Autumn Evening Makeup Tutorial 

Autumn Evening Makeup Tutorial 

Good morning my lovely beauts ! I hope you all have a fantastic Monday today ! I know I am going to try to even though I have class from 8-6 today … fml majorly. Hey that’s school though what can you do! So today’s makeup tutorial is going to be a step right after my copper makeup look! So if you haven’t checked out my last makeup tutorial, check out that one cause after your finished look from that one, you are going to do a couple more steps to achieve this beautiful copper evening makeup look for today! I love experimenting with fall colours and came up with this gorgeous look for autumn! Let’s get started!

So the finished look from the copper tutorial looked something like this!

You are then going to take that same Morphe 350 shimmer palette and go in with this stunning dark brown shade. I am applying this over top of my copper shade, focusing on the outer corners of my eyes and dragging this colour into the crease as well. Since it is a dark colour , you want to ensure that you blend it well and be patient with it!

I then am grabbing this same colour and putting a little bit underneath my lower lash line, just to make my eyes pop! I grabbed my NYX Cosmetics liquid lip lingerie in the shade Embellishment and applied this to my lips. I added some fake lashes to create a more dramatic autumn look and voila! You are done!

“On a bad day, there’s always lipstick”

I hope you beauts enjoyed this continuation of my last makeup look! This is perfect for date night or a night out! Be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page! Happy Monday!


Fall Makeup Tutorial 

Fall Makeup Tutorial 

Let the grunge begin! Hello my beauts , welcome to my Channel if you are new ! My names Alyssa and one of my hobbies are doing makeup and sharing my ideas with you beauts !  My favourite season is fall mostly because I love pumpkin flavoured anything really! I’m that “ basic bitch” as some may call it, but I don’t mind one bit.  I am going to be using my Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills for this look, and let me just say, it is is super easy to achieve.  Let’s get started!

First and for most, I ensure that I have a nice clean face before applying all my face makeup such as my foundation, powder and so forth.

I am then taking the shade, “Antique Bronze” and applying this all over my lid with a small eyeshadow brush, and blending this shade out into my crease as well using a fluffy brush. This is a very pigmented shade, so be sure to blend thoroughly and have a lot of patience.

Yes, you are going to look a bit like a racoon here but I promise you, the finishing look will be worth it! Next, I am going in with the shade “Burnt Orange” and applying this to my crease as well as underneath my lower lash line.  Then I am going to apply some black liquid liner to my lids, and apply a tiny bit of mascara to my top and bottom lashes. I then applied some false lashes, and voila! Your eyes are ready for that fall weather! I absolutely love this grunge look and it’s perfectly acceptable for this kind of weather. I also applied the shade “Velvet Teddy” onto my lips to tie the look in altogether.

“And all at once, Summer collapsed into Fall…”

I hope you beauts enjoyed this fall makeup look that I have created and try it out for yourselves. Be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page for more blog posts to come in the near future, take care!


Subtle Purple/Pink Smokey Eye

Subtle Purple/Pink Smokey Eye

Hey beauts , I hope you guys all had a fabulous Thursday! Just think … tomorrow is Friday! Thank God , and no more classes for me just placement on Monday ahh!! I decided to do this blog post today on a nice subtle purple/pink smokey eye that I came up with using my naked 3 palette, which is an absolutely stunning palette that I will always LOVE. 

So shall we jump right into it or what ? You can honestly wear this look for daytime or night time I would just highly recommend for daytime , using less of the shade ” Blackheart”.

So first things first I am going to start off with a fresh face , right away I went in and applied my foundation , powder and all that jazz. I skipped adding this in the tutorial as stated previously in my other posts , I usually stick to the same full face routine , so go ahead and check I out in my other blog posts !

I already went in and applied my eyebrows as well , and also an eyelid primer before moving onto the eyes!

The Eyes 

 So right away I am going to grab my Nakes 3 palette which has all these gorgeous pink shades and apply “Mooner” within the crease with a fluffy brush . I am going to ensure that this is all blended out nicely and that there are no harsh lines !

