My Personal Tinder/Bumble Horror Stories Part 2

Good morning my beauts, and welcome to my channel where I discuss all my wonderful Tinder and Bumble horror stories for you guys. Honestly, who doesn’t like to fool around on these dating apps? Sometimes, well most of the time I am pretty serious about these apps and I am genuinely looking for someone that has the potential to date. I literally have my list and follow that when seeing what I want in a man. I personally think there is nothing wrong with this whatsoever, and everyone should have some standards when trying to find the right man. So you can usually get a feel for someone when you are figuring them out, what they like and how their personality is. Well honest to god these individuals just set themselves up for failure like in my last blog post on my tinder and bumble experiences.

 I can truly say congrats to these fine man, you are famous and made the cut for my blog post! I can honestly say these are probably some of my favourite conversations by far, and I know you guys got a kick out of my last blog post with my horror stories, so I had to come up with a part two for you beauts. So sit back, probably grab an alcoholic drink, I am personally drinking a rum and coke while typing this, and enjoy these beauties.

This one is probably one of my favourites, I met this guy through Tinder and we started chatting one evening. He seemed pretty chill and down to earth, did not seem creepy whatsoever. So we got chatting and then he randomly asks me, “do you ever horseback ride?“, and I personally thought nothing of this whatsoever, I legit thought that he wanted to be romantic and go horseback riding… boy was I wrong.  So me being stupid I’m like, “I haven’t gone in forever!” and so on. It’s funny because I was literally reading this out loud to my mom, I thought he was being all cute and romantic because no guy has ever asked me that before, (mom deff called what was going to happen next, I was too oblivious). When he responded with the horse costume I almost spit out my rum and coke everywhere, literally, like full blown. I could not believe that he texted that to me, it was absolutely hilarious and completely random as hell. Kudos to you my dear friend, you sure know how to be romantic.  Can we ride away into the sunset together?

This next one, you can tell I was starting to get annoyed as everyone on the site was either perverted or drove me nuts. I for sure got a kick out of it though. So I started chatting with this good looking guy and I felt like we were hitting it off okay! Then he starts talking about how sore his neck is, and I am completely ignoring the obvious, like buddy I personally don’t care. Then he has the balls to ask if I will “volunteer”, (VOLUNTEER?!, cause that sounds like a shit ton of fun) to massage it. My response? “Do I look like your slave”?“. Needless to say, he was unmatched right away. Or I would’ve been unmatched but beat him to it.

This next one I again was joking around and made a common mistake on purpose that some girls make, this is moving way too fast. Sure I have a list that I look for in a guy, and it’s just simple things such as if you are caring, sensitive and so forth, usually never go this far when it comes to expectations but I was extremely curious as to what he would say! I literally laughed out loud at his reply, and let him know after I was joking around. But girls, don’t move too fast or you will scare the hell outta the guy and he will dip forever, trust me.

The next guy that I was talking to I found on bumble and he was gorgeous, we hit it off pretty good and actually hung out at his place the one day. So everything was going well and what not, then out of nowhere he was asking about my dating life which is completely fine I am an open person and don’t mind sharing. So he wanted to see some pictures of the guys so I showed him and then he got all quiet about one guy in particular. I asked if maybe he knew the guy or something and he said his friend has been seeing him for two months now, (aka, I just went on a date with this guy about a month ago…. awkward). Apparently, he had keys to this girl’s apartment and everything I couldn’t believe what a player he was. I obviously had no connection with this guy whatsoever but I just felt bad for the other girl he was playing, I can’t stand guys like that, have some respect for women. That guy is long gone and I pray he changes his ways or he’s going to get nowhere in life.

So as you can see I have had my fair share of keepers, and I hope you beauts enjoyed this part 2 of these mini-series. I find these stories absolutely hilarious and I hope you guys did too. Again congrats to the individuals who made the cut, and goodluck! Be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my homepage for more blogs in the near future. Take care and much love xo.


