“It’s a Business and You’re a Product”- The powerful Journey with Singer/Songwriter Emily Hatton

“It’s a Business and You’re a Product”- The powerful Journey with Singer/Songwriter Emily Hatton

Hello my beauts, I hope you guys are all doing well and having a great day so far!  There are always things in life you wish or dreamt you could do. I know for a fact I always wished I could sing or dance. I envy people who have this talent, it’s so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing listening to someone sing. One fact you beauts didn’t know about me was I used to be able to sing! I was actually in theatre for a couple years when I was younger and were in two plays called, “Joseph and the amazing technicolour Dreamcoat’,  and also, “Not just another variety show”. In Not just another variety show, I had to sing a duet with a young girl and it was amazing. You really felt all eyes on you, and we took over the stage. But then something happened…. you guessed it…. puberty. Gotta love it that’s for sure. I stopped singing after that because I could not sing as high as I used to anymore. But hey that’s okay because there are other people in this world who I can listen to and admire. But there is one girl in particular that stood out to me and has for a while. I never have done a collaboration with a singer before, but I thought, “hey... why the hell not?”. This girl resembles a Disney Princess, as her friends like to call her, is a qualified teacher, and is trained in Advanced Wildness First Aid. Sounds legit right? This girl is everything, let alone one of the most beautiful singers inside and out that I have ever heard of. I had the absolute privilege and opportunity to collaborate on a blog post with the gorgeous Emily Hatton.

Emily from Melbourne Australia, calls herself a daydreamer, she smells like “Pink Sugar” (the perfume she has been wearing since she was 16 years old),  likes baking healthified treats, and loves coffee. She sounds like my kind of friend I need in my life!  Emily enjoys going to the gym 5 times a week and would rather spend a day hiking than watching a movie inside, even though she adores movies! In fact, her most recent favourite movie is “The Edge of Seventeen“. Hey, Emily, this is also one of my favourite movies as well. I absolutely am addicted to it!  Lately, though, Emily has been collecting succulent plants. One thing you need to know about her is that she is a deep thinker, she appreciates sarcasm and is someone who believes in kindness. Emily states, “ the most common thing observation I hear when someone meets me is, “you’re tall for a girl,” and so now my typical response is, “Thank you. Now that you mention it… my face is further from the ground than other people.”That’s me in a nutshell. (I’m the nut.) “. HA! I absolutely love this, this sounds like we are going to get along already!

Moving onto Emily’s singing I began to ask her basic questions leading into it. I asked Emily at what age did she start singing. She replied, “literally when I was born. My mum tells me she knew I was going to be a singer because my cry was so clear.I also have a VHS of me when I was four, sitting on a couch, singing a whole bunch of songs to the camera for about an hour and a half. Because that’s all I wanted to do. Mum also told me that as a kid, I perpetually sang in the bath, so she always knew I hadn’t drowned. She would only run in if I stopped singing”. That’s a perfect idea! You knew from a very young age then Emily! I was also curious if Emily knew any instruments or not. This has always been a dream of mine as well, to play instruments especially the piano. I would’ve loved to have done this. Emily states, “I learnt cello in school. I don’t play anymore though. My mum taught me the piano. I stopped lessons in about seventh grade, but I’m still pretty fluent, though I’ve always been better doing stuff by ear, rather than sight reading.    My main instrument now is guitar. I’m self-taught. I picked one up for the first time when I was nineteen and became obsessed with it. It’s the first thing I go to when I’m writing songs.  Oh, and I know four chords on the ukulele. Next on my list is the banjo”. That’s amazing Em! I am so proud of you for being so engaged in musical instruments, that’s great! That is a true talent that’s for sure.  Self-taught is crazy good! That’s unbelievable, I don’t know if I could ever do that but koodoos to you!! Keep on going girl!

I also wanted to know if Emily wrote any of her own songs at all, and if so who inspires her to write her songs. Emily explains, “I sure do. My songs are like my therapy. My inspiration is my emotions. I’m a very positive, happy person, and when something affects me in a negative way, the first thing I turn to is music. For example, when I’m feeling really sad about something that’s happened in my life, and I’m trying to sort through thoughts in my head, writing is the best way to figure things out. It makes me concisely express what I’m conflicted by in that moment, and stops the spiral of confusion. It clears my mind. If I feel like screaming for whatever reason, I’ll incorporate that into a belt (a loud, long, high note) in my song. If I’m super angry, and I don’t know how else to get the frustration out, I write lyrics that I would want the other person to hear, but I try to make them smart. Not just making fun, or whatever. It’s like being able to yell everything you’re feeling, but people actually listen until you’re finished. It’s great. And I try to not be mean or vengeful, but sometimes, a song can literally be the initial, emotional reaction that in reality, that only lasts for a few hours. But writing helps dissipate that, and I can actually get over things very quickly nowadays. On the other hand, if something really strikes me with joy, I’m likely to write a song about that too. For example, meeting my American relatives for the first time. They welcomed me in so warmly and made me feel so part of the family, I had to write a thank you letter, in the form of a song. I played it for them and ended up making some of them cry. I think if you can make someone cry with music, you’ve done something right haha”.  That is for sure Emily, that is so amazing, you should be so proud of yourself!  Touching people in that way is absolutely beautiful and so nice to see and watch.

I know that Emily enjoys country music so I had to ask her who inspired her to get into country music. Emily replied, “Oh my goodness. A great mix actually! One of my dad’s favourite artists is James Taylor, and we did a lot of long drives together when I was younger, so I have many memories of Dad singing along to the CD’s in the car. My favourite of his is “Copperline.” I love, love, love Shania Twain. My dad can vouch that there are a few songs I played ad nauseam when I was younger, much to his annoyance, and, “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” and, “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” were two of them. A few years back, I discovered and fell in love with The Band Perry and absolutely adored their style. Kimberly Perry reminded me of the Dixie Chicks and their beautiful tones and I always aim to emulate that super smooth, perfectly pitched way of singing. From then on, I started actively looking for other bands in the genre. I also had a singing teacher in high school tell me my voice was suited to country, and back then I actually laughed. Now, I want to hug her. My other biggest country influencers are Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts and Faith Hill”.  I also wanted to know what types of genres Emily sings when she is in the zone. Emily stated that she sings mostly country and pop music, in fact, that is how she loves to write her songs. Emily also explains, “I love the melodic elements, the poetic and metaphoric style, and how it can have contrasting sultry ballads as well as boppy, fun tunes. But I am also known to sing along to musical theatre and Disney, of course”.  You know who Emily reminds me of when she sings? She reminds me of Taylor Swift, I can hear it in her voice, what do you beauts think? Emily was so kind as to send me the newest song she wrote just for me to listen to. I was absolutely honoured and could not express how generous that was of her to do! What a sweetheart. She reminded me of T-Swift the whole entire time, I had goosebumps! What a true talent she has. It’s unbelievable.

I know we are all dying to know if Emily has performed on a stage before and what not! I know I am dying to know! With a talent like that, it needs to be shown off for sure! Emily states, “Small stages, yeah. Not counting high school, I’ve done a couple of gigs around Melbourne. It’s my goal to play on a stage somewhere like the Grand Ole Opry, someday. Or the CMA’s. And around the world on my own headlining tours, of course”.  That’s a great goal to have Emily, I know you can do it if you put your mind and heart to it, you got this!

Besides singing, what are your other hobbies? “I love trying new things, so generally I’ll have a new obsession every week. Recently, random things include sewing, gardening, and colouring. But the recurring things are cooking, camping and hiking, yoga and kettlebell classes, reading, and patting my pet rabbit. I also watch hours of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and lately, Gilmore Girls, because who doesn’t want to loiter in an idealistic world every now and then? Before I started giving everything to music, it was acting. So that’s another hobby now. I would easily commit to either, and ideally both, for the rest of my life”. 

“It’s a business, and you’re a product”- Emily Hatton

I also wanted to know if there were any of Emily’s family members who were involved in music and enjoyed music. Emily expresses, “My mum is a music teacher, and mostly listens to classical music. My dad has always, always had music playing constantly. Namely Phil Collins & Genesis, Sting & the Police, James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Leo Sayer, Eric Clapton, Elton John and ABBA”.  Wow, so music runs in the family Emily! That’s amazing! That really does help a lot that is for sure!