After applying this medium shade within the crease, I am going to take the shade “Strange” and apply this to the inner corners of my eyes. This is going to help brighten up your eyes! Next, I am going to take the shade “Buzz” and apply this to the middle of my lid. This is a beautiful soft sparkly pink which I adore, and it really gives off the gentle look.

After applying this subtle shade to the centre of my lid, I am going to take the shade ” Blackheart“, and applying this to the outer corner of my eyes, the outer V. This is going to create that beautiful smokey eye look, adding a hint of purple to the lids. I added a bit more of this pigmentation to create more of a dramatic look but you can go how dramatic you wish!

I then went in and applied some mascara, added in some false lashes and some stunning purple lipstick to complete the look!

And voila! You are ready for that hot date or a day out in the sun! You choose!

I could stop buying makeup… but I’m not a quitter” 


I hope you beauts enjoyed this super easy makeup tutorial! Be sure to check out my other social media accounts located on my home page for more blog posts to come in the near future! Let me know if you beauts try this look out ! 

“Topaz Twinkle” Inspired Makeup Tutorial

“Topaz Twinkle”  Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey my beauts, hope you all are having a better weekend than I am! I am sick with this damn head cold that is driving me insane, but hey…. what can you do? Just been taking a shit ton of medication and hoping for the best! Again, I was reminiscing back to my nights out and was trying to think of a makeup tutorial to do for today’s post for you guys! I believe I have mentioned one of the main products for today’s blog in one of my previous blog posts but have never done a makeup tutorial on this product to show you guys how amazing it is. So I am going to be using my favourite “Revlon Photoready EyeArt” that I purchased at Shoppers for the main look within this blog. Long story short, I was never planning on buying this product, but I am so glad that I did. I purchased this product for a New Years Look that I was going to create, as I was looking for some product with a shit ton of sparkles in it. I originally was planning on purchasing some sparkles and glue at Sephora but of course, they were completely sold out (I guess everyone wanted to do the sparkle look for New Years). So I thought, “great…now what”?! I thought might as well check what Shoppers have to offer, and to my amazement, I found this gem.  So shall we get started with this shimmery look? Oh.. and by the way… if you guys have not guessed it yet I absolutely love shimmery looks, they have always appealed to me. Okay, okay… let’s do this.

 Clean & Fresh Face

Again, using the same face products that I always use I make sure my face is fully clean and washed before applying my face makeup such as my foundation, powder, contouring and highlighting.

The Eyes

After finishing my face makeup, I then ensure my eyelids are fully primed before applying any eyeshadow. I am going in with the beautiful “Revlon Photoready Eye Art” in the shade “Topaz Twinkle (hint hint wink wink my title), and I am using the matte shimmery side as opposed to the sparkles, and I am going to apply this all over my entire lid. I do love the brush it comes with, but I also take a small eyeshadow brush and make sure it is all applied nicely, especially when it comes near the crease.

After this shade has been applied to the lids, I am going in with my Naked Palette and taking the shade “Sin” which is an absolute flawless pink highlighting shimmer and I am applying this on top of the topaz twinkle. I think this helps make the shades pop more, and really adds a lot of shimmer to it.

Next, I am still using my Naked Palette and going in with the shade “Toasted”, and applying this to the crease acting as the transition shade. I love this shade because it is the perfect pink to transition into the topaz.

I then am going to go in with the shade “Hustle” which is a brown shimmer with a slight hint of pink, and applying this to the outer V creating a slight smokey effect. I am also bringing this shade into the crease with a fluffy brush as well. I then am grabbing a small portion of black which is called “creep” in the palette and applying this to the outer V as well. You can add as much black as you wish to your desired look.

I then am going to take the shade “Hustle” again, and line underneath my bottom lashline to make my eyes “pop”. I am then going to grab the other end of my Revlon stick nd apply the sparkles to the middle of my lid very slightly and also the front of my lash line. After my eyeshadow is complete, I am going to do my finishing touches!  I am going to apply my mascara, and also go in with a black liquid eyeliner to create a winged effect. Something about wings and going out looks that you just have to do. Of course, a “going out look” is never complete without those fake lashes. I absolutely loved these.

