My Collaboration with “Rob Hayes Watches”

Hello my beauts, it for sure has been a hot minute since my last blog post that I have written mainly because I have been super busy with work and waiting for products to come in the mail! I did not forget about you guys don’t worry! I have recently started to do collaborations and reach out to jewelry and watch companies, mainly because I have always been a lover for these accessories and they look absolutely stunning on.  A watch is a girl’s best friend and literally completes every outfit possible. They are so fashionable, especially gold watches in my opinion. I decided to reach out to  a company who specializes in Jewelry and watches and their company is called “Rob Hayes“. I was looking at their Instagram page and fell in love with the style of the watches right away! They were so fashionable and stylish, I absolutely loved the Roman Numeral look to them as well, this especially attracts me for sure. The company agreed to let me work with them which was amazing, and I was super excited to pick out a watch to receive. When looking online on their site , there were different watches to choose from such as: Gold/Gold Berkeley, Black/ Black Berkeley, Silver/ Silver Berkeley and lastly Silver/ Gold Berkeley. I specifically chose the gold one, because like I mentioned earlier, I absolutely love Gold watches and Jewelry, I think this looks unreal on.

“Unique and timeless watches with exceptional craftsmanship that will fascinate anyone”

The watches retail for $168.20 which is amazing considering the quality of the product you receive, and usually watches retail for around $400.00.  My watch took a short period of time to arrive which was great, and I received my tracking information as well. The company was very pleasurable to work with, and were very friendly as well! So I know you guys are dying to know a bit about the company and what not!  The founder and designer of the watches, Aladin Galjic, designed the watches in San Diego, California where he was heavily influenced by the vibe, happiness and the simplicity of life. Something about California gives off this phenomenon, and the company is trying to convey this feeling to customers through the watches and their designs.  The company all started when Aladin had a burning desire to create great things. During his programming studies, designing and creating different elements was also a part of his work. Aladin then met Robert Hayes. Aladin states, “a very special man that was once a soldier but made a pivot to pursue his dream in life. He was a man with a purpose that taught me that life is short,  and time should be dedicated toward doing things you love and that make you feel fulfilled. Pretty soon I realized  that I was not a designer , I was a creator. That’s when I started designing things I loved”.

“…Every worn Rob Hayes tells a story”

Aladin also explains, “Our journey took us back to our home city Stockholm, where we partnered up with jewelry  and watch industry experts to finalize the drawings and start the quest for the finest materials and quality components. Ever since we fell in love with the Pacific Ocean breeze and the smell of California citrus trees, we’ve been on a mission to make timeless watches that will never go out of style“.

I absolutely love this, and the watches are stunning. The design is beautiful and classy. I absolutely love and adore my watch! It for sure is one of my statement pieces by far. I want to personally thank Rob Hayes Watches for allowing me to collaborate and work with them on this blog post!  Be sure to come spread some love on their page and check out their Instagram site at “robhayesstore“, you won’t be disappointed! Also be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on homepage for upcoming blogs in the near future! Take care! xo.


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