“Driven by Creativity”, the motivation and dedication of Katie Marie.

“Driven by Creativity”, the motivation and dedication of Katie Marie.

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(Huge shoutout to @delavie_photography for capturing this unreal photograph of Katie! Be sure to check out her page for more beautiful and stunning photographs!)

Hello my beauts, I am on a roll this weekend!  love just blogging away on weekends,that is when I have the most time. I can literally sit with a cup of tea, not rush, and just type away expressing my thoughts and feelings towards you beauts! I absolutely have loved recently collaborating with different people. If I spot something that I find might benefit and interest you beauts, I will for sure reach out to that individual and ask right away if they would not mind collaborating with me on a blog! The most recent one I had just finished was Alexandra Del Bello, be sure to check her out, her work is unreal. Shall we jump into day’s blog post? So I know for me personally, I have such a hard time with self-motivation. I have gotten a bit better, don’t get me wrong, but I find this is always a tough subject to discuss. If my boyfriend says to be after a long days work, “can we please do the laundry tonight?”, chances are I am probably going to hard bail on that one by far. I feel that some days a lot of people, myself included, need that extra boost of motivation to get up and just get er done! There is one person in particular that comes to mind when I think of motivation and determination. She is such a “go-getter” as she calls herself, and I am sure many people incuding myself can see that from a mile away! Can you guess who I am going to collab on today? The beautiful Katie Silva of course! Honestly guys, I can say I have never personally met Katie before, but I had admired her posts on Instagram for months now…. is that creepy? Anywho, fan girl crushing over here. What attracted me to her account was her beauty-related material. I absolutely love makeup guys, you know me. When I saw that Katie was so involved in beauty-related material I was stoked. I love following people and getting more advice/information on that kind of stuff. I was stunned by how flawless she did her makeup and the looks she came up with! I had the pleasure to ask Katie some questions in regards to her life.  This interview is going to discuss topics in relation to beauty, Youtube, her Jewelry line, and her photography business… phew… how do you do it Katie?! Let’s get into it!

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The first question I wanted to ask Katie right off the bat was pretty simple, it was based on her motivation. I had asked Katie if she had always been a motivated person all her life? Katie states, ” Most definitely! I’ve always been a go-getter my entire life. If there’s something I have in mind or a goal I want to achieve, I push myself beyond limits and make sure nothing prevents me from getting to where I want to be. Of course – just like everyone else, I have my “off days”. Self-healing days as I like to call them! Where I’m just not inspired, not motivated, and feel down in the dumps. But I remind myself that this too shall pass – and it happens to the best of us. 
As long as you remained focused and find something you are truly passionate about, you will be able to stay motivated even through the hardships!”. I absolutely love this. I know it is completely normal to have your down days which is understandable…. everyone gets them! Having the motivation and positive thoughts to say “hey it’s okay to have your down day, tomorow will be better“, is so crucial to living a healthy lifestyle.

I know that some days if I am super stressed out, that’s when my bad days start creeping from around the corner. Stress and me do not get along. I am always interested to see how other peoples’ lives are, especially if they are living a pretty hectic life like Katie herself. Katie explains, “ I just keep my goals in mind and try to focus on them. Think of it this way – if you are at work and you keep looking at the clock, your day will draaaag on. But on days that you are uncontrollably busy, don’t you find the day flies by? The more you keep yourself busy, the less you will think of the negative. I apply the same motive to my lifestyle! Be goal oriented and cut the self-pity. Don’t overanalyze the what-if’s and move past the obstacles.  Also… lots… and LOTS… of caffeine…”. Amen Katie Amen, I think we all need a Katie in our lives to help us get through the day, don’t you think?! Honestly seeing and hearing about how other’s handle those busy days and stress is so interesting. Hearing those coping mechanisms surely motivates me to use them more, and literally not look at the clock as much on those boring days at work!

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“…everything happens for a reason”

On the topic of motivation and determination, I wanted to ask Katie if she had any specific words of motivation that help her to keep on going. Katie explains, “It’s not the hand that you’re dealt with, it’s how you play your cards.” Yes, this is a lyric taken from a Ludacris verse. LOL. But it is by far, my all-time favourite quote. Whatever life may throw at you, there’s always two ways of looking at it. The more you victimize yourself, the more you will lack motivation and give up. If you think about the positives in a negative situation, you will maintain focus and it might even give you that extra drive that you need to succeed. ALWAYS keep in mind, “everything happens for a reason” and trust that the journey will lead you exactly where you need to be!”

