Tattoo Number Two 

Tattoo Number Two 

Hey beauts ! Hope you are all doing well and had a fabulous weekend! I had an absolute blast this weekend as there was so much packed into one fun-filled three days. I wanted to show you guys and update you’s with what I did this Saturday ! Guys, I got my second tattoo! I wanted to give you guys a quick little update as to how it went and what the tattoo exactly looks like! So we went to St.Catharines and got it done with two of my closest and best friends in life. We all wanted matching tattoos because we are classic bitches like that.

My one friend went first cause she hates anxiously waiting which was completely fine. Hers was around 45 minutes , then it was my other friends then! They both got beautiful thigh tattoos , and I was the odd one out and chose my back tattoo. Guys …. when it was my turn I was completely freaking out! I had to have my one best friend come in with me and hold my hand….pathetic I know. Mine was around 40 minutes I would say ! It hurt so badly. Do not recommend back tattoos unless you have high pain tolerance. That is all.

The finished look was amazing. I could not have asked for anything better. It means so much to me too and that’s the thing about tattoos, the more personalized the better.  For our tattoos we all got some sort of a compass on ourselves with the saying , “no matter where”. This tattoo honestly means the world to me, not only because it was with my two best friends, but the meaning behind it.  No matter where the three of us are in the world, we will always support each other, love each other unconditionally, and cherish each others presence.  I will always cherish this tattoo, and whenever a rough day approaches, I will look in the mirror at my tattoo and instantly smile. I love my friends and this gorgeous tat.

I hope you guys enjoyed this short and sweet blog post on the newest addition to the tat family. Be sure to follow my other social media accounts located on my home page to get the latest updates!


A powerful Transformation and Life Journey with Fitness Model Sara Stone 

A powerful Transformation and Life Journey with Fitness Model Sara Stone 

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

Hi my beauts and welcome to my channel if you are new here! I hope you guys are having a wonderful Easter long weekend so far ! So I have been super excited and have shared the news on Facebook and with friends and family already! Recently, I reached out to one of my idols and role models when it comes to fitness. I have been following this girl since she first started her journey and was completely blown away at her transformation pictures! I mean come on, just look at them, its mind blowing!

Through hard work and dedication, this beautiful soul managed to tone up and build up muscle to achieve her dream body. I remember my sister , Stefanie, telling me to check out this girl’s Instagram account because her story and journey is incredible. Right away I followed her and kept on following throughout her whole journey. I knew I wanted to do a collaboration with her for sure , but was completely hesitant to reach out to her considering she is so well known and has 15,000 subscribers , so who the hell am I ! Haha ! I literally thought,” what is the harm in asking?”. I was so thrown off and overwhelmed with excitement when I received a DM on my Instagram account! It was none other one of my absolute favourite fitness models but Sara Stone. I had given her the link to my blog to check it out and to let me know if she was interested in collaborating  with me . She responded that she really liked the content of my blog and would be more than happy to ! I couldn’t believe it ! Honestly, for you guys that do follow her on Instagram she is known for her rock hard abs and amazing body . But aside from her looks, I do not know Sara on a personal level but I can tell she’s such a sweetheart already. The way she awknowledges her fans , and her messages she was sending me , you can tell she is a very sincere and genuine person. So here we are today! I hope you guys really enjoy this collaboration as much as I did putting it together , shall we get into it or what ?!( I can’t wait any longer).

Photographer- Peter Levins (@Peterlevins)

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

I had so many questions that have built up over the years that I wanted to ask her ! Sara is a 25-year- old girl from Central NY who lives with her husband. Sara states, “my husband is my biggest fan. He may not be in the ‘fitness world’ and to be honest, i have grown to like it that way. He has such an outside perspective and at the end of the day, keeps me grounded. My brother is my best friend and the person who helped me learn to workout and continues to support and teach me things daily. My friends! I would be lost without the unconditional love of my friends. Some get it, some dont but all of them show up and at the end of the day, those are the people you want on your side”.  You honestly need to have a great support system in order to accomplish some of your goals and dreams , exactly what Sara is doing. I think it’s wonderful that her husband strongly supports her through her fitness journey even though he may not even be involved within the fitness world! What do they say again? Opposites do attract.  I absolutely love this.

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

I went in to ask Sara right away when she actually started getting into fitness, I thought this was a good place to start! Sara shares, “I got into fitness around the age of 20!. I have always been active, I played basketball for seven years, golf for four years, as well as tennis for two. But my passion for fitness came after college”. 