The meaning behind ” It’s the Little Things in Life that Matter “

The meaning behind ” It’s the Little Things in Life that Matter “

Hello, beauts and happy Saturday! It’s finally fall and I couldn’t be any more excited that it’s finally here. Fall is my favourite season in the whole world, I just love everything about it! From being super cozy , to pumpkins, to plaid and to blanket scarves … it’s just perfect. So I have been pondering and wondering what blog post to do this weekend for you beauts and it came to my attention that I have never shared with you the reason and meaning behind my blogging name! When starting out with blogging, I had to think of a name for my blog and trust me it was super hard. I sat there thinking and thinking and wondering what I was going to name it because I wanted something that screams ” me ” and is something I valued and treasured. Then it hit me. Honestly, I am a very happy go lucky individual and often the littlest things make me happy. I thought ” hey … it’s honestly the little things in life that matter in the world “. It could be looking forward to that coffee in the morning in your favourite mug that makes your morning. It could be throwing on your favourite cozy PJs before you go and watch an amazing romantic movie before bed. It could be receiving a ” good morning beautiful ” text from your significant other. It could be receiving that support from your mom before writing a final for your class. It’s honestly the little things in life that matter.

I used to take things for granted. I thought that everyone was privileged like I was, that everyone got things like I did and was blessed with certain outcomes. But that wasn’t the case . When my stepmom got into a horrible car accident a year ago everything changed. The fact that she was an innocent bystander and passed away two times on the operating table was unimaginable. I really thought to myself “ wow, how could this have happened ?! “. This could have been me. So now at night, I hug my boyfriend a little bit tighter, I make sure I say I love you to my parents through a text, I check in on my sisters every now in then cause you never know. These things are so little yet they matter because you never know if you are going to have a tomorrow. I truly stand by my name even more now and am so grateful for a today let alone a tomorrow if it comes.  I am so blessed to be here, to be alive and I cherish every moment I get being here on earth. I am thankful and proud.

“…enjoy the little things”

I am so thankful to have so many supportive people in my life and never thought my blog would have taken off like it did today. I never thought I would have been given so many opportunities to collaborate and meet so many beautiful kind people. I love reaching out to people to know their stories and their background information. That’s why I chose to start interviewing people. I love hearing about their talents and their amazing careers and goals. It’s the little things that matter in life. So make sure you thank those who are supportive in your life. Tell those you care about how much you love them. Hug those who need a hug and laugh a ton when things are messing up. Just laugh it off. Be happy and proud you’re here that you get to experience new things in life and treasure the great memories you have. Remember, it’s the little things in life that matter in this world.

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My Personal Ouija Board Experiences

My Personal Ouija Board Experiences

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“Have you seen the ghost of Tom? Long white bones with the flesh all gone. Wouldn’t it be chilly with no skin on?” ….boy. I literally think I got taught that little song in grade 3 no joke, and it still scares the shit out of me. Why we got taught that in grade 3 I will never know.

Hello my beauts, can you guess what time of the year it is? YOU guessed it, Halloween is soon! I personally love anything scary, twisted, or creepy any day of the week. I literally spend hours watching twisted documentaries on youtube, or even watch paranormal videos by myself… yes I’m a little f*cked you could say! So instead of the normal blog topics that I liked to write about on a daily basis, I thought I could “spook” this one up a tiny wee bit just for yous. I decided to write this post on my personal experiences that I have had playing with the ouija board. This is a very controversial topic to discuss, especially if you are reading this post right now and have never even touched the board or played it before. Basically, for those who do not even know how to play it or how it works, you imagine yourself in a circle of light. This will help keep the demons far away and keep you basically in a safe place as you talk to spirits… sounds twisted right? Oh it is, but I love it. You and your friends then place the tips of your fingers on a little plaque that is placed on top of the ouija board itself.  The board itself displays the alphabet across the middle, a “yes” in one top corner and the word “no” in the other corner. At the bottom there are also the numbers from 0-10 and the word”good-bye“.. You and your friends then begin to ask it questions, and a spirit may talk back to you, moving the plaque by itself to spell out the answers across the board. When I first heard about this game, I literally thought it was a load of shit. I mean come on. Obviously your friends are the ones that move it right? Anyone can simply say a spirit is communicating with them, but meanwhile they are in fact the ones that are moving the plaque.