Did you know you always wanted to be in the music industry? Oh, yeah. It wasn’t always crystal clear to me in which capacity I wanted to pursue it, but I always knew I had to sing. I tried musical theatre for a while. I love it, but I love performing my own songs more” . That’s great! You are really going far Emily, keep up the great work!

I was also curious as to how long Emily practices singing for within her daily schedule. With a voice like that, I was very curious! Emily states,”literally all the time. I practice shamelessly in the car, in the shower, while I’m cooking, and even quietly on the train, while people are staring at me. Sometimes I’m singing, and I think it’s in my head, until someone comments on the song, and I realise it’s out loud”.  That’s hilarious! Good for you! It takes a lot of confidence to be on that level and it seems like you have a ton which is amazing. I only strive to have that much like you Emily!

Who are your favourite musicians? “Oh my gosh, so many. There’s a massive variety of humans who inspire me, whose albums I’ve listened to so many times I’ve lost count, and also have influenced my style. Off the top of my head: The Band Perry, The Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne, James Taylor, Lady Antebellum, Billy Joel, Maroon 5, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, and Hunter Hayes. I also, in general, love 80’s pop & rock. It’s my favourite era for music because of its expression of vocal harmonies, drum beats, chord progressions, and general energies of the music, including the creative risks artists took”.

While summing up this interview and questionnaire, I wanted to ask Emily some more intense and personal questions! I began to ask Emily if there was a piece of advice she would give to someone just starting out in this career path. Emily explains, “Stay positive. It’s so easy to lose motivation, feel like you’re getting nowhere, or take rejection personally. One of my favourite quotes that I live by is, “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” It’s a life thing. It’s when you grow, and become better. To get where you want to be, you have to work hard, accept failure, try and try again, and if things still aren’t going the way you planned, try different methods and be open to broader ideas of making your dreams a reality. Like, other ways you can still be involved in the business you love, just taking the long way ‘round to reaching your destination. If you really want something, if you can’t stop picturing it, if it fills you with joy and vibrancy, give it everything you’ve got. Learn from people who are where you want to be. And then help others up to where you’ve progressed. Network, share, love what other people are doing, and be grateful for where you are. And be there in person. It’s a process. There are milestones, but there’s not really a point when anyone’s “made it.” In reality, you’re just doing the same thing you’ve always done. Just the stakes get higher. The stage and the audience get bigger. But everything is an ongoing effort and commitment”.  I think I am going to go to Emily for advice from now on! She pretty much summed it up and that was beautiful to read. I am sure someone will benefit greatly from these words of advice, so thank you for sharing Emily!

Lastly, I asked Emily where she sees herself 5 years from now. “I see myself very clearly on tour, having released an album, wearing some sort of sparkly dress, smiling. Because I get to call what I love my job”.  That’s amazing Emily! How talented is she though? If you have not checked Emily out and her amazing voice be sure to head on over to her Instagram page at “Emhat”, and check her out! Her videos are amazing, and her voice is stunning. I have been hooked on Emily for a while now and knew I had to reach out to her to share her talent and story with you beauts that’s for sure. So please go show her some love!

I want to personally thank Emily from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to collaborate with me on this blog post and opening up about her singing and music journey. Emily you are so so talented and deserve the best in life. Emily was such a sweet girl to work with, so pleasurable and nice! I know you are going to go far one day and when you are on stage, think of me 🙂 So be sure to go follow her Instagram page and check her out, she would love that! Also be sure to follow my other social media sites located on my homepage for upcoming blogs in the near future, thanks again!

As Emily Hatton says it! “Much love ” xo.



The meaning behind ” It’s the Little Things in Life that Matter “

The meaning behind ” It’s the Little Things in Life that Matter “

Hello, beauts and happy Saturday! It’s finally fall and I couldn’t be any more excited that it’s finally here. Fall is my favourite season in the whole world, I just love everything about it! From being super cozy , to pumpkins, to plaid and to blanket scarves … it’s just perfect. So I have been pondering and wondering what blog post to do this weekend for you beauts and it came to my attention that I have never shared with you the reason and meaning behind my blogging name! When starting out with blogging, I had to think of a name for my blog and trust me it was super hard. I sat there thinking and thinking and wondering what I was going to name it because I wanted something that screams ” me ” and is something I valued and treasured. Then it hit me. Honestly, I am a very happy go lucky individual and often the littlest things make me happy. I thought ” hey … it’s honestly the little things in life that matter in the world “. It could be looking forward to that coffee in the morning in your favourite mug that makes your morning. It could be throwing on your favourite cozy PJs before you go and watch an amazing romantic movie before bed. It could be receiving a ” good morning beautiful ” text from your significant other. It could be receiving that support from your mom before writing a final for your class. It’s honestly the little things in life that matter.

I used to take things for granted. I thought that everyone was privileged like I was, that everyone got things like I did and was blessed with certain outcomes. But that wasn’t the case . When my stepmom got into a horrible car accident a year ago everything changed. The fact that she was an innocent bystander and passed away two times on the operating table was unimaginable. I really thought to myself “ wow, how could this have happened ?! “. This could have been me. So now at night, I hug my boyfriend a little bit tighter, I make sure I say I love you to my parents through a text, I check in on my sisters every now in then cause you never know. These things are so little yet they matter because you never know if you are going to have a tomorrow. I truly stand by my name even more now and am so grateful for a today let alone a tomorrow if it comes.  I am so blessed to be here, to be alive and I cherish every moment I get being here on earth. I am thankful and proud.

“…enjoy the little things”

I am so thankful to have so many supportive people in my life and never thought my blog would have taken off like it did today. I never thought I would have been given so many opportunities to collaborate and meet so many beautiful kind people. I love reaching out to people to know their stories and their background information. That’s why I chose to start interviewing people. I love hearing about their talents and their amazing careers and goals. It’s the little things that matter in life. So make sure you thank those who are supportive in your life. Tell those you care about how much you love them. Hug those who need a hug and laugh a ton when things are messing up. Just laugh it off. Be happy and proud you’re here that you get to experience new things in life and treasure the great memories you have. Remember, it’s the little things in life that matter in this world.

Be sure to check out my other social media accounts located on my homepage and subscribe to my blogging channel for more upcoming blog posts to come in the near future. Thanks again for all your love and support! xo


Dear Anxious Girl Afraid to Ask for Help

Dear Anxious Girl Afraid to Ask for Help

Hey my beauts , hope you all are having a wonderful week so far ! I keep forgetting it’s a four day week so pretty much have been confused all week as to what day it is , living on the edge a little bit. As you guys know , I have been doing more inspiring stories lately just because I see people each day who would use a little pick me up here and there. I really enjoy writing these types of blog posts , you can actually find more of the ones that I have completed early on, maybe last year on my blogging page ? I have recently gotten back into the swing of it and some of you have really enjoyed these types of posts. This one is for those who are anxious to admit that something needs to change, that “I” need help and are too afraid to ask for it. 

Dear anxious girl afraid to ask for help,

I’ve been there. In fact, some days I am still there. It’s probably one of the hardest things to admit to yourself , to literally sit down and say out loud ” I need help”. I have been in your shoes. I have been where you are all through university, struggling and trying to hide that I had a few dark secrets. It’s pretty easy to hide things that you don’t want to face , trust me , anxiety and I have been playing this game for years . But finally , I did it. Enough was enough. Sure I could’ve  taken that bottle of Tylenol that was spilled all over my bed, sure I could’ve locked my door so my roommate didn’t have to burst in, and sure I could’ve been silent on the phone with my mom. But what would this all have solved? Would this have made life easier, better ? No. In fact , that would have made me selfish and bitter towards life. There’s way too much to live for , I didn’t want anxiety taking that away from me . He wasn’t going to take that away from me . It’s okay to ask for help anxious girl. I was that anxious girl too . 

