Blacker than Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

Blacker than Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

Good evening beauts  ,hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday night! I was looking at apartments all day long today, thinking we found the right one so fingers crossed! I was playing some old Avril Lavigne today ( the second album come on guys…unreal), and I was inspired by her to create a very...I mean very dramatic look. I absolutely love black smokey eyes, I think they are drop dead gorgeous and someone who can pull it off...props to you! I have not shown an intense black smokey eye on my channel before so I thought I would today for you guys, thanks, Avril!  I highly recommend wearing this look for night outs, as daytime looks, you might get glared at haha! I will be using my ‘Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette” for this look. Shall we rock into this?

First things first, I applied all of my face makeup already and added some tape to the corner of my eyes just to ensure I have a clean line afterwards. I am going to only use the black within the palette of course for this tutorial. This may seem like a very easy tutorial to do since I only used black, however, this was one of the more time-consuming tutorials I have ever done. This is simply because black is such a dark colour, that the fallout will be there, and the blending will be your cardio for the day….literally (bye gym). I am taking a small eyeshadow brush and applying black to the entire lid, placing a bit in the crease but not too much. I am ensuring that every piece of skin is covered on my lid. I had to build up the pigmentation a bit, so be patient! You are literally probably looking at the picture up thinking, “wow why would you post that, that looks ridiculous”. I wanted to show you guys the reality of this look. when you first start, you are not going to be red carpet ready straight away. Your lines are going to appear super harsh and that will eventually be blended nicely.

You are then going to start blending into the crease, and literally blend your life away. I am really focusing on the crease as I want this to look as subtle and flawless as opposed to harsh lines. I even am dragging the black slightly above my crease as well with my fluffy brush. I want a really dramatic smokey eye effect for this look. I then removed the tape and voila, you are literally left with clean straight lines which can outline your winged liner for you….nifty!

As you can see, I even put some of the black underneath my bottom lashes to appear more dramatic and intensify the look. I also went in with some black eyeliner and applied this to my waterline.

I then went in with some mascara and applied this to my bottom and top lashes. I also applied some black liquid liner for the winged look, and placed some false lashes on as well, obviously.

That’s it! I added a bit of some nude lipstick to stay away from overpowering the eyes, and you are left with an absolute badass sexy look for a night out!

“When I die, press my ashes into a smokey eyeshadow palette”

“Savage as F***”

I went a little camera crazy here guys I apologize, I just had to show you how badass this look turned out to be!

I hope you guys enjoyed this short and sweet intense black smokey eye tutorial! Be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page to stay updated with the latest blogs! Have a great evening!

Eyeshadow Tutorial Perfect for Hazel Eyes

Eyeshadow Tutorial Perfect for Hazel Eyes

Processed with MOLDIVHappy Sunday my beauts ! I hope you guys are having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday as I know for sure I am. I absolutely love Sundays because they are literally dedicated to doing nothing whatsoever…. well in my case blogging but you know what I mean! I am feeling motivated again today which is honestly such a nice feeling to encounter so I am for sure taking advantage of it 100%! I decided to dedicate this blog post today towards a makeup tutorial strictly on a beautiful look for individuals with hazel eyes like myself !  In reality guys, anyone including individuals who do not have hazel eyes can wear this specific look, but I found that this eyeshadow look really made my eyes pop and stand out. I literally always pinterest or look up different looks that other bloggers have uploaded dedicated to those who have hazel eyes. You can find numerous different looks for both day-time and night-time which is honestly super helpful. I decided to only use my new Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay for this specific look that I am going to show you beauts today. I have always known for a fact that hazel eyes are complimented well by greens more specifically olive greens and gold shades. When trying to come up with a nice eyeshadow tutorial that would compliment my eyes, I was happy to have noticed a lot of gold tones within the Naked 2 palette as well as a beautiful green shade located in there. Honestly guys, it all comes down to experimenting with the different shades in your palette to create a look you are happy and content with. I literally just sat down at my makeup table and just started trying out different shades and seeing which ones look good with each other. I only basically used some light brown shades, green shades and gold tones for this eyeshadow look. So I came up with a gorgeous look that is honestly appropriate for both day-time and night-time. If you are more of a natural/neutral type of person, you may find this look more suitable for those evening events, as there is a tad bit smokinessyness to it. So shall we get started?