I first tried playing the ouija board I believe when I was in high school, and have many different experiences while playing it. Today however, I am going to share with you guys a few in mind that really stand out to me and that I even think about to this day. The first incident happened at my old apartment building that I used to live in within my high school years here in Hamilton. My mom, sisters and I were planning on moving back to my old hometown for my last year of high school. I strictly remember this because I was playing the ouija board with my twin in my old bedroom within the apartment building,  I knew we were not staying there anymore because we were moving soon, so I thought it was acceptable to play inside the home. Here’s a little FYI.. if you do plan on trying out a ouija board, do not and I mean DO NOT, play in your own home, simply bring the board outside to play with. You do not want that spirit hanging around in your home afterwards for safety reasons. So me being such a smartie at the time, I thought it was a brilliant idea to play in my room… I mean come on… the people who start living there next will have to suffer and not me… it’s all good. So my sister and I got busy and started asking the ouija board simple questions such as, “who are you” and what not.  While playing the ouija board before, I have never contacted any spirits that I had known before passing away, I always came into contact with random spirits. This spirit happened to spell out the name, “Jake“.  Okay…. I thought as I tried to understand this spirit and who he was a bit better. We then began to ask him how he had died. The spirit had spelled out the word, “ATV“. I literally felt goosebumps rise up my arm as the spirit responded. In fact, my twin and I knew a Jake who had passed away due to an ATV accident that had happened a few years ago. Jake went to our elementary school and our highschool as well. Although we did not know him that well, he thought my twin was very beautiful a few years back and had actually reached out to her, asking her to hangout previously but they never did.


So usually with ouija boards, you ask the spirit the question and they move the plaque around the board to spell out their answers. This time, Jake started to ask us some questions. He began to spell out the question, “Stefanie (my twin), do you feel me?”. Stef and I both kind of looked at eachother like what the heck is he talking about? So stef ended up asking Jake where he was. Jake spelled out, “I am touching your left arm“. We both froze as stef’s left arm started to grow cold, we could not believe it. We continued to keep talking to Jake and we realized he came into contact with us because of Stefanie and how he wanted to talk to her. He also brought up his current girlfriend at the time of his death and asked how she was doing. Jake then stated that he really missed her and asked if she was sad. I told him that a lot of people were very overwhelmed and sad about his passing and that he will be very missed. Although this was a very shocking and creepy experience considering he wanted us to feel him, it was very comforting knowing that Jake was around and that he wanted to reach out. I will never forget this experience. We also managed to come into contact with Jake a second time actually not too long ago. This was in my fourth year of university, at my student house in our backyard one cold night. Jake managed to find me and reach out again. He was  very amusing because he started to spell words incorrectly and joke around. This is so accurate because this was Jake to a T, a class clown. I remember asking my friend Jessica who was with us at the time watching if she wanted to put her hands on the plaque as well. She said it was okay, but Jake had spelled out, “Make her“, so she ended up placing her hands on too. I also remember him saying that the “hotrums were pretty (my last name)“, and a giant smile grew across my face. There is something about coming into contact with people you know that is so comforting and reassuring.

This is where my next experience with the ouija board comes into play. It was actually that same chilly night in fourth year that I came into contact with my grandpa, or my “gpa” as we used to call him. I was actually praying that he would come and find me on the board.  Since his sudden and unexpected passing, my family including myself had so many questions and just wanted to know that he was safe up there in heaven. I was playing with my two best friends and suddenly a spirit came on the board. I had asked who this was and the spirit spelled out the word, “gpa“. Of course you are skeptical because you never know if it is just someone else pretending to be that person. This is when you ask more personal questions that only that person would know the answer to. I began to ask him so many different personal questions. I had asked him how he passed away and he spelled out the word “heart“. I was shocked because he did pass away from a heart attack. I asked him where he died and he spelled out “Florida“… I could not believe it. I asked him who his first grandson was and he spelled out “Jordan“, which was completely true. One thing that completely touched me was when he started talking about my grandma or “gma” as we call her. He spelled out that she “never dances anymore“. My gma was always the type of person who liked to randomly country line dance in her home and just be goofy. He also stated that she never goes out anymore either. At the time of my grandpas death, my grandma took it extremely hard and limited herself to staying inside her apartment building a lot, which one would expect after their significant other passes. He then began to spell out that he loved her and misses everyone. After grasping all of this information that my gpa had came on the board, my best friend was completely balling as she still placed her fingers on the plaque. Me? I was in complete shock and I think that is why I didn’t shed a tear, I did not think I would ever reach him but I did. He then spelled out something that made my heart sink….. “I’m sorry“. His death hit everyone in my family including all of his friends extremely hard and rough. Everyone was devastated including myself. To see him say he was sorry that he left was extremely hard to take in.  Gpa also spelled out that he is always around gma and that gma can feel him. This was all so comforting to experience, and I will never ever forget that night. I love you gpa.


