Dear Girl on the Verge of Quitting

Hey my beauts, hope you all had a wonderful weekend spent with friends and family! These are the times and moments you have to treasure and remember. I recently have been inspired to do more of my “inspiring blog posts” lately, such as my dear letters. Sometimes these type of blog posts come to me and sometimes I will be sitting in front of the computer for hours trying to get something to come to me, it’s really a hit or a miss. I have been inspired to do a letter geared around the theme of quitting.  I know for me, if I do not want to do something or I am not motivated, I will just say f*** it, I am tired, or I will do this tomorrow. This letter is meant for those on the verge of quitting, on the verge of saying “I will just do this tomorrow“, this is for you.

Dear girl on the verge of quitting,

“You’re fine, you’re good, you can just pick up the pieces tomorrow and start fresh that day”. Do these sound familiar? Your brain can be an absolute beautiful pleasure to have, filled with wonderful thoughts and encouraging statement pieces. On the other hand, it can be your fuel girl on the verge of quitting. Don’t let these thoughts fuel your fire. You’re better than that. I know life would be so much easier if one could just start a new process the next day, leaving today a day to relive your normal unsatisfying routine that you wanted to change. Girl on the verge of quitting, do you remember why you started? I remember. You only told me a thousand times why would want to change up your routine, and better yourself. It was only those numerous nights where you kept reminding yourself in the morning you are going to start. So start. Go and be that morning person you always wanted to be. Don’t think that you can’t do this, I have seen what you can do. I think that you are blind to the amount of amazing things you can do. Were you fast asleep when you won your university 45-minute debate in front of your seminar? Remember that sleepless night before hand? Did you show up to your seminar stating, “I am going to do this tomorrow“? No. You did it. You won. You knew deep down you had this even though I know you are not 100% sure of yourself. Don’t worry girl on the verge of quitting, that is something we can work on another time, but let’s focus on the aspect of quitting, and how you did not quit in that moment. How good did that feel? I know you were completely out of your comfort zone, I think that is life right? Life is about doing things you would not normally do, and you did just that. I think you surprised yourself, don’t you think?

Dear girl on the verge of quitting,

Can you remind yourself why you started this journey? If you need some help, why don’t you grab that pen and paper over there and write out your reasons, I think you could name 10. But that’s just me. Your reasons are not dumb, do you need to be reminded of that? I know you thought of these reasons for a purpose, so let’s continue to strive for that short or long term goal. If you need me to help push you, I think you should hang your reasons above your bed, that is what I usually do. I know it’s hard girl on the verge of quitting, but can you just do me one thing? I don’t ask for a lot. Can you please stick through this one thing and push yourself as soon as you wake up and get out of bed? I know this is a really big commitment, and you’re probably scared to take on the challenge. May I remind you of the time you went completely out of your comfort zone and joined a treatment program? No, it’s not something to be ashamed about, so get that thought out of your mind. Where would you be right now if you said, “ I am going to do this another time, not today”? Would you be reaching out to lots of people in regards to blog collaborations, let me just add in there that you have never even met half of these beautiful individuals, but you did it. I am proud. I know you want to say you are secretly proud of yourself as well. It’s okay to take that credit once in a while you know. In those moments, you did not quit. You were not a quitter. You are not a quitter.

Dear girl on the verge of quitting,

You can do this. I know you got this. I know you regret some things in life, but don’t let this be one of them. Don’t let this opportunity slip and run away from you. You are already in the moment, you’re here, so let’s stay here and hold onto that promise. You need to let go of things that you quit in the past, you’re not that same person anymore remember. That isn’t you. Let’s show you what you’re capable of.  So girl on the verge of quitting, I hope I got through to you a little bit. I know it may take a few reminders here and there to not let this opportunity slide, this is why I am here. You may read me anytime you wish, okay?  I just think that some days I may know you a little better than you may know yourself. I know for a fact you’re a strong girl with many ambitions and goals in life. Keep this goal on your list, don’t scratch it out until it’s completed.

Remember all those nights where you questioned yourself in university and stated, “I don’t know if I can do this”. Remember when your palms were super sweaty before presentations and you had to borrow your friend’s water bottle in order to add some moisture to your throat because it was so dry before that one presentation. Remember when you scored a 90 on that presentation and you hate public speaking? I remember. In fact, I will always remember. If you need a pick me up, I want you to take a second and glance at that diploma hanging on the wall. Did you quit that? No. You did that, you got that education. That was all you. Do you see how much stuff you’re capable of? Don’t let yourself down, because I know you’re better than that.

Daer girl on the verge of quitting, you’re not a quitter.


4 thoughts on “Dear Girl on the Verge of Quitting

    1. Oh thank you so much ! That was very kind of you to do that , thank you 🙂 I love writing these kind of blog posts , I hope a lot of people can benefit from them !:) whoever is in need of a pick me up !

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