I know what you’re thinking, ” what will others think of me?“. Your true friends, the ones who hold your hair back when your puking after too much vodka, the ones who let you cry on their shoulder and the ones who encourage you to smile will understand. But what about the rest of the world you may ask? What about them. I bet you they have their own problems going on , maybe even worse than yours. My therapist once told me , ” don’t let anxiety take over your life, it’s okay to admit that changes need to take place“. That is exactly why I participated in a group that took place every Wednesday evening. That is why I would tense up before 6 o’clock hit. And that is why I would be exhausted coming home around 8 o’clock that day. Mentally exhausted because I pushed myself. I admitted to the internet, friends and family , but most importantly to myself that I needed help. And I am okay. Sure I may get anxious here and there, I may have to miss work once a month to see a therapist, I may have to take 3 mandatory pills a day for my anxiety , but I am okay.

Dear anxious girl afraid to ask for help, 

I know you will be okay too . If you need me I am here to talk to. I know you’re scared and I was too. In fact anxious girl, I strongly encourage you to get that help you need today. Don’t let your problems or underlying issues drag behind you all your life. That is no place to live. That’s not living, that is simply getting by. I don’t want you to just get by, I want you to laugh uncontrollably until you pee your pants, I want you to be cheering on your sisters at their talent show , I want you to love life.  At one point I didn’t love life, but admitting I need that help was one of the biggest accomplishments I have ever made. Now that I have asked for help, I am more comfortable asking for help when it comes to other things. When it comes to my eating habits I am getting the help , and guess what. I am okay. I know you can do this , it takes two seconds out of your day to finally listen to yourself. Friends have always told you you’re a good listener right? I heard you’re very good at it, so show me. Show me you can do this and show yourself you can do this . 

My names Alyssa Hotrum, I am 23 years old . I have underlying eating disorders and am diagnosed with general anxiety as well as social anxiety . I admitted this to myself, can you ?

Forever 21 Activewear Haul

Forever 21 Activewear Haul

Processed with MOLDIV

Happy weekend my beauts! Anyone have any special plans? I am probably going to be blogging my life away as I have been so inspired lately and a lot of ideas have popped up into my mind lately…hey… I am not complaining! Blogging to me is soothing, it’s my own personal therapy so I do not mind it one bit. Recently, as some of you may know, I started getting into fitness and going to the gym on a daily basis. This has been going super well for me, and I actually love getting out and going to go work out. Work for me can be stressful, so taking out my stress at the gym is so beneficial for me, and works great. Of course, as you may know me, I always feel the need to look my best. No I am not saying I pound on the makeup and after the gym I hit the pageant, I do, however, love spiffy and funky activewear. What’s that saying? “Look good, feel good?” It really is true! Having fun gym clothes to work out in feels unreal and I literally work harder at the gym. I went online and looked at Sport Chek for activewear and so forth but everything was so god damn expensive… So, I decided to check out Forever 21. Thank god I did.  I always have loved Forever 21, but never really looked at the activewear well… because I never worked out! I decided to write this blog post based on what I purchased from Forever 21, and wanted to show you guys these unreal activewear pieces! Prepare yourself, I am in love.

image1 (26)

Top- Active Seamless Racerback Tank in the colour Apricot ($20.00)(medium)

image1 (27)

image3 (8)

image2 (15)

Top- Active Seamless Tank in the colour Baby Blue ($14.90) (medium)

Leggings- Active Graphic Leggings ($33.90) (large)

image3 (9)

image1 (25)

Top- Active Seamless Racerback Tank in the colour White (14.90) (medium)

Leggings- Active Abstract Leggings ($33.90) (medium)

image1 (28)

image2 (16)

Leggings- Active Floral Print Leggings ($33.90) (medium)

image2 (14)

image3 (7)

Leggings- Active Abstract Leggings ($33.90) (medium)

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I also purchased my hat from Sport Chek… that I DID do. I think it was around $23.00 but I always wear my hat when I go to the gym, it’s a must for me! I absolutely love all the clothing that I had ordered. The pants are so comfy and fit my curves just right. I also love all the funky patterns and colours. I mean come on.. where else can you wear these pants to?… might as well be to the gym! I highly recommend checking out Forever 21 for sure when looking for activewear, they have a shit ton to choose from which is unreal. I also really love the tanks I had purchased as well. They are all super comfy and well worth the money spent for everything.

When it comes to fitness, I can honestly say I am super proud of myself for kicking myself in the ass and getting to the gym everyday after work Honestly, it is just an amazing feeling after a workout that I start to crave it. I love love love working out in my new stylish activewear!

Processed with MOLDIV

I hope you guys enjoyed this Forever 21 Activewear Haul! Thank you for taking the time to check out this blog post, be sure to follow my other social media accounts for more blogs to come in the near future!

image2 (13)

Much love xo.

Beauty Must-Haves for October & November

Beauty Must-Haves for October & November

ssssHey my beauts, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far! I have been counting down the days til it was the weekend, what a week…. I have been struggling to try to find the motivation to pick up my blogging again as I do have a few ideas in mind for blog posts in the near future. I finally picked up the motivation today to write a blog post for you guys…. have patience with me as I am trying dearly to get out of this strange funk I have been going through.  I decided to write this blog post today on different products I have been loving recently and strongly recommend for you beauts to try out! I decided to label this blog post for the month of October & November, even though October has come to an end, I have tried out these products through those months. I am well aware that some of you may be thinking, ” wow lyss, some of these products are super old and I don’t know why you are not sharing newer products with us?“. Yes I know some of these products are older ones, but some of my subscribers and viewers may have never even tried these products before, both old and new. I know for a fact that I absolutely love reading reviews and what YouTubers or bloggers recommend when it comes to any kind of product especially beauty related.   Feel free to pass by some of the older products if you wish to do so, but I do highly recommend all of these. I am so happy I finally tried out some of these products, especially the older ones, as I completely fell in love with every single one. Okay, okay…. let’s get into this post shall we?


So the first product that I am going to share with you guys is this lovely line of “Lip Lingerie” within the Nyx Cosmetics. Guys….. GUYS. Can we just take two seconds to take into account how beautiful these are. I actually had one of my friends recommend trying this beauty product out for myself, and was raging about the amazing shades! I finally stopped by at Shoppers to grab two of these shades to try out for myself. These liquid lipsticks are a bit on the pricey side for a drugstore product. They are around $10.00 each, but they are well worth it considering lipsticks at Sephora are like $40.00 each. If you are willing to splurge on this drugstore product you will not be disappointed one bit, trust me. I purchased two shades. The first was in the shade , “Embellishment”, and it is simply a more purply shade which looks absolutely beautiful lined with the retractable  lip liner by Nyx Cosmetic in the shade “Jewel“.  Honestly guys, this shade looks so sophisticated and beautiful on let alone just chilling in the bottle. This shade reminds me something Kylie Jenner would wear for sure no doubt.



(Guys, I can’t even deal with this shade! Literally, go out and buy it right this second). Also, I just wanted to mention that this liquid lipstick leaves your lips feeling like satin and is a long-wear lip stain. I literally only have to apply this lip stick again to touch it up if I am drinking alcohol or something. The other shade that I decided to purchase was in the shade “Satin Ribbon“. I decided to line this lip stick with the retractable lip liner by Nyx Cosmetics in the shade “Vanilla Sky”, which compliments the shade quite nicely. I really like this shade as well for a more natural and neutral/nude look. I really think both shades however, are appropriate for night-time and day-time looks or events. The only downfall that I am going to mention about these shades and the entire collection in general is the fact that all the shades are extremely similar in colour. I am probably going to purchase more of the shades and include a try on/demonstrate blog to show you beauts all the shades!


pallThe next product that I am going to rave to you beauts about is this amazing deal I found while looking online on the Sephora website. I am honestly not too sure if they still have this deal going on right now or what but I highly recommend looking into it if you have not seen this before. Apparently, this deal was going on last year as well, but I really wasn’t into the whole online shopping thing whatsoever. Now I found myself constantly looking at products online and what to purchase next with my spending money! This product is absolutely beautiful and the packaging is unreal. It is called the “Urban Decay, the perfect 3some vault”. This package includes all three urban decay makeup eyeshadow palettes. When I saw this online for a limited time online and that you could purchase all three palettes together for only like $150.00, I could not believe it. Each palette individually is around $66.00, so technically if you bought all three of these palettes individually, you would be paying around $200.00 + tax.  I have only really tried the Naked 2 palette before, and sadly left this at a friend’s house who lives far away! I knew I needed to get my hands on one again because I absolutely love the brown tones and shades. I also wanted to try the original Naked Palette as well as the beautiful Naked 3. I have always been skeptical about purchasing the Naked 3 Palette because of the pinkier shades, as I am always used to applying brown shades to my lids. I am so happy I found the courage to try this flawless palette as the shades are absolutely gorgeous and they honestly look so gentle on your eyelids. You can obviously play around with all the colours located within these 3 palettes for more dramatic or subtle looks. I know these palettes are more on the older side, but you literally can not go wrong with any Urban Decay shadows. They are always so pigmented and you can create endless looks for both day-time and night-time. I think you can only purchase this package online, so go look for it now!