Now that the eyes are complete, I am going to move onto the lips. Since the look consists of brown and pink shades, I am going to use my “NYX Cosmetics Lingerie” in the shade “Embellishment” and apply this all over my lips (absolutely love this shade if you have not noticed , thanks, Rachelle Howatson).

The Lips

Lastly, I, of course, need to highlight my bridge of my nose, cheekbones, chin and forehead. I am going in with the beautiful “Nicole Guerriero Palette” in the shade “Forever Lit”, and applying this to all those areas.


“When in doubt, Wing it out”

I hope you guys enjoyed this lovely “Topaz Twinkle” Look that I created for a night time look! Let me know I you guys try out this look of the “Revlon stick”, I am curious! Be sure to follow my other social media accounts on my page to stay updated! They are located on my main page!

Brown Ombre Effect Makeup Look

Brown Ombre Effect Makeup Look

Processed with MOLDIV

Happy Tuesday Beauts, hopefully, today flies by! I am actually hoping this week flies by as well, that would be absolutely wonderful! I decided to do another blog post today on another makeup tutorial. I feel a lot of my viewers enjoy these blog posts and I am more than happy to do them!I have been obviously experimenting with the “Modern Renaissance Palette” and have created multiple looks based off this palette. This one today I wanted to call the “Brown Ombre Effect Makeup look” simply because there are different shades of brown that create a fading effect.  I would classify this look as more under the night time looks category simply because it is more dramatic and a bit on the darker side for a day time look. Again, I did not include my full face tutorial because it has been the same routine for a while now. It is however like I mentioned before, in previous blog posts. Shall we get started?

  1. First I started right away with my brows. Sometimes I like to switch it up a bit and do my brows first and then work away at my face makeup application.

2. I then jumped right away into my face makeup, such as my foundation, highligher and contour. Look at them cheek bones honey! (The power of contouring).

3. I then went in with the first shade from the palette and applied, “Burnt Orange”, just above my crease . This is going to act as a subtle transition shade.

image1 (46)

4. Next, I applied the shade, “Realgar”, and applied this overtop of that transition shade, just to create a more darker effect.

4. I then went in with the shade, “Cyprus Umber”, and applied this into the crease with a fluffy brush. I was very disappointed how hard this was to blend out. It took forever for it to not look so harsh, next time I will not grab so much and just work with small bits at a time.

5. I then went in with the shade, “Red Oche”( beautiful), and applied this with a small eyeshadow brush all across my lid. 

6. Lastly, I went in with the shade, “Primavera” and applied this to the inner corner of my lid, making my eyes “pop”. I went back in with the shade “Cyprus Umber”, and applied this underneath my lower lashes.  I then applied some mascara and added in some false lashes. Also to top off the look, added on some nude lipstick just so the lips would not over power the eyes!

I hope you beauts enjoyed this night out look! Thanks for taking the time to read! Be sure to subscribe to my channel to see the latest blog posts! Also be sure to follow my other social media accounts:

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(going to have to hire someone to type that out every single time haha!)

Much love xo.

image1 (47)

Spring makeup look 2017

Spring makeup look 2017

Hello my gorgeous beauts, can anyone guess what today is? You got er, it’s the first day of Spring! That is honestly so exciting, pce out winter c ya next year. I absolutely love spring, I think it is so beautiful especially when it comes down to makeup and different gentle looks you can create. I decided to obviously use my “Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills”. I wanted to use the more pinky shades within this look! I think that it’s absolutely perfect for the Spring weather, don’t ya think? I also decided to do something a little bit different this time. I am going to jump right into the eyes of my tutorial, and not really go into too much depth with the face makeup application. Usually, I tend to stick to the same routine when it comes to my face makeup, which is a personal preference. If you guys are interested in the products I use for my face I highly recommend checking out my other recent makeup tutorial videos. Okay, let’s jump right into those eyes!

image1 (44)

  1. First things first, you are going to grab your Palette and lightly drag “Buon Fresco” into the crease. This is such a beautiful purple colour and looks absolutely stunning.

image2 (21)

2) Next, you are going to take the shade “Tempera” and apply this across the entire lid. This is a cream colour but is extremely pigmented. I thought this made the look look very subtle and gentle, just like Spring!

image3 (15)

3) Next, you are going to take the shade, “Love Letter”, and apply this to the outer V. You just want to ensure you are only taking small amounts, as all of these shades are extremely pigmented. I built up the product to my desired look.  This shade helps create more of a dramatic look.