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Aside from her strong self-motivation, this has brought her into all kinds of fun things, one of the topics being beauty. I had known for a fact that Katie was into makeup and applying makeup. There were specific questions that I was extremely interested about, and wanted to get into further detail! When did you start getting into beauty? “It mainly started back in grade 7. I, unfortunately, came down with a horrible case of chicken pox, so bad they classified it as “the worst case of shingles they have ever seen”, which NO 13 year old should ever have to go through haha. At the time, it left a lot of temporary scars on my face once the singles ran its course. I became really self-conscious and I remember my mom took me to the drug store and bought me my first concealer/foundation duo to try and hide the scars so I could go out in public again. To this day – I haven’t left my house without makeup lol. Yes, the scars are completely 100% faded and not a hint of anything is left on my skin, but over the years it’s become a security blanket for me. Only recently, about a few years ago, did I really start learning about applying makeup properly and developed a new found appreciation for the art of makeup. I guess you could say I accidentally got into beauty, but it has basically become a part of me”.  It’s a good thing you got those chicken pox then eh Katie? That is so crazy how she accidently got into beauty, but now is such an inspiration for beauty towards others.

image2 (25)

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Going off of the topic of beauty, I know that Katie has attended multiple beauty events as seen on her Instagram page. I had a high curiosity for this, and wanted to touch more base with these events!  Are there any beauty events that you have gone to? So many to date, I don’t even know where to begin! I have to thank Dave Lackie for the unbelievable experiences I’ve had so far. I met Dave through one of his luxury giveaways that I won. We started talking and he was really intrigued by my beauty channel/blog at the time. I ended up getting invited to one of his VIP events and from there we formed the most unbelievable friendship! I started going to every Dave Lackie VIP event and I have met the WORLDS most AMAZING people and formed life-long friendships from attending the events. We like to call ourselves “dave’s babes”, haha! I’ve met some of the top high-end beauty company CEO’s (Clarins, Theirry Mugler, Shiseido, YSL, Givenchy among many others) and learnt so much about their amazing products. I am forever grateful for my experiences, and if it wasn’t for my full-time job, I would be attending lotsssss more!”. What an unbelievable experience Katie! It would be such an inspiration to have met some of the people that she has, and to think it was from a giveaway blows me away.  I think we all need some of her luck passed onto us, I know I sure need some! I love hearing about this kind of stuff, especially when it comes to beauty-related material.

image2 (24)I know that you have a Youtube channel, “Katie Silva; Makeup by Katie Marie”, did you always want to start a Youtube channel? “Youtube was another thing I kind of stumbled into. When I was doing makeup applications, a few people had brought up the idea to me. I love computer programming (a bit of a nerd, yes.) and I love putting together clips and creating videos. It comes natural to me and that was the most exciting part for me – designing them! Lol. I was a nervous wreck the first time I uploaded a video, I don’t think I slept for 3 days haha. But once you overcome the first few uploads, it actually becomes quite enjoyable! If you are thinking of making a youtube channel – please be prepared to have some serious negative backlash and bullying. Some comments were just downright rude, but it’s actually given me so much self-confidence and thickened my backbone in ways I never thought imaginable. At first, I was worried about what people would think of me – but after a few negative responses I started thinking, screw you guys, I like who I am, I am comfortable in my skin, and this is who Katie is. Like it or not, your opinion is irrelevant. And once I accepted this new mentality, my ENTIRE life changed for the better. I stopped fearing negative consequences and suddenly my anxiety vanished. I stopped doing youtube videos because to be honest, I just don’t have the time. It takes weeks and longggg hours to film, edit, and put together videos and it was starting to interfere with my full-time career, so I had to stop. I might get back into it down the road – who knows!”