(Naked 3 Palette)


(Naked 2 Palette)


(Naked Palette)

The next product that I am going to be discussing with you beauts is this unreal foundation that I have finally gotten my hands on. If any of you know me well, you know that I do not really ever purchase high-end foundation from Sephora, I literally love sticking to my drug store ones. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely love my drug store ones that I have tried in the past and still purchase my foundation from Shoppers. However, I have always been interested in finding a really good foundation for my nights out or my “bar nights”. I have heard so many reviews on this high-end foundation and finally decided to splurge on it. This foundation is called the “Allnighter Liquid Foundation” by Urban Decay. I think I pretty much only watched one review video on this foundation and was sold. I could not believe how full coverage it was and how long it lasted throughout the night, which was exactly what I was looking for. I went to Sephora and asked one of the ladies to match my skin with the correct shade (strongly recommend this step, especially if you are going to pay that much money, you want to be wearing the proper shade for sure). I bought the foundation for $50.00 in the shade 2.0. Obviously, this is extremely pricey so I deff only use this on special occasions and not for everyday wear.

nnnI can proudly say that this foundation provides me with the proper coverage that I need since my skin is often a red pigmentation. I am going to show you guys a picture, unedited, of the difference between my skin with no foundation (right side) and with the allnighter foundation (left side). As you can see I have a lot of red pigmentation on my cheeks…. why I will never know, that is just how they have always been! I am also wearing this foundation with all the photos that I will be posting within this blog post, just so you guys can literally see how bomb this really is.





“You are beautiful in your own way”



The next product that I have to share with you guys my sister recently gave to me and I really do love it! It is from Lush and it is called “Feeling Younger” which retails for around $20.00. This is a skin tint that gives you that gorgeous glow when applied to your face before applying your makeup. When I use this, I still go in with my moisturizer and then apply this to my face. I honestly have noticed a difference when applying this before my makeup as it gives off a beautiful glow and highlights my cheek bones. I honestly recommend trying out this product for yourselves and let me know what you guys think!


okThe next beauty product I have for you beauts is an oldie but a goodie. I honestly have only really tried one setting spray and that one I purchased at my local drugstore. I have always been skeptical about purchasing a high-end setting spray because I really do not know if they actually “work” or I am just thinking they do haha! I finally decided well what the heck, ill try out the small version of this beautiful setting spray by Urban Decay labeled, the “Allnighter” setting spray (might as well go big or go home). There are different types of setting sprays but realistically I will probably want one for an evening out and so forth. I have to say I really was surprised at how well this worked. This spray literally kept my makeup on all night long for my 23rd birthday. I usually just apply a few squirts to my face then voila… you are golden! I even tested this out on my liquid lipsticks by NYX and noticed right away the texture my lips felt after applying this spray… it was amazing. I purchased this at Sephora for $18.00 as it was the little version of it, just to see if I really did like it. Honestly guys, if you have not been to Sephora before and you finally go in to purchase something… waiting in line they literally have shelves of travel size products that will get you…. it is so unfair but it literally gets me every time.

The next product I have for you guys I received from one of my “100 rewards” from Sephora. It is this cute travel & sample size of Benefit’s “Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel“. I have to say the packaging for this product was super cute and got me right away! I honestly have always loved the packaging for Benefit Cosmetics, they are always so adorable and literally grab your attention like that!  I am pretty sure the lady gave me the “medium-golden blonde” shade or “3”. I am pretty sure this is the right shade for me, I mean… she looked like she knew what she was doing ! If you are unsure, be sure to just ask! The applicator is super easy to use and I have always been a fan of having great brows!


dThe next beauty product is again an oldie but a goodie. I know I know guys, I should have been ontop of this product when it first came out, but it really did not appeal to me at that specific time. I have always been a fan of contouring and highlighting your face, I think these steps are so important when trying to create that “flawless” complexion. I honestly have just always stuck to one bronzer for contouring and a cream highlighter for highlighting my face. I finally was walking through Sephora the other day…. no surprise.. and decided hey… why not finally try this product out? I think I was kind of scared and nervous to try out this product, just because there are so many shades within the palette that you can use on your face. I actually pinterested what shades go where on your face cause I literally had no friggen clue! I can honestly say that I am in love with the “Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit“, in the shade Light to Medium. I purchased this for $52.00 but it is so worth every single penny. The finished look that is achieved from this kit is absolutely flawless, and it is crazy to think it is literally from 6 different shades. It is also extremely easy and simple to work with as well, so do not be scared like I was!

Well my beauts, that pretty much sums up my beauty must-haves for the months of October and November. If I do purchase more products soon I will be sure to post another beauty blog about these products and my reviews on them. I really hope you guys benefitted from this post and enjoyed reading it. Be sure to follow my channel/page for more posts to come in the near future! Also check out my other social media accounts as well


instagram- alyssahotrum_xo

Thank you beauts, enjoy the rest of your weekend & Much love xo.

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My Personal Ouija Board Experiences

My Personal Ouija Board Experiences

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“Have you seen the ghost of Tom? Long white bones with the flesh all gone. Wouldn’t it be chilly with no skin on?” ….boy. I literally think I got taught that little song in grade 3 no joke, and it still scares the shit out of me. Why we got taught that in grade 3 I will never know.

Hello my beauts, can you guess what time of the year it is? YOU guessed it, Halloween is soon! I personally love anything scary, twisted, or creepy any day of the week. I literally spend hours watching twisted documentaries on youtube, or even watch paranormal videos by myself… yes I’m a little f*cked you could say! So instead of the normal blog topics that I liked to write about on a daily basis, I thought I could “spook” this one up a tiny wee bit just for yous. I decided to write this post on my personal experiences that I have had playing with the ouija board. This is a very controversial topic to discuss, especially if you are reading this post right now and have never even touched the board or played it before. Basically, for those who do not even know how to play it or how it works, you imagine yourself in a circle of light. This will help keep the demons far away and keep you basically in a safe place as you talk to spirits… sounds twisted right? Oh it is, but I love it. You and your friends then place the tips of your fingers on a little plaque that is placed on top of the ouija board itself.  The board itself displays the alphabet across the middle, a “yes” in one top corner and the word “no” in the other corner. At the bottom there are also the numbers from 0-10 and the word”good-bye“.. You and your friends then begin to ask it questions, and a spirit may talk back to you, moving the plaque by itself to spell out the answers across the board. When I first heard about this game, I literally thought it was a load of shit. I mean come on. Obviously your friends are the ones that move it right? Anyone can simply say a spirit is communicating with them, but meanwhile they are in fact the ones that are moving the plaque.

