful “Bronze Oak Necklace” which retails for $4.99 in store. This gorgeous necklace was influenced by the colours of summer sunsets. It is simply colourful and beautiful, brightening your day! I love the design on it too, breathtaking! You code ” Hotrum25″ at checkout for 25% of your whole purchase !:)

For all those nature lovers out there I highly recommend checking out their website and Instagram page at “OfficialMagni“, and let me know what you beauts think! It was a pleasure working with Jamie, and I wish him nothing but the best for his company! I love the fact that he is a twin as well, twins have to help twins out! Thank you very much for the opportunity! Be sure to check out my other social media accounts located on my homepage for new blogs in the near future! Take care.