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

Do you do your workouts only at the gym, or do you do home workouts as well? “I prefer to work out at a gym, I find it to be more motivating, and I have full access to all of the equipment needed to complete my workouts”. I could not agree more Sara! Even though I have my mat at home and my weights, I still somedays can not find that motivation to workout at home. If I am at home I would rather stuff myself with a bag of chips to be quite honest while watching the notebook as I bawl my eyes out, literally. 

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

Staying on the topic of motivation, I asked Sara how she personally stays motivated. I know this is a big issue for a lot of individuals, and I personally need all the help I can get! Sara explains, “Motivation is tricky because sometimes it doesnt exist. My solution most of the time is to show up anyway. Sometimes if I don’t feel like doing something, I remind myself that if I do the thing that I reallyyy dont want to do at that moment, then the next time I’m presented with something I may not want to do, it will be easier to do it”. I think that’s wonderful words of motivation , to just show up! Often if I do not have the motivation to workout I just don’t go to the gym, but I am going to try this method to just show up . I think by just showing up ,  I will eventually just workout and do it! I will let you know how this goes Sara!

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

I was super super curious to find out if Sara had a personal trainer at all ! I know for a fact I could not get the body she has on my own! I thought for sure and was almost certain that Sara had a personal trainer. Sara states,”no personal trainer for me, and I typically train 5/6 days a week”. Good for you Sara that is unreal I am super proud of all your accomplishments and where you have gotten yourself today ! Working out close to everyday is not an easy thing, but leave it up to Sara! (You go glen coco).

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

Do you ever have any cheat days or believe in cheat meals? ” I am currently in competition prep so my diet is a direct reflection of the goals associated with stepping on stage. Outside of this, I do not track macros or diet. I am much more relaxed, eat intuively and dont consider any meals “cheat meals”.  I love this . You can see how dedicated Sara is to her fitness yet she still makes sure she lives a little at the same time. That is extremely important. Often when we look at well known individuals, we often think they do not have a life outside of their hobby or passion or career. Hearing this is always refreshing. It helps us keep in mind that these are normal human beings.

“I’m no stranger to the feelings that comes following a competition and sometimes we need to check ourselves. Sometimes we are the toxic person. We bring on the negativity. Sometimes the problem is our selves. And that doesn’t make us unworthy. Keep on growing. Keep on checking. Do better. You’re only human”- Sara Stone

Have you competed in any competitions? ” Yes! I will be competing in my fourth competition in 2 days actually.  I hire a coach for competition prep, this past time i prepped for 20 weeks in order to get ready for 2 shows back to back!”. Good for you! Wow 4 completions already that is insane. Sara puts so much time and dedication into her fitness it is honestly so inspiring (hence my reaching out to her). Wow ! 20 weeks! That is a long time , you for sure have to have the proper mindset to take on this journey! I could not be more proud of this beautiful soul.

Who else is dying to know how Sara gets those rock hard abs and amazing bod? I am ! I had to ask Sara just how she does it ! Sara explains, “ I dont think anyone is going to like my answer but abs come when i clean my diet up. I have trained abs for many years so i have build some muscle maturity but it’s not until i diet down and lose total body fat, that they come out to play”. I can totally see that how abs are literally made from the kitchen! It really is all about eating clean in order for those abs to come out just like Sara said! Even though we don’t want to hear it someone has to say it! Lets all take into consideration that Sara Stone is saying this, she’s not just a pretty face!

What do you usually eat each day as I am assuming you meal prep? ” My meals vary based on my macros! A few of my daily staples during prep are shredded chicken breast (crock pot!), ground turkey, basmati rice, brussel sprouts (fave veggie) & kettle corn rice cakes with PB!” It’s nice to know that I am on the right track with my meals as I eat a lot of these things too! How unreal is the peanut butter on rice cakes though?! I add some honey and it makes such a great snack with a glass of milk! Mmmmmmm!

Are you always conscious about what you eat? Do you count your calories? “During competition prep, i track my macros and outside of that, I eat intuitively. I try to live by 80/20!”. 

