Biggest Lifestyle changes I’ve made 2017

Biggest Lifestyle changes I’ve made 2017

Hey beauts ! Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far , mine is going alright I can’t complain whatsoever. Let’s talk about that wicked snow storm yesterday though , that was crazy ! I still made it to the gym however , I couldn’t believe it was still open ! I literally took that chance and risked it , literally waiting for them to close and send everyone home. Luckily that didn’t happen and I was able to get my leg workout in … thank god!  Actually , this blog post today has a bit to do about the gym to be honest ! This post I have actually been inspired to do recently as I have noticed quite a few changes in how I am feeling each day in regards to my mindset and physical changes in my body. This post today is about different lifestyle changes that I have made recently over the past two months . I know what you guys are thinking … lyss … it’s only been two months this isn’t really a lifestyle change yet ! I am quite determined to keep these changes persistent however , which is my long term goal ! I wanted to share with you guys some of my secrets and decisions I have made to help live a healthier lifestyle . So shall we get right into it then or what ?

Eating breakfast every day 

This step is absolutely huge for me and I can say I am super proud of myself for accomplishing this step . From someone who suffered from eating disorders for a long period of time , I can proudly say that I am not skipping breakfast anymore. I mostly skipped breakfast in regards to my eating disorders and because I would not be hungry getting up super early for work. I have heard over and over again , ” breakfast is the most important meal of the day“, and it’s true . Breakfast is such an important meal and fuels your body for the beginning of the day. I got up one morning and decided , “ hey let’s try this out … I know it’s 6 am but what’s the harm“. This was around the time when I joined the gym . Now , I actually eat breakfast at 6 am every single day , aside from the weekend . I usually make a bunch of different breakfasts to munch on each morning! Some of these include : oatmeal , smoothie bowls and yogurt with granola . I will post down below the ingredients to each breakfast meal for you beauts !

Yogurt with granola

  • granola clusters
  • plain Greek yogurt or vanilla Greek yogurt
  • Chia seeds
  • hemp seeds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Fruit such as bananas, raspberries and blueberries


  • 1/2 cup of quick minute oats
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • Chia seeds
  • Hemp seeds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Fruit
  • 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter

Smoothie bowl

  • As much almond milk as desired
  • Fruit ( variety)
  • Chia seeds
  • Hemp seeds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Pinch of shredded coconut
  • 1 cup of spinach
  • Bits of granola clusters

Voila ! You have yourself a bunch of delish breakfast meals for you beauts to try out ! I absolutely love eating these in the morning , they provide my body with the proper energy needed each day. The only meal that took me a while to get used to was the plain Greek yogurt, I am not a huge fan of the taste but once fruit is added , it makes a huge difference!

Exercising each day 

This step is big , I find that if I do not exercise now I am a bit miserable and not feeling my best . I love how I have incorporated fitness into my daily routine now which makes me feel unreal . I usually work around 8-5 each day so I plan to go to my gym around 8 at night when it is the least busiest . It took me a while to motivate myself to use the gym and join one . Being a person who suffers from social anxiety … it’s not an easy step that’s for sure. It took me a bit to find the right gym to join and also to feel the most comfortable at . I knew for a fact I was not going to like a co-ed gym , just because I would feel more comfortable working out at an all girls gym. I also did not want a gym that was extremely busy either , my gym is perfect. I have managed to gather enough courage to go to the gym by myself , which I now prefer. I have also made a gym schedule which hangs on my fridge letting me know what muscle group to work on each day . Today is arms and cardio ! Wish me luck !

Drinking more water 

This was extremely  hard for me and not an easy step whatsoever . So I gave up pop guys ! Well not completely and entirely ! The only time I drink it is for a chase for a night out with my alcohol ... that’s it ! How proud are you of me ?! I was literally addicted to pop and I mean addicted. I love the burn when it goes down your throat and would probably drink pop every single day . It was bad , and I would drink coke which was the worst kind ever . But now when I wake up I have my coffee or tea and then I go straight away to work on my bottle of water . I am not 100% sure how much water I drink daily , I just usually go by my water bottle which is a fairly good size ! I drink two of these before lunch and two after lunch , then one at the gym ! So I am getting a fair amount of water in which is unreal and I am proud of myself ! I have noticed a huge different in my acne as well after drinking lots of water and staying away from the sugary drinks! My face has cleared up a whole ton which I am super happy about . I also am not as bloated during the day at all , which I used to always be and it was an awful feeling .