I first tried playing the ouija board I believe when I was in high school, and have many different experiences while playing it. Today however, I am going to share with you guys a few in mind that really stand out to me and that I even think about to this day. The first incident happened at my old apartment building that I used to live in within my high school years here in Hamilton. My mom, sisters and I were planning on moving back to my old hometown for my last year of high school. I strictly remember this because I was playing the ouija board with my twin in my old bedroom within the apartment building,  I knew we were not staying there anymore because we were moving soon, so I thought it was acceptable to play inside the home. Here’s a little FYI.. if you do plan on trying out a ouija board, do not and I mean DO NOT, play in your own home, simply bring the board outside to play with. You do not want that spirit hanging around in your home afterwards for safety reasons. So me being such a smartie at the time, I thought it was a brilliant idea to play in my room… I mean come on… the people who start living there next will have to suffer and not me… it’s all good. So my sister and I got busy and started asking the ouija board simple questions such as, “who are you” and what not.  While playing the ouija board before, I have never contacted any spirits that I had known before passing away, I always came into contact with random spirits. This spirit happened to spell out the name, “Jake“.  Okay…. I thought as I tried to understand this spirit and who he was a bit better. We then began to ask him how he had died. The spirit had spelled out the word, “ATV“. I literally felt goosebumps rise up my arm as the spirit responded. In fact, my twin and I knew a Jake who had passed away due to an ATV accident that had happened a few years ago. Jake went to our elementary school and our highschool as well. Although we did not know him that well, he thought my twin was very beautiful a few years back and had actually reached out to her, asking her to hangout previously but they never did.


So usually with ouija boards, you ask the spirit the question and they move the plaque around the board to spell out their answers. This time, Jake started to ask us some questions. He began to spell out the question, “Stefanie (my twin), do you feel me?”. Stef and I both kind of looked at eachother like what the heck is he talking about? So stef ended up asking Jake where he was. Jake spelled out, “I am touching your left arm“. We both froze as stef’s left arm started to grow cold, we could not believe it. We continued to keep talking to Jake and we realized he came into contact with us because of Stefanie and how he wanted to talk to her. He also brought up his current girlfriend at the time of his death and asked how she was doing. Jake then stated that he really missed her and asked if she was sad. I told him that a lot of people were very overwhelmed and sad about his passing and that he will be very missed. Although this was a very shocking and creepy experience considering he wanted us to feel him, it was very comforting knowing that Jake was around and that he wanted to reach out. I will never forget this experience. We also managed to come into contact with Jake a second time actually not too long ago. This was in my fourth year of university, at my student house in our backyard one cold night. Jake managed to find me and reach out again. He was  very amusing because he started to spell words incorrectly and joke around. This is so accurate because this was Jake to a T, a class clown. I remember asking my friend Jessica who was with us at the time watching if she wanted to put her hands on the plaque as well. She said it was okay, but Jake had spelled out, “Make her“, so she ended up placing her hands on too. I also remember him saying that the “hotrums were pretty (my last name)“, and a giant smile grew across my face. There is something about coming into contact with people you know that is so comforting and reassuring.

This is where my next experience with the ouija board comes into play. It was actually that same chilly night in fourth year that I came into contact with my grandpa, or my “gpa” as we used to call him. I was actually praying that he would come and find me on the board.  Since his sudden and unexpected passing, my family including myself had so many questions and just wanted to know that he was safe up there in heaven. I was playing with my two best friends and suddenly a spirit came on the board. I had asked who this was and the spirit spelled out the word, “gpa“. Of course you are skeptical because you never know if it is just someone else pretending to be that person. This is when you ask more personal questions that only that person would know the answer to. I began to ask him so many different personal questions. I had asked him how he passed away and he spelled out the word “heart“. I was shocked because he did pass away from a heart attack. I asked him where he died and he spelled out “Florida“… I could not believe it. I asked him who his first grandson was and he spelled out “Jordan“, which was completely true. One thing that completely touched me was when he started talking about my grandma or “gma” as we call her. He spelled out that she “never dances anymore“. My gma was always the type of person who liked to randomly country line dance in her home and just be goofy. He also stated that she never goes out anymore either. At the time of my grandpas death, my grandma took it extremely hard and limited herself to staying inside her apartment building a lot, which one would expect after their significant other passes. He then began to spell out that he loved her and misses everyone. After grasping all of this information that my gpa had came on the board, my best friend was completely balling as she still placed her fingers on the plaque. Me? I was in complete shock and I think that is why I didn’t shed a tear, I did not think I would ever reach him but I did. He then spelled out something that made my heart sink….. “I’m sorry“. His death hit everyone in my family including all of his friends extremely hard and rough. Everyone was devastated including myself. To see him say he was sorry that he left was extremely hard to take in.  Gpa also spelled out that he is always around gma and that gma can feel him. This was all so comforting to experience, and I will never ever forget that night. I love you gpa.


These are two personal experiences that were both comforting and touching. I was indeed lucky to have experienced “happy” ouija board experiences as opposed to scary and completely f*cked. I do in fact have some more messed up stories to share with you guys but these experiences did not happen to me. This experiences happened to my mom and my uncle when they were younger in the house they grew up in. These stories are so messed up I just had to share them with all of you guys.

The first story I have for you guys happened when my uncle was playing with their ouija board. Basically the board told my uncle that if he were to throw 3 darts at a dart board in the dark he would get them all on the board….. ya ok. So my uncle knew that was a load of crap but went for it anyways! The first dart he threw he knew landed on the floor, the second he heard landed beside the dart board and hit the wall, and the third dart he thought landed on the board. He knew right then and there that the ouija board was wrong, so he went to go and turn on the lights. He could not believe it. The three darts were in fact all on the board like the ouija board had predicted….. all in the center… 666. GET OUT OF HERE. BYE. PCE FELICIA. Oh. did I also mention that this spirit told my uncle his name as well, and that he was “satan“. YUPP. I would have been gone out of that house so fast.  Since playing the ouija board in the basement, strange things started happening inside the house. Can you see why I told you guys to not play it in your house and emphasized that? This is why. Trust me… they learned their lesson. On one incident, a light bulb exploded in their home, okay sounds not too eerie right? Strange thing is, the glass globe around the light bulb did not shatter, only the lightbulb inside, how is that even possible? Another incident happened when my uncle and my aunt were sleeping in bed. In the middle of the night their pillows whipped out from underneath their heads and their blanket flew off….. BYE FELICIA. If that does not scream, “ get the f*ck out of there“. I do not know what does. Eventually, my uncle ended up burning the ouija board within the fire and that was that.

Overall,it is totally up to you guys if you want to play with a ouija board and try it out for yourselves. Make sure you vision yourself in a circle of light before playing, as well as to make sure you say “good-bye” before closing up the board and leaving. You do not want any spirits hanging around afterwards.  If you are wondering where to purchase a ouija board, you can actually get one…. believe it or not…. at Toys R Us. I could not believe it, hell that is where I purchased mine for $20.00.  Can you also believe that the game says ages 8 and up? 8!!!?????  Hell I am 23 and still get nervous/scared playing with the board. So if you are up for a little scare and spooky night go and try it out for yourself but beware.. you never know who will find you on the board.

I hope you guys enjoyed this halloween special blog post. Be sure to follow my page for more blog posts to come in the near future. Let me know below if you guys have had any unusual or spooky experiences with ouija boards in your life, I am curious! Also be sure to follow my other social media sites:



Happy Halloween & Much love xo.


Miss Full Day Kindergarten- “Having a Strong Passion”

Miss Full Day Kindergarten- “Having a Strong Passion”


Hello my beauts, I hope you are all doing well and fantastic. I have been going through a lot lately with some ups and downs, hence why the limited blogging sessions. I will eventually write a few blogs about what I have been going through but I want to spice things up with a more positive blog post today.  You know when you get so bored of social media, especially on Instagram and are always looking for more people to follow? Or you get tired of following the same people and get bored looking at the same kind of posts each day? One day while I was going through this on Facebook and scrolling down on my newsfeed, I had noticed that a girl I went to highschool with, Shelise Aulthouse, posted a status stating that she created a Facebook page as well as an Instagram page on her career path and what she brings as an ECE into her classroom. As an individual who always wanted to be a teacher but changed career paths, I always will have a strong passion towards children and caring for them. This post intrigued me and made me more interested to go check this page out for myself. When I clicked on the link and opened up the page “Miss Full Day Kindergarten” appeared in big letters at the beginning of the page, and I knew just from the title that I would find it fascinating.  Usually when you click on pages and read through articles discussing education and what happens inside the classroom you get bored or tired of reading the same thing. In order for a child to want to learn they need to be intrigued and their attention needs to be grabbed as soon as they walk inside the classroom. Often, students see the same things in each classroom. First, you have the desks, the carpet space each child has to stay on, the shelf full of used or damaged books from other kids, toys that are 10 years old and so forth… you get the picture. The environment and learning atmosphere that a child is a part of needs to all in all be “spiced up”, and that is exactly what Shelise has done.