Now moving onto the gym and workout topics! I was so interested to hear about Sara at the gym and using the equipment . I had asked Sara how long she works out for at the gym. Sara states, “My workouts range usually 1-2 hours, depending. My favorite muscle group to train would probably be back”.  When I workout I usually workout for around 1 and a half hours or so. I think 1 to 2 hours is the perfect amount of time at the gym to still get other things accomplished afterwards.

“Do not lose sight of who you are on this journey”- Sara Stone

Photographer-Emily Olin (@darling.em)

Best advice someone has given you when it comes to fitness? “That’s a tough one but something that I was told that has always stuck with me was to not loose sight of who you are on this journey. It’s something that can be interpreted in many ways but i think the root of the message is to stay true to who you are. (Which can apply to all aspects of life, really!)”. I absolutely love this quote and statement. I honestly think that is going to stick with me too! I think that’s a great reminder in the back of your head going through life and basically going through any path or journey. Be you. Don’t be someone else and don’t lose touch of who you are as an individual.

“… take it slow, there is no finish line”

Photographer- Emily Olin (@darling.em)

I really wanted to know Sara’s advice and thoughts for someone who was just starting out in the fitness world and literally had no idea where to start off. Sara shares, “The best advice i can give to someone just starting out would be to take it slow! There is no finish line and making drastic changes in a short time is not sustainable for anyone. To follow up on taking it slow, my next peice of advice would be to be persistent & consistent! :-)”. Thanks for the awesome advice Sara! I think hearing this will be so beneficial to someone who is new with the type of lifestyle and wanted to start. It can be extremely overwhelming that is for sure when it comes to trying something new. Hearing others advice is something I absolutely love hearing.

Photographer- Emily Olin (@darling.em)

What do you like to do in your spare time? “I spend a lot of my spare time with my husband, friends and family. I enjoy going out to dinner (ahem dessert), being outdoors, going on adventures, traveling. I also love relaxing at home. I am a very busy person so sometimes i really appreciate just being a home body”.  That’s interesting to hear Sara! There is nothing better than spending quality time with friends and family members. I also enjoy doing  those things as well , even being the home body is always nice some days too ! I think that everyone needs that for sure!! I am glad that you have other hobbies as well !

Photographer- Nicola Vincenzo Rinaldo (@nicola_visuals)

Finishing up this collaboration I wanted to find out what Sara Stone’s goals were in general. Sara explains, “my goals change quite frequently. Right now, my short term goal is to finish this 20 week prep to the best of my abilities. 2 more days! Longer term goals would be to find and maintain balance in my life again. I’m truly looking forward to living a flexibly, healthy, happy life.”. I absolutely love this and think these are amazing short term and long term goals! I wish you nothing but the best Sara with your 20 week prep and your future competitions! You have done absolutely amazing so far pushing your self each and every day! You have so much determination and motivation you should be so proud of where you have gotten yourself! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to do a collaboration with little old me ! You truly are an inspiration and deserve nothing but the best in life ! I still can’t believe you reached back out to me, I literally have not gotten a good sleep in days because I was way too damn excited for life. You are such a beautiful human being and inspire so many people all across the world to just “go for it”, keep up the great work Sara !

Photographer-Emily Olin (@darling.em)

I hope you beauts enjoyed this blog post and learned so much from the talented and beautiful Sara Stone! I am sure we can all take home lots of important messages from reading this blog and seeing her output on certain things. Be sure to follow my other social media sites located on my home page to stay up to date with the latest blogs!

(Going to try to get a good sleep tonight, probably won’t but wish me luck, still too stoked for life).

(uhmmmmm….. I think this is the highlight to my blog, she looks better than me saying it, you’re hired Sara Stone!)

Forever 21 Activewear Haul

Forever 21 Activewear Haul

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Happy weekend my beauts! Anyone have any special plans? I am probably going to be blogging my life away as I have been so inspired lately and a lot of ideas have popped up into my mind lately…hey… I am not complaining! Blogging to me is soothing, it’s my own personal therapy so I do not mind it one bit. Recently, as some of you may know, I started getting into fitness and going to the gym on a daily basis. This has been going super well for me, and I actually love getting out and going to go work out. Work for me can be stressful, so taking out my stress at the gym is so beneficial for me, and works great. Of course, as you may know me, I always feel the need to look my best. No I am not saying I pound on the makeup and after the gym I hit the pageant, I do, however, love spiffy and funky activewear. What’s that saying? “Look good, feel good?” It really is true! Having fun gym clothes to work out in feels unreal and I literally work harder at the gym. I went online and looked at Sport Chek for activewear and so forth but everything was so god damn expensive… So, I decided to check out Forever 21. Thank god I did.  I always have loved Forever 21, but never really looked at the activewear well… because I never worked out! I decided to write this blog post based on what I purchased from Forever 21, and wanted to show you guys these unreal activewear pieces! Prepare yourself, I am in love.