Doing therapy and bettering myself mentally 

I am so proud of myself for attending therapy every Wednesday . I have noticed such an improvement every single week and even writing this out I am smiling . I am so much more confident when it comes to socializing with people and to think a therapy group caused this and has benefited me a ton . I personally think the exposures has helped out a lot which is wonderful but they were not the easiest let me tell you that ! When I actually sit back and think about where I am today I am so proud . It takes courage to recognize you need help and need that extra therapy to get back on your feet and that’s okay. This group has completely pushed me out of my comfort zone and I remember telling my therapist, ” I will not do group therapy ” I would rather do individualised therapy . I was so afraid that it would be just like the movies and that I would absolutely hate going … more like dread it . I am excited going to therapy now that I have joined my group therapy for social anxiety . I am proud to tell the instructors what I have been working on and to let them know the difference I am seeing and feeling … it’s incredible . I highly recommend taking part in a group therapy if you are struggling with social anxiety like I am . I have benefited so much and I am still constantly learning each week . This is only an 8 week course which is great , and you could choose whether you wanted to go in the evenings or the mornings ! I am glad that I am bettering myself mentally and taking care of my mental health. I was so sick of this getting in the way of life that something needed to be done, best decision I have ever made. 

Blogging more and putting aside time for you hobbies 

As you guys have guessed it one of my favourite things to do in my spare time is blog . I absolutely love taking the time to share my thoughts and feelings with you beauts ! There was however, a chunk of time where I kind of pushed blogging to the side and didn’t really contribute to it for a while . This was when I was in a rut and going through a lot of things , I was not inspired and was not feeling my best . Now that I have started back up with blogging I can not stop! I think it annoys my boyfriend at times when I am constantly sitting on my computer typing away and not spending quality time with him ! Haha ! But hey it’s what I like doing . Of course I balance my blogging with other things in life but I do make sure I put the time aside for my blogging . I find that this is an extremely important thing to do when trying to be happy and live a more content life. You need to do you. If you love shopping then put time aside to shop, if you love reading then read your favourite book each night before you go to bed.  I know for a fact this has affected me positively and I feel inspired all the time these days to keep writing and come up with more things for you guys ! I have to remind myself , ” hey lyss.,.. you just uploaded a blog yesterday relax“. Way too funny but I am not complaining .

Getting enough sleep and having a routine

I know this is a given but it is so crucial . I recently have developed a sleep routine now which I follow every single night . I usually always go to bed around 10- 10:30 each night considering I am up at around 6 each day ! I find that getting to bed a little earlier helps me out for the morning and being able to function and be able to get up ! I also make sure that I am following the same routine ie:

  •  brush teeth
  •  wash face
  •  climb into bed
  • spray pillow with lavender mist
  • apply night face cream
  • Put on Chapstick
  • Apply lavender cream on hands
  • Turn on humidifier and fan

Goodnight ! Sleep tight !

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post ! Those are basically the biggest changes I have made in regards to bettering my health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Are there any different ways you beauts have changed your lifestyles? If so comment below and let me know ! Make sure to follow all my other social media pages to keep updated with everything !

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Much love xo 

Social Anxiety Group Therapy- Session 4

Social Anxiety Group Therapy- Session 4

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Happy Hump day everyone! Wow…. I am on a roll today with these blog posts, mostly I give credit to this amazing and unreal coffee getting me through! So I know some of you have been wondering how my last Wednesday session went at my social anxiety group therapy. Honestly, it was a struggle going to this meeting that time. It was a very long day and the thought came into my head, “meh lyss….come on… you can miss just one!?”. In reality guys, you can’t. I mean sure if you really have an emergency or something which is totally acceptable but it’s so crucial going to every single one of these meetings, you literally learn something new every single time. I am so glad that I pushed myself to go. I knew for a fact that I was going to have days like this where I really did not feel like going and then your brain explodes with excuses why it’s okay. So.. shall we jump right into it?