While browsing through her Facebook page she has created, you are welcomed and shown numerous ideas on how to make the classroom more exciting for children to be a part of. It takes a lot of creativity and a strong imagination to capture the attention of young children especially little kindergarteners! After walking through numerous schools and checking out the different classrooms, I have never seen one as original as Shelise’s. Children need an environment to grow from, and to have fun while learning new things.


How cute is this library setup? I mean come on, logs as seats? It really does not get much cooler than that! Children even have pillows to get comfy while reading, even a stuffed elephant to cuddle with. Often children are welcomed to a boring, cold, blue mat that they are expected to sit on while the teacher reads them a story. Don’t you want to be cozy and comfortable? No wonder it is so hard to keep the children on the mat as teachers read to them, hell I would not want to be on there either! Cutting up tree stumps to make seats for the children is a fantastic idea! Not only is this a fun seat to sit on, but it allows the children to see all different creative ways to make things, like seats!

“The classroom environment is one of my favourite things to plan out! ” explains Shelise, as she goes on to discuss her lovely atmosphere inside her classroom. I know what you are thinking! Yes I had the privilege of interviewing Shelise and asking her a few questions on her journey of becoming “Miss Full day Kindergarten“.

Shelise states, “I spend all my time in the classroom so it was just as important for me to have a cozy, inviting, home-like room as it is for the children. The classroom environment is like the “third-teacher”. I design the room to invite and enhance the children’s learning while encouraging communication and inquiry. Sure it is easy to put blocks on a shelf, crayons in a cup and a rug in the library – but why not use tree cookies as blocks, sort the crayons by colour in coloured bamboo cups and place a grass like fuzzy rug to read on!”


Shelise simply goes on to explain just exactly how she plans her classroom environment.

With having experience now, I base the classroom environment off of how the children have responded to it in previous years. While all children are different it’s a good starting point to set up the classroom a way that worked for the children the previous year. Of course, the classroom will change off of your children’s needs many times throughout the year. I love natural elements – it is very calming for both me and the children! I am a Pinterest junky so I tend to find myself there looking for ideas as well as Facebook groups for Kindergarten Educators!”



There is no doubt about it that Shelise takes that extra time out of her day to ensure her students have a wonderful atmosphere to grow and learn in. While scrolling through Shelise’s Instagram and Facebook page, one question jumped out at me. What made her want to create “Miss Full Day Kindergarten” as a social media page? Shelise states, “I have always been interested in any form of blogging – YouTube, blogs, Instagram and Facebook pages“. She goes on to explain that it  wasn’t until recently she began following other teacher blogs and Instagram/Facebook pages. Shelise states, “ I love the idea of being able to share with others. I want to share my passion and ideas for Full Day Kindergarten and through photos and posts I can accomplish that on social media!” I could not agree more with her statements. I think that her page will inspire so many other future educators and teachers about different learning environments and maybe even teaching methods as well. Since our world is more social media based, and a lot of individuals are using the internet to find information, this was an excellent idea!


So I know there are numerous questions that I had to ask Shelise especially when it came to her schooling and the process of becoming an ECE. I know that in university, I was personally not the book worm type and struggled to stay focused within my studies but not Shelise! Throughout university,  Shelise has always been committed to her books and her studies. “My parents and most of my family never had the chance to further their education after high school so for me it was really important to focus on my studies and want I wanted to do“, states Shelise.  On her journey to become an ECE, Shelise stated that she had taken a 2 year dipolma program for Early Childhood Education at Mohawk College. While in this program, Shelise could not express and emphasize how much it prepares you for the real world while in the career path as an ECE.  “It is very hands on in the classroom followed with intensive studies on aspects like child development and behaviour, inclusion, and parent teacher-child relationships”. 


Finding the right career path can be extremely challenging, especially for individuals as young as ourselves. Having the right determination and dedication towards something is very important and working for it is key. Although you may find yourself in a program that eventually you become disinterested in, do not give up. Shelise goes on to explain that she did not know what she wanted to be in life! It was not until her grade 12th year that she finally considered the Early Childhood Education Program. Even then individuals may still feel uncertain about the choices they are making or the career paths they choose to go with. Shelise states, “It was my second year of college during my placement in a Full Day Kindergarten classroom that I fully realised that this is what I wanted to do”  ….. and look at her now. Following her dreams and trusting her instincts, Shelise is a role model to other ECE’s who are in the same path as she is.

I have always loved working with children! Whether it was babysitting or children in the family, my mom always said that children “gravitated” towards me. I was lucky enough to have some wonderful teachers in my early years of education so that definitely had an impact on my decision as well. My initial plan was to study bachelor of education and go to teacher’s college – but of course I went down a different path!” , states Shelise.


(To welcome her kinders back, Shelise made up some yummy healthy treats made from apples and cream cheese. What a wonderful idea!)


“Are there any inspirational messages as a teacher that you try to give to your students?”

Since my students are only 4 and 5 years old (some even start off the school year at 3!) positivity is key! Seeing the children as being capable and independent allows them to feel trusted and unstoppable! I always encourage my kids to try something new and to not be afraid. It is okay to make mistakes and I want them to share their ideas and wonders. I am amazed everyday of what my Kinder’s are capable of and my hope in sharing my journey as Miss Full Day Kindergarten allows for others to see too!” States Shelise.


Best advice someone has given you before entering the ECE/teaching industry that you took with you?”

Shelise- “For me I think I have learned my own lessons along the way and would tell anyone entering the field of education – be flexible, be kind, don’t be afraid to ask questions, never ever stop learning, treat the children like they are your own and LOVE what you do”.

I could not thank Shelise enough for letting me ask her a few questions on her journey as “Miss Full Day Kindergarten”! If you have not checked out her pages already be sure to do so and follow for more exciting posts to come!

Instagram & Facebook- Miss Full Day Kindergarten

If more ECE’s were as enthusiastic and driven as Shelise is towards her little kinders, school would be much more exciting for children!

Thanks for reading my blog beauts, I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed writing it! Be sure to follow my social media accounts for more blogs to come:

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Much love xo.

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The “need to know” basics for applying eyeshadow (Natural Look)

The “need to know” basics for applying eyeshadow (Natural Look)


Hello my beauts and happy Friday! Thank goodness it is the weekend, time to party and relax at the same time. I am sorry I have been MIA the past week, I have been dealing with a family crisis that happened on  Sunday, September 18th. My step mom Kayla was in a horrific car crash where she was hit head-on by a one tonne pick up truck towing a wood chipper.  The impact was so severe that it took firefighters almost an hour to get her out of the car where she lost half of her blood supply.  She died but they were able to miraculously bring her back.  She has undergone at least 20 hours of surgeries in the past week and there will be many, many more surgeries to follow.  The doctors are in awe that she is still with us. She had her jaw broken in four places, her nose broken, her pelvis shattered, her diaphragm as well, her hip bone was sheered off, both legs broken, both ankles, one foot had to be reattached.  They’re not even sure if she’ll ever walk again.
It has been touch and go with all of the injuries and operations she has had to endure.
My dad, her fiancee has been by her side every step of the way and wishes to continue to do so. This is where we need your help.  With Kayla in the hospital and my dad  by her side, they have no income coming in. We are not trying to be greedy by any means, but if people could help to raise some money so that my dad can stay by her side, it would be so greatly appreciated.  The love and support Kayla and my dad have received has been overwhelming, and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and every one of you.
We will keep everyone updated as to Kayla’s progress as we continue down this long road to recovery. If you do wish to donate please visit https://www.gofundme.com/2qre83fg. Anything is greatly appreciated, god bless.

