My Collaboration with Conscious Community Wear!

Hey, beauts, how are you guys, and how have you been?! I know I know, I have been mia and literally dropped off the face of the earth. I have been sick for the past month with the lovely flu, which has been crappy, so I have been trying to recover to say the last. I even stopped going to the gym because I had zero energy which feels so terrible. But, thank goodness I am finally starting to feel better and I am getting back on track with my blogging and so forth. I am still doing collaborations with different companies and have some exciting ones in store for you guys which is super exciting and I can not wait to share these companies with you beauts, such wonderful people. One company that I have been in touch with and speaking to is called, “Conscious Community Wear”, and they have been absolutely wonderful to work with. I spoke to Kevin about his company and I absolutely loved his clothing line. What really caught my attention about this Instagram page was the meaning of the clothing line, which was promoting love and positivity in a new way of thinking, meaning thinking and being free. I absolutely love this. You beauts know that I am all about spreading positive vibes and good vibes all around on my page. I think that there needs to be more positivity spread throughout the world which is exactly why I created my blogging channel in the first place. Speaking to Kevin, he was very sweet and a very down to earth person. Right away he complimented me on my blogging channel and fashion sense which was extremely sweet of him. He stayed in contact with me, letting me know when I would receive my package in the mail and so forth. I absolutely love companies who keep you updated and stay in touch with you, it’s extremely helpful and I admire that.

There were a couple of shirts that I absolutely adored within his clothing line of “Conscious Community Wear”, and that’s why I knew I had to reach out to him. I was s happy when Kevin agreed to collaborate with me on a blog post and was super excited when I received my package in the mail. Kevin was super generous and sent me 3 shirts which I absolutely adore. I know you beauts are dying to know a little bit about the company and what not so I’ll share some background information with you guys. The company was established in 2016, and consist of a group of young entrepreneurs whose duty is to help shed some light in a world that seems full of darkness. I love this. Personally, I could not think of a better company I would like to represent and show off to you beauts. The company has dedicated their lives to help the positivity of humanity combat the negativity.   So now that you beauts have a little more insight into the company I have been working with, let’s show off some of their beautiful t-shirts and designs for you guys!

The first shirt that I received I immediately fell in love with right away. I absolutely love cropped shirts and sweaters, I think they are extremely fashionable and they are super cute to wear. I received my “Free State Cropped” sweater which retails for $27.00. I got mine in the colour black, and always wear mine with a pair of leggings, which is super comfortable.  I think this top is super flattering and I love the message it is spreading as well. This sweater is super soft… you beauts need to get your hands on it for sure!

(How adorable is this though!?)

The next shirt that I received in my package I am a huge fan of! I love the message it is spreading across the word, pretty much-promoting love and not hate in the world, which is beautiful. This “No Hate Tee”, retails for $20.00 which is a great deal, and I just simply paired it with some ripped jeans and tied a knot in the shirt with my hat. I think there are so many different ways to style this shirt and I absolutely love it. For sure going to be wearing this a ton!

Lastly, I had one more top in my package and it is called the “Kaep Tee” which retails for $19.00 which was great. Not going to lie I had no idea who this person was, until my friend informed me about him! Hey, learn something new every day! I love this Tee, I think the design is neat and I really do love it a bunch!

Again, just simply paired it with my ripped faded jeans, a dad hat, and tied a knot in the shirt to style it.

I want to personally thank Kevin and his company “Conscious Community Wear” for allowing me to collaborate with them on this blog post. You guys are such amazing and sweet people, I really do believe there need to be more upbeat and positive people in this world like yourselves! Keep up the great work with your company, you guys are doing fantastic and I absolutely love your clothing line. Be sure to come spread some love on their Instagram page over at “@consciouscommunitywear”, and give them a follow! Also be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my homepage for more blogs in the near future! Take care and much love xo.


