My Collaboration with “ShuffleLifestyles”

Hello my gorgeous beauts, and welcome to my channel if you are new! My name is Alyssa and I am a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger who has been blogging for several years now. I have been recently doing collaborations with different companies in regards to modelling and reviewing their products for you beauts to see for yourselves. I absolutely love my hobby and would not change it for the world. I would love to make this into a full-time career one day if the opportunity came up for sure, that would be absolutely amazing! I have worked with some beautiful companies in the past and really got to make some amazing friendships with individuals.  I am really excited about this collaboration especially because I got to work with a company who’s products are to die for, I would wear everything on there and got a lot of amazing apparel from their store. So this wonderful company brings you the best quality and most affordable LED shoes/ rave clothing you have ever laid eyes on. I know what you beauts are thinking, “Alyssa, do you even rave?“, the answer is I have never raved before, but I absolutely love all of their clothing pieces and would even wear some to bars or clubs! Guys, when I say I adore these clothing pieces I mean I ADORE them. If there is one thing you guys need to know about me is I am not afraid to show off a bit of skin, I love to dress sexy but classy a lot of the times, especially when I am going out. I think there is nothing wrong with this whatsoever, and this company really does have a rocking style that’s for sure. I reached out to  “Shufflelifestyles”  a while back and they were more than happy to do a collaboration with me which was awesome.  This clothing company started out as an Instagram page featuring shufflers from around the world, and now they are shipping out their own brand of products which is amazing. So like I said, I received numerous shirts from Shufflelifestyles that I am so eager to show you guys.  Shall we begin?

I absolutely love the colour of this long sleeve shirt which is called, the ” Kawaii Long Sleeve Hoodie” , which retails for $24.00. I really love this shirt, it is so comfortable, sexy and stylish all at the same time. I would wear this for everyday wear for sure, and it comes in different colours as well. I usually only wear black clothing pieces, so I thought, “hey..why not show off a little bit of colour?”.

Another one of my favourites which I adore is slouchy, oversized sweaters. I am always getting my hands on these that’s for sure. This sweater is called the “Batwing Oversized Large Sweater”,  which retails for $35.00. I love how this sweater was made and love the batwing sleeves on it, super adorable. I absolutely love off the shoulder sweaters! This sweater came with a whole bunch of other colours as well for you beauts, which is awesome. I highly recommend purchasing one of these for yourself that’s for sure!

This next top is absolutely stunning, it is a beautiful lace bodysuit! This “Black Lace Bodysuit”, retails for $32.00 on sale now for $18.99, which is amazing.  I absolutely love bodysuits and whenever I can get my hands on one I will! I think this piece looks super classy with a hint of sexy to it.  I just paired this bodysuit with a pair of high waisted jeans and voila, looks super stylish, absolutely in love. I love how my bra peeks out of this piece, I think that is super chic and just enough sexiness to the outfit.

I am in love with this top.  I think this is one of the sexiest pieces that I own for sure, but hey why not be a little adventurous and spontaneous, you only live once! I thought I would try it out and give it a go, and I am so glad that I did!  You can for sure tell that this is a rave top, but who cares, because I adore it. One day beauts, one day I will go to my first rave and this is what I am going to wear . This is called the , “Ordeson Criss-Cross Top”, which retails for $30.00 in store.

Again, you beauts know me and my lovely bodysuits, ps… the sexier the better in my opinion, and this has just the right amount of sexy to it. This is the “Femme Sleeveless Backless Bodysuit”, which retails for $35.00 but is on sale for $28.99, which is quite the steal.  This also comes in different colours as well, but I decided to be different and get mine in the colour white which I am quite happy with. I love how this bodysuit ties up in the back, as I absolutely love bows on shirts, they are adorable. This piece is super comfortable and super stylish as well.  This is for sure a must have in your wardrobe. I would for sure wear this out to a bar/club hands down.

I want to personally take a moment to thank Shufflelifestyles for allowing me to collaborate with their company and model a few pieces of clothing for you beauts! If I could purchase everything from this store I for sure would in a heartbeat, it is my style and I love every single one of their pieces. I highly highly recommend checking out their Instagram page over at “@shufflelifestyles”, and spread some love over there. Also what is pretty neat is you can have a chance to be featured on their page if you are a shuffler and want to show off your sweet moves, (totally wish I knew how to do this). Just simply tag “@shufflelifestyles” for a feature! SO neat! Be sure to follow my other social media sites located on my homepage for more upcoming blogs in the near future! Take care and much love xo.


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