These are two personal experiences that were both comforting and touching. I was indeed lucky to have experienced “happy” ouija board experiences as opposed to scary and completely f*cked. I do in fact have some more messed up stories to share with you guys but these experiences did not happen to me. This experiences happened to my mom and my uncle when they were younger in the house they grew up in. These stories are so messed up I just had to share them with all of you guys.

The first story I have for you guys happened when my uncle was playing with their ouija board. Basically the board told my uncle that if he were to throw 3 darts at a dart board in the dark he would get them all on the board….. ya ok. So my uncle knew that was a load of crap but went for it anyways! The first dart he threw he knew landed on the floor, the second he heard landed beside the dart board and hit the wall, and the third dart he thought landed on the board. He knew right then and there that the ouija board was wrong, so he went to go and turn on the lights. He could not believe it. The three darts were in fact all on the board like the ouija board had predicted….. all in the center… 666. GET OUT OF HERE. BYE. PCE FELICIA. Oh. did I also mention that this spirit told my uncle his name as well, and that he was “satan“. YUPP. I would have been gone out of that house so fast.  Since playing the ouija board in the basement, strange things started happening inside the house. Can you see why I told you guys to not play it in your house and emphasized that? This is why. Trust me… they learned their lesson. On one incident, a light bulb exploded in their home, okay sounds not too eerie right? Strange thing is, the glass globe around the light bulb did not shatter, only the lightbulb inside, how is that even possible? Another incident happened when my uncle and my aunt were sleeping in bed. In the middle of the night their pillows whipped out from underneath their heads and their blanket flew off….. BYE FELICIA. If that does not scream, “ get the f*ck out of there“. I do not know what does. Eventually, my uncle ended up burning the ouija board within the fire and that was that.

Overall,it is totally up to you guys if you want to play with a ouija board and try it out for yourselves. Make sure you vision yourself in a circle of light before playing, as well as to make sure you say “good-bye” before closing up the board and leaving. You do not want any spirits hanging around afterwards.  If you are wondering where to purchase a ouija board, you can actually get one…. believe it or not…. at Toys R Us. I could not believe it, hell that is where I purchased mine for $20.00.  Can you also believe that the game says ages 8 and up? 8!!!?????  Hell I am 23 and still get nervous/scared playing with the board. So if you are up for a little scare and spooky night go and try it out for yourself but beware.. you never know who will find you on the board.

I hope you guys enjoyed this halloween special blog post. Be sure to follow my page for more blog posts to come in the near future. Let me know below if you guys have had any unusual or spooky experiences with ouija boards in your life, I am curious! Also be sure to follow my other social media sites:



Happy Halloween & Much love xo.


Embarrassing Moments (Part 2)

Embarrassing Moments (Part 2)


Hey there beauts! I hope you all have been having a fabulous week as we are starting to get some super nice weather now! Thank gosh! I have been busy lately with packing/school work so I have been kind of slacking on the blogs lately, sadly! I apologize but I am going to post this one today for you guys! I really enjoyed writing the mini-series of letters and may throw a few more of those ones here and there, but I wanted to spice up this blog post a bit. I know you guys really enjoyed reading about my embarrassing moments blog post, and I decided to post another one for you guys to read and enjoy! Some of these embarrassing moments happened recently, and some I just thought of that happened a couple years ago. So without further or do let’s get started shall we?!

1)Balls Anyone?  So I was grocery shopping with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago and obviously brought along my keys on my keychain with me. As some of you know already I bought a lovely cute ball sack key chain from Spencers because I am weird like that and they looked extremely interesting. So that lovely ball sack key chain is attached to my keys and literally goes everywhere with me (might I add they look very realistic). So I decided to stuff my keys into my winter jacket and go about my shopping day with my boyfriend. As shopping is coming to a finish I look down to see some balls staring at me. Little did I know that my ball keychain was sticking out of my pocket the whole entire time shopping! It wasn’t even like the key chain holder was sticking out so you could tell it was a key chain….no… just a pair of balls chillen. I could not stop laughing and crying! Needless to say the balls will stay in the purse next shopping visit.


2) My mom thinks I am a bitch.  So when I was younger, and I mentioned this in one of my previous blog posts, I went through a phase where I could not lie. I am not too sure if I thought I was going to hell or what, but I had to tell the truth for absolutely everything. So one day during this phase, I knew that I had to tell my mom something. I was extremely embarrassed but knew that I had to tell her because I could not lie! I pulled her to the side and needed to tell her that I hated her homemade hamburgers. I told her that I thought they were super gross, and I preferred the frozen kind. After this I felt a huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders lmfao (Thank god I guess), but I felt like an ass for telling her! From now on my mom does not make me any homemade hamburgers, and now I can sleep better at night.