My Collaboration with “Rob Hayes Watches”

Hello my beauts, it for sure has been a hot minute since my last blog post that I have written mainly because I have been super busy with work and waiting for products to come in the mail! I did not forget about you guys don’t worry! I have recently started to do collaborations and reach out to jewelry and watch companies, mainly because I have always been a lover for these accessories and they look absolutely stunning on.  A watch is a girl’s best friend and literally completes every outfit possible. They are so fashionable, especially gold watches in my opinion. I decided to reach out to  a company who specializes in Jewelry and watches and their company is called “Rob Hayes“. I was looking at their Instagram page and fell in love with the style of the watches right away! They were so fashionable and stylish, I absolutely loved the Roman Numeral look to them as well, this especially attracts me for sure. The company agreed to let me work with them which was amazing, and I was super excited to pick out a watch to receive. When looking online on their site , there were different watches to choose from such as: Gold/Gold Berkeley, Black/ Black Berkeley, Silver/ Silver Berkeley and lastly Silver/ Gold Berkeley. I specifically chose the gold one, because like I mentioned earlier, I absolutely love Gold watches and Jewelry, I think this looks unreal on.

“Unique and timeless watches with exceptional craftsmanship that will fascinate anyone”

The watches retail for $168.20 which is amazing considering the quality of the product you receive, and usually watches retail for around $400.00.  My watch took a short period of time to arrive which was great, and I received my tracking information as well. The company was very pleasurable to work with, and were very friendly as well! So I know you guys are dying to know a bit about the company and what not!  The founder and designer of the watches, Aladin Galjic, designed the watches in San Diego, California where he was heavily influenced by the vibe, happiness and the simplicity of life. Something about California gives off this phenomenon, and the company is trying to convey this feeling to customers through the watches and their designs.  The company all started when Aladin had a burning desire to create great things. During his programming studies, designing and creating different elements was also a part of his work. Aladin then met Robert Hayes. Aladin states, “a very special man that was once a soldier but made a pivot to pursue his dream in life. He was a man with a purpose that taught me that life is short,  and time should be dedicated toward doing things you love and that make you feel fulfilled. Pretty soon I realized  that I was not a designer , I was a creator. That’s when I started designing things I loved”.

“…Every worn Rob Hayes tells a story”

Aladin also explains, “Our journey took us back to our home city Stockholm, where we partnered up with jewelry  and watch industry experts to finalize the drawings and start the quest for the finest materials and quality components. Ever since we fell in love with the Pacific Ocean breeze and the smell of California citrus trees, we’ve been on a mission to make timeless watches that will never go out of style“.

I absolutely love this, and the watches are stunning. The design is beautiful and classy. I absolutely love and adore my watch! It for sure is one of my statement pieces by far. I want to personally thank Rob Hayes Watches for allowing me to collaborate and work with them on this blog post!  Be sure to come spread some love on their page and check out their Instagram site at “robhayesstore“, you won’t be disappointed! Also be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on homepage for upcoming blogs in the near future! Take care! xo.


My Collaboration with “PuppyPawPets”

Hello my beauts, my name is Alyssa and welcome to my blogging channel if you are new! I have recently been obsessed with the newest member of our family! Her name is Winnie, and she is a cockapoo who is 15 weeks now. She honestly stole my heart the first time I saw her, and we welcomed her into our family with open arms, she has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. Honestly, since mental illness runs in our family, she is like our therapy dog, and is so therapeutic.  Due to her extreme cuteness, I thought “hey…. why not include her in some of my blogs?“, which she has made an appearance in some, but why not be the star of some of the blogs?  So I decided to expand my blogging a bit and start writing puppy blogs and collaborating with different companies for Winnie! I reached out to one specific company which I was super excited about, and I loved their Instagram page.  The company had a lot of dog accessories, clothes and pet supplies to choose from which was amazing. This company is called, “PetPawPets”, and I decided to reach out and see if they were interested in a collaboration.  I was so happy when I found out that they were interested which was great!  Puppypawpets love dressing up their dogs in adorable yet affordable clothes. The company is very passionate about making the highest quality products for your pets, and they do this while keeping your pet warm and fashionable. One of the company’s biggest goals is to provide the greatest customer service also providing excellent quality to our customers.

Beauts, if one thing is for sure the people at Puppypawpets who I spoke to were absolutely fabulous and were super friendly to speak to. One thing that caught my attention right away on their page was this adorable “Minion Hoodie” which was in their store and I needed Winnie to have it, I knew that she would look the cutest in her hoodie that’s for sure! Beauts, also be sure to use my discount code, “Alys10” for 10% off your entire purchase! You guys need to check out their store, the apparel in there is so cute, I just wanted everything in their shop.

Ready to see Winnie rocking her Minion Hoodie?!