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Aside from Youtube, I did know that Katie was accepting clients to do their makeup application for a while now. I wanted to go a bit more into depth with this topic. I know that previously you were accepting makeup clients to do their makeup application, what made you stop and did you enjoy doing this? “To be quite honest, this was yet another thing I accidentally got into. One of my best friends had asked me to do her makeup for her birthday, I was a bit hesitant because I had never done anyone’s makeup before, but I gave it a go anyways. She posted a photo of the final result and my phone just blew up. I had so many inquiries and people wanting to book appointments that it sort of turned itself into a business. After doing it for a few months, I realized I wasn’t happy, and this wasn’t something I wanted to do in my life. It was more of a hassle and felt like a task rather than something I enjoy doing. I think because makeup is something I’ve carried as a burden my whole life, it just wasn’t giving me the satisfaction most makeup artists have. I started getting into photography (my lifelong passion) and I can’t even describe the happiness it gave me. I stopped offering makeup applications to focus on my government career, and start building my own photography business. It has been the best decision I’ve made yet!”. 

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Moving onto the next subject I wanted to get into with you guys, photography! I had known that Katie had recently gotten back into photography and now has her own business, “Katie Marie Photography”. I thought of a few questions I would like to ask Katie in relation to her business! One of the main questions I had for Katie was if she had always been interested in photography. “Yes. Yes. Yes! My entire life. ANYONE who knows me knows I always have a camera in my hands. I’m always taking pictures of anything and everything, and I looooove to edit photos. I’ve always owned DSLR’s, I’ve had Canon, Nikon, and now Sony. I guess the main reason I didn’t get into it professionally was fear of building a solid career (it can be an unstable industry at first), and I also never took the time to really teach myself how to use a DSLR properly. Let me tell you – it is not easy to learn. There are so many things you need to know when it comes to photography and it always kind of freaked me out. At the time I just wasn’t ready to invest my energy into it.  

 I finally decided to follow my passion and really learn the art of photographing people. It came natural to me and I picked it up in no time. Again, I took some test shots of friends, and the inquiries just started pouring in. Fast forward to not even a year later and I’ve booked weddings, taken on hundreds of clients, opened my own studio space, collaborated with some of the best photographers/videographers in the business, and I am booked solid for the next 6 months with shoots. This is my forever happy place and not a day goes by where my photography and business isn’t consuming my mind. And I love every second of it!” .

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It really takes a special kind of person to gather the courage and start your own business, it really is not an easy thing to do. I completely look up to and admire Katie for taking this huge leap and just going for it. Literally, what was the harm and look where it has gotten her! Unbelievable.  You have to just go for it, and that’s what she did. What made you want to start your own business? It is in my blood – literally! Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and own their own businesses. I am basically a clone of my father. He works for the government full time and runs a DJ business on the side. I also work for the government and run my businesses on the side as well. It must be a Silva thing, haha! I am not one to succumb to societal norms, and I find it hard to stay in a job that doesn’t fulfil me. Being my own boss is the only solution to happiness for me. I love helping people, I love LOVE LOVE creating, and I get to do both of those in running a business. The skills I’ve learnt through my full time job have taught me to be a professional, successful business woman. And now I get to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Recently, I requested to switch from full time in my government job, to part-time, so I can have more time for my photography business. I am over the moon and so completely content with the blessings I’ve received this year. I started a new position with the City in the Mental Health and Street Outreach program, and also the Alcohol Drug and Gambling Services Division. This position is amazing. It brings me such happiness as well, knowing I can help make a difference in the lives of those struggling with Mental Health and Addictions. Mental Health is very important to me, and I’m ecstatic that I am working in this specific department. I help people in both my government job and photography business, both which fill my heart with happiness. It really is amazing, and I am so humbled and blessed to be where I am”.

I absolutely love this, mental health plays an important part in my life, so I am very proud that you are working in that field! You are doing so well for yourself, and for sure going far in life!