So now that you all know where my mindset has been for the past week, I decided to do a makeup blog this week on how to apply eyeshadow, and pretty much the basic & easy steps to follow. A friend of mine had reached out to me and requested this blog post to help her out. When applying eyeshadow, it can be a difficult process, especially if you are not used to wearing makeup a lot or simply you are new to it. Over the past years, I have self-taught myself researching makeup tutorials on youtube and other social media sites. By no means am I saying this is the correct way to apply eyeshadow or this is the only way, this is simply how I personally apply eyeshadow. I think this process is a very simple and easy one to follow, as I include pictures down below as well. I have not edited the makeup shots of my face and eyes just to show you beauts the true colour of the palettes that I have used within this tutorial. I included two different palettes that could be very beneficial for you guys to use, but feel free to explore and find one you love! I personally had to go with my all time favourite “Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette” where you can purchase at Sephora for $35.00, which really is not bad at all considering the pigmentation is unreal. You can also use this other palette that I purchased at Sephora as well by Smashbox called the “full exposure palette”, and I usually always use the cream colours and the light browns.


(Smashbox Full Exposure Palette)

So first before applying any eyeshadow I ensure that I have applied some sort of an eyelid primer. Here let me show you guys the difference between my two eyes; one with primer on the right and the one without primer on the left.

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As you can see, the eyelid on the right has a more yellow pigmentation to it which allows my eyeshadow to stay on better and the pigmentation from the eyeshadow to show up better. Trust me, you will for sure want to use a primer. I am still in love with my Kat Von D High Voltage eyelid Primer where you can purchase at Sephora for $25.00. Totally worth it.

Now that you have primed both eyelids you can move onto the eyeshadow. First I like to use my Kat Von D palette and go in with this cream colour shade, which I use as my base shade.


This beautiful cream colour is super subtle and also looks very gentle for the natural look we are going for today. I apply this colour all over the entire lid with my small eyeshadow brush that I purchased at Sephora for around $20.00. Now I know what you are thinking, what number is the brush called and so forth blah blah blah. Honestly, I am not too big on specific brushes that I use for my makeup, as long as it gets the job done. But for this first step, I do recommend a smaller and more dense brush.

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Once you have applied the cream shadow all over your lid, take a nice “taupe” or “light brown” eyeshadow within your palette and apply this to the outer corner of your lids. You are still going to be using the same brush as earlier, but you are only going to take small amounts of this eyeshadow to start. This helps ensure that you do not over do your look, as you want it to remain natural looking.


How beautiful is this brown shade located in the Kat Von D palette?! It is such a neutral colour and allows you to build up your pigmentation if you desire to. I also highly recommend the NYX Taupe Eyeshadow which you can purchase at any Shoppers. I have used this product numerous times and it creates a nice and gentle look.


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As you can see, I simply made a triangle shape as I applied the taupe colour within the outer corner. Do not worry If your brown looks very harsh or messy, you are going to be blending the shadow with a fluffy brush afterwards.

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Now take your fluffy blending brush (purchased mine at Walmart) and start blending in the taupe nicely into the outer corners. I also take the taupe colour and apply it along the crease as well. This is simply the outer edge of the eye along your eyeball (trust me you will feel it). If you choose to do this step, be sure to take the time to blend this eyeshadow in nicely, if you rush it you will end up with a super harsh crease.You simply drag the taupe colour across your crease and let go just before your inner eye corner.

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Now that you have blended out any harsh spots, this is optional, but I always like to add some sort of a shimmer to my eyeshadow routine even if it is a more natural look. I like to go in with my Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Eyeshadow and apply this within the middle of my eyelid. I do not apply this where the taupe colour is whatsoever, strictly within the middle of my lid.

Processed with MOLDIV

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Now that you have applied all your eyeshadow on your lids you can go in with a gel liner to help make your eyes “pop” or “stand out”. Again, this is an optional step, but I highly recommend doing this! I simply use my gel liner brush from Sephora along with my Eye Studio Gel Liner by Maybelline (Purchased at Walmart) and apply this on along my upper lash line. You can choose how thick you want your line to be, but if you are creating a more natural look, I would recommend creating a thinner line.

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(Just look at the difference between the two eyes with and without the gel liner on top!)

After applying the gel liner, I then go in with my mascara and apply that all over my lashes. Right now I am using the Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara by Maybelline.

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Voila! You now have a flawless natural makeup look using the basic methods of applying eyeshadow. If you choose to, you can also line the bottom of your lashes with the taupe colour that you had previously used, and add some false lashes to spice up your natural look!

Processed with MOLDIV

If you do not really wear fake eyelashes, I highly recommend just buying a cheap pair, and I mean cheap (from the dollar store) and experimenting with them. I never used to wear false lashes but every time I go out for the night, I always have them on! I think they top off your makeup look and really make you look gorgeous! If you are interested in trying out some lashes seriously grab some at the dollar store. I always use my elf lashes and I literally buy them for $1.50 at the dollar store, and they still look flawless. There is noway in hell I will buy a $30.00 pair at Sephora when they look just as good for a cheaper price!


I hope this blog eyeshadow tutorial helped you guys out! Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on what to write my next blog about. Be sure to follow my other social media sites as well:

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“You Owe It To Yourself”-What the hell is Self-Acceptance?

“You Owe It To Yourself”-What the hell is Self-Acceptance?

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Hey there beauts, I want you to pause and think for a moment… is your life perfect? Are you truly happy with yourself and who you are as an individual today? I know this may seem like an easy question to answer and does not have much thought but is it easy for you to answer? To be honest, being almost 23 years old,I do not think I could even answer this, not truthfully at least anyway. “Accepting yourself’ is much easier said than done. I do not think a lot of people within this world accept themselves for who they are as individuals, I know I am still learning how to accept myself, which is sad but it is reality. I know behind a computer I may seem bold, confident and with all my selfies I must adore myself right? Wrong.  Maybe I just love that one aspect of my body where the camera makes me look super thin, or maybe I just love the way the black and white filter highlights my cheekbones… but do I really love me for me? I have been struggling for many and I mean MANY years now with accepting who I am as an individual. I have questioned myself over and over again as to why I can not portray self-love and show it off to others. After searching for numerous years I have finally found an answer. It may not be the answer everyone is wanting to hear but I have found it, and that is being honest with yourself.  I did not want to be honest with myself for the longest time, in fact I was really trying to avoid writing this blog, but I knew that others may benefit from it or even take home a message from it. In previous blogs I have discussed the topics of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, body image and so forth. I wanted something different from this blog. In fact, I wanted the main message to be a combination of all of these topics.


Behind some of my pictures on Instagram and other social media sites, you may see an extremely happy/confident girl, which is fairly accurate. I am an extremely happy person, but you do not hear the thoughts that are going through a person’s mind when you are glancing at their selfies or photographs. In the photograph up above what do you see? Some may see a black and white portrait, but I know I see someone who is struggling to keep down their dinner they had tonight due to an eating disorder that decided to come back and take over. And that is number one topic that I decided to be honest with myself, and that is my bad eating habits. I know in previous blogs I have discussed this topic and how it had gone away. I have come to the reality that I think this eating disorder is always going to be a part of me, but is not going to define who I am. I may think here and there about my weight issues but I am going to keep living each day to it’s fullest. I know some people are bothered and ashamed to admit that they may have this problem whether it be bulimia or anorexia, but it is something that should be talked about. Maybe this way, others such as younger audiences will be more educated on these serious illnesses. I am not ashamed to admit that I am both of these illnesses, and I am not ashamed that I am going to counselling to get this under control. I just knew that I could not pretend anymore that these disorders did not exist, I just had to be honest with myself.

Self- Acceptance is about finding positive vibes or positive energy and applying it to oneself to create “happy thoughts”.  In order to help create those happy thoughts, you owe it to yourself to be completely honest, like a heart to heart with you and your body/mind. I know for a fact I am never going to be a size 0 ever, or a size 1 …. it is not in my books. Even though I strive for that perfect, skinny, body type, I had to be honest with myself. Lyss, do you really want to give up chips, pop and all junk food pretty much everyday and are you committed to work out everyday? Oh hell no at least not at this very moment in time. I knew for a fact  that I pretty much could not give up pop , I have tried and tried but I don’t want to. So now what?  Well time to be honest with myself. Does eating those stuff occasionally make me happy? Yes. So why give something that makes you happy up for that size 0 body image? Even though I struggle with my size, I am still going to eat that piece of pie later and enjoy every bite, I just had to be honest with myself.