Three, Two, One

How adorable is she!? I can’t even deal with her Minion Hoodie! Thanks again Puppypawpets! Be sure to check out their Instagram page at “puppypawpets”, and use my discount code! Let me know if you guys do end up purchasing any items for their store as I would love to see your fur baby in them! Thank you very much Puppypawpets for allowing me to collaborate and work with your company, you guys are amazing and such wonderful people to work with. Winnie is loving her hoodie, and we can’t wait to show relatives and friends her stylish outfit! Be sure to spread some love on their page as well as subscribe to my blogging channel and follow my other social media accounts located on my homepage for blogs in the near future! Take care, xo.


My Collaboration with “Radiant Rhinos”

Good morning my beauts, and I am so happy you decided to pop by visit my blogging channel.I always love to have new guests come and stop by, so thank you for your time and happy reading! I have been busy lately visiting the family these days! So I have not been blogging lately, but don’t think I have forgotten about you beauts. I have some really neat and interesting collaborations that I am looking forward to in the near future, just waiting for some things to come in the mail. I can not wait to show you guys! Should be really good! I recently have been collaborating with a wonderful company called “Radiant Rhinos” who have been supporting a beyond wonderful foundation. This is the first company I have worked with in relation to animals and a foundation towards raising money to help these animals out more specifically, rhinos.  So this is a rather special collaboration as 10% of ALL net profits are donated to the International Rhino Foundation, which is absolutely amazing. Radiant Rhinos launched on July 23, 2017, and with every purchase, you help support the survival of the world’s rhinos through conservation and research.


“There are five different rhino species which consist of the greater one-horned rhino, the black rhino, the white rhino, the Javan rhino, and the Sumatran rhino.  While the population of the white rhinos is stable, each of the four other species is threatened. Every day rhinos are brutally killed for their horns.  It is believed by some that a rhino’s horn is as valuable as diamonds or gold or that it can even cure cancer.  A rhino’s horn is actually made out of keratin, which is what our hair and nails are made of, and has no proven medical benefits.  The status of each species is different but they all have one thing in common, they need our help. Conservation efforts are being made and there has been progress in the rehabilitation of the rhinos, but poaching still continues. During the early 20th century 500,000 rhinos lived in the wild.  Today only 29,000 survive in the wild as a result of poaching.  Just in South Africa, three or more rhinos are murdered every day for their horns.  There has been a 9,000% increase in poaching since 2007 and around the world middle-class individuals are becoming able to afford rhino horns which means the demand for them is constantly rising.  We need to protect these beautiful animals now more than ever.  And for the rhinos who are surviving in the wild, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to reproduce due to human barriers which are preventing the wild population from growing.  If we allow poaching to continue it is possible that rhinos could become extinct within the next 10 years!  Radiant Rhinos donates 10% of all net profits to the International Rhino Foundation to help protect the rhinos and keep them from becoming extinct.  Every purchase makes a difference and together we can save the rhinos! Visit the IRF’s website to learn more about rhinos, how you can help, and the International Rhino Foundation!”

This information can be found on the Radiant Rhinos website, and it is so fascinating and informative to read. Let’s start saving these rhinos one shirt at a time! One thing I absolutely love about this company aside from the great cause is how cute and adorable the shirts are. The colours completely grabbed my attention 100%, they have more of a washed out kind of look which is absolutely stunning and beautiful. There are both long sleeved shirts and short sleeved as well which is fantastic. Since the cold winter weather is slowly approaching, I decided to go with the long sleeved shirt which retails for $26.00 and went with the “Radiant Berry Long Sleeve Pocket Tee”. I absolutely love this colour it’s so gorgeous and caught my attention right away. When I received my package in the mail it was all packaged nicely, and there was a cute ribbon holding it together. It really does help when the product looks so presentable and nice given to you.  I honestly love my shirt, it is so comfortable and looks so stylish and adorable on. It is so warm too which helps with the cold weather. The T-shirts retail for $20.00 each which is fantastic as well. There are so many different beautiful colours to chose from as well which is wonderful.

I want to take the time to personally thank “Radiant Rhinos” for allowing me to collaborate with them on this blog post and allowing me to work with their company to support such a great cause. I absolutely love this, and they were a wonderful company to meet and get to know. I highly recommend checking out their Instagram page and their online shop which is located in the link in my bio at “radiantrhinos” . Be sure to tag #radiantrhinos for a chance to be featured on their Instagram page. Let me know if you beauts purchase anything from this cute store. Also be sure to follow my other social media sites located on my homepage for more blogs in the near future! Take care.