image1 (23)

I honestly was not nervous whatsoever this time, literally no nerves at all which I found so surreal. I sat down in a different chair this time and quietly waited for 6 o’clock to hit. There was the same amount of people there as last time and everyone just kept to themselves until the session started. We began with doing some mindful thinking and breathing like the last few sessions. I rather enjoyed it more this time because we had to close our eyes and listen to a girl on an app speak to us and calm us. I actually have this app on my phone and can honestly say I really do love it. There is something about listening to other people speak to calm me down as opposed to listening to my own thoughts. If you guys are interested in downloading the app it is called, “Stop, Breathe and Think“. I remember clear as day, the first time I ever tried this app, I chose “trying to feel more thankful & grateful for things” (you can choose what you want to work on). After listening to the lady and finishing with the mindful breathing, I sent this huge text message to my aunt saying everything I was grateful about towards her, I will never forget that!

So after the breathing was done, I was feeling extremely relaxed and we started getting into the session. We always start by taking up homework that we had to do that week. Of course, I get called upon, but now when I am getting called upon… I really am not tensing up that much as opposed to what I usually would do.  We were working on exposures that week and I decided to focus on trying to incorporate more “small talk” with my boss or the mom I nanny for. I had looked at my hierarchy of exposures and basically came to the conclusion that alot of my fears have to do with having a conversation with someone whether it be via face to face or over the phone. I decided to give it a go. I remember that week trying extremely hard to push myself and initiate some of the conversations that I had with my boss. Prior to this exposure, I really tried to keep our conversations really basic and would hope they would finish like that so I would not have to talk as much. I started pushing myself with little questions and conversation starters such as, “how was your week or your weekend?”, “what did you do on the weekend?”, “how were the boys this morning” and so forth. This sparked some nice conversations between the two of us which was good for a change. The mom knows that I am taking part in my social anxiety therapy group sessions, so every Thursday she asks how my session went the night before. Of course, I do not have the balls to say “oh hey I am doing my exposure on you“, so I basically just tell her I am onto exposures now and so forth.

image1 (22)

I continued to try to initiate small talk with the mom every single day. I tried hard to push myself to go that extra mile and stayed in the anxiety-provoking situation. I shared this current exposure with the rest of the group and shared that after the week it really felt “natural” to have conversations with my boss. I also informed the group that I really am capable of having small talk with someone, and that I am very hard on myself. This is accurate for someone struggling with anxiety, we are so hard on ourselves and just need to step back and say, “I can do this“.  We then went around the room where others had shared their current exposures as well. After doing this, we went right into what we were going to learn that day and what was “skill building“.  The instructors asked several questions and read out several statements to us, asking if any related to us at all. One particularly stood out to me and I informed the instructors.

“I am just shy,  but others say I appear snobby or better than others”.

image2 (12)

“I am just shy,  but others say I appear snobby or better than others”. This literally was me to a T. I then shared my story with the group how in my first year of residence, I hardly spoke to people on my floor because I didn’t know anyone and was super shy. I remember hearing that some people on my floor literally thought I was a stuck-up bitch for not socialising with them which was extremely hurtful considering I am so far from that! Often I do feel judged when it comes to my shyness and that is one of the reasons why I am attending this program, to work on it. We then began to talk about skills to help us communicate better and help us with our listening skills, some of these include:

  • looking  more interested by making more eye contact
  • more involvement by asking for clarity
  • staying with the conversation
  • a response that is honest and supportive
  • being open and showing awareness
  • do not worry about being perfect

Often there are certain things that I found that interfere with my attempts to listen to someone. I often rehearse everything that I am going to say back to the individual who I am engaging in a conversation with, this can distract me from actually listening to the person. Being an anxious individual, I come off as a closed listener. I try to avoid eye contact at all costs, usually, my hands are wrapped around my stomach or crossed in front of me, I sometimes sit hunched over, or I even have a serious face. So…. taking that into consideration it may come off to others that I am not actually listening to them within the conversation. This week, I have been trying to be more of an open listener. I have been trying to: make more eye contact with others, lean forward, sitting up straight, smiling, and having my arms placed at my side.

image4 (3)

For our take-home homework, we had to record down on a sheet different ways we showed active listening. I will let you guys know in my next blog how that went and if I actually pushed myself to engage more so stay tuned! We also had to continue doing some more exposures as well.