image1 (26)

Top- Active Seamless Racerback Tank in the colour Apricot ($20.00)(medium)

image1 (27)

image3 (8)

image2 (15)

Top- Active Seamless Tank in the colour Baby Blue ($14.90) (medium)

Leggings- Active Graphic Leggings ($33.90) (large)

image3 (9)

image1 (25)

Top- Active Seamless Racerback Tank in the colour White (14.90) (medium)

Leggings- Active Abstract Leggings ($33.90) (medium)

image1 (28)

image2 (16)

Leggings- Active Floral Print Leggings ($33.90) (medium)

image2 (14)

image3 (7)

Leggings- Active Abstract Leggings ($33.90) (medium)

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I also purchased my hat from Sport Chek… that I DID do. I think it was around $23.00 but I always wear my hat when I go to the gym, it’s a must for me! I absolutely love all the clothing that I had ordered. The pants are so comfy and fit my curves just right. I also love all the funky patterns and colours. I mean come on.. where else can you wear these pants to?… might as well be to the gym! I highly recommend checking out Forever 21 for sure when looking for activewear, they have a shit ton to choose from which is unreal. I also really love the tanks I had purchased as well. They are all super comfy and well worth the money spent for everything.

When it comes to fitness, I can honestly say I am super proud of myself for kicking myself in the ass and getting to the gym everyday after work Honestly, it is just an amazing feeling after a workout that I start to crave it. I love love love working out in my new stylish activewear!

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I hope you guys enjoyed this Forever 21 Activewear Haul! Thank you for taking the time to check out this blog post, be sure to follow my other social media accounts for more blogs to come in the near future!

image2 (13)

Much love xo.

“remember…it takes time”. A fitness journey in the making with Courtney Hill

“remember…it takes time”. A fitness journey in the making with Courtney Hill

Processed with MOLDIVOne word. Fitness. It literally is everywhere. Whenever I turn on the television I am overwhelmed with how many ads there are promoting different diets or different workout equipment you can purchase for yourself. It can be extremely overwhelming for a fact, especially if you literally do not even know where to start. Even on different social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, we are bombarded with different fitness transformation processes and results that people are getting just by having a healthier lifestyle. I remember being really interested in fitness a few years ago. I had a workout machine downstairs at my dad’s house and I would often be down there for the beginning of the day. I also did a lot of home workouts at my mom’s house and started eating healthy. I could honestly see huge results in the way my body looked but secretly I was not 100% healthy. In the process of doing home workouts and making healthier meals, eating disorders were underlying issues for me, for numerous years. Although I could see wonderful results, I know that I was not doing it the right away. I eventually had went off to University where I entered the partying life, and really did not have time to make all these healthy changes….. that or I was completely lazy and not motivated.


So those four years of university passed and I was still not doing anything fitness related really. I felt really bad about my body and really had no energy whatsoever, it was extremely frustrating. As an Instragram addict, I am constantly on  social media sites viewing pictures on my newsfeed and I came across one person in particular that caught my eye, Courtney Hill. I had went to highschool with this girl and knew her a while back although we never really spoke that much before. I could see how devoted she was towards fitness and starting this “fitness journey“. Of course, me knowing hardly anything about fitness, viewing her posts were extremely fascinating and were very informative. I knew that I had to reach out to her and ask her about her fitness journey and how she got started and so forth.  I know that a lot of people would benefit greatly from her advice, and I know it could actually help others to strive for that same dedication and motivation, myself included. I was so happy and ecstatic when I received a response back from her, stating that she would love to be a part of this fitness blog. I then began to think of  a bunch of fitness related questions that I had always wanted to ask her, or that I thought would be extremely interesting to hear more about.

One question was extremely easy to come up with and I knew I had to ask it right away.