My Collaboration with “Magni” clothing!

Hey there beauts , thank you for stopping by and having a peek at my blogging channel! I have been busy nonstop working with so many companies ranging from coffee companies, clothing companies and beauty products! I recently reached out to a clothing company called “Magni” clothing, and absolutely loved their page on Instagram. You beauts know me, I love simple yet beautiful designs that you can pair with a bunch of different outfits! I loved the bird on the apparel and was so happy when they reached back out to me and agreed to do a collaboration with me!

I love reaching out to companies that I have not heard of before! It’s amazing to find out more about the company from their website and get to know the creators a bit more while chatting! I came into contact with Jamie Stokes, a twin brother with a passion for travelling, adventure and a love for the outdoors. He was super nice to talk to and really down to earth which was great! I read into their company a bit more and found out such interesting information! The products are currently made on three continents, each individually picked because of their beautiful textiles, speciality materials and local artisan techniques! What I found exceptionally neat about the clothing brand ” Magni” is that Magni is the Norse god of strength, which is truly fascinating! Also, the chosen god of adventures and individuals wishing to attempt great feats of adversity. I love this. I love brands that have such beautiful and powerful meanings behind them that’s for sure!

When I received my package in the mail I was greeted by two beautiful products! One was the “Women’s slim fit tee” in the colour which retails for $19.99. Beauts, can I just say the material on this is to die for! I absolutely love it so much, it’s super comfortable and it really does look so appealing on, hugging your body. The next product that I received was a beautiful “Bronze Oak Necklace” which retails for $4.99 in store. This gorgeous necklace was influenced by the colours of summer sunsets. It is simply colourful and beautiful, brightening your day! I love the design on it too, breathtaking! You code ” Hotrum25″ at checkout for 25% of your whole purchase !:)

For all those nature lovers out there I highly recommend checking out their website and Instagram page at “OfficialMagni“, and let me know what you beauts think! It was a pleasure working with Jamie, and I wish him nothing but the best for his company! I love the fact that he is a twin as well, twins have to help twins out! Thank you very much for the opportunity! Be sure to check out my other social media accounts located on my homepage for new blogs in the near future! Take care.


My Collaboration with “Jealous Youth”

Hello my beauts, and welcome back to my blogging channel! I am so glad you are here and decided to pop by and say hello! I have been busy with my new puppy Winnie, and have been visiting my parents home for a bit now off and on. I absolutely love visiting my parents and sisters in the country, gives me some space away from the city that’s for sure! I recently have been collaborating with a clothing company that I found on Instagram called, “Jealous Youth”, and I instantly fell in love with their unique clothing line!  I came into contact with designer Elijah Mckenna, who has been obsessed with music and art for as long as he can remember.

Elijah states, “my obsession with music resulted in attending many concerts throughout my life and even performing in multiple Punk and Metal bands throughout my short time I have spent on this Earth. It is safe to assume that the hundreds of concerts I have attended led to the purchasing of many t-shirts from my favourite bands. Those many t-shirts inspired me to eventually pursue a graphic design career of my own in hopes of showcasing my art to the world through one of the best mediums available. Jealous Youth is an independent graphic design and apparel company based out of North San Diego County, California. It was founded in 2014 and focuses on providing limited, small-batch apparel and other various forms of printed merchandise. And by “limited,” I mean that once a certain design sells out, it’s gone for good. I have no intention of printing any of my designs a second time.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always held an affinity towards hand-made products. It makes the item I just purchased much more special knowing that the artist them self-has touched it and channelled every ounce of love and passion they possess into the art they created. It makes it even more valuable to me when the item was created in limited quantities because that way I know that I have one of very few of its kind in the entire world. Since day one, I’ve wanted to convey this love I have for limited-run art pieces through these unique Jealous Youth designs that I enjoy making more than anything.

As of July 27, 2017, every Jealous Youth product will have a handwritten, hand-numbered, and signed tag attached to it. This will pass on my own personal value I hold for each piece to you, my valued customer. Each item has its own “Collector Number,” which is the specific number given to that item out of however many of them were made in that variation. You may choose to hold on to your tag as a “proof of purchase” or for sentimental value if you wish. It will not offend me if you throw it away like you would any other shirt tag. I will NEVER reprint any of my designs a second time. This way, it is confirmed that you own a unique piece of art that not many other human beings will possess and that will never be recreated. With that in mind, you are buying something so much more than just a t-shirt or a coozie. You are buying a limited edition, handmade work of art that holds personal value to me, and hopefully, in turn, to you as well.

I hope this has helped explain what “Jealous Youth” truly is and what it means to me. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have regarding your product, your order, or anything else that may come to mind. I am a human being, like yourself, and love conversations about art and creativity of all kinds. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a Jealous Youth shirt in the last three years that this company has existed. And an even BIGGER thank you to those who have purchased anything of mine within the year of 2017, which is technically my first year of legitimate business. You have helped me grow as a person and expand this company more than you could ever comprehend”.

When I received my package, I was more than excited to open it and see what was inside! I received my ” Always Cool women’s Tank Top” which retails for “$15.00-$17.00”. I honestly do not think I own anything that is yellow, and I was really intrigued by it! I absolutely love the design and how bright it is, it’s fun and playful!

I also received another t-shirt which was the “Outer World (Women’s T-shirt) which retails in store for $10.00. I love the design on this shirt as well, it’s very simple but can be paired with a ton of different outfits. I love it! I also received a coozie which is the ” Always Cool Drink Coozie” which retails for $3.00 online as well as a couple of cute stickers which are the “Lonely Grave Sticker Set” (Limited Halloween Edition), and that retails for $5.00.

Elijah was super nice and extremely down to earth when communicating with him and reaching out to him in regards to collaborating with his company.  I absolutely love his Instagram page and clothing line, it is extremely unique and caught my attention that’s for sure! Be sure to spread some love over on his Instagram page at “Jealousyouth”. Thank you so much for allowing me to collaborate with you and your company! I absolutely love the products. Also be sure you are subscribed to my channel and follow my other social media accounts located on my home page! Take care.


My Collaboration with “Shop Abby Lee”

Good morning my beauts, and welcome to my channel if you are new! My name is Alyssa and I have been blogging for a couple years now and absolutely enjoy it! I find blogging a huge stress-reliever that’s for sure, it keeps me grounded and I love expressing myself on my blogs.  I have had a slight break from collaborations recently which gives me time to breathe, get my thoughts together, and start preparing for my next blogs that are coming in the near future. I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with a sassy and stylish clothing company called “Shop Abby Lee”. This company creates a collection of handprinted statement sweatshirts designed out of the L.A. I reached out to their company after coming across their page on Instagram a little while back. They were happy and pleased to collaborate with me, and I was beyond excited to work with their company. I was completely drawn to their page right off the start, especially with the statement in their bio, “we represent and celebrate babes that are bold, classy and sassy”. I absolutely loved this, as I am super sassy myself! Their clothing store represents and celebrates unapologetic self-expression through what we wear, and having an attitude of sassy and badassery while doing it.

“if you have never fallen in love at first sight, you’re shopping at the wrong site”

Beauts, when I received my package I was super excited. It was wrapped in this super cute and stylish paper which had pineapples all over it…. how friggen cute is that!?  As soon as I opened it up and I was greeted with a personalized card which I absolutely love, you know me guys, the more personalized the better! So that was super sweet of them that’s for sure!

Guys, check out their motto, it honestly is adorable. It states, “wear this with confidence, cause clearly you are a badass with good taste aiming for the “hot as hell but wouldn’t touch without asking look” and you’re doing amazing sweetie”. How freaking adorable and sassy is that?! I fell in love while reading this, and love this saying so much! When it comes to care instructions for the shirts simply wash inside out, on a gentle cycle and do not iron over graphic. I received my “Bad and Boujee” sweater which retails for $35.00 in store, and this is quite a steal for the quality of clothing as well!

“There are hints about who you are in what you wear”

I want to personally thank Shop Abby Lee for collaborating with me and allowing me to model their “bad and boujee” top which I absolutely love! I love anything stylish and sassy, especially cozy and comfy sweaters! They are wonderful people to work with, and I highly recommend checking out their Instagram page at “shop.abbylee”.  They have tons of sassy related sweaters with a whole bunch of different sayings on them, it’s hard to pick just one! Be sure to check out my other social media sites located on my homepage for upcoming blogs in the near future! Take care.


My collaboration with “Ten Thousand Tees”

Hey there beauts! I hope you all are having a fabulous week so far! I have been busy doing collaborations over the past few weeks and have been absolutely loving it ! I have been loving this fall weather lately and you know what that means beauts ? Beanies! I love beanies for a fall fashion statement. So pretty much any chance I get I am going to wear a beanie! I recently worked with a company where I could do just that , wear beanies with these unreal tops I received! I reached out to ” Ten Thousand Tees” a while back asking to do a collaboration and look where we are today! I was super thrilled and hyped about this opportunity as their page really caught my eye and I loved the look of the clothing. I love simple tees that make a huge statement and I think that’s what drew me to their page . When talking to the owner of Ten Thousand Tees, James Ruta, he was so chill and down to earth to talk to. James is a super sweet guy and I knew that working with their company was going to be enjoyable and fun for sure!  One of James favourite things to do is seeing people connect.  James states, “forget about our differences for a moment . In the end we’re all human. We all have hopes and dreams, we all have insecurities. We all make decisions that show who we are. One of those decisions is the clothes we wear. The clothes that we wear show who we think we are and who we want to be. They show what we believe in and what we represent. I never wanted Ten Thousand Tees to be just another brand – there are too many of those already. I wanted it to be a way of connecting people . I wanted it to be a way of standing for something. I wanted it to be a way of saying this is who I am and this is what I believe in . So it’s not just a matter of printing something on a t shirt . Every tee tells a story by life itself. That is what Ten Thousand Tees is. It’s LIFE IN THREAD”. 

I absolutely love this . If you beauts know anything about me it’s that I love people who want to make a difference in the world. I am all about reaching out to people  and striving to make the world a better place . I believe this is exactly what James is doing with his clothing company and the message he is sending people , nothing but positive vibes. We need more people in our lives that are so upbeat and positive, life is too full of negative and serious people.

I received my package in the mail the other day from James and Ten Thousand Tees! I was so excited and could not wait for my package to be sent to me! When I opened my package I was greeted with a lovely personalized letter from Ten Thousand Tees! You beauts know me and my letters, I love getting personalized letters, I think they are more thoughtful and so sweet to read.  They make you feel important is how to put it!

I received two t shirts from their company which I am absolutely in love with. I love simple t shirts that you can style with pretty much anything , just use your imagination! I was super happy when I received a black and a white t shirt, both with different messages and designs on them.  The first was the t shirt on their website that caught my eye. I absolutely love the ” stand up ” tee, I think it is super powerful and empowering in general. You can purchase this off their website for $29.99! I adore mine and have paired both shirts I received with a black beanie, sunglasses, ripped faded jeans and converse.

The next shirt that I am In love with is the “Ten Thousand Tees” shirt which is black and retails for $29.99 in store.  I love the design and you can pretty much pair it with anything! The shirts are super comfy as well!

I want to take a minute to thank Ten Thousand Tees for agreeing and allowing me to show off some of their amazing and powerful shirts for you beauts! It was an honour working with their company! I love working and collaborating with such wonderful and down to earth people such as James Ruta! Be sure to come spread and show some love on their page on Instagram at ” tenthousandtees_lifeinthread”!  You guys are awesome! Also be sure to follow my other social media sites located on my home page for more blog posts to come in the near future ! Take care and much love xo.


Picket Fence Brand Babe for the Month of October

Hello my beauts, Alyssa here! So if there is one thing you beauts should know about me is I absolutely love fashion and when I started my blogging channel, I did not really think I would be modelling and reviewing fashion products whatsoever. It’s not that I think I have a bad fashion sense, I  don’t . I look at other people and think, “wow I wish I had a fashion sense like they do”. One day I randomly just thought to expand my blogging channel and thought what the heck, I’ll just try modelling and see if I like it because I always wanted to model clothing. Sure I am not a size 0 whatsoever, I don’t think I have ever been a size zero in my life but hey that’s quite alright. I was absolutely hooked on my first session and literally got my 14-year-old sisters to take pictures of me. Sometimes if I am lucky, I will book a photography session like I have had in the past, but we don’t always have the time for that!  My goal is to eventually save up for a legit pro camera so I can take my own photographs. So anywho, enough about my background with photography and how I got into modelling clothes, just wanted to share a bit of insight with you beauts! So I recently came across a beautiful boutique page a while back called, “PicketFenceBoutique”, and was really hooked on her content on her page, it was beautiful pieces of clothing that I would personally wear and model for sure. I love off the shoulder tops, tops with cutouts, tops that are distressed, and so forth. I had seen that Stacey, the owner of Picket Fence Boutique from Windsor Ontario, was hosting a contest for her company. She was hosting her first ever brand babe search for the month of October. Basically, the qualifications were as followed:

  1. You must have a love for fun trendy clothes and an eye for styling trendy pieces together.
  2. You must be active on social media ( you post several times a week or more) and have a public account.
  3. You take great photos with good lighting – natural/ clean backgrounds or scenic outdoor shots. You don’t have to be a professional photographer but the more eye-catching your photos are the better.
  4. You’re willing to work with us for a one month period, promoting our clothes and our shop by tagging us on your social media account 1-2x  a week in exchange for clothes we provide. You will also receive a 30% brand rep discount for any purchases you wish to make with us.

How to enter:

  1. Follow and like this post
  2. Repost/share this post
  3. Tag us in at least 3 photos that show YOU and your fun style, using the hashtag “picketfencebrandbabe”

So… I did just that! I went searching for my Instagram pictures, found 3 that stood out to me and hastagged away! Then the waiting game began. I started getting more anxious when other individuals were entering and joining the contest as well!  When September 29th, 2017 came my heart was beating so fast! I knew at some point today the winner would be chosen so I was patiently waiting!

As soon as I saw my name beauts my heart sank, I literally could not believe it! I am literally one of those people who always  enters contests but never win ever… like literally ever! So this one time someone was looking down on me! Right away I had messaged Stacey over email saying how excited I was to be working with her wonderful company.  I then was waiting patiently for my package to arrive in the mail with what I thought would be one shirt which I was so excited for! So I open the mailbox and it’s this huge package! I got even more excited. I opened up the package and was greeted by a beautiful sweet letter congratulating me! How adorable, I am for sure keeping the letter as a keepsake!

So me being me, I was honestly super stoked about the letter, love personalized letters, I just sat there admiring it! I then was greeted to a beautifully put together package. Beauts, this has got to be the most gorgeous packaged package I ever received in my life, I was blown away. It was wrapped in pink tissue and held together but cute little “Oh Happy Day” stickers, I was in awe.  I didn’t want to ruin the packaging but was so anxious to see what was inside the package! I was so overwhelmed I almost cried beauts. There was not one gorgeous shirt but 4….4!!! Like how generous can you be, thank you so so so much Stacey! It’s like Stacey even knew that one of my all-time favourite fall colours was olive green, which goes so well with my hazel eyes and makes them pop!

About the Company

The Picket Fence Boutique carries apparel and accessories that are modern and trendy for today’s stylish woman. The Picket Fence Brand has been in existence since 2012 as it originated with homemade wood signs under The Shabby Picket Fence name and has now grown to include boutique items including apparel and accessories.

Three, two , one …. let’s do this ! 

I absolutely love this shirt beauts! It’s honestly my absolute favourite out of the four tops I received. This top looks wonderful for the fall time , it’s so colourful and is absolutely gorgeous! This beautiful shirt is called ” the floral cold shoulder criss cross tied neck bell sleeve blouse”, which retails for $38.99. I honestly love the way this shirt looks on, it’s so flawless and a must have in your fall wardrobe! This shirt is flowy and lightweight, and is 100% polyester. I love the cutous on the shoulders, Stacey knew exactly my style and I love her for that! I simply paired this look with a pair of blue tight jeans, some nude heels, and a cute flowy hat.

This next top that was in my package is absolutely gorgeous. I love the distressed look, I feel like you can work this look however you wish making it classy or streetwear. I paired this look with a beanie, ripped jeans and my Hunter Boots. I think this look came together quite nicely. I received this shirt in a beautiful olive green colour which is such a statement for the fall time. This shirt comes in the colours olive green, white and heather grey.  This shirt retails for $32.99 but is on sale in the shop right now for $19.99, this is a huge steal for sure! This “distressed terry tunic sweater” is absolutely flawless and it’s one of my top favourites that’s for sure, I love anything distressed, thanks Stacey!

This next shirt in my package is super comfortable, soft and not to mention stylish. I absolutely adore it. It is in the shade olive green and is a hoodie with cutouts on the shoulders… how cool is that!? I absolutely love shoulder cutouts, and I think they make a huge statement and are great fall pieces to have in your wardrobe. This “long sleeve open shoulder tunic hoodie” retails for $41.99, but is on sale right now for $31.99.  I again love the olive green colour and think it really does look flattering on absolutely everyone. Literally best way to describe this fashion piece is sexy meets comfort. I simply paired this look with blue tight jeans, a white blanket scarf and a pair of grey converse to keep is classy get simple.

I absolutely love the fourth and final top that I received in my package. This is a gorgeous black blouse with a sexy chain back detail. One of the reasons why I love this top so much is the detail on the back. I absolutely love showing my back tattoo off any opportunity I get, and this just really compliments it so much! This top retails for $32.00 but is on sale in the sop for $19.99 which is quite the steal! I absolutely love classy tops that I can wear for dates, going out, or even evening plans later on in the day. I simply paired this look with black heels, some pink ripped jeans and a flowy black hat. I think you can create so many beautiful looks with this top which is what I adore about it. I am for sure showing this off on my next date! Hands down!

I want to take the time to personally thank Stacey and the Picket Fence Boutique for choosing me to represent and be their brand babe for the month of October. It has been an absolute privilege working with Stacey, she is an absolute wonderful woman who is so generous and lovely to work with. I highly highly recommend checking out her online boutique which is located in her link in her bio on Instagram at “picketfencefashion”. I absolutely love her boutique, everything in her store I would wear in a heartbeat and it’s right up my alley. Be sure to let me know if you guys do purchase some clothing from her, I am curious as to what you guys got! Have fun styling these clothes as well. It literally is all about experimenting and finding outfits that compliment you! Be sure to follow my other social media sites located on my homepage to stay tuned for the latest blog posts in the near future! Take care, much love xo.


My Collaboration with “The Southern Drawl Boutique”

Hello my beauts, I hope you are all doing fantastic!  My names Alyssa is you are new to my channel! I have been blogging for a couple of years now and absolutely love it with a strong passion. I have recently been into doing collaborations with Clothing Companies, modelling some of their clothing pieces and doing reviews on the products for you beauts. I love finding new boutiques and seeing what their stores have to offer. After a while you get sick of the usual stores you go shopping at so why not find amazing stores on Instagram and shop online? I know what you may think, some of you may be afraid to shop online because you’re afraid of getting the wrong size of clothing which is understandable. Almost every store has a size guide for you to follow which really helps a ton when deciding the perfect size of clothing to purchase. I found this amazing and cute little boutique on Instagram called the “Southern Drawl Boutique” which is located in Houston Tx.

(Shoutout to my amazing photographer @nearnorthphotos for my photography session!)

This is a women’s clothing store which provides stylish and chic clothing and accessories to women! I reached out to their page and addressed who I was, and what type of blogging I have experience with. They began to ask me what boutiques and brands I have worked with before. At that time, I have not worked with a whole lot of companies, but I was so fortunate that they decided to give me a chance and allow me to model some of their clothing. The company was extremely welcoming and pleasurable to work with!  I then picked a piece of clothing from their website which I loved and they placed my order.  I knew I had to get something that was off the shoulder, as I absolutely love these kinds of tops, they are absolutely stunning.

I could not wait to get my package in the mail and literally checked every day for my top, I was that excited!  The company was kind enough to let me know that my package should be there any day within the couple of weeks that had passed. Finally, my package arrived and it was everything I could have imagined, it was absolutely stunning. It was this beautiful floral off the shoulder top in this gorgeous nude shade which retails for $22.00 in store. I got my shirt in a size Large just because I am more busty in that area, and did not want it to be super tight on me. Right away my grandma thought it was absolutely gorgeous as soon as I held it up. Later on that week, I had a date planned and even my date complimented me on my shirt which was super flattering. I absolutely hands down love this top and may have to purchase it in more colours! The colours that this top comes in are pink, grey, green, red , blue, black and nude. This top is super comfortable, looks absolutely flattering on, hugs your upper body, and has a super soft material. I paired this outfit with a cute pair of fitting jeans and some heels.

I am for sure going to have to get some more lovely tops from this cute boutique, they are to die for and are absolutely gorgeous. I am head over heels for tops that are off the shoulder so I have my eye on a couple more!  I want to take the time to thank The Southern Drawl Boutique for allowing me to collaborate with them and being so kind and generous. You guys are amazing people and have such a great fun and chic clothing line.  Please help spread some love on their page and check out their store link located in their bio on Instagram at, “thesoutherndrawlboutiquetx”.  Also be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my homepage. Like and comment if you guys enjoyed this collaboration! Take care, much love xo.