3) I am a crappy best friend! So at least a couple years ago, when my best friend (room mate) and my sister and I were just hanging out, we decided to just chill/drink. Obviously we are all feeling it a bit, or a lot, and you know what that means?!…. things are said that should not be said.  We are all having a nice conversation when I turn to my best friend out of nowhere and say ” You are so rude, no wonder you can’t get any guys!”. I could not believe that saying came out of my mouth but it did! She stormed off into her room and did not even want to talk to me. After I said this, I turned to my sister and asked her “what did I just say?!”, as if I literally had no idea what I just said to her.  I apologized to her and stated that I did not even know what I was saying!  Now it’s something that we laugh at because apparently I am a rude bitch!

4) A drunk hot mess-So literally  a long time ago in highschool when I was dating one of my ex-boyfriends, we decided to go to this party and drink/hang with friends. Knowing me I kept drinking and drinking, and sooner or later started feeling it pretty good! As the night came to an end, we were catching a ride with my sister and her friend, but by this point I am hammered. We sit in the car getting ready to head back to his place when I started bawling. He looks at me so surprised and asks “what the hell is the matter?”. I reply, ” Bone on top of bone!”, and keep crying. At this point nobody knows what the heck I am talking about, but I continue to say this statement.  Finally, everyone figures out that I pulled a muscle in my foot, and that’s what I meant by “bone ontop of bone”.  So we get back to my ex’s place, and we try to be extremely quiet getting in because everyone is sleeping. I state to him “I need my facewash”, and he replies ” you can wash your face in the morning”. So what do I do?! I start crying of course, demanding that my face needs to be washed.  So he eventually grabs my facewash then an instant smile appears on my face as I am now ready for bed. We head upstairs, as he goes into his room and I am across the hall in his sisters room.  All of a sudden he starts flipping out because he can not find his phone and insits he left it at the party. So, he comes into my room, asks to borrow my phone to try to call his and see if someone answers. As I am laying there passing in and out as the room is spinning, I suddenly hear him say “hello!?”, and then again, “hello!?”. Of course me being a dumb drunk  I decide to answer back and yell “HELLO”, thinking he was talking to me. I do not hear anything for a few minutes and automatically think he is ignoring me. I storm into his room huffing and puffing as well as crying saying “why didn’t you answer me back!?”. He looks at me dumbfoundly and replies , “I was not even talking to you go back to bed”. I storm back off into my room and eventually fall back to sleep. Apparently I did not clue in whatsoever that he was speaking to the kid who answered his phone when he called off of mine.  Let’s just say we laughed about this story forever.


5) I ratted out my sister! So when my sister and I were probably in grade 9 or 10, I honestly forget, we were hanging out at my friend’s house at the time. My sister and I never drank before, but my friend insisted we try some alcohol. Later that night we were planning on visiting my mom at work since she was a bartender. So my sister starts drinking a lot with our friend and eventually gets drunk. I am pretty sure that I refused to drink because I was not feeling anything whatsoever. So of course my sister is acting ridiculous and passing in and out on the bus with our friend. My sister and I being country girls, we hardly knew anything about the city or buses at this time. So here I am on  a bus with drunk 1 and drunk 2, unsure which stop to get off at , and they are almost passed out on the bus. I am starting to freak out but eventually my friend comes to and we manage to get off at the right stop. As we arrive at my mom’s work I start panicking and worrying because I have never seen my sister drunk before. I decide to pull my mom aside at work and tell her that my sister and our friend are hammered. I am pretty sure that my sister got in shit, but she has never let this story go since then.

6) But first, let me take a selfie– So probably about maybe a year ago, I was at a bar with some of my friends and drinking our lives away. The alcohol hit me and I was starting to feel pretty good as we were dancing and having a great time. I decided to go home with this guy that night from the bar and “hang” with him let’s just say. So we go about our night, not going to go into details, but you get the picture. The next day when I went home and was looking through the pictures from the night before, I came across a selfie of me and him… literally in bed…. just smiling and acting all normal. The picture was not anything bad whatsoever, but who stops to take a selie during ***?! Oh wait… apparently me I guess! Let’s just say that got deleted super quick. Never again.