What motivated you to want to start working out and start this fitness journey?  “Throughout university, I partied A LOT – you could find me in the bar 4, sometimes 5 times a week. I drank on the regular and with that came a not so healthy diet. I worked out here and there between my crazy nights out but never saw any results of course. After a while I also noticed I had a lack of energy and never felt 100%, I knew I had to make a change. It wasn’t that I ever struggled with weight issues or anything but I just did not feel the best that I knew I could feel.
       It just so happened that my boyfriend and I of 6 years broke up shortly after I started to pay more attention to my diet and workouts. I was a mess – there’s no better way to put it. Working out kept my mind off my troubles and helped me to remain positive. I guess you could say it is what stemmed my fitness journey to continue. To this day, fitness is still a source of stress relief for me. I can always guarantee to feel amazing after I work out.”

I can completely relate to the partying aspect 100%. It is extremely hard to not go out with your friends and have a great time, especially in the best years of your life. I find it extremely interesting that Courtney uses fitness as a source of stress relief. I find that this reason is honestly not promoted enough in the world today. Often we think of fitness as strictly dealing with body image and striving for that “perfect body image“. In reality, however, fitness is so much more. As a person who suffers from anxiety, I often use fitness now as a form of lowering my stress levels. I find this helps tremendously.

So progressing with the interview, I basically wanted to know exactly when she had started this transformation and journey. I know for myself, it is extremely overwhelming deciding where abouts to start if you want to create a more healthier lifestyle for yourself. So I decided to go straight into it!

No, I never set a goal weight for myself. I am a firm believer in it’s about how you feel…not so much the numbers”. 

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What age did you start working out at? I started working out here and there when I was about 17 years old, I would go for runs around the block or to the stairs near my house. It wasn’t until I was in my final year of university (20 years old) that I started to take it seriously and follow an actual plan“. I honestly think that is where a lot of us get “stuck”, we do not actually follow through with a plan and stick to it. I began to ask Courtney if she had ever set a goal weight for herself. I know often people are not realistic when they actually want a specific goal weight.  She then had stated, “No, I never set a goal weight for myself. I am a firm believer in it’s about how you feel…not so much the numbers”.  I absolutely love this, and I feel that this should be said to a bunch of people who are in the fitness industry or who are starting this journey. Often we are so taken back and focused on the numbers that are on the scale. We are slowly missing out on life and we don’t even notice it. Fitness is about helping your body feel more energised and overall feeling, “happier“. It is an amazing feeling after a workout to sit back and think, “wow….that made me feel wonderful“, as opposed to hopping on that scale afterwards and being disappointed with yourself. Often this can result in body dissatisfaction and using such cruel and harsh words towards yourself. We need to focus on being kinder to ourselves and giving ourselves credit for that workout we just completed.

I then began to ask Courtney about going to the gym and what she basically did for her workouts. There are so many different kinds of workouts out there, especially if you look on Pinterest. I know for myself, I never really know how often to go to the gym during the week, but this can be different for every person. Not everybody has the same workout plan but it is nice to see different people’s workout schedules!  Courtney stated, “between the gym and hot yoga, I work out 6 days a week – because it has become such a significant part of my life I struggle to take a rest day. I know how important it is to rest your body so I do try but it feels like such a part of my routine so it’s hard. I work out at Aftershok Performance Fitness which is a functional facility that offers various classes such as spinning, TRX training, strength training, boxing and open gym times. I also go to hot yoga which is amazing to balance out the intense workouts – it also helps with the mind!”.

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Do you every do any at home workouts? “I have tried home workouts videos and what not as well as many youtube videos but I can never seem to keep motivated for long. I use them when I am in a pinch and can’t make it elsewhere”.  I can relate to Courtney here for sure. I have tried at home workouts as well, and sometimes they do work but other times, it can be extremely hard to stay focused when there are so many other things that you could be doing in your home at that very moment. Do you come up with the workouts on your own? If so how did you come up with them? (i.e Pinterest, friends and so forth). “I have made up workouts on my own in the past based on different things I have learned at Aftershok and researching over the years. I use Instagram a lot for fitness motivation and workout ideas”.  That is why I absolutely love social media sites and what they have to offer. There is so much to look at especially when it comes to fitness. You can literally type in “ab workouts” and there are videos that can show you different exercises. One thing that I struggle with however when I am at the gym is trying to figure out what different muscles to work on that day. I wanted to see what Courtney’s view was on this. She stated, “I usually try and lift heavy 3-4 times a week which is split into chest/triceps, back/biceps and then legs. Other than that I will do a mix of HIIT and boxing as well as hot yoga like I mentioned before. This changes often though, I do what feels right for my body. I am not training for anything in particular so I do what makes me feel good”. There are a lot of different muscle groups that you could focus on while at the gym. It is nice to see other people’s workout plans however to maybe compare and add in a view of their exercises! Nothing wrong with that!