Lastly, with the remaining few minutes of the session, we had to get into partners. From there, we had to literally interview each other and ask personal based questions to get a better understanding of that individual and their interests. Some of the questions I asked my partner were:

  1. do you have any pets? What are their names?
  2. how do you exercise?
  3. favourite movie and type of music?
  4. tell me about your education.
  5. where do you work? etc…

So we had to take around 10 minutes to ask these questions to each other and write down the answers. After this, we had to share and address to the group who your partner was sharing their answers out loud and introducing them. I will admit, I was pretty nervous for this. I hate anything to do with partner work and I also found it extremely awkward when my partner was introducing me for some reason. I do not usually like being the centre of attention, so I think that had something to do with it. But hey I did it. That was a beneficial exercise to get to know everyone a tad bit better, which was awesome.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this update on my therapy! As you can see it’s going great so far and I am slowly opening up more and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Be sure to follow my other social media accounts to be up to date with my blogs!


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Much love xo.

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Tips for waking up in a positive mood & having a good morning!

Tips for waking up in a positive mood & having a good morning!

dfdfdfdHello my beauts, I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! I have been feeling in the mood to blog lately hence the random amounts of posts coming at yous this week! I decided to write today’s post geared around the topic of ” staying positive“. Since the time change obviously the nights have gotten darker faster… which can be a downside and spiral into those depressive moods.  One thing that I have been constantly working on for a while now is learning how to wake up in a positive and good mood…. sounds easy right? Wrong. This is actually a lot harder than what it seems. First of all, who the hell is a morning person anyways? Honestly, when that alarm goes off I dread every second. I hate mornings. However, since my new job I have had to get up earlier than what I would normally do and this has trained my body to become a morning person. Do I enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn on a regular basis? No, never. On those days that I need to get up early, I have developed tips and tricks to gear myself into a waking up with a positive attitude. I hope you guys enjoy some of these awesome techniques that I swear work for me!

Positivity Mugs

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Every morning, I personally need my cuppa joe. I never used to be a coffee person, but now I literally need one every morning to function, especially having some early mornings. I used to open my cupboard, take out my boring black coffee mug and start making my coffee, let alone being half asleep. I went browsing in Indigo one day (never have been to this store in my entire life), and came across these amazing mugs in the home decor section. These mugs that I came across all had such beautiful and inspiring quotes all over them. Of course, there was no way in hell I would purchase a mug for $20.00, so I kept my eyes open for the sales! I came across 2 mugs that were both $5.00 each, so I had to buy them! They are literally so cute I can’t even deal! I also went browsing in Dollerama and came across some other positivity mugs (what I like to call them), for literally a dollar each…. I mean come on. Now I open my cupboard in the wee hours of the morning, and I am greeted by a whole bunch of positivity quotes to help brighten my day. This is such a simple idea yet it literally makes me so happy in the morning. I highly recommend changing up your boring plain coffee mugs for some happy and cheery ones!

Making your place cozy and homey!

I literally think this is so crucial when it comes to waking up in a positive and upbeat mood. I remember waking up in my new home in the past and thinking “wow… this place looks so dull in here“. Now that Christmas is around the corner, my place looks so cozy and homey. When I wake up, I am greeted by my beautiful Christmas tree! I also rearranged my bedroom to make it look more “cozy looking” as opposed to just a place where you go to sleep. I added some cute decorations and candles on my dresser as well. I also dolled up my makeup room a bit with classy home decor and stuff that I would enjoy looking at each day, especially in the morning where I spend most of my time.  Basically, you want home decor that will make you look forward to coming home and being all cozy. Having a house that feels homey and warm always puts me in a great mood.