7) I f***ing hate fish– So literally forever ago, I was on vacation with my friend’s family . Let me just add in there that this family lives for fish and I can not stand the smell/taste and all that jazz. So they decided the one night to take us all to a fish restaurant. Of course they know I do not like fish, but there were other things to eat there besides fish. When we are starting to eat our dinner I literally can not smell anything else but the lovely nasty smell of fish! So guess what I did? I started bawling. Yupp, right at dinner. I was so mad that we went there I let all my feelings out on nemo sitting across from me. To this day they still do not let this go!


8) Family vacation is supposed to be G rated isn’t it!?–  So years ago I went on a family vacation with one of my ex-boyfriends and his family. Me at the time being a sneaky/adventurous human being, I decided to sneak and pack a few condoms loosely in my suitcase just in case (newsflash no we did not even do anything on the trip). So one night, my suitcase was placed on the ground in our room and I was trying to find some nice clothes in it for dinner. I notice in the corner of my eye, something was moving in my suitcase! I started picking up clothes from it and placing them on the floor when a nasty cockroach comes crawling across my suitcase! I do not deal with any bugs whatsoever, so I make a huge scene in front of his parents. They both try to go through my suitcase to remove this bug when out pops a condom from underneath my shirt. Nobody said anything about the condoms, but let’s just say the parents did not leave our sight the rest of the vacation.

9) Everybody knows me on a more “personal level”– So when I was dumb and in high school, the big thing was to send lovely pictures to your boyfriend. So obviously I sent a few pictures here and there to my boyfriend at the time, thinking nothing too bad about it. Later on that night, my sister pulls me into her room and asks me ” did you send pictures to my boyfriend?!”. Of course I did not whatsoever, I double checked that I sent them to my own boyfriend (over email…. bad decision).  My sister knows her boyfriends password to his email at the time, and shows me that my links were in his inbox, which I am still to this day unsure of how that happened. I am pretty sure he had hacked into my email to grab them because I am unsure how he got ahold of them. So at this point I am completely creeped out and unsure who has seen these pictures now, because apparently it was not just sent to my boyfriend! The next day at school, I am keeping more to myself because I am now in a panic about these photos. I am in class when all of a sudden the principal buzzes my name over the announcements stating for me to come to his office. First of all, I never ever get called down to the office, so now I am thinking great… he has seen them as well.. fantastic! So I go into his office with my head down, trying to prepare myself for the worst news of my entire life.  He then goes on to explain about how I could not skip anymore school days or I would get suspended. OH MY GOD. RELIEF. Well not really, because I got in shit for skipping, but thank god it was not about my photos.    Let’s just say I learned my lesson about making the stupid decision to send photos !

10) Almost fainted in a nail salon?– So literally last summer, I decided to go to a nail salon with my friend and go get a manicure as well as a pedicure. So it’s a really hot summer day out, and I am sitting there in the chair waiting for my manicure to start. On one of my fingers, my nail was super short because I ripped some of it off a couple days ago and it took some of the skin with it. There was a cut that you could see clear as day on my nail, but I didn’t care, I wanted the rest of my nails to look nice. So this lady starts working away at my nails, and starts filing them. Doesn’t she start filing my nail with my cut… and still goes about her day as if nothing is wrong. She makes faces about my cut probably  thinking “that must have hurt”, but still continues to file, and put all these other chemicals onto the cut. At this point I could give two shits how that nail looks, but she insisted that it looked pretty. Knowing me, I am not the type to be like “bitch stop”, so I tried to man up and deal with the pain. So she goes about putting the nail polish on my nails, and doesn’t she get some on the skin where the cut is. What do you think she does? The bitch digs her nail into the cut to try to take the polish off my skin… oh. my. god. At this point I am holding back tears and my back becomes really hot along with my face. I have never felt this way before, and suddenly I feel like I am going to puke. I tell her to stop so I could use the rest room because I told her I was not feeling so hot. I ran to the bathroom and started dry heaving, but nothing came up. Sweat was dripping off my face and down my back as I tried hard not to pass out.  I completely wrecked my nails, and will not be going back to that nail salon ever again. Now I guess I know what it feels like when they use to torture people back in the day with their nail beds.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading these embarrassing stories that have happened to me over the years just as much as I enjoy writing about them! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week! Please be sure to follow my blog page for more posts, as well as my other social media accounts:

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