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I know we are all dying to know more about Katie’s photography business because I know I sure was! I asked Katie about all the ins and outs of her business as well as the packages that she has to offer. Katie states, “The list is definitely too long to type, it basically just depends on the type of photography they are looking for! If my client has a certain idea in mind that doesn’t fit my normal packages, I am always open to discuss special requests! You can find my prices on my website, and for wedding packages, I usually prefer an in-person consultation as each wedding is unique, and different services may be requested! www.katiemariephotography.ca“. You guys know what to do! Give her website a peak and I know for sure you will not be disappointed whatsoever that’s a given. The pictures she captures are absolutely gorgeous and I know for sure I will be booking an appointment soon!

image1 (17)

image2 (26)

image3 (20)

What photo shoots do you specialize in? Many different types! It all depends on the type of photography they are inquiring about. I provide services for basically anything you can think of. Newborn, Maternity, First Birthday, Cake Smash, Family, Engagement, Wedding, Portrait, Boudoir – you name it! I have custom packages geared towards each style of photo shoot. I find a lot of my clients become “clients for life” as they progress in life. I’ve had maternity shoots that have turned into newborns, engagements, weddings – all of life’s beautiful special moments. When you find a great family photographer, clients tend to stick with them. I want to be as open as I can to any idea and style of photography, so I can assist them in any way possible!”


 Not only does Katie have her own Youtube Channel, and photography business, she also has created her own jewelry line…. GUYS… literally perfection. I can not emphasize how jealous I am of her motivation and dedication in life, she literally just keeps going on and on. I love it. I jumped straight into asking Katie about her Jewelry line because quite frankly, I am interested in purchasing some soon!

What made you want to create, “Sacred Lotus Jewelry”? Anxiety! I’ve suffered with anxiety my whole life. It is just something I’ve learnt to accept and learnt to maintain and control naturally. I am always open to new ways of personal aid, and I stumbled across essential oils. I really enjoyed the benefits they gave me (specifically lavender oil) as I felt they really helped calm me down throughout the day. I wanted to create something that allowed me to diffuse my essential oils on the go, and still be fashionable at the same time haha. In government agencies, we actually have policies that prevent us from wearing perfume or having any scented products in the office. Therefore, a diffuser is out of the question lol. With essential oil jewelry, it isn’t overpowering at all. I rub a bit into the lava beads in the morning and only I can smell it throughout the day. Whenever I need a little stress reliever – I just sniff the beads! You really can’t smell anything unless you are wearing the bracelet – so it’s perfect for an office environment that restricts scents. Again, I love helping people, and these bracelets have helped so many people in the same boat as me”. I hear ya girl, anxiety is a bitch and I suffer from it myself so I know where you are coming from. I think is was such an amazing and fabulous idea to start! I know a lot of people would benefit greatly from this line since mental health is becoming more popular and people are more open about it. I think this is great.  I also think the idea of the bracelets are amazing, who would’ve thought of that!? That’s right... Katie Silva!

image1 (18)

image2 (27)

(Guys, how cute is this packaging, though?!)

Are you still making the jewelry? What types of jewelry do you sell? Not at the moment. I do have a bunch pre-made that I sell, and I occasionally will set up a vendor table at bazaars, but I just don’t have the time to continue running my online shop. Once I dove into photography that became my main priority. I found myself falling behind on orders and just not being able to complete them in time to ship out. I will still take the occasional pick-up order, but I invest all of my free time into photography now. I sell essential oil diffuser bracelets – and you can find them here! www.instagram.com/sacredlotusjewelry “. You know what to do beauts, give er a peak!

image3 (21)

So I know what you guys are thinking, how much are these cute bracelets, because sure as hell I wanted to know! Katie states, “Roughly $10-30 range. I don’t have any bracelets that are over $30. If you are picking them up in person, I usually just sell them for $20! Again, it depends on the style of bracelet and gemstone used, some are more pricey than others. But I try to keep them as affordable as possible!”.

Future Plans and Goals

image5 (2)

After interviewing Katie, I came up with some last questions based out of curiosity. I was very curious to see if Katie had any future plans later on in life, or some long term goals. Katie explains, “I’m happy to say that I’ve finally reached a point in my life where my current short term goals have been met. It’s taken me many years, lots of stress and obstacles, and an exceptional amount of hard work to be able to say that – but I am happy with where I am.
Of course, I always have goals in mind. Moving forward my next goal is to grow my photography business and let it blossom into something unbelievably amazing. I’ve come very far in a short period of time and I anticipate this is going to be the best year yet – photography wise! I’ve opened my own little studio, gained the most amazing clientele, stepped my gear up, and found my true calling. Now I just need to master my skills and keep bettering myself and my art. I plan on taking it to a whole new level and collaborating with many other creative individuals throughout the course of the year. Aside from that, I am just trusting the journey”. 

