Everyday Fall Copper Makeup Tutorial 

Everyday Fall Copper Makeup Tutorial 

Hey, my beauts ! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I knew mine flew by which was crazy ! But I had a great time ! Was wondering what to do this Sunday and I thought why not capture the fall copper makeup look I promised you guys on insta ! If you are not following me on insta yet be sure to do so, thatothertwin_xo. I am going to be using my lovely and beautiful morphe 350 shimmer palette for this look ! Literally bought it in the mall for $40.00, which was fantastic! I haven’t used it in a while but the colours are fantastic for fall so I might as well take it out and play around with it! Shall we begin ?!

I first am taking this beautiful white shimmer from the palette and applying this to my inner corners of my lids. I love how pigmented each of the shades are!

Next, I am going in with this gorgeous copper shade and applying this to the other half of my lid from the middle and carrying it to the outside of my lid. I am ensuring that I am also blending this in my crease with a fluffy brush.

I am then taking this slightly darker copper shade and applying this into my crease as well! This is a beautiful transition shade that looks absolutely stunning with this look! I applied a tiny bit of this shade underneath my lower lash line as well. I then am going in with my black liquid liner and applying this to the top of my lash line, also going in with my mascara as well. I applied a nude shade to my lips to create a more everyday look that’s gentle for fall! And voila!

“She has fire in her soul & a killer set of brows “

I hope you beauts enjoyed this stunning and gentle makeup look that’s appropriate for everyday wear! Be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page to stay in the loop and stay updated! Take care guys.


Sunset Eyes/ Morphe 350 Shimmer Palette

Sunset Eyes/ Morphe 350 Shimmer Palette


Happy Tuesday my beauts! I hope your week is going good for yous! Mine seems to be unfortunately going by slow, but you know what that means right? That means go out and by a new palette to recreate different looks! I was recommended by “LaurensLipGlossary” to try out the Morphe 350 Palette! If you have not checked out her blogging channel already please be sure to do so, you’re missing out! Her channel is amazing and she’s such a sweetheart! Anyways, I am so glad that I listened to her and finally got my hands on this palette. It is amazing. The pigmentation is unreal, and honestly, I am so glad I purchased this. I purchased this for around $45.00 which is insane for how amazing it is.  I am so used to paying around $60.00 for palettes these days.  It was a very hard choice deciding whether to purchase the matte palette, or the shimmer palette. I decided to try the shimmer palette, personally because I absolutely love shimmers altogether. I was playing around with the shades and came up with this beautiful “sunset” look. Let me know what you guys think!

I first took this beautiful light orange shade, and placed it within my crease with my fluffy brush. This is going to act as you subtle transitioning shade.


I then went in with this reddish shade and applied this to the whole entire lid. I thought this colour was absolutely stunning, and thought it would look perfect for this look. This shade is not too dramatic either which was great. After applying this to my lid I went in with the shade beside it, a very shimmery red/maroon and applied this to the outer V to create a smokey eye. I was so drawn to this colour as it literally is the sparkliest shade in the whole palette. love it. I also applied this shade underneath my bottom lash line to add a more dramatic effect.

I then went in with this light orange shade and applied this to the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up and make them stand out.

I next went in with this amazing mascara that I just tried out today and I honestly think it puts L’Oreal Telescopic to shame. Did I actually just say that?! It must be great then! I loved how this mascara had a primer on one side and then the actual mascara on the other end. The primer really did help a ton when enhancing and lengthening my lashes.


After applying my mascara, I then went in with some black eyeliner, and applied this to my water line, as well as my top lash line.  I then added a winged liner to the top of my lashes! I was honestly debating forever what lipstick to use, because I did not want something too overly dramatic with this look, especially with dramatic eyes. I thought this beautiful purple lipstick by NYX Cosmetics would look fantastic.  It is the NYX Cosmetics Lingerie in the shade 02. This really pulled the look together. I think this look would be great for spring time!


(some looks I tried without the winged liner and some with just to show you guys the different looks you can create!)

(Yes I did not include false lashes for this tutorial because honestly, the mascara was enough!)

I hope you beauts enjoyed this look! Let me know if you would like some more tutorials on the Morphe 350 Palette, I would be more than happy to do more! Be sure to follow my blogging channel for more blogs in the near future as well as my other social media accounts!

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Much love xo.