……. and what about that “A” word… ya you know it, stupid anxiety. I could rant about it day in and day out but I won’t to save you some time.  Alright time to be honest with myself, are you ever truly going to get rid of this mental illness? Probably not. Have you been working on coping with it? Yes you have, and that is being honest with yourself. I know I may not be that social butterfly at the parties until I have had a few shots of tequila, or I may not be able to look you in the eyes for a long period of time when I am speaking but hey…. at least I have a voice, a quiet one but I do. I have come to terms that I will always be that “quiet type”, but in my books, that is ok.  Being quiet does not define who I am let alone anxiety. I still love to share my blog posts with hundreds of people including with my friends on Facebook, I can gather up the courage to go adventure out to the mall by myself and take my sweet ass time, and I can also dance my ass off with my best friend tequila…. and you know what…. that is OK. I may need a little extra help here and there when it comes to social events and socializing but at least I am being honest with myself. Are you?


Even though you do not want to face your “flaws” or your “insecurities”… sooner or later you have to in order to find or help find self acceptance within yourself. Even though I am 23 years old and look like I have my shit together, I do not. Am I trying to get my shit together? Yes. How am I doing this? By accomplishing the first step…by being truly honest with who you are as an individual.  You owe it to yourself. These do not define who you are as an individual, but they help you accept who you are as a person… different from everyone else in your own unique way.

Thanks for the read my beauts, let me know if you guys enjoy these more personal blogs! Be sure to follow my page for my blog posts to come in the near future,

Much love xo


My Favourite Beauty Products/ July 2016

My Favourite Beauty Products/ July 2016


Hello my beauts! Yes I am back with another blog post and this one is on different products that I have been trying pretty much for the month of July maybe a little into June as well. I always love looking for new products to try, and sharing the info I have on them with you beautiful people! Before I get into this blog post, I am just going to emphasize this coffee creamer that is literally the bomb and I always use it everyday in my coffee! It is probably old news but I recently just started using it. It’s called Cinnabon coffee creamer by Delight, and omg, it’s beautiful. It literally tastes like a desert, not really sure how good it is for you but honestly who cares, it is worth it. So stop reading this, go make a coffee with that amazing creamer, then come back, got it?

Alright, now let’s get into the products that I have been loving and want to share with you beauts! I have ordered a few products from Sephora online, so I will let you guys know in another blog post if I love the products or not, but I am super excited to try them! I ordered the new Cover FX Enhancer drops, more specifically in the shade “Moonlight”. I will let you guys know if the rave about them is true! I pretty much have heard nothing but good things about them! Okay, so the first product that I have been loving after only one use is the new Katy Perry “Katy Kat Matte Lipstick”. I really love any colours that are bright, especially when it comes to summer time. I decided to purchase the lipstick in the shade “Coral Kat”, which is what I am wearing in the photo above. I really love the pigmentation within this lipstick and how beautiful the colour is. I highly recommend trying out this lipstick line, and experimenting with the different shades. I plan on going back to Walmart to purchase more shades as well! You can find this in the Covergirl section at any local drugstore for only $8.00 or so. There are so many different shades to choose from!



The next product that I have been liking a lot is the Urban Decay individual eyeshadows. I have mentioned this product in another one of my previous blogs before, but I purchased a different shade this time. It’s funny because I meant to purchase the shade that I had discussed before that I loved, ” MidnightCowgirl”, but accidently bought “Midnight Cowboy”. I do however like this shade as well, it is not as bright as cowgirl but it is very similar. You can purchase these at Sephora for $22.00, and there are many other different shades to choose from! This is a very shimmery eyeshadow, but looks flawless with a nice brown/taupe crease.



The next product that I love I had actually won at a Stag and Doe, as it was a part of a gift basket. I really love the scent of this product, and it really does moisturize your body. I use this moisturizer on my hands, and will repurchase this product when I am all done! The one that I love is called “Triple Moisture”, and I believe you can purchase these at any drugstore. There are different scents and kinds to choose from!


The next line of products I personally love! I may have mentioned these products in previous blogs but decided to discuss them again! This brand of makeup is extremely cheap which is amazing, and the quality of the products are great as well! You can find this brand “Essence” at any drugstore, as I had purchased these from Shoppers. These products are all under $5.00! Can you believe it? I really do love these two mascaras, and would highly recommend trying them out for yourself! The pink one called “I love extreme crazy volume mascara”, is amazing for lengthening your lashes as well as giving them the right amount of volume. The brow gel  is amazing as well, and distributes just the right amount of product to the brows. I usually use this product one I have outlined my brows with the dipbrow from Anastasia Beverly Hills.


Since working at a daycare, I have been trying out different cute hairstyles that are classy/girly.  I really have been loving putting bows in my hair, usually underneath buns. I purchased these bows at Ardenes for a really cheap price, and there were so many different ones to choose from! I think I purchased around 5 in all different colours. I really love the taupe/brown shades, as they look super classy and elegant. Try these out for yourself! These bows also look super cute with half up hair styles!


The next product I purchased because it was on sale. I really have not researched too much about this beauty product but was super happy when the lightest shade was the one that was on sale! I use this product as a highlighter for under my eyes, forehead and on the bridge of my nose. This product is super pigmented and helps achieve that “awake” look. You can purchase it at any drugstore, it is called “L’oreal Visible Blur Concealer”. I was lucky and got mine on sale for literally $3.oo, but you can purchase this for $13.00.


I am always on the hunt for new concealers/highlighters! I have a mixture at home of high end highlighters and drug store highlighters as well. I was browsing in Shoppers one day and decided to give this little guy a try! I bought this for $8.00 from NYX Cosmetics and I am loving it! I honestly always use concealers as highlighters, I just buy the fairest and lightest shade possible. I highly recommend trying this out for yourself and tell me what you think!


So guys, I have a huge hype to discuss with yous. While I was working on this blog earlier on in the week, my online Sephora package came in! I tried out all my products that I had received and pretty much fell in love with every single one of them. I ordered the Cover Fx Enhancer Drops in the shade Moonlight because it was sold out in stores. This is a liquid highlighter that is just absolutely gorgeous. I love love love how pigmented it is, and could not be any happier with the shade I picked. There are many different shades to choose from, but I found this shade to be more of a champagne pigment to it. I love how shimmery it is when applied to the cheekbones. I will say however that this product needs to be blended properly to give the desired effect or else you will have harsh bright lines. This product was not that cheap however sadly. I paid $52.00 for it, but I truly believe it is worth it 100%. After I let this product sit and settle on my face, I go in with my baked powder highlighter and apply this over top.


As you can see , I swatched the shade for you on my hand without any editing applied.


How beautiful is this shade? The applicator is a dropper that helps distribute the makeup easier, which is awesome!


The next few product that I am going to discuss are so gorgeous. I received these from my reward points that I have been collecting over the months from Sephora. I got the package called “Tarte Tartiest Tools”, and had the opportunity to try out different Tarte products. The first product is called the Tartiest Mascara. It comes with a spiky brush and the formula is not too wet. Personally it was not one of my absolute favourite mascaras but it is still very good. Probably because I am still hooked on my L’oreal Telescopic Mascara!


The next two products look beautiful together and that is the Lip Paint and the Lip Liner. I absolutely love this lip paint. I was not too sure if I would like it or not mainly because I do not usually wear dark lipsticks whatsoever. After applying this on my lips I was blown away at how good these two products looked. The formula goes on wet, then dries in a short amount of time. I really love this shade, and it complimented the rest of my makeup so well! I will post a picture below of the shade on my lips.

Shade- Hangry



(This colour looks beautiful for the summer time, and would be perfect for both during the day and night).


Shade- Mood Ring

The next product that I received in my rewards package was rather neat and interesting. It is a clay based eyeliner that came with a nice angled brush. This clay paint liner in the shade Bronze looked beautiful on top of my eyelids. I really love the brown liner and the formula was rather neat to work with. It is however, a bit hard to control the formula when squeezing it out, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. I really love the angled brush that came with it as well!


Well my beauts, that pretty much sums up the products that I have been loving this month! Let me know if you guys try these products out for yourselves! Be sure to follow my page for more blog posts to come, and let me know what posts you guys would like to read next, I am highly curious!

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