image1 (39)


Lastly, to conclude this collab with the beautiful Katie Silva, I decided to ask one more main question. That question was, now what? Where do you want your journey to take you?  “I really want the journey to excel to places unimaginable. I want to take my creative ventures to the next level and surpass my expectations of myself. This year, I am going to try and focus on my inner self more. Career wise – I am always striving to meet my goals. It’s time I take a step back and focus on my mental wellbeing, and get myself into a better state of mind. Sometimes I need to remind myself to stop, and smell the roses J ..and to stop being such a workaholic and not let life pass me by.

I want to help my fellow colleagues as well. I’ve gotten to where I need to be, and now it is my duty to help those around me. I do have a lot of knowledge in many aspects and if an insight into my life can help at least ONE person, then that makes the journey all worthwhile”. 

image2 (28)

Thank you so much Katie for collaborating with me on this blog post! I had such a great time writing this up and getting to know you on a more personal level. I am sure a lot of people benefited from this post, admiring your motivation and dedication in life. You have inspired a lot of people, including myself, to follow your dreams and just go for it! I hope you beauts enjoyed this post! Be sure to follow Katie’s social media accounts to check her out:


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Much love xo.

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“I am a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic but mostly… I love photography”The Ins and Outs of Alexandra Del Bello.

“I am a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic but mostly… I love photography”The Ins and Outs of Alexandra Del Bello.

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Happy weekend my beauts! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far, I know I sure am, what a hell of a week it has been. You know those weeks where they are super stressful and seem to take forever to get to Friday, welcome to my week by far. Of course, it was St. Patty’s day yesterday which was awesome! You guys do anything fun?  I managed to fall down a flight of wooden stairs so that was always a good time…not.I have some intense battle wounds which is unfortunate but hey… that’s clumsy Lyss for ya!  So enough of my rambling and let’s just jump right into this blog post for today shall we?  You know what I absolutely love? Starts with a P ends with a Y. You guessed it, photography. If you guys have guessed it I absolutely love the art of a good photo where the perfect moment is captured. In my blog posts I always try to incorporate some neat laid out photographs where I prop all my materials and snap away. I have also included some beautiful photographer’s work in my blogs as well. One in particular,I have used a while back on one of my previous blog posts on, “how to know you have found the one“. The pictures included in this post were of my boyfriend and I, and they were taken by someone very special to me. When I first got this shoot done, I remember it was the coldest day literally in the year I shit you not. I remember my boyfriend highly recommending this photographer who I really did not know nor did I meet before. When my boyfriend and I were discussing getting some profesh pictures taken right away he stated, “Alexandra Del Bello“. I am thinking wow my boyfriend was pretty confident when he said her name so she must be good right? No. This girl is fantastic and fantastic is just a little word when it comes to expressing her talent. My boyfriend and I never had profesh pictures taken before so we really did not know what to expect! When meeting her she was this cute brunette, about 5’2″, super adorable, and right away her spirit and energy made her extremely approachable and friendly. She made the photo shoot extremely comfortable and made us feel very at ease which was perfect! She directed us with poses and guided us as to what to do next, where to place our hands, where to look and so forth. What I thought was extremely neat about the shoot was I had mentioned that I saw some pictures on Pinterest that I wanted to mimic and really liked. Right away, “Let’s do that!”, and she looked at the photos and just jumped straight into it, even allowing my boyfriend’s truck at the time to be used as a prop (you know guys with their trucks).


(how unreal is this photograph though? Can you say talent?)

I actually got this picture blown up in black and white and now it’s above our fireplace in our home. I could not have asked for a better photoshoot yet a better photographer. She was unreal. I happened then run into this beautiful soul a couple times, including at my friend’s wedding, when low and behold she was the photographer there, amazing.



So I know what you guys are thinking, you want to see some more amazing pictures by her right? I know when I am looking into getting a photographer I am so interested to see their work just so you get that little idea behind their style and so forth. I will attach below some of her amazing work that she has done over the years including themes such as wedding photographs, baby/new born photographs, couple photographs and even family orientated photographs. You ready? Here ya go!