4) I then went in with the shade “Vermeer” and applied this to the inner corners of my lids. I then took my black liner and made a winged effect and also dragged the liner across the top of my lids. After applying my liner, I went in with my favourite mascara right now the , “Benefit they’re real” mascara and applied this to my upper and lower lashes.

image4 (10)

5) Lastly, I finished this look with some pink lipstick. I used my Mac lip liner in the shade , “Soar” and coloured in my whole lips without using an actual lipstick. I then put on some false lashes that I purchased from Shoppers and Voila!

Let me know what you guys thought of this super easy look! I hope you guys had a wonderful first day of Spring! Be sure to follow my other social media accounts to stay updated with my latest blogs,

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Much love xo.


Pink Spotlight Makeup Tutorial- Modern Renaissance

Pink Spotlight Makeup Tutorial- Modern Renaissance

image1 (35)

Good afternoon my gorgeous beauts! How is your lazy Sunday going? Technically, I usually always like to sleep in when it comes to the weekend, but since having to get up super early last week, my body is used to getting up around 7:30-8…. terrible! On the bright side, however, I can get a lot of shit done and literally get it done before noon which is unreal! I know that I had uploaded a boomerang clip on my Instagram indicating that I would be uploading some makeup tutorials for you guys based on the new Modern Renaissance Palette that I purchased at Sephora from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Guys….. GUYS… one more time GUYS. Can I just say this is one of the most stunning makeup palettes that I have ever seen and used in my life. The colours are absolutely flawless and you can literally create a million looks with this palette which is amazing. I honestly did not really hear much about this palette until my friend Katherine Steele purchased this a while back and also some of my other friends had purchased this as well. Disclaimer, any pictures that I upload onto my blog that look completely profesh…. Katherine has probably taken them. Be sure to look up the hashtag #ksteelephotography on Instagram to check out some of her pictures, they are amazing and she is so talented. Anywho, so I finally got my hands on this palette and let me just say….for sure not disappointed and neither will you guys be! I also love how this palette pushes me out of my comfort zone when it comes to colours. Usually, I like to stick with the brown shades because I know they compliment my hazel eyes well. Today I was inspired on Pinterest to show you guys a “pink spotlight makeup tutorial” using this palette. I know what some of you guys are thinking, why the hell that name? Basically, I am going to create a subtle pink smokey eye attaching to the inner corner of my eyes. Lastly, I will be applying a shimmer in the middle to create a spotlight effect. Shall we get started?

image1 (10)

  1. First, you need to ensure you are starting off with a freshly cleansed face. I find I look so different without makeup! But hey, I love my makeup so it’s all good! After cleansing my face, I go in with a hydrating moisturizer and eye cream and apply this.

image3 (14)

2. Next, I go in with my favourite heavy duty foundation that I have previously mentioned in other blog posts, the “Urban Decay All nighter foundation” and apply this all over my face with a damp beauty blender. After letting the foundation sit on my face for a few minutes, I go in with a setting powder , my “mac studio fix powder“, and apply this all over my face as well.

image2 (20)

3. I also fix up them brows. I literally hate my brows without any makeup product on them, they are so sparse and skinny which sucks but thank god for some “Anastasia Beverly Hils Dip Brow” in the shade Taupe.

image1 (36)

4. After these first few steps are complete, I always like to finish off my face first before moving onto the eyes. I am going to start contouring and highlighting my face using the new “Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit” in collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills. I purchased this a couple of days ago and I am in love. The lady working at Sephora informed me to use the darker shades in this kit as a contour so I decided to give it a shot! I applied this product to the outer bridge of my nose, the sides of my forehead, my jawline and my cheek bones. Since this is a very shimmery bronzer I decided to also go in with my “Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit” and go over top of all the areas with the first bottom brown. I found this helped enhance all the areas while still keeping that beautiful shimmer.

image2 (21)

( I used the shade 143 when contouring my face)

image3 (14)

image4 (8)

5. Next, I am going to go in with my highlighter which is the “Maybelline Instant Age rewind Eraser” in the shade light and apply this to the middle of my forehead, bridge of my nose, underneath my cheek bones and as well as under my eyes. After waiting a few minutes to set, I go in with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and apply the yellow shade over top of the highlighter that is underneath my eyes. This helps to brighten up my eyes and literally makes such an improvement!