When discussing “balance” and trying to fit a good fitness chunk into your day it can be stressful for sure. I know when I have had a very stressful day at work, I usually want to come straight home, grab a coke, and lay on the couch while I watch a movie. It is hard to balance your career and your fitness journey for a lot of people, including myself. I wanted to see Courtney’s view on this as I had seen that she worked as a nurse, so working 12 hour long shifts can be extremely exhausting! How does she do it? Courtney explains, “I am very fortunate with the job I have right now I work straight days (Monday-Friday) so I have plenty of time to work out and keep my meals on track. I am a nurse but I currently work in research so I am not worried about the 12 hour shifts and what sort of thing. If I do however decide to get another job where my hours will be more inconsistent I will have to make that extra effort to stay on track”. It really does come down to motivation and dedication. If you really wanted to, you can make time for that chunk out of your day for your exercises. I know when I am working and had a stressful day, I sometimes bring my gym bag with me to go straight to the gym afterwards. I know that if I go home, I will be more tempted to just stay home and not go, which I will kick myself in the butt for later on. If you have that right mindset that you are going to stick with your guns and go that way, you can push yourself to go.

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Going off of this thought, mentally preparing yourself for this fitness journey that you are currently in or wanting to start is extremely important and crucial. Having a strong support system behind you can influence your progress on this journey. Courtney shares, “My biggest influence is my best friend, Kristen. We have shared this journey together. From all the runs around the block back in high school to the meal prep dates, yoga sessions and crazy lifts these days, she has been my rock”. It really does help when you have people around you supporting your healthy lifestyle change. Recently my boyfriend and I have begun meal prepping together on Sunday nights, and we both push each other to head to the gym.  Having that support system there and behind you 100%, you can push yourself to go further. I then began to ask Courtney a series of questions based on how she felt now after starting this new fitness journey.

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Do you feel more energised every morning since beginning your workout journey? “Yes definitely, especially when I am able to get morning workouts in. It is the perfect start to the day for me and truly makes a difference. Overall though I would say that I am definitely more energised and I think that it is a combination of keeping active and also fueling my body with the nutrients it needs”.  That honestly was one question where I was excited to see her response to. I will admit it, I f***ing hate mornings, and I am nowhere near a morning person whatsoever. However, with my job and like most jobs, you literally have to become a morning person whether you like it or not.Having that boost of energy in the morning and feeling happier in the morning because of fitness would be an amazing feeling. Having started the gym, I have felt better in the mornings when I wake up as opposed to when I never really involved fitness in my days. It is a super nice feeling to be able to wake up and think positive thoughts and vibes. Having that mindset that you are “ready to take on the day and see what it brings“, is so important when wanting to be happier and live a more positive lifestyle.  I then asked Courtney what her own personal advice would be to someone who wanted to begin a fitness journey. She explained,”The best advice I have for somebody starting a fitness journey is to remember it takes time. It’s about making small changes little by little rather than trying to change everything all at once. From experience, this only leads to failure. For it to be a true lifestyle you need to take it one day at a time and make small adjustments as you go. There is NO quick fix – what works for you may not work for everyone – even Kristen and I have many differences in our workout and meal plans”. I think a lot of people do not realise that fitness is a “journey” not a one-day thing. Even for myself, I know some days when I know that I had a great week at the gym and I am seeing little results I get bummed out. In reality , however, your body is slowly changing and preparing itself for that change. This is where we begin to get so hard on ourselves and become discouraged. Look at Courtney, she has been working extremely hard each and every day for the body that she has now, it’s not some magic pill that we can take and say “voila“. As you can see in a majority of her photos on Instagram, she pushes herself. I can guarantee you that workout below is not as easy as tying your shoe…

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“it has changed my life and allowed me to grow in so many positive ways. I couldn’t imagine my life without fitness now”

So I know what we are all dying to hear…. the important part of this fitness journey right? It is not strictly based on the exercises you complete but a lot of the results you are going to see are made from the kitchen. I was interested to hear about Courtney’s meal plan and was excited when she generously gave some examples of different meals she cooks in the kitchen.