bbbbbRight away guys, you want to get your hands on this bad boy. Like I mentioned in my previous blog, I purchased this palette with the two other Naked palettes within the 3ome Naked Vault package. I absolutely love this palette. If I had to pick which palette I loved the most I would hands down say the Naked 2 Palette as of right now. I love all of the brown shades, and I often find that I am always resulting towards using these shades on a daily basis.  Literally just go to your local Sephora and pick one up, you will not be disappointed whatsover that is for sure!

dddSo first you are going to ensure that your eye lids are all primed up before applying any of the eyeshadows. As you may all know I have been using the same primer for almost a year now, and it is the Kat Von D High Voltage eye primer. This primer is unreal, hands down. when your lids have all been primed, you are going to first go in with the shade “booty call“, and apply this all over your entire lid. This colour is super subtle and will act as your base for this makeup look. Don’t worry whatsoever if you notice that this colour really is not standing out that much, for this look you are going to focus more on your crease and outer corners as your main focal point.

Processed with MOLDIV

vvvNext, you are going to go in with the shade “tease“, and apply this right within the crease of your lids. This shade is absolutely beautiful and I literally use it in a lot of my makeup looks. This shade is going to act as the transition colour. You are then going to grab one of your fluffy blending brushes and blend away! You want to ensure that the shade is properly blended within your crease and that there are no harsh lines whatsoever.

Processed with MOLDIV

cvvcvcvcOnce this is properly blended you are going to go in with the shade, “pistol“, which is that lovely olive green shade and apply this within the crease and in the outer triangle of your lid. Feel free to add as much shadow as you wish depending on how dramatic you want this look to be. Please be aware though that these eyeshadows tend to cause a lot of fallout unfortunately, but it is nothing a little under eye concealer can’t fix when you are finished to clean up the look! You are slowly going to start to notice how your eyes are starting to “pop” with all of these different shades put together. This colour is obviously darker than the other shades we have been using, so be sure to take the time to blend “tease” and “pistol” together.

Processed with MOLDIV

fgfgfgfgYou are then going to take the shade “half-baked“, and lightly push this shade into the middle of your lid. This is a very shimmery colour, so by pushing the shadow into your lids instead of how you usually apply eyeshadow, you are ensuring that you get all of the product on your lid.  Guys, this shade is honestly so beautiful and looks absolutely gorgeous with the brown and green shades we have already incorporated into this look. You can then go in with the shade “foxy” and apply this colour into the inner corners of your lids just to make your eyes appear brighter.


I always love to go in with the lightest eyeshadow shade and apply this into the inner lid. I literally find this step super important when trying to create a flawless eyeshadow look. You can also use this shade to highlight your brow bones as well, as it acts as a great highlighter. I then went in with a soft brown liquid eyeliner to line the tops of my lids. I usually always go in with my black liquid eyeliner, but to achieve more of the “golden-brown” look, I thought this was more appropriate and would compliment my hazel eyes better. I love using my Tarte Clay Paint Liner as  well as the applicator brush that comes with it when I am creating a soft and gentle look. After creating a soft wing as well, I went in with my  L’oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black and applied this to my lashes. I always ensure that my lashes are dried before applying a second coat to the top of my lashes. I always find this step helps to add more depth and volume to my lashes. I forgot to mention that I then went in with the shade “pistol” again, and applied this underneath the bottom lashes. This really helps pull the look together.















“to be beautiful means to be yourself”


Processed with MOLDIVVoila! You have created a beautiful makeup look for those hazel eyes! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, please ensure you are following my page for more blog posts to come in the near future! Also check out my other social media accounts for more updates!  Comment below if you enjoyed this specific look or if you have any suggestions on what you would like to read next! Thanks again


much love xo.