(for all you animal lovers out there meet Davey!)


(Alex literally knows how to capture the perfect moment and that’s what I adore)


(like how perfect is this? You can literally feel her happiness towards him being radiated from the photograph)

So I know what you beauts are thinking, when can I book an appointment right? You havn’t even seen a dent in her amazing talent but don’t worry, ill keep you updated with beautiful photographs throughout this blog! I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Alex for this blog post, and had the opportunity to ask her a few questions based off of her photography business!

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So tell me a bit about yourself Alex!

  • I prefer smoothies over cups of coffee any day
  • I believe that scarves are the perfect accessory to all outfits
  • I love Target and may have briefly went through a bought of separation anxiety when they were removed from Canada
  • Being cozy is a daily goal and priority of mine. You speak my language if you too enjoy fuzzy blankets, comfy sweats, and loose knits
  • If I am glued to the TV you’re sure to find watching either a horror movie or a reality TV show
  • I love gifting. From birthdays to thinking-of-you presents, picking out the perfect item that reflects a person is something I enjoy
  • I am a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic. I just love, love!

It’s nice to know that someone who has dedicated so much time towards photography still makes time to have her “down time”.  I also love to get to know everyone who I collaborate with on a more personal level. It’s amazing how much I find out about that individual and helps create a better picture. I then went on to ask Alex when she began being a part of photography and incorporating it into her life. She stated, “throughout my time in high school I would frequently borrow the family digital camera (a little Sony Coolpix) to document memories of trips, fun with friends and family events. I loved having the ability to capture moments that would fondly be recounted later on”. Alex explains, “my interest in photography was propelled further during a high school photography class that I took in grade 11. This class taught me the history of photography, construction of the first camera, darkroom techniques and allowed access to the school-owned digital SLR (DSLR) camera. To no surprise, it was my favourite class that term – bar none.”  What I loved about this interview was how down to earth Alex was. Of course, after reading her response to this I was wondering probably the same thing you guys were wondering, what is a DSLR camera? Alex states, “you know those ridiculously heavy black cameras with interchangeable lenses that you see professional photographers carrying around? Those!]”.   

Did you end up purchasing your own camera in the near future or what Alex? “The following summer I set out to purchase my own DSLR. I worked a little retail job and by saving all of the money I had earned, come August I had my very own Canon Rebel XSI in my hands. Although I only ever shot on automatic (yikes!) I was instantly hooked.As high school came to a close I was accepted into McMaster University where I began to pursue a BA in Art History. While completing my undergrad it is to no surprise that my DSLR, a one prized possession, became neglected. Most days it would sit on the shelf in my room collecting dust, however occasionally I would pick it back up to photograph family events or document new adventures with friends”. I find this is no surprise that hobbies and passions get pushed to the side when we are involved in our studies and so forth. It is so hard to balance the two of these, but it is important to do so. I know for a fact that I pushed blogging to the side at points because I was so stressed out and too busy with my program. I am so glad that Alex picked up the camera again and started shooting, I mean look at her now! Crazy talent I tell you!


So I had to ask Alex if she was always passionate bout photography! I know some people do not find their calling till much later so I was dying to know. Alex states, “as I was starting out no matter what I used, be it a cellphone or that little Sony Coolpix, I loved the potential of what a camera could capture. I would often bribe friends with the prospect of new Facebook profile images and set up small lifestyle shoots using them as my subjects. I enjoyed the challenge and excitement of shooting in new locations and lighting conditions while documenting beautiful moments”. I absolutely love this! Hey Alex, want to capture a new profile picture for me sometime soon? I would be down any day of the week that’s for sure! I also was very curious to see if Alex had attended

I also was very curious to see if Alex had attended post-secondary school for photography? “After completing my undergrad at McMaster I made the decision to further my education and enrolled in a 2 year Creative Photography program at Mohawk College. My time at Mohawk allowed me to grow as a photographer. I went into the program blind. I had no idea what avenue of photography I wanted to pursue (wedding, lifestyle, fashion, portrait, commercial) and admittedly was still shooting on automatic. Through the completion of weekly shoots and assignments I was able to begin developing my own style and was finally shooting on manual. To complete the program students are required to fulfill a set number of hours working alongside a professional in the industry. I chose to assist a wedding photographer from Brantford. I carried bags, changed lenses, helped organize shot lists, and even got a chance to second shoot. This experience was incredibly beneficial as it opened my eyes to the wedding industry and the potential to work within it”.  How interesting is this though, now Alex has developed her own unique ways to capture the perfect moment for other’s to enjoy, and I love this.