Do you meal prep? If so, what kind of meals do you usually eat for breakfast, lunch , dinner and snacks? “YES – meal prepping is key for me. Every Sunday I prepare meals for my work week. I prepare all of my lunches, snacks and dinners for the week. I do this for convenience and for portion control which I have always struggled with. Nothing worse than coming home starving after the gym and eating everything in sight (healthy choices of course just WAY TOO MUCH). Being prepared helps with that. I have been meal prepping for 2 years now and it is a saviour for me. . I tend to eat the same stuff over and over again until I am bored of it” . Some examples that Courtney shared included:

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Vanilla protein shake with fruit, almond/cashew milk, chia seeds, hemp seeds, ½ avocado and PB

Eggs and avocado toast or oats


Chicken Salad with avocado, tomato, cucumber, cranberries, pecans and balsamic dressing

Quinoa-arugula bowl with pulled chicken and roasted veggies (cauliflower, zucchini, butternut squash, sweet potatoes)

Lean ground chicken, quinoa and sautéed veggies (zucchini, mushrooms, spinach)



Rye crackers, tuna and avocado

Rice cakes with peanut butter, almond butter or avocado and salsa. YUM

Piece of fruit and almonds

Protein ice cream (I freeze almond milk to make ice cubes to blend with my protein powder)


“There are many other recipes and things that I try but those are just some of my go to meals”

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One thing that I can strongly emphasise right off the bat is how hard it is to resist those sweets and cravings. I am a huge chocolate lover and I absolutely love any baked goods, so cutting these out of my meals is super challenging for me! I wanted to see what advice Courtney had based off of this. She stated, Best advice I have for cravings and sweets is everything in moderation. DO NOT deprive yourself or restrict yourself from any foods – it’s about finding a balance and making it a lifestyle rather than a diet. I have tried every diet under the sun and they have all failed terribly; making lifestyle changes little by little is the way to go. If you tell yourself “I cant eat any chocolate, I’m cutting it all out” 9 times out of 10 you’re going to eventually cave and binge which will be a lot worse than having that one piece when you were craving it. If you find yourself with constant cravings, drinking a lot of water helps – so does brushing your teeth. Sometimes after dinner, I will brush my teeth and that usually helps me.”  Having heard this from someone who is so motivated and into fitness was extremely helpful. I know for a fact that I have said to myself numerous times, “I am going to cut out all sweets and also stop drinking pop altogether“. Has this worked for me? Absolutely not. Having these in moderation however, would benefit me way more! I would not be setting myself up for complete failure.  I also really loved the advice on brushing your teeth! I have never actually tried this but it really does make perfect sense! I am for sure going to try this next time!

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Do you have cheat days? No I do not do “cheat days”. I have tried that method of eating “clean” for so many days and then going all out for one meal but to me, that’s no way to live. For me, I do what makes me feel good, if I want to go for froyo or sushi with my friends on the weekend I won’t beat myself up over it. I love food and trying new things and that will never change. I try my best to make the best choices but every so often I will have meals out of my usual routine of course- everything in moderation J I have gotten to know my body and how I feel after eating different things”.  I think this is extremely important. Knowing how you feel and how your body feels after eating certain meals is useful in determining what you should and shouldn’t really be eating. When I would eat pizza I would literally have 4-5 pieces….no joke. Now if I were to eat pizza I would cut myself off at 2 pieces because I know I would feel like absolute shit after I am done. We need to get to know our bodies more and take into consideration what makes us feel good, thinking and keeping in mind to keep living your life.

Do you have to restrict a lot of food that you intake? Do you feel like you are deprived of certain foods? Like I mentioned above I do not restrict myself from specific foods or anything like that. I will steer clear of foods that I know will make me feel like crap that’s about it”.



“…I have finally realised that being happy and healthy cannot be achieved based on outer appearance, happiness and health of the MIND and the HEART are just as important”-Courtney Hill


Overall, having a healthy mindset and heart really are extremely important. Often we are so focused on striving for that perfect figure that we really do forget about all the other little things that fitness is associated with.  We need to step back and look at the bigger picture. Courtney provided us with so much important and helpful information on how she got started on her fitness journey. Having the proper information and knowing those steps that you need to take are so helpful. I am beyond grateful that Courtney took the time out of her day to share with us her helpful tips and tricks when it comes to fitness. Be sure to check out her Instagram page for more fitness related posts!


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