Having a clean atmosphere

Nobody likes to clean… I mean realistically if I could leave everything a mess I would because I am lazy AF. Being on top of cleaning takes a lot of practice. While living in my parent’s home, I hated cleaning and I remember my mom always nagging at me to get on it. Now that I actually have a place to call “my own“, I developed some cleaning skills over the past few months while living here. There is nothing better than waking up to a clean home. Waking up to a tidy kitchen with clean dishes always puts me in a fantastic mood…. wow I feel old. Before you go to bed, ensure that everything is nice and tidy for the next day such as the dishes are done, the blankets are folded on the couch and the dirty clothes are picked up off the bathroom floor. This will for sure take some stress off your back when  you wake up and help give you a fresh clean morning vibe. Getting into the routine of this does take time however, so do not get discouraged if you just are not feeling it one night.

Getting a good night sleep

There is literally nothing worse than waking up in the morning and you are just plain exhausted. Feeling exhausted puts you straight away into  a terrible and blah mood so it is important to get a good night sleep the night before so that way you are well rested for the next day ahead of you. Personally, I always a hard time falling asleep because my brain never wants to shut off or I am constantly thinking about things that happened earlier that day. This is both annoying and exhausting, especially if you have an early morning ahead of you. I recently just started taking Melatonin before I go to bed to  help my body become relaxed and tired. I take the sublingual tablet in the flavour chocolate  and boy… they are so good and taste so refreshing. After about 20 minutes have passed once I had taken the pill, I can then notice a different in the way my mind starts thinking and how my body slowly starts relaxing. Some people however, have stated that they felt drowsy when it comes to morning time, however, this is not the case for everyone. I do not feel this side effect at all, and really do rely on Melatonin to help relax my body for sleep. When I wake up in the morning, I always feel refreshed and know for sure I got a good rest the night before, which automatically helps set me up for a good day ahead.


Reminding yourself  you are going to have a good day

Waking up with the attitude that you are going to have a terrible day is just setting yourself up for failure. If you think you are going to have a crappy day chances are, you are probably going to have a shit day. Waking up with the mindset that you are going to have a good and positive day will set you in the right direction. Reminding yourself that “today is a new day” and “today is going to be a good day“, will help create that positive energy needed to get through the day. Next time you wake up, try going in with this positive mindset, you will be surprised how effective it is.


Get out of bed right away, don’t hit snooze!

Okay okay okay, before you scroll down and skip this tip just read the first few lines! Your body will honestly thank you for this tip. I literally am a sucker for hitting that snooze button every time my alarm goes off in the morning, I hate getting out of my nice warm bed… who doesn’t? After reading articles on this topic I finally decided to give it a shot and get straight out of bed once my alarm goes off. Let me just say this guys, I actually was not as tired as opposed to the times before when I caught those extra 15 minutes of sleep. This tip literally forces your body to wake up and start the day. This will also help put you in a good mood since you won’t feel so exhausted when waking up.

Leave time to get yourself ready in the morning and avoid the rush!

I literally hate rushing, it is probably the worst ever and always puts me into a flustered mood. I always ensure that I wake up early enough so that I have loads or even more than enough time to get ready in the morning. Taking your time to doll yourself up and put yourself together in the morning will automatically create a positive atmosphere for yourself. That way you have enough time to grab that hot cup of tea and place it beside you to sip on as you get ready in the morning.


Deep Breathing

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, something is bound to start bothering you. Whether it be that test you have later on that day, a job interview coming up soon or maybe a stressful day of work ahead of you. Sometimes it is hard to wake up in that positive mood to start your day off right… trust me I know. Sometimes when I wake up, I do have to do some deep breathing on those stressful days. Whether I do this on my bed, or walk into a quiet area in my house and sit down, this tip always helps me out. Being a person who lives with anxiety on a daily basis, this step comes in handy more than you know.It literally takes 5 minutes out of your day that’s it. There are many different techniques and forms when it comes to deep breathing exercises. I personally love to do the “box breathing” which basically means you inhale slowly through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, and exhale slowly for four seconds. This deep breathing exercise is so effective and literally calms you right down.

Wel,l that concludes my tips and tricks to help you beauts create a positive vibe once you wake up! Let me know what works best for you guys or any other tips and tricks you use. Be sure to follow my page for more posts to come as well as my other social media accounts:

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