I went on to discuss Alexandra’s packages and what she has to offer when it comes to her photography business! So do not worry if you do not know how to go about getting ahold of Alex, I got you!  I had asked Alex what her favourite photo shoot was to do. She states, “my favourite thing to photograph is a wedding day. Every couple, love story and wedding is unique in its own way. It is so precious to me that I am invited to share in and capture a couple’s special day. For me, the best part of a wedding hands down is photographing the newlywed portraits. Right after the wedding party and family members are photographed and dismissed (or as I usually say “set free”) I snag the bride and groom and take them away for some intimate portraits together. I look most forward to spending this time with my couples, documenting their love and excitement”. This is absolutely beautiful. There is nothing more exciting than someone who has a strong passion to make your special day absolutely amazing. One person, one name…Alexandra Del Bello. 


How much do you charge for your sessions? What exactly is included in your packages? “Lifestyle sessions including maternity, newborn, portrait, engagement and family shoots start at $300.Wedding collections begin at $2,000. Packages include a minimum of 6 consecutive hours of shooting, complimentary engagement session, timeline planning, an online password protected viewing gallery, and a USB of all final images.Throughout the booking process I constantly maintain communication with all clients. Prior to lifestyle sessions I send out a PDF guide that offers location, clothing and timeline suggestions to assist with planning the details of the shoot”. My boyfriend and I as I had mentioned earlier had booked a photoshoot with Alex a couple years back and let’s just say you will not be disappointed. The amount of pictures we received was amazing, and there was so much variety to chose from. We were given the USB and also received a thoughtful ornament of my boyfriend and I in one of our shots. So thoughtful! Highly recommend booking an appointment with Alex and trying it out for yourself. If you beauts do end up booking with her, let me know how it goes and comment down below!

Alex specializes in a lot of different themes when it comes to her photography which is perfect if you are wanting different shots. Alex’s service offers lifestyle (maternity, newborn, family, portrait, engagement) and wedding photography. Alex also states, “as I have touched on, I am most drawn to natural light, soft textures, gentle colour palettes and airy imagery. I am particularly enamoured with how these characteristics add dimension, romanticism and vibrancy to my shoots, especially weddings”.

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“The best advice I can give to someone interested in starting a career or hobby in any field is simple…Start!”

 What is the best advice to give someone who is interested in starting a career in photography or a hobby? “The best advice I can give to someone interested in starting a career or hobby in any field is simple. Start! No matter the industry, medium or activity, get out there and do it. Too often we let the voice inside of our head silence our dreams due to fear of failure and rejection.When I enrolled in Mohawk College with the hopes to one day own my own business I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t terrified. I mean, who the heck did I think I was? A twenty-something-year-old girl who happened to own a camera and developed a knack for taking pretty pictures? What I came to realize was: if I wasn’t willing to give myself the credit I deserved, how could I expect others to?Don’t be hesitant. Try new things. Take chances. Make mistakes. Ok, I’m starting to sound like Mrs. Frizzle – but seriously, she was onto something. Having the courage to start your daydream is something worth celebrating!” How cute is she though? I mean come on, love her. That’s exactly the piece of advice that people need to hear though, everyone is so afraid to start and actually just go for it. When it came to my blogging I had no idea where to start, and I have never even heard of WordPress in my life. I just went for it and said f*** it, and just did it. Now I can’t stop doing it, because I really did find something I enjoy doing, and something I am good at…just like Alex!  I was also curious if there were any words of advice that Alex herself received while starting this photography journey. Alex explains,”the best piece of advice I received also served as a forewarning. During a business course back at Mohawk College one of my professors shared that, “becoming a successful photographer is 80% business and 20% photography.” He went further to explain that photographers spend the majority of their time filling the role of a business owner and operator far more than the time actually spent with a camera in hand. Bookkeeping, marketing, editing, blogging, PR, emails… the list goes on. There are so many things behind the scenes that go into the successful operation of a business. It is still something that still overwhelms me!”. 