6. After we are finished highlighting and contouring, we can move onto the fun part! I can not wait to show you guys the finished look, I was honestly super pleased with how beautiful and flawless it turned out. So I am using the beautiful Modern Renaissance palette and going in with the first shade “warm taupe” and applying this above my crease. Guys, I forgot to mention, always make sure you prime your eyelids first before applying any eyeshadow. I can not emphasize how important this step is! You are applying this shade above the crease to act as a nice and subtle transition shade.

image1 (35)

image1 (11)

7.  Next, you are going to go in with the shade “love letter” and apply this beautiful pink to the outer V of your eyes. I would highly recommend taking small bits of this product at a time as this palette is extremely pigmented. For this look, I built up the colour to my desired look. I also used a small blending brush to make sure there were not harsh bits. You want to always ensure that everything is blended in nicely. I then dragged my fluffy brush across my crease and distributed product to the inner corner of my eyes. This creates such an interesting look, and I can say I have never thought to do this kind of look before! You also want to ensure you are not getting any of the pink shade in the middle of your lids, as this will be replaced with another colour.

image4 (2)

image3 (13)

image3 (12)

( I honestly did not know how much my eyes would pop using pink shades!)

8. After applying this shade to the eyes, I am now going to go in with the shade “Vermeer“, and apply this to the middle of my lid. This is going to act as the “spotlight effect“, and you will clearly see why! I could not get over how pigmented each colour was! It literally was mindblowing and I was so pleased! You want to not use too much product when completing this step, as you only have a small area to cover.

image3 (6)

image1 (5)

image2 (17)

9. After creating the spotlight effect, I then went in to create a winged liner effect using multiple products. First, to create the gel liner across the lid, I went in with my “Essence Waterproof Eyeliner Pen“, and dragged this straight across. I then went in with my “Maybelline Master Duo Eyeliner” to create the winged effect. I do love this product because it allows for some flexibility when deciding how thick you want your wing to be depending on how you are holding the pen.  However, I found that it takes a few tries to build up the product ensuring it’s completely black and matte. After applying my liners, I then tight line my upper lash line with the “Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner  Gel Eye Crayon“, which is absolutely unreal. This helps pull the entire look together!


image2 (16)

10.  I am now going in with my favourite mascara recently which is the “Benefit They’re Real” mascara, and apply this to my top and bottom lashes. I am always going to go back in with the shade “love letter” and apply this underneath my bottom lash line acting as a pink eyeliner.

image2 (23)

image1 (4)

11. Now for the lips! I am going to be using the Mac lipliner pencil in the shade “Soar” and outline my lips as well as fill them in with this shade.

image3 (16)

12. Now for the last finishing touches! I am going to be going in with the “Glow Kit” and using the shade “Kitty Kat” which is a beautiful pink shimmer and applying this above my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, middle of my forehead, and just above my upper lip. I am also going to be taking the shade “lit” and applying this over top of the previous highlighter to add a more dramatic effect.  I am also taking my favourite blush by Nars in the shade “deep throat” and applying this to the apples of my cheeks.

image4 (9)

image4 (6)

image1 (34)

image1 (37)

image2 (18)

image2 (22)

Guuyyysssss… How beautiful is this look? I literally am going to wear this the next time I go out for sure, it’s a must!

image3 (13)

“I like long romantic walks down the makeup aisle”

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this look! Let me know what you guys thought of it, and if you guys have gotten your hands on these two beautiful palettes from Sephora. So so so happy I did! Make sure you follow my other social media accounts to stay updated!

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(Can we also take into account this cute ass mug I purchased from Starbucks yesterday…. look at those gold hearts… I am inlove.)

image2 (19)

Much love xo.

image3 (15)