My Collaboration with “Red Fox Candle”

Good morning my beauts! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love, family time, happiness and maybe a bit of partying in there?  I had a wonderful weekend, as I got to go to my hometown where my parents live and spend time with them which was wonderful. We had an early Christmas dinner at my dad’s house which was lovely, and it is always nice seeing my cousin, aunt, uncle, sisters, and grandparents.  I love family time, as I am a very family-orientated person. I think family is one of the closest people that you have to you, and it is so important to make time for them in your busy lives, even if it’s only for a short period of time.  I find that spending time with the family reduces my anxiety a ton, it’s relaxing and a calming atmosphere as well. You want to know what else calms my anxiety? Candles. I am a candleholic if I do say so myself. I absolutely love candles, and I find they are huge stress-relievers that’s for sure. I am always on the hunt for candle companies on Instagram and love meeting new people. I came across a cute candle company that makes 100% soy wax candles which are hand poured in Surrey. This candle company is called “Red Fox Candle”, and I contacted Silvia, the owner. She was honestly such a sweetheart and was more than happy to collaborate with me and let me review some of her candles.

Silvia states, “The reason why I’ve called my brand “Red Fox” is because I love foxes. I think they’re beautiful animals( I wish I could look like one!). I also feel very connected to nature and this is why my candles are 100% natural and vegan-friendly.” Silvia goes on to take care of every aspect of the candle making process, from melting the wax at the right temperature to hand pour and decorating the jars. That is great Silvia, you are doing such a wonderful and beautiful job! The candles look unreal and would make absolute great presents.

I had the wonderful opportunity to review one of her Christmas candles which are called, “Merry Morning”. This candle retails for $10.95 and is hand blended with a fusion of citrus, orange and warm cinnamon, clove and ginger. It smells absolutely unreal and beautiful. Really does capture the scent of Christmas and puts you right into the Christmas spirit.

The next candle that I received in my package from Red Fox Candle was the scent “English Lavender” which retails for $10.95 in store, and it includes the lovely scent of fresh Lavender. If one thing is for sure, it’s that I absolutely love the smell of fresh Lavender, it is so calming, refreshing and is amazing when you’re slowly starting to wind down for bed. It is cozy and is perfect smelling right by the Christmas tree. I absolutely love these two scents, they are unreal and I highly recommend trying these out for yourself!

I also love the concept and design of the fox on the label, it’s a lovely and personal touch which is fantastic. I highly recommend checking out Red Fox Candle and Silvia’s Instagram page at “theredfoxcandle“, and click on the link within her bio to check out her Etsy shop. I want to take the time to personally thank Silvia for allowing me to work with her company and review some of her gorgeous candles, I absolutely love them and have one lit right now while typing this blog post up and looking out at the snow falling from the sky, which is so cozy and homey.  Come spread and show some love on her page! Also use my coupon code “ALY15” for 15% off your purchase ! This is valid until January 7th!

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One thought on “My Collaboration with “Red Fox Candle”

  1. Best candles I can source here are by the Nimbin Candle Company.
    Nimbin is a sad story. Sort of an Australian Woodstock where the Aquarian agers went and it turned bad. The candles are the only ones I will buy though now and a few businesses here stock them with whom I have real business relationships. Like you say with family… to many people only put what they think they have to into business. I guess they only see an outcome. The process is the dance and our lives are our work.
    If candles are your thing see what you can find on their historical use.
    Merry Christmas. No auspicious days on the road to the palace of wisdom 😎🐺


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