Who is your biggest supporter and who has played the biggest influence in your photography business? My parents are my biggest supporters without question. I am so thankful that pursuing a career in the arts was never looked upon as something negative or less-than in my house.Last year my Mom graciously assisted me in the planning and execution of my first styled wedding shoot. After showing her my mood boards and explaining the vision I had in mind she helped me to source props, scout locations, and set up come the day of the shoot.Since the launch of my business I have been so appreciative of my Dad’s business advice and patience. From taxes and bookkeeping to contracts the number of questions I challenge him within a week is no joke”.


When discussing photography, there is a lot that has to do with purchasing the right equipment. I know when I am looking at profesh photographs I am constantly wondering what cameras people are using or what types of lens they use. I knew for sure I had to get the 411 from Alex! Thank goodness for her!  Alex states, “I shoot with all Canon equipment. I own two 5D Mark iii camera bodies. One to primarily shoot with and a second as a back up, in case something were to happen during a wedding day. I own various lenses from prime’s to zoom’s. Each lens serves a different purpose and is used at specific times during a wedding day. For example, I love my 85mm prime for newlywed portraits, while my 70-200mm zoom lends itself well for moments that I prefer to be unobtrusive, particularly during speeches and candid photographs”. I was also extremely interested in which types of apps that Alex uses once she is ready to start editing after capturing the perfect shots.  Alex explains”my editing workflow is very simple. My eye is drawn to natural light, soft textures and gentle colour palettes. When editing I try to enhance these qualities.I first cull through all of the images from a session. I delete any unflattering shots (eyes closed, hair in face). From there I take the remaining images and bring them into Adobe Lightroom. It is in this program that I tweak exposure, saturation, hue, and re-crop. Once complete I export all images to JPEG and upload them into an online password protected gallery. Each client is given access to their own gallery where they are able to view and download all of their photograph”. I find it absolutely amazing what a person can accomplish when they mastered some good editing techniques, it’s insane these days!  Alex does a remarkable job when it comes to editing pictures, mine looked absolutely flawless!




Having her DSLR camera, I had wondered if Alex was planning on purchasing some new equipment in her near future, you never know! Alex explains, “ I am a big fan of prime lenses especially for portraits and currently have my eye on a 35mm Sigma HSM Art lens. The 35mm has the advantages of a wide lens while still possessing the prime lens qualities that I am particularly drawn to. I plan to purchase this piece of equipment in the next few weeks before the 2017 wedding season hits”.

I had so much fun collaborating with the talented Alexandra Del Bello on this blog post about her photography career, but I had to ask her one last important question. In life, there are always people that inspire us to go further, to push a bit harder and to strive to be our best . I wanted to know if there were any photographers out there who had inspired Alex through her journey. Alex explained that there were so many photographers who had inspired her over the years but two very important people from the United States still continue to inspire her. She states, “Caroline Logan is a wedding photographer and educator from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She photographed her first wedding at 16 years old just months after getting her braces taken off! You may have seen a BuzzFeed article about a bride and her bridesmaids forgoing bouquets and opting for puppies instead. Caroline was the photographer that captured those images. This talented girl is in her early twenties and taking the photography world by storm.Jenna Kutcher is a wedding photographer, watercolour artist, educator and podcaster from Wisconsin. What I admire most about Jenna is her willingness to serve others by sharing her knowledge on building a recognisable brand while staying true to yourself and your followers. Aside from being an incredible educator, her wedding photography is kick butt, and her Instagram feed is hash tag goals”. Alex has followed both of those people online for years now. Thanks to the power of social media, it has the ability to bring like-minded people closer together and share their ideas with one another. Alex also emphasizes how crazy it is to think you are so close to someone from far away yet you have never even met that person… thanks Instagram and Facebook!

I can not thank Alexandra enough for allowing me to show off her amazing talent that she continues to progress each and every day. She is an amazing individual who is such a hard worker and never fails to disappoint. It was a pleasure working with her! If you beauts are interested in reaching her I will leave her contact information down below